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If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen

Posted by James Newton

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The 3DS remake of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has gone down pretty well, but there are plenty of gamers for whom Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the superior game and more deserving of a 3D update. Perhaps if those people are vocal enough, their wish may come true.

That's the vibe from Zelda supremo Eiji Aonuma anyway, who recently answered the question of "will Majora's Mask 3DS happen?" with surprising candour:

It's been 13 years since Ocarina of Time was originally released, and one of the big things that we made this remake possible was that there was an outpour of emotions from people who said they would like to see this game done. We said we could do it in 3D, so we did. I think certainly if there was a similar output of emotion and clamor from fans for a remake of Majora's Mask, it wouldn't be an utter impossibility.

Aonuma believes the game's quick pace could gel nicely with the pick up, put down nature of the handheld.

If you'd like to see Majora's Mask remade in 3D — or perhaps even on Wii U — now might be a good time to speak up.


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Kholdstare said:


... ahem ... sorry I really really REALLY like Majora's Mask!



StarDust4Ever said:

I preorered Zelda: OOT 3D on 3DS and absolutely love it! I haven't removed the cart since I first bought it, though I'll probably give Zelda a break for some quick PacMan and Galaga diversion when it releases Tuesday.

Upon reading the comments on the VC review, I have found nearly everyone either loved it or hated it, with very little middle ground. Is there anyway to know what camp I'm in before trying it? What's a good Mario comparison? Lot's of people either loved or hated Super Mario Sunshine as well. I'm in the Love camp with Sunshine, LOL! I'll possibly get MM if they ever remake it for 3DS someday.

Now a quick question for everyone who wants this to be released, right? Who's inbox do we need to stuff with game requests to make this happen?



LordTendoboy said:

I hated the 3-day time limit, so I'll pass. I never got around to finishing the game. I always got stuck at Ikana Tower (whatever it's called). The dungeons are too complicated and poorly designed.



Tasuki said:

I dont know I tried this game several times and I just couldnt get into it.



Monkeh said:

I'd rather have a new Zelda game as well, but I wouldn't mind both MM and a new Zelda!



MasterGraveheart said:


Although, as @SanderEvers said, a NEW Zelda game for 3DS would be nice too... how about returning to the top-down perspective in the spirit of Link's Awakening, the Oracle games, or A Link to the Past. No more stylus control with Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks, please.

But as for Majora's Mask 3DS... TO TWITTER!!!



WolfRamHeart said:

Yeah sure it will happen, until they cancel it and blame the fans for not supporting it enough. Oh wait, wrong company!

Okay, now I can be serious; I support Majora's Mask on the 3DS 100%!



Linkstrikesback said:

We have 3 re-releases of zelda games on the 3DS this year. (Links awakening/Ocarina/4 Swords). I can honestly say that I do not want any more ports of zelda on the 3DS.

Either get a new zelda out, then release majoras mask later, or don't bother at all.



JayceJa said:

id like it more than an OoT remake, but i probably wouldnt buy it, i do have OoT:3d, but only because my brother bought it, it being the only non-terrible game he could get with the store credit he got for buying his 3DS

Spirit Tracks sequel with proper overworld is what i want(spirit tracks cross minish cap would be a dream come true)



C-195 said:

Majora's Mask with TP graphics?!?!!? That would be soooooo epic! :,)



Noire said:

Somebody already did the Capcom joke, booooo.

You guys should really join the Dev Room this time you know, just in case.

As for me, they can con me into buying Ocarina of Time for the fourth time, but nothing will con me into buying this mess again. Might not mind a new Zelda game, though, you know...



Portista said:




timp29 said:

+1 SPEAK UP!!!

But god damn that friggin boss from the water stage. Haven't managed to kill him yet.



HipsterDashie said:

Ocarina of Time 3D is my first ever Zelda game I've properly gone out and bought, sat down and played. It's amazing, and I'd love the chance to be able to do the same with other entries in the series. Bring on Majora's Mask!



LordJumpMad said:

I'm sorry
I don't have it in me to care.....
The game has been cancelled
Sent more angry drunken e-mails



SunnySnivy said:

Majora's Mask 3D PLEASE Nintendo! I'd be a happy camper. Lots of people want it. Why not?!

