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Tue 28th May 2013

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pamplemousse_mk commented on ​Here are Nintendo's Nominees for the Game D...:

@firstnesfan Hi. I didn't play Xenoblade U yet. I think of getting it this year, but I have also to play The Witcher III on PS4 and A Link Between World on my 3DS. I started Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii two years ago but didn't play more than 3 hours. About Xenoblade U, the character design seems really awful, isn't it?

@amiiboacid Never play any Darksouls. I tried Demon souls 5 hours but I am still in the first level.

@shani The first hours of Bloodborne are really hard. But Victorian London is beautiful. What pushes me to continue is that I started to know how to deal with the foes. I know when I have to dodge to kill them in the back. The first time you meet a monster, it is hard to kill it, it scares you. After some training, you understand its pattern, and now you are near to laugh in front of him. You feel like you are the master of the game ... Until the first boss. So big, so monstrous, the music is played only in front of a boss, and makes the moment so epic. And you die. Restart and die... And start ... And die again ... Sometime it remains only one hit or two to kill the boss, but one error and you die again. The moment is so stressful, so intense when you know that you are near to die, but the boss is also ... You think you will die again, but not that time. That time, you killed the boss ! You succeeded! You exult. You don't believe what happens. You feel relieved. 5 to 10 hours to kill just the first boss... Then you see that the world of the game is bigger than it seems, and that you have to go.

That is Bloodborne.



pamplemousse_mk commented on ​Here are Nintendo's Nominees for the Game D...:

Bloodborne is really something. It has its own game concept, its own atmosphere and universe. It is really beautiful despite the fact that it is not technically the best graphic engine.

I spent more time in 2015 with Bloodborne than with any game on Wii U.



pamplemousse_mk commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd July (Europe):

No OOT for me. I stay with the 3DS version. About Fire Emblem and Advance Wars 2, I still have the other Fire Emblem and the first Advance Wars to launch on 3DS and Wii U VC.

When will I have spare time ?



pamplemousse_mk commented on Nintendo Download: 24th April (Europe):

This discussion about copyright or patent is curious. Argonaut doesn't exist anymore. If a company wants to produce today a new game using the Super FX, who should they pay to have the license?



pamplemousse_mk commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

Hey, Nintendo fans, don't blame EA like that. This kind of behaviour is so childish.

I admit that the sentences coming from EA in this article are not pleasant, but this is not a reason for us to say that EA games are bad. Dead Space 1 and 2 are one the my preferred games in my gamer history.

So rather than being furious against EA, I am sad that they don't want to develop for Wii U.



pamplemousse_mk commented on Nintendo Not Focusing Too Much On What Other C...:

I am not agree with this attitude. For me this is a little arrogant when saying that you don't need anyone to create something great.

Good ideas in video games don't come exclusively from Nintendo. It is good to see what other do and invent, to have external influence from other and mix it with our own ideas. In example, cross buy is a really great concept, used by Apple, Android, Steam, Sony, ... Why can't I buy a VC game on my 3ds and play it on my Wii U?

I own a Wii U, but, sorry to say that, I don't enjoy it anymore since Christmas. Since January I discovered Walking Dead, Ninokuni, Uncharted 3 on my ps3, and The Last of Us seems incredible. What did I played on Wii U since Christmas? Oh yes, Super Metroid. Does this game really need a 350€ console to be played?

I like Nintendo. I bought all their console since the SNES, but I am still waiting for the announcement of a big hit for my Wii U, and didn't see one during this E3. Mario Kart? Mario 3D? Wind waker HD? Donkey Kong? I already heard about these names for 20 years.



pamplemousse_mk commented on First Impressions: 3D Altered Beast:

@iPlayNintendo I already read the article, and I just read it again. Sorry, but this not clear in the article. It explains how most of people know Altered beast, e.g. as bundled with the Genesis. But it does not explicitely say that the 3D version is based on the Genesis.

But deKay answers me indirectly.