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The countdown has begun! You have just three days to save the land of Termina from destruction by its own moon, which is being pulled out of its orbit by a mysterious evil force!

In this epic sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link is bestowed with magical masks to aid him in his quest. Transform into a Deku Scrub, a Goron and a Zora, using their abilities to fly through the air, roll across the land or swim through the sea!

Link has only 72 hours to save Termina, however he can re-live the days again and again using the magical Song of Time, to gather the knowledge and skills he needs to solve the mystery of Majora's Mask.

A gripping storyline, charming characters, dozens of masks to discover – and the first appearance of Tingle! – complete this acclaimed package!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After ending the terror in Hyrule, Link sets out to find another quest to complete, but on his way he stumbles into the wait of another evil force.

Ocarina of Time proved that the Zelda series was even more captivating in 3D than it was in 2D. It is still regarded as one of the greatest games ever made, but despite this, at the very end of the N64's life, it got a sequel that quite a few people...

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User Comments (183)



Bass_X0 said:

Will probably download this however I do own the GC collection so it depends.



slangman said:

I love this game. This is one of my favourite games on the N64. I remember getting this back when I was 11. Although a bit short it makes up in challenge and side quests. I even spend a lot of time running around with different masks "Sigh"



Eldin said:

This is undoubtly the best game in the whole series. I seriously can't believe how people can think that OoT is better than this game. I just love it.



Link79 said:

I own the collection disc on cube but may get this on VC anyway since the disc version seems to have a freezing problem. It doesn't happen all that often but when it does it's really annoying.



Link79 said:

Yes the fierce diety mask was awesome!
It made Link into a real bad ass. I always wanted it to return in a future Zelda game. Too bad you could only use it during the boss fights. Though I do remember a glitch that allowed you to wear it in the town. Good times.



Kevin said:

Gotta be kidding me. This Zelda game is great and unique. I enjoy the dark theme around it but its not the best in the series or better than Ocarina. Both are masterpieces but I find Ocarina to be more enjoyable but that's not gonna stop me from downloading this great game. I'm glad its finally been announced. I knew it was only a matter of time but I'm glad they've gotten it over with.



Drake said:

This is definitely the best 3D Zelda if you ask me, but I'll always love A Link to the Past the most of all



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Can't wait. Besides "Wind Waker" this is the only LoZ game I havent played. So, I plan on getting it when it comes out. And I wont have to worry about storage issues anymore so



KeeperBvK said:

"This is undoubtly the worst game in the whole series."
Fixed that comment.

Seriously: I love the N64 to death and I'm also a big Zelda fan, but this is the only entry in the series that left me disappointed. It's definitely the weakest one in my book. Still nice to see it coming to VC, so we can finally welcome the last remaining Zelda on the VC.



Hilanderous said:

This is a great game! I thought the main quest was somewhat boring though (at least at first). The sub-quests are what make this game special.



Chunky_Droid said:

I have the N64 and the Collector's Edition on GC. But I'll get this purely for the progressive scan and (hopefully) the glitches removed from the Collector's Edition version.

Also now they've emulated the expansion pak, this opens the window for Donkey Kong 64 (with the old games removed) and Excitebike 64.

Actually, I think Mario Golf may have used it too, so the emulation was already there :/



Aenaida said:

Already own it for both the N64 and GC, so I have no need to download it. In my personal opinion MM is better than OoT. Not by much, but still better.



WolfLink22 said:

The FD Mask was indeed great but it was gotten to late in the game it should have been gotten about the 3rd or 4th dungeon that way we could use it quicker.

Also the Fairy Sword should have been placed as a weapon as the very last sword that you would ever need.



Curt said:

One of the few games I still play on my N64. I don't care what anybody says, this game will always be better than Ocarina of Time.



CanisWolfred said:

Ugh, my least favorite entry in the series. I love Zelda, but I simply cannot enjoy this game. The time element really ruined every facet of the game for me. Which is a real shame, since otherwise it was a really great game. If it just didn't have that stupid time limit that essentially reset the game every hour or so, this game would've beaten the likes of Ocarina and Twilight Princess by a mile.

The irony is that this is actually the first Zelda I had ever played, and, when messing around with the masks on other people's saves, it had become my personal favorite for many years. Sadly, after I actually played it, I began to realize how horribly annoying it really is. It really is a shame.