A new Zelda game on the 3DS would be good too, but a remake doesn't take as much work as a whole new game, and it wouldn't delay a new 3DS Zelda that much. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo already has a new Zelda in the works already.



Burning_Spear said:

Nice but ... no. I'm getting tired of reading about remakes when we still haven't received any NEW 3D versions of Nintendo's first-party titles.



2-D said:

I didn't play either when they were first released - unfortunately, I played them first on Wii VC. I've finished Majora's Mask completely (with all the masks, etc.), and I ran out of steam on Ocarina around the shadow temple. 'Nuff said.



Blaze said:

Majoras Mask 3D??? YES!!!

Which is better, OOT or Majoras Mask?

OOT Anyday!!!

I would absolutely love to see Majoras Mask Re-made, however, OOT will always be the better game, but the more Zelda, the better!



Bass_X0 said:

we still haven't received any NEW 3D versions of Nintendo's first-party titles.

There's a simple explanation for that. The kind of games you want to see takes about two years in development. A port of an existing game with enhanced graphics takes only about six months. So even if they didn't release these ports, you'd still have to wait about two years for the new games.



Winter said:

Yes!!! Yes yes yes!!! I will buy it, I promise!!!!!!
Please please please!!!!!!



Boyoshi said:

if Nintendo did that it would be GENIUS. Majoras Mask was a great game (although much more challenging than OOT) and New Zelda fans who have fallen in love with the OOT after the graphics were inhanced, aught to see it's brother, Majoras Mask in the spotlight too.



Cipher said:

Yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please



Burning_Spear said:

@33: Well, OoT was delayed by almost three months, so I'm doubtful that it only took six months to make the thing. But assuming your info is correct, that's still six months of work that is not being devoted to new games.

I'm a Nintendo lifer, but I'm starting to get annoyed. I've had the 3DS almost four months, and I'm still sitting here watching trailers of games that may be released four or five months from now. That's why I get upset about hearing news of another recycled game.



19Robb92 said:

I'd rather have a new game or that A Link to the Past remake Miyamoto have been talking about.

Wouldn't mind this either, but I feel as if they can spend their time on either a better Zelda remake or a whole new one.

Or better yet, put Grezzo who made the ramake of OOT3D to make Majoras Mask too while Nintendo EAD makes a whole new game without having to compromise development time. That'd be great!



Slapshot said:

What's with these developers doing this nowadays? Of course we want Majoras Mask on 3DS, so just give it to us and stop looking for approval.

If they'd spend more time developing games instead of talking about it, we would have happier 3DS owners right now!



pikku said:

I could never get too far in the original version, but if they prettied it up and re-released it in a manner similar to OoT3D, I'd get it for sure. Day one, even.
God, why am I such a sucker for Nintendo games? D:



Eldin said:

I am one of those who think MM are the superior one of the two N64 installments. I actually think it is the most challenging and best Zelda game out there.

I want MM 3D released along with Nintendo 3DS Lite. It would be like a dream come true.



YorkshireNed said:

No. I love Majora's Mask, it is an absolute classic but.....

....we need NEW Zelda.

I love Ocarina of Time on the 3DS and it makes perfect sense to do an upgraded remake for a new system (Just like they did with Zelda DX for gameboy colour & Link to the Past for GBA) in it's early days as you don't have to plan & prepare too much BUT the next step needs to be a brand new classic Zelda!



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

im in. I love the way the town is so interconnected and on a schedule.

"it wouldn't be an utter impossibility" lol, so it is just this side of snowballs chance in hell. It is like saying yes but meaning no.



AlexSays said:

Well there's nothing I love more than purchasing games I've already played nearly a decade ago.

Especially on a system that has no games.



NintyMan said:

I don't see any harm in them doing it. They could have Grezzo work on this game on the side while Nintendo is thinking up a new Zelda. Majora's Mask has many of the same characters as in OOT so it wouldn't be that hard to make. Plus, compared to OOT 3D, Majora's Mask would be left in the N64 days when some polishing up would make it shine as bright as its counterpart. I also have never played this game, so I say go ahead!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I'd say we have a 50/50 chance of this being made. Maybe even more!
MM happened to be the first Zelda game that was made when Aonuma was crowned "leader of Zelda projects" (or something like that. So Aonuma would definitely like to make a remake, for nostalgia and nitpicking.
I've never played Majora's Mask, but Ocarina of Time is great and Ocarina of Time 3D is greater.



