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tebunker commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

@ThomasBW84 okay who pays for that? The play testing? Once you start charging developers for it you will see less and less ganes

Seriously this can be fixed really easily. Allow for more detailed reviews on the eshop. Right now it is very basic.

Second, and Nintendo kind of already does this, do not promote poor games on the front page or in press materials. Done.

Let the community curate and decide what is worthy or not. Nintendo should spend their time on more valuable things like making Virtual Console better, improving the backbone of the eshop. giving us a web accessible eshop etc.

It isn't and should never be Nintendos job to decided what is good or bad, let the market decide.



tebunker commented on New Fatal Frame Will Be Spooking The Wii U In ...:

@Darknyht sad thing is we all know it but do they know it?

The key to having truly healthy system sales is to have a large varied library of games in all regions.

I truly think Nintendo got drunk on all the multi million sellers on Wii and forgot that having the niche titles helps a lot too. NES and SNES were filled with a variety if games and without full 3rd party support it is left to Nintendo.

And while FF may not be a system seller in a traditional sense having that variety is what could entice someone to buy the system. It could be the game that puts to person who was waiting for four or five games they want to make a purchase.

The thing is you never know and you cannot rely solely on the MK8s of the world to Carrie the load. You must have depth to truly push people into not only buying your platform but investing in to it.



tebunker commented on Review: Armillo (Wii U eShop):

@MegaScizoig is on sale now why wait? It will actually be more expensive in a couple weeks.

As for the review I would say that it is spot on. Actually one of the more thorough reviews that caught how important the shop and going back to old planets is.

I got the opportunity to beta test the game and played quite a bit of it. Definitely a joy.

You will see how much more technically advanced it gets in the later stages.



tebunker commented on Wii U System Update 5.0.0 Now Live, Adds Quick...:

@PinkSpider @nathatruc

Specifically it looks like they are throttling the power going to the USB ports during games etc. Wife would play MK8 and it would act like the drive didn't have enough power or became disconnected.
I had the HD connected with a Y USB adapter to the rear ports and moved them to the front ports. It worked for one test.

I also ran a test and moved a bunch of data to the HD with no problems, but god is USB 2.0 soooooo slow compared to 3.0.

So we shall see if this new quickstart is better or not, I may not use it.



tebunker commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:


Actually the cost is exactly the same. Do not look at the whole number but look at the difference between the cost of the previous goal and the goal you want. See how the PS4 is 20k higher than the previous? Notice how the Wii U is only 20k higher?

You can say that the PS4 and Vita got priority, and the devs have said that us only because Sony was out front on the game with early support.

Each step up the stretch goal ladder costs money, so the Wii U goal is actually just 20k additional funding for a port, not 200k. They wanted to be able to fit other things in before that port to reward backers and add more to the game. So yeah the priority could be higher but the additional costs are the same.

Am I making sense here? Because this is true for all kickstarters. You have to look at the cost to go from one goal to the next not the total goal amount, because each stretch goal takes money out of the pot. I really wish developers who go kickstarter would restructure how they show stretch goals to better illustrate this.



tebunker commented on Festival of Magic Kickstarter Relaunches With ...:

@Melkac @Josaku @Action51

Stop, go back to the kickstarter site , and Read.

Okay. first and foremost. This IS coming to WiiU, it always has been, Nintendo reached out to them very early in development. Nintendo was very impressed by them at PAX

Second, it is a Kickstarter campaign, they actually have a lot of outside funding this is the last stretch. If this campaign is successful then WiiU is guaranteed this game. Actually it pretty much has always been guaranteed this game.

lastly, and most importantly, Who cares if it comes out on other systems? Indie titles like this aren't going to drive folks to buy the WiiU, and being exclusive is stupid for an Indie developer. Period. Buy good games on the WiiU, do not care if they are released elsewhere. You will be happier when you reconcile this. Be happy we have the opportunity to get a good game. I mean, heck it was gonna come out on PC and bunch of other stuff too, so why not hope they can make more money. Also, remember that the last kickstarter didn't have the One and 4 on it, and they failed to get funding. SO Again, you should never ever ever ever care if a game is coming out on another platform as long as it comes out on a platform you own. Just support the games you like on the platforms you like, and be happy.



tebunker commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

Goto Nintendo new site for Nintendo news, sees a news item for product not announced for Nintendo system. How is this news? Yeah it sucks, hopefully there is a port, but are we going to see this everytime the WiiU gets passed up on an announcement because that's going to get annoying and is pointless.

Also as fans/gamers we need to stop worrying about what we aren't getting and focus on what we are getting. It takes too much energy to care about things I may never see. If it comes it comes.



tebunker commented on '90s Arcade Racer Targeting Mid-2014 Release, ...:


One of the Devs was posting over at Neogaf and specifically stated that, at the least, Wii U will have a really awesome 2p mode local with one on Gamepad other on Screen. He wants to make sure local is ,and if they can get online in before launch they will. Otherwise they will more than likely do a post launch patch for online. So it looks like we will have online play, but more odds are it will be post launch add on.



tebunker commented on Interview: Wales Interactive on its Upcoming W...:

I'm going to do it, I'm going to feed the troll, and not nicely. Seriously dude? Do you even own a Wiiu? And if so, why? The gamepad is one of the best things. You obviously haven't played enough games or used the system truly if you make the complaint of having to look down at the second screen. Play Deus Ex or AC IV with the gamepad, it is amazingly different putting all of the hud on the pad. When its done smartly it shows.

