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20 + years of Nintendo gaming

Male, 31, United Kingdom

Massive Nintendo lover. Owner of a NES, SNES, Wii, Wii U, GBA SP and 3DS. Retro minded,

Thu 24th October, 2013

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KevTastic84 commented on Hardware Review: REVO K101 Plus:

Nice looker. But the emulation thing isn't a selling point to me. I'd prefer to keep my SP or even buy a micro, that are super slick. However pricey.



KevTastic84 commented on Mario Bros. Coin-Op High Score World Record I...:

The first Mario game i owned, on the Atari 2600. I did play SMB before that time though on a mates NES. Very fond memories of playing it. Obviously the arcade version is highly superior to the 2600 one, but as a 6 / 7 year old, you don't notice that so much



KevTastic84 commented on Blinking Light Win Means You'll Never Have To ...:

My NES has been in storage for a good 5 years now. It was working reasonably well the last time i played it. But i know it won't last forever. This kind of makes me want to dust it off again, however the only game carts i own that i don't own again on VC are Super Off Road and Snake Rattle and Roll.



KevTastic84 commented on Review: Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Wii U ...:

I loved (Still do) the original NES version. This may be tempting just to be able to play it again without the slow down the original has when there is a lot going on on screen. Something that never bothered me as a kid, but now playing it on WIi virtual console it does.



KevTastic84 commented on Mario Maker to Include Additional Graphical St...:

This has the potential to be brilliant. An editor with a few more options than what we have already seen would be ideal. This is for gamers after all. Not developers. So they are gonna keep it a simple tool based approach. Whatever it turns out like i'll definately be getting it. Back when i was 11 me and my friend designed levels and worlds for an entirely new Super Mario World sequel. That was all hand drawn. Would be amazing to dig them up and re-create them as a proper game.



KevTastic84 commented on Feature: How Rik Mayall Helped Bring Anarchy T...:

It was a sad when he passed. Me and my friends got together to watch some episodes of Bottom on Monday evening. Sometimes when i read about this whole Sega whooping Nintendo in the UK i question its figures. As a child growing up int he 8-bit and 16-bit era i think my friends and peers would probably equally have sega and nintendo consoles between them. Shops would equally have both systems and games on shelves. This whole UK hates Nintendo thing has always been silly.



KevTastic84 commented on Guide: Getting Started in Mario Kart 8:

Plus my boy Nero is doing a twitch stream of MK7 online and MK8 as soon as he downloads it at midnight (if available) to keep me entertained. Join me and him. Search his name NeroTNC



KevTastic84 commented on Guide: Getting Started in Mario Kart 8:

Cheers for the hints. This not knowing when my Wii U bundle is being delivered is killing me, and leaving me with cabin fever. Luckily i can crack a window and play MK7 with my head poking out.