Aviator said:

Only would see the die hard fans wanting this. I would prefer a new Zelda.



Bass_X0 said:

@39: Well, I'm guessing on the exact time scale. I don't know for sure. However, it doesn't take Miyamoto or any of the other big name developers to oversee the enhancements to Ocarina of Time. They'll be working on the actual new games. But games still need to be produced in the mean time. An enhanced port of a big name much-loved classic is going to generate much more sales and interest than a new game developed by whoever is handling OoT in the same time scale.

I would prefer a new Zelda.

Done. Skyward Sword on Wii.



JimLad said:

They wouldn't want sales to conflict with a possible new Zelda game, or to dedicate two teams to one franchise at a time. If you want MM3D, don't expect to see a new Zelda for a long long time.



FonistofCruxis said:

Majora's mask may be favourite game in the series but I think it would be too soon after Ocarina of time 3D for another remake, so I think they should make an original Zelda game on the 3DS before this.



Samholy said:

of course it would be an instant buy !
i skipped ocarina of time for now, because you know, i played it so much i dont feel like redoing it again for now.
but majora's mask is a title i missed because my N64 died before i had a chance to play it. this Zelda remains a mystery for me. I played EVERY zelda titles, even that crappy video thing.
Now's the chance for me to pick that lost zelda title, please make it for 3DS !!!



thereefernander said:

Superior game? No. Should they make it? Yes, and I will buy it. But OOT was a better game OOT is my favorite game ever.



DrCruse said:

Please no! Do we really need another remake of an N64 game? Where is all of the original software?

Nintendo is not going to convince me to buy their products if all they have is a load of remakes!



Spoony_Tech said:

Please give me a reason to actually beat this game. For whatever reason I've never finished this Zelda whereas I've beaten all the others I purchased. I need to beat this game!



Hardy83 said:

So, people think a game, that hasn't been made in any form, getting support from online petitions and what not, will be made by Nintendo?

Yeah, it sure worked for 3 FINISHED games where the fans brought one to the top of the Amazon charts.



Baloo said:

yes oh yes, please bring to the 3Ds, its the only zelda game i havent revisited, and having it portable would be spectacular



lord_hades said:

yes but no i dont want two remakes ones just fine but two on the same console just makes it look like there running out of ideas



Chris720 said:

Do it - even if it's for the lovers of MM. I personally wouldn't buy it since the 3-day limit just sucked, it was intended to be a "rush Zelda" and I like taking my time with Zelda games.



daze0f_theweak said:

If old Zeldas make an appearance on the 3DS, I'd like to see a 3D classic of LTTP and a GBA VC version of The Minish Cap.



King_Boo said:

I'd rather they not, an upgrade would be nice, but bring on the new. I don't want to see Nintendo re-release there games over and over again.



SKTTR said:

I'd rather see new (Zelda) games as well, but Majora's Mask is a monumental exception.
Bring it over to the Wii U though.



siavm said:

I want a new zelda for 3ds. I loved majora's mask, that is why I bought it again from the VC a year ago. I only bought the ocarina of time on the 3ds because I had not played that game in about 7 or 8 years. Now I just want them to make a new zelda that can really use what the 3ds has to offer.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Never Played Majora's Mask due to me just getting into the Zelda series last month. So do want it, yes.



yoyogamer said:

The original came out 2 years after Oot, and most of those 2 years were spent on things like the story and the dungons, things that wouldn't change in the remake. Just bring in Oot 3D's updated graphics and controls and you have the world''s easiest remake.



Kid_A said:

Do it! Make this game! I will buy it!
Save the Wind Waker remake for Wii U



triforceofcourage said:

No. Just bring on more original content. Unless this is VC, and not a complete 3DS makeover like with OoT3D, I disapprove.



zionich said:

As much as I love OoT, just got done beating it, I too just want some new games. Also, I have a hard time beliving that there actually going to listen to people's outcry this time.