Also, only a person of lowly intelligence would compare being able to use the multiple hundred dollar add-ons of using smartglass or vita for second screen functionality to the gamepad.



tebunker commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:


Oh look I come home from work and look at Nintendolife and Damo posts what is in effect another Neogaf thread. I love how, just like the poorly done Neogaf thread you all but ignore the fairly well written article to focus on one bad quote that doesn't even really have an impact on the op ed piece.

Keep up the good work there buddy /sarcasm



tebunker commented on Wii U "More Than Capable" Of Providing The Cor...:

I am on this game like a fat kid on smarties, even if it is just a little above average. I want to support games like this and developers who put forth the effort. Also I want to show that if I dev reduces risks by doing a kickstarter they can make their games for all platforms and still make money.

I want to see more and more self published or small published games. I have grown tired of over produced mass market AAA titles. They are good for what they are, but we have lost the meat and potatoes of video games, the mid games. We are entering a generation where it is either indy or AAA and we need a middle ground and I think projects like this can work.



tebunker commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Now Available in...:


You do realize that even if you bought a launch WiiU and then registered it on Club Nintendo that you just extended the warranty another 90 days, meaning the system is in warranty 1 year plus 3 months from the day you bought it. Assuming it was a launch unit from November of last year then you have until February.



tebunker commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

"Articles" like this are why I will always keep adblock on when I visit this site. Sad that you guys still keep stooping to posting neogaf posts as news. Even more sad that you have to site another website as well. Look you guys need some editorial control, Neogaf is not a news source.

I couldn't care less about the subject here.



tebunker commented on Review: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Wii U):

This game runs great, don't know what the reviewer witnessed. I have rarely seen a hiccup, and I have fought with as many as 8 ships at once. Digital Download here, love the game. Solid 9/10, because of the need to have the character hook and latch to do the parkour type moves you can get stuck or repeatedly run up the wrong wall. It is a minor issue with this type of game, it is extremely difficult to make it so the player can easily hook on to stuff while making it so they don't needlessly hook on to everything.



tebunker commented on Paradise Lost: First Contact Leaves Wii U Stre...:

I don't think it means anything and that this was a piss pot grab of an article. Plenty of other kickstarters have had the wiiu be a main platform or one of the earliest stretch goals. All that it means is that it costs money to develop and port games and this developer in general doesn't want to do a half butt job with a Wii I release.

The only other thing that I would like to know, is if all of these devs know about Nintendo's free Unity license program. This could help alleviate some dev costs and lower the goals, but not to be mean, I don't expect that kind of reporting here, in these types of articles.



tebunker commented on Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's C...:

Great title definitely worth the $50. Seriously. Stop worrying about how much it costs elesewhere and just focus on what it will cost you to play the definitive version of the game. Well worth the price and the fact that it comes with the strat guide that you pull up on the gamepad mid game is awesome and WiiU only.

Also, I would not be surprised if this doesn't have a big retail prescence. Preorders generally drive what buyers order for systems. Gamestop seems to have ordered roughly 1 copy for every store in the states. You can just as easily go digital or get it on Amazon or any other website. I went digital for the 10 percent back. Again, if you are on the fence and can afford it, go get it, send the message you want these games



tebunker commented on Nintendo Download: 31st October (North America):

@Gerbwmu yeah I am going to say it is a step above Undercover which was the best lego game until now. The offscreen co-op alone is worth it.

I am hoping with marvel hitting the eshop finally we can start getting dlc access, which we all know are really just on disc unlocks of characters but I do not care, I want Dark Phoenix



tebunker commented on The Fall Targets an April 2014 Release on Wii U:

I am interested, I don't fund any thing like this, but I will probably buy it. The games will be episodic, so hopefully we get 5-6 hours if not more for each episode. I have been following the funding though and the game is going to get a lot of animation and graphical touch updgrades. So happy about that.

I love the cross of limbo and metroid. I showed my wife the initial video on ks and she was very interested.



tebunker commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Will ...:

Part of the problems is that there is no explanation from SE. And yes to get max value out of this new version on the other systems you need a tablet or vita. However it is disappointing because it is a hard sale to rationalize. I could understand a $10 up charge, but I wouldn't be happy about it.
One thing I would like to is if this is something NOA related. Especially with the eshop release.



tebunker commented on Assassin's Creed IV DLC Looks Set to Sail Past...:

@ikki5 you may have a point if there was day one dlc, and some times this crap is on the disc, but this isn't a rip off. You don't seem to understand what that term means.

The dlc is being developed now post development of the main title, the original game has been done and in qa and mastering process now.

Look I am not saying I am a fan of the pratice but you are over reacting.

