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Tue 24th Nov 2009

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Snap commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

As a launch day, stood in line, owner of the WiiU I think I have the right to say that due to lack of sales of the actual hardware ALL 3rd party publishers are feeling the same. The last time I played a 3rd party game was early in 2013. It's been either 1) OFF or 2) Playing Zelda, Mario, or Nintendo Wii games.

I'm looking forward to Donkey Kong... I'm certainly not looking forward to ANY 3rd party games, ever.



Snap commented on Weirdness: Tetris May Be An Ideal Cure For Laz...:

My son has Amblyopia and we've been struggling with the patching. However the carrot and allure of video games actually works. He was once 20/400 (legally blind in one eye). After his most recent eye test he is now 20/60. All of this improvement is directly related to playing video games while patching.

I made a short video a few months ago documenting his progress. His favorite carrot is Call of Duty. Given the mechanics of the game, fast movement and necessary hand eye coordination, it's by far the best type of game to play for improving "lazy eye", imo.