MinishMaster said:

Majora's Mask 3DS is going to happen, as soon as I played OoT 3D
I thought about this and now there is a chance at it.



bro2dragons said:

I don't believe this would ever happen, but like everyone else, I would love it. That said, it's kind of making me sick, all these game companies placing everything on the fans. What happened to you making games and us playing them?

Capcom: You guys didn't do enough, so we're not giving you the Megaman Legends game we promised you.

Nintendo: Maybe if you guys do enough we'll make Majora's Mask 3D for you.

What's next? Konami saying because enough people didn't like their facebook page they're not making Metal Gear Solid 3DS?

Ugh. Just make the games. Just leave playing them to be our responsibility.



Tylr said:

Please. Bring another decent game to 3DS, even if it is a remake.



Doma said:

I'd actually prefer this remake instead of a new one, MM was that good.

The key word here being "remake". If it's just an enhanced port with no worthwhile additions like OoT 3D was.. don't bother!



LztheQuack said:

Somehow I doubt yelling on here will get the remake done..... but just in case...




Nintendo6400 said:

Hhmm, I would love to get ZMM in 3D, But I'd rather want a new Zelda on 3DS thats not a remake, but sure! Why not!?



jkgatling said:

I would love it, rather have wind waker remade but Majoras Mask is truly awesome, the people that didnt like it are just bad at gaming and cant stand complexity



Despair1087 said:



sorry for shouting...



SuperLink said:

As much as I love Majora's Mask, I'd much rather have a collection of remakes (consisting of The Legend of Zelda, Link's Adventure, and A Link to the Past). Either that or Wind Waker on the 3DS. Yeah, either of those would be good for me.




"If fans speak up"? Not to be a downer, but speaking out to Nintendo hasn't done anything recently. We still have to try though :/




"If fans speak up"? Not to be a downer, but speaking out to Nintendo hasn't done anything recently. We still have to try though :/



kimaster said:

I would absolutely buy Majora's Mask on the 3DS. I'm in the middle of my 7th or 8th play through right now.



The_Fox said:

How about some new games? I really like MM, but we've seen more than enough remakes from Nintendo for awhile.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I would definitely get Majora's Mask, in my opinion the best and most unique Legend of Zelda game.

I feel like, in order to get the best out of Majora's Mask, you have to have played Ocarina of Time, so you are able to draw the comparisons of the characters and locations in the game's paralel dimension setting. It worked great on the N64 where they used the same character models... but on the 3DS, with the improved graphics... someone playing Ocarina on the 3DS and then having to adapt to the N64 controls of the Wii's Virtual Console version afterwards might dampen the experience somewhat.

I say, release it! Pleeaese!



LztheQuack said:

@The_Fox: Such irony in that statement considering we've only seen two remakes from Nintendo on the 3DS :3

Though on one hand that may still be more than enough



Gamer83 said:

I guess this would be easier than you know, making a new Zelda built around the 3DS hardware. It's funny to me, people constantly bashed PSP for being a PS2 port machine and are saying the Vita will be full of PS3 ports with the most recent game coming under fire being Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which actually isn't a port. Yet the best 3DS game is a port of a 13-year-old game and now people are clamoring for Majora's Mask. It's pathetic quite frankly and part of the reason Nintendo is such a disaster today, the fans allow them to be complacent by just eating up whatever crap they get fed. The 3DS doesn't need stuff like Majora's Mask right now. It needs new games that take advantage of its unique features.



Simmer_E said:

No thanks
I really don't want that creepy moon to pop out of the screen at me >.<

I remember when I first saw it...
Still have nightmares today



ooofooo said:

Screw those people saying not to make it they don't know what a good game is.



jsdman1234 said:

I want!! Definitely my favorite Zelda game ever! MUST HAVE!! NAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!



SilverBaretta said:

Hmm....maybe I should actually start using some of these social networking sites so i can contact them easier......



bonesy91 said:

Yes I want it! but on the 3DS... it would be stupid to do that for Ocarina of time and not for it's brother.



Late said:

I have never played Majora's Mask but I think I'd get the 3DS version.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Don't care for Majora's Mask in any form. Found the game far too convoluted and annoying. That being said I would rather see Minish Cap as a downloadable 3D classic. (And yes I know it's not an NES game!)



