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Wed 25th Dec 2013

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NewUser commented on 3DS System Update 7.1.0-15 is Available Now:

As far as Software engineering and operating system stability and performance improvements, you can always update and make it better, as long as you work hard on it. The more time you spend with the system and its code, the more occasions you will find where a little change in the details of the code can improve it according to your needs. I have "updated" the first game i made from scratch in logo over 20 times after it was finished. Not all of them were major changes, but theeffects were recognizeable.



NewUser commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

A lil' short story
When the first rumors about the successor to the wii were surfacing, i was wondering what could fit for nintendo, from a marketing, gameplay, and profit perspective. I thought of various things. And i have to say, when they announced Wii U, i went over its strengths as well as its weaknesses, and thought it was a good and competitive fit for the gaming community(that includes "casuals") of the next 6-7 years. It was Unique, relatively cheaper than what was expected by the competition, and was semi-using the wii as a footstep to rise. That footstep was backwards compatibility, not only for games, but with controllers and accessories too. So many people who had a wii would see the wii u as a natural extention. I thought that the wii u was a great idea, and i find very high value in it.
Having those said, What's up with the negative articles and sales?
Well, i have 3 main reasons.
1)From the nintendo perspective, consumer confusion and hype slowdown by unrealistic ads. And i dont mean the name. i think thay name's OK. Anyone remember the Zapper? Mario with miis? Black-and-White-Checkers-Minigame-Thingy played on the gamepad? NFC?!-where was that? TVii not for everyone? What about that most mysterious thing on earth noone knows about under the gamepad connector?!? ...I think that when you advertise like that but dont deliver as much, you're raising questionmarks(seen above) about your hardware. And thats not helping those who dont know you, and maybe neither those who do, buy your stuff. I find great value on the wii u, but i think that i could have found more.
2)the media. Ooof... I dont like the media too much. good reputation gets you better reputation, and bad reputation gets you worse. When a consumer is considering to buy a console and goes online to check some info cuz hes spending some 300$ and he want to spend them good, and he sees one or two nintendoomed articles, hes gonna reconsider, and that means he might change his mind. So the wii u wont sell that unit this year, so that will bring bad rep, and when that person considers again let's say, next christmas, then he will see that the console is lacking some titles (either third party, or first party who are delayed, because the console does not have momentum), so he wont buy again and blah blah blah. The circle is terrifying to watch.(or read for that matter)
3) The market. you know, busnesses are run from humans who, you know, can't predict EVERYTHING! So, there is always that financial risk thingy, or let's say, a percentage of luck involved. there are expectations, but there is always a standard deviation which, let's say, like Gauss' function for normal distribution can take values a lot different than the median(aka what you expect).
So yeah, its not nintendo only, or media only, but a matter of circumstances mixed with decisions.
Also, i hope they announce metroid prime 4 this e3 lol



NewUser commented on Video: Xbox One vs. Nintendo 64:

Unfortunately @Shiryu, the thing is, that blind and marketing-directed selection of consumers is not limeted to the act of choosing a console only.
they choose their cars, their mobile phones, the people they elect(!) etc in that way too.
Other than that, the gaming industry is in a bad shape consumer wise, but (thank god) we still have playable games without all the DLC/timed exclusive/Sequel for the sequel crap. As long as they exist, ill play them. Otherwise, i will just have to dust off my mega drive, ps2 and n64 and have fun with them (or just make and play my own games as a programmer lol).