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20 + years of Nintendo gaming

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Massive Nintendo lover. Owner of a NES, SNES, Wii, GBA SP and 3DS. Owned a GC and N64 at previous points in life too. Retro minded,

Thu 24th October, 2013

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KevTastic84 commented on Review: Advance Wars (Wii U eShop):

The GBA games on the big screen is quite a selling point to me in finally buying a Wii U. The gameboy player on the Gamecube was awesome and very overlooked in my opinion.



KevTastic84 commented on Review: Steel Diver: Sub Wars (3DS eShop):

I could see myself probably enjoying this so cannot lose by trying the free version. But it'll have to wait til the weekend is over as I'm off to GEEk 2014 in Margate. Hopefully pick up a few spot passes whilst i'm there.



KevTastic84 commented on Nintendo UK's Store Offers The Mario and Sonic...:

Wow, This snowballed, into a youtube comments style war of words. The truth is the Wii U is struggling, and a lot of people are giving up on it. Stores, Developers and even former Nintendo fanboys. You cannot really blame some of them either. We have been loyal for a very long time and Nintendo have made some major mistakes with this console. They are trying to rectify them, but so far to no real avail. Saying that, there are SOME good games on the console. But will that be enough to keep the Wii U propular over the net year or so. We will see. The future isn't looking great but Nintendo won't give up on a console that easily.



KevTastic84 commented on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Set For 27th February...:

Downloaded today. Instant throwback to buying my gameboy color in '99. Taking it into science class and playing it in class (Hid it behind the big power point towers on our desks. Pokemon Blue, SMBD and All Star Baseball were regular school fillers.



KevTastic84 commented on The 3DS Was The UK's Top-Selling Games System ...:

The 3DS has set its own bar now. Its got a solid 3-4 more years of support and major titles to be released no question. The Wii U needs to continue its strong end to 2013. But we're running out of Nintendo franchises to release games on. A new Mario platformer anytime soon will over-saturate things. A new Zelda is what needs to be worked on, the MK8 and DKC's of the world will bide time.



KevTastic84 commented on Review: Mario Tennis (3DS eShop):

As a GBC then a GBA then a DS now a 3DS owner, i've found it strange i've never played any of these Mario Tennis titles despite the decent reviews they all seem to get. For a fiver i guess this is a decent one to start with.



KevTastic84 commented on Site News: How was 2013 for Nintendo Life?:

Love to hear about the humble begginings and how it can grow to what it is today. Congrats guys, been a Nintendo Lover for 23 years now. This is the first site i've made a real effort with in an online community way. Here's to a great 2014



KevTastic84 commented on UK Champion Sami Cetin Breaks World Record Bar...:

Very impressive, Never realised how much you could get away with racing on the dirt without it slowing you down. Guess its all about the timing of the jumps. I'd challenge people to some hardcore Double Dash time trials. But the snes games is probably the hardest of the series. 150cc Special Cup races are tough as nails to win.



KevTastic84 commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Climbs Back Into the...:

3DS sales show we love Nintendo Handhelds. But our kids of today think its only cool to play COD and the like. I'm 29 years old, and i need the bright colours and catchy tunes of Mario Bros to keep me smiling sometimes. Best form of escape



KevTastic84 commented on New Donkey Kong Trailer Grabs Attention as Eur...:

Still trying to revert back to my 12 year old self and complete DKC3 on my SNES. Its the one DKC title that i never managed to finish. Soo much to do in it, although i rank DKC2 as my fave of the trilogy and DKC as a landmark achievment for the SNES. Still looks slick to this day.



KevTastic84 commented on Nintendo Confirms a New Orchestral Zelda Conce...:

Damn, that is a tough call between this and the World Cup Final. Although i very much doubt England will be there for it and besides i was cycling across the States when the 2010 final was on. Had to find an empty sports bar that had ESPN2 just to watch some of it. No Footy fans in Idaho it seemed.