Gressil said:

bump! - sign it fans.
also, @tendoboy1984, sounds like you were possibly too young. I know i've gone back to some of the older games that are naturally very difficult and I can now beat them (though the games I have had to do that for are few and far between). The formula of Majora's Mask was based around the lives of the small town of Termina, not Hyrule; it is a doomed town that has lost its way and cast out the gods if memory serves. The game takes Link's "Hero of Time" title from OoT and since MM is basically a direct sequel, they let Link actually bend time to his will. You can slow it down, speed it up, and reset everything. It's not some game where none of the characters ever matter, or some game where your actions have literally no consequence. Everything you do with them helps you complete the game and help all the people in Bomber's Book. Plus, a warp system, a forge system for an amazing blade, and a load of masks that generate a different response from every person. Finally, like you said, it's difficult. So, are you man enough? Big and bad enough?
IMHO MM is total win.



Morpheel said:


Also, i commanded them to remake Majora's Mask with my survey for OoT3D.



TKOWL said:

1 "yes" from Dragoon. I'd buy this title on launch day, Majora's Mask is one of my all-time favorite games.



tyguy96 said:

yes! i have beat the game so many times and still find it awesome because not only do you have to beat the clock but you have to strategically manage your time just to get whole temples in. even after you beat the four temples you get to travel to the moon and from their you can either take on majora with no protection or get every mask in the game, beat 4 mini dungeons and obtain the feirce diety mask and get some major fire power. OoT was wayyyy to streight forward. you need to think for yourself in this game



SteveW said:

I'll skip this one. I've attempted to play this several times on N64 over the years and I just cannot get into it for very long, it's so strange...



NassaDane said:

It's only logical for Nintendo to make a remake of the better of the 2 64 Zeldas. I would very much want this.



y2josh said:

I'd rather see a new Zelda. We don't even know what the real 3DS Zelda is gonna look like yet. I don't want the 3DS to be the portable N64.



kyoya said:

make it please it would be so cool please do because i'm crazy for that game



AlbertoC said:

Well dear fans, speak up. Would you like more and more remakes? (I mean, c'mon...)



Der_Eisenkaiser said:

Nintendo, MAKE IT SO! The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask would complete the N64 Zeldq collection and would make to a awesome remake!



tanookisuit said:

I'd be in the rational minority here but this game was a disappointment when it came out and I found it grossly un-fun. That said, I also feel it would be a sad waste of time and resources re-hashing that game again when such a good sized team could be applied to a new project whether it is Zelda or something else. Revisiting old stuff is fine, but the game itself is fine left to the virtual console. How about even if it has to be another remake, use the existing team that did OOT and remaster up F-Zero X from the N64 or do a new one in the quality level that Sega(campaign evilness aside) on the Gamecube. There's plenty of good stuff franchise wise being overlooked and the 3DS is a strong enough tool to do such games justice and on a smaller cost output than the WiiU whenever it arrives later in 2012.



Sh00kst3r said:

Fans- OVER 9000
People who want it- NEAR 9000
People who don't- UNDER 10

It's funny how people care what gets made for the 3DS at this point. You'd expect that they wouldn't care on a handheld that has no games. :/


Another thing: So they ARE remaking 4 Swords... That game was loads of fun... Till I let my idiot "friend" borrow it and ask for it back only to discover that HE SOLD IT.



Vinsanity said:

This is stupid. Of course Nintendo's going to do it. Are any of you seriously surprised they're entertaining the thought of - gasp! - a remake? Sh**; that's such a bold idea, so fresh — you just maybe onto something here, Nintendo! And ooh; what a coincidence! Having just finished up Ocarina of Time 3D, you already have tons of the assets done for such a project! Why, I bet a Majora's 3D wouldn't cost you very much at all to do...


If they wanna listen to fans speaking up, how about you hear everyone over at Operation Rainfall, Mr.Aonuma? Go over to America and bust up Reggie's face until he actually starts acting like a proper Nintendo president. Putting gamers first, and getting games on your console? I believe that's more pressing than just re-hashing a 10-year old game. As much as I love Majora's Mask, Ocarina 3D has shown me that 3DS ports are stupid.