Would you say Skyrim or Fallout 3 are bad values because of all the dlc that came out later? Do not think that a lot of the dlc was developed concurrently with the main game and even after regular development had ended? I mean you have to realize that all of this stuff in ancillory, extra, on top of the main game. It isn't needed to enjoy the full experience, so no, you aren't getting scammed, gipped or ripped off, you can play this complete game, never play the dlc and get a full experience and story.



tebunker commented on Assassin's Creed IV DLC Looks Set to Sail Past...:

@ikki5 the argument that you are getting half a game is really a paper tiger and a falsehood. Seriously, you are getting a fully featured and functional title 99 percent of the time, there are always exceptions.

Instead of now getting expansions they are building the games with interesting little side things that add to the game if you want them.

There will be no impact on the main game if you don't get the dlc, and this is the case for 99percent of dlc. It is just the changing dynamic of gaming. I find it laughable that you think this dlc or any dlc represents half of a game.



tebunker commented on Assassin's Creed IV DLC Looks Set to Sail Past...:

This is very poor reporting. No Seasons Pass does not equal No DLC. You shouldn't report supposittion as fact.

I don't even care about the dlc for this game.

On top of that there is DLC coming as preorder bonus, and other Ubisoft titles have had DLC support. To be honest you should have just said no seasons pass, and we are waiting on word from Ubisoft to make sure the DLC is coming instead of assuming, which you know how that usually ends.



tebunker commented on Splinter Cell Blacklist Homeland DLC Available...:

All of the gear is the preorder bonus stuff that was exclusive to different stores. The maps are interesting because Dead Coast was already a co-op mission, so is this a new mission on the same map? I noticed that mission didn't go away after I finished it which was odd.

I hate on disk dlc, but all you can do is not buy it.



tebunker commented on Early Estimates Place Pikmin 3 August Sales in...:

Just wanted to comment that Madden 25 isn't really driving software sales boost, as the 1million sold week one this year is actually down over a half million versus last year at the same time frame.

Also, many people bought the Madden 25 anniversary editon on Amazon for the included DirecTv sunday ticket. What makes it notable is that best buy stopped accepting trade ins on the title last week. The correlation being that many people bought the game for Sunday Ticket and sold the game or traded in immediately for the 45 at BB. I would like to see if Gamestop saw a large influx of trades too.



tebunker commented on Capcom Reiterates Stance On Further Disney Rem...:

Oh, and since it requires no real licensing, Little Nemo in Dream World needs a remaster too.

Dear Capcom, when I was 9-10ish, I loved your NES games, please don't eff this up, and just give them the love treatment and make them look and run up to todays standards and I will buy them. Sincerely, me.



tebunker commented on Capcom Reiterates Stance On Further Disney Rem...:

Don't forget about Tailspin and Darkwing from the TG-16 they need remakes so others can enjoy them.

I bought Ducktales to do my part. Odd thing is, when I play it, it locks up a lot, when the wife plays it, no issues.



tebunker commented on Pokémon: The Origin Anime Announced, Mystery ...:

We need a new Pokemon TCG on a console or hand held. I would probably be willing to play it on the WiiU and pay for DLC additional cards like a sucker. Or even if they ripped Wizards of the Coast off and did a Duels of the Planeswalkers for Pokemon.



tebunker commented on Zombie Title How to Survive Confirmed for the ...:

"Devs take online play out of Wii U titles because they don't want to pay server space for a game that won't make money because nobody will buy it because it doesn't have online play. Does that answer your questions?"

And See Above.

Also, it is the chicken and the egg scenario. If you want online MP, or you think you should pay less for a title missing a feature. Email the Dev/Publisher, hit up their twitter and hit up their Facebook. Don't just sit here on a web forum and cry that you won't buy a game because it is missing one feature that you probably would never use.

If no one buys the games on the system, missing features or not, no games will come eventually. So if you are really interested in this game for the Wii U, or say Batman, or Splinter Cell, but want to stand on some silly principle that you aren't paying for a game with "missing" features for the Wii, get bent. This is a hobby, something you do for enjoyment. You only deprive yourself of that enjoyment. Buying the game doesn't send the message that you are willing to buy "gimped" games, it sends the message that their is an audience for their content here. Then go back and bombard the devs/Pubs on social media and ask why you didn't get X feature. Show them that you supported them, and ask for it back. Is this too hard to see/ask?



tebunker commented on Interview: Ubisoft On Splinter Cell Blacklist,...:

Finally found one video from May on one random site that showed 2 player split screen.

Still getting the game. If split screen shows up later fine, otherwise not a deal breaker.

I think a lot of people are making a mountain out of a molehill, and are clearly devaluing other things this version has that others do not.

I will concede however, that with the gamepad, it makes a ton of sense to add offline co-op at some point.



tebunker commented on Ubisoft - Splinter Cell: Blacklist A "Great Fi...:

I want a demo first, and will probably wait until september, but as long as there are no technical issues and this is solid splinter cell, I will get this. I need to see more about mp because that is truly where SC shines. It is a shame that this version won't sell, and a lot of that can be attributed to Nintendo and Ubisoft failure to show off or push this.