A barely-Dreamcast-quality coat of paint does little to make up for the fact that these games have been played to death and that new content is what the 3DS needs to survive. Not ports. So get cracking on original 3DS games, dudes. And make sure what original games you do pump out actually comes to North America!



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'd lie if i'd say i don't want it to happen. If it doesn't take away too much of the time needed for creating original 3DS titles that is.

If they decide to do it i would really like to see an "easy mode" incoporated. You could explore the world at your own pace without having to worry about the time limit and you could trigger the next day / time of day by yourself.
If they did that i'd even pay full price just for the game. If they don't they better give me preorder bonuses and a special extra like they did with the sountrack CD for Ocarina.

PS: When i first read it i felt strange about the article. Maybe it's a tiny bit too early for such requests after the MML3 fiasco...



retro_player_22 said:

Yes I would want that too but first Nintendo make a new original Legend of Zelda before that, I don't want the 3DS to have two ports of old N64 LOZ games. Save this port for the end of the 3DS lifespan.



JGMR said:

They should give the American people The Last Story and Xenoblade first...



Was_Loved said:

YES YES YES i definitly want it
but really i wouldnt mind if it wasnt in 3d just refix the graphics and im happy



Capt_N said:

Nintendo would listen this time, as they:
1. Know the Zelda franchise is popular enough(1 of Nintendo's top ips), that it would make them money, even if it were to be just a straight port, w/ enhanced graphics. The fans would eat it up either way, & Nintendo knows this. &
2. From what I understand from these comments, a lot that was in MM, was basically ripped from OoT, & @ most, slightly modified. Since they just finished re-porting OoT, it stands that they really wouldn't have to put forth much effort. So to them, this is a golden opportunity to make some profit fast. The bonus for them is knowing that they have very little to lose, based on the 2 things I just mentioned.

I agree Nintendo should first listen to Op.Rf. I say a crystal clear no, since it gives them a free pass/excuse for not working on original games for the 3DS.



Highwinter said:

Can't help but feel Nintendo are toying with us a bit here. Ocarina of Time was always going to sell really well.. While Majora's Mask will never be as popular, a lot of the assets can simply be reusued, so it's not like it's going to be much work for them.

I don't believe for a second that they didn't start work on it the moment they were done with Ocarina.



Stuffgamer1 said:

They're either already working on it, or they'll never do it and are just setting us up for disappointment. Either way, consider this post my official "speaking up" in favor of such a release.



phoenix1818 said:

Definitely would like to see it remade, but now not sure which console I'd prefer. 3DS is good and easy because Ocarina of Time has already been done on it and you can pick up and play whenever you want, but I think I would actually rather see it in HD on Wii U, but that seems unlikely now.

Oh well, either way I'm happy. By the looks of things on this webpage, there is certainly enough "output of emotion and clamor from fans" for a remake to be considered noteworthy.



GreenInferno said:

If they put both the Clinton-era games (OoT and MM) on one 3DS then maybe it would seem like a fair offer.



jdwiggs said:

OMG YES!! Please remake Majora's Mask. I love this game. I love it even more than Ocarina of Time. It is not better necessarily, but to me it is just as good. I just love all of the masks, and love being able to play as a Zora. That Zora guitar that Zora Link plays is soo sweet haha.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:


That make it clear enough Nintendo?



kyoya said:

wait a minute i shouldn't have to ask for this because i already know there going to make it they're going to make majora's mask 3d because it's basiclly the continued version of ocarina of time if they don't make it there wouldn't have been any point of making ocarina of time 3d just like windwaker and phantom hourglass phantom hourglass takes up after windwaker but just some more new things just a continued version



Mollytrainer said:

I believe that they already started working on this and are just setting us up for "ohhhh!!! Nintendo Listened to us!!! They are so considerate of fans" or they will never work on it and are setting us up with a dissappointment and say we "didn't support it enough" Listen to my logic Nintendo! The 3ds sold HORRIDLY for one reason: You released it too early when it had NO games for it. Yeah the built in games were nice and 3d feature cool but it's not enough! You don't release a console without games, FROM YOUR MOST-SELLING TITLES, sims? really? nintendogs-ok, but that punch time explosion?!? NO! Horrible. I know it would of ticked off so many fans but you should of waited till it had more games to release it. Then it would've sold a whole lot better. Ocarina of time 3ds was the first GOOD no GREAT game on 3ds, because zelda is one of nintendo's top titles!!! Sales will increase and purhaps get you even more out of the toilet if you remake Majoras Mask on 3ds. Trust me. The N64 was too much of a "hurry up" game and you couldn't explore the zelda world. Plus the N64 and GC game was wayyy too buggy. This would allow players to experience a bug-free game without being rushed. Although you must keep the 3 day time limit thing. This would make fans like it more and BELIEVE ME! It would sell almost or just as well as ocarina of time 3ds! Atleast something to distract fans from protesting for new 3ds games while you finish up Paper mario 3ds and other great titles. I support MM3ds very much but only because I believe it would help Nintendo and Satisfy old and new fans.



kyoya said:

yeah he's right you know if you do make right know as we speak you sell a hell of alot more of 3ds if you make it you will recover more than 2x as much before nintendo you've only sold + 700,000 unit that's great to a certain point but if you do remake it just like ocarina of time 3d it would be a amzing thing



HokieGirl7 said:

I created an account just so I could comment on this. I absolutely LOVED Majora's Mask--for me, it ties with Ocarina of Time. I found that most people that didn't like MM gave up right away, without really giving the 3-day limit a chance. I think that if Nintendo could create MM but with an easier way to save and quit during the dungeons, it'd make everyone happy. I simply ADORE Majora's Mask, both for the storyline and for the sidequests--it was a solid game with hours of gameplay and some really fun characters.

I, for one, would be absolutely thrilled if Majora's Mask was released for the 3DS, but with 2 minor changes: a better save feature, and a way to actually see how your hard work has affected the inhabitants of Termina after you beat the game. To have both OoT (check!) and MM on the 3DS would be an absolute dream. I didn't want to bring my old N64 to college, and it's been nice to bring OoT back with me. A handheld version of MM would seriously make my year.



ZNemerald said:

Well, they have a Youtube account but I think they meant by sales and maybe fan art like things.

I wish A Link To the Past was recreated in 3d for the 3ds..sigh



Tredz said:

I registered here just to post a comment

I reckon... the people that want a new release, should listen to this... and then desire Majora's Mask 3DS... You know how people LOVE trilogy games? Yeah... well let's make that 'Hero of Time' trilogy work! Ocarina of Time, Link defeated Gannondorf and saved Hyrule from darkness. Majora's Mask, Link destroyed Majora's Mask and rescued the people of Termina from the cataclysmic end they could have faced in three days time...

Introducing the final installment of the 'Hero of Time' trilogy...
"The Legend of Zelda: ???"
What happens to Link? Where does he go? Where does evil lurk? Does Gannondorf make a return? Will Link find love? Will he ever speak?!?! Haha I got a bit carried away...
But seriously... Okay, people who want a new game... would you buy Majora's Mask, IF there was going to be a sequel??



Tigus said:

Ok in all truth MM was probably the DARKEST Zelda game if not one of the most. The mood this game gave off as you played it was much different than that of Ocarina Of Time from the very get go where you are turned into a deku scrub all the way to the final battle with Majora himself. This is a very hardcore Zelda game beating it let alone geting all of the mask in game would be very difficult without a walkthrough. The most likely reason this game is not liked is because of the continuing darkness the game gave off compared to its prequel.

This is probably Links greatest hour a true show of courage.



ZeLDaMaNiaC said:

Sure, why not? I love The Legend of Zelda and the only reason why I bought a 3ds was to play Ocarina of Time. Majoras Mask shouldnt be terrible, even though my brother says the moon is creepy. I scare really easily.... I'll get over it though if it means playing another awesome game. BRING ON MAJORA"S MASK!!!!



timtoborne said:

I think that Majoras mask 3D would bring in lots of money for nintendo. Also, aside from MM,(I WANT THAT) a new version of Smash Bros. should be included on nintendo's to do list. Brawls getting old. (As long as the new SB has got Linebeck from phantom hourglass, ill be happy) PLEASE PUT LINEBECK IN THE NEXT SMASH BROS. seriously. hes awesome

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