To be quite honest, I might have still enjoyed it if there simply was a way for the things you do to become permanent somehow. If only the dungeons would remain completed. If only the grand effects you made on the game world would remain for you to admire everytime you passed by. If only everytime you completed a side quest - when you helped to fix someone's mess of a life - that they would remain fixed, instead of having to endure the pain of knowing that anything you do to help these people will ultimately prove futile. Then perhaps I could've looked passed all its other shortcomings, and be fully capable of enjoying this otherwise horrible game.



KeeperBvK said:

The thing I hated about it the most was the lack of any obvious hints as to when to be where. Like the hand in the toilet: You need to be at this little cabin (which you'd normally never visit again) at the exact time on one of the three days to get a side-quest. That's just horrible game design in my opinion.



Nintendork said:

I can't stand the 3D Zeldas for some reason. So, add that with a frustrating time system, and you got yourself an instant skip.



Drake said:

@ KeeperBvK: For another sidequest you're required to meet someone quite nearby at the same time, so it's very likely you'll find him then. In fact, you have to do that sidequest multiple times to get different rewards, so it's extremely likely you'll run into him one time. Even then, he's pretty much the only character you can miss, really.



SKTTR said:

@KeeperBvK: The hand in the toilet is always there in the evening. From Day 1 on every night from 8pm till morning.
So, you had many opportunities to find him, but you looked once, thought there was nothing, and didn't look twice.

@ all the time limit haters: There are many ways to make all the haters shut up. First and best: You can slowdown the time right from the beginning of the game when you get the first item: the ocarina. Play a little song that's been taught to you in the town in the very first part of the game on it and you have 4x time. So instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes you have 6 hours. If that isn't enough for you to beat a dungeon, don't play Zelda games. On top of that ocarina song, you can also teleport to every important place. And if you want to get past a short passage quickly, you can ride on Epona or transform into a speedy Goron. If you're too slow now to play this game properly go and play Barbie World, I know you'll love it.

@ the ones who think they'll lose everything when they go back in time: You don't lose your items, masks, weapons, book entries and knowledge. Your rupees can be deposit and withdrawn on a bank in town. Your dungeon faries can be saved when you find the fairy well. The only things you have to get anew are the arrows and bombs (of course you still keep the bow and the bomb bags).

Majora's Mask is the best Zelda game, the unique style of time-based puzzles is genious. The dark setting and high challenge is for gaming experts or real Zelda fans. This is so going into history of innovative gaming design excellence. 10 years have passed since Majora's debut, and no developer had the balls to steal or copy this time travelling idea for their own game.

If you don't love Majora's Mask, don't talk about Zelda.
Score: 11 / 10

Edit: I forgot this was the first game with Tingle in it. So that makes the score a 12/10.



KeeperBvK said:

"If you don't love Majora's Mask, don't talk about Zelda."

Hahaha, talk about people having opinions... Thanks, but I don't love MM and I certainly won't stop talking about Zelda.
BTW: I thought people finally wouldn't do the "more than 10 on a scale of 10" thing anymore.

"So instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes you have 6 hours. If that isn't enough for you to beat a dungeon, don't play Zelda games."

How about people not immediately rushing to a dungeon after rewinding time? Maybe there's still other stuff to do? So am I supposed to mind other stuff, rewind time AGAIN maybe after just a fraction of the 6 hours and then go into the dungeon?

"First and best: You can slowdown the time right from the beginning of the game when you get the first item: the ocarina."

Yeah, so what? We all know that, but still it's tiresome being required to play the same song on every friggin' cycle. It's like the day and night change in Castlevania II.

"here are many ways to make all the haters shut up."

Could you please leave us inclined to our opinion? It's not that you are right and we are to be taken back to the path of enlightment. We've got different opinions, geez...

"The dark setting and high challenge is for gaming experts or real Zelda fans."

The setting's nice. I'll give you that, but what challenge are you talking about? It's not harder than other Zelda games.

"If you're too slow now to play this game properly go and play Barbie World, I know you'll love it."

OMG, just shut it, man. If you like the game: Fine. Go ahead and tell us what you like about it, but why are you even talking like that? And what does the inability of quickly playing a game have to do with playing Barbie World instead? If you could see me play some Cave shooters like Death Smiles or Mushihimesama you probably would wish for you to play Barbie. Zelda games are simply not meant to give you that much time pressure. It's like turning Tetris from real-time to turn-based.



hansolo350 said:

I'd have to agree with KeeperBvK on this one. I'm a huge Zelda fan and I find this to be the most disappointing game in the main series.



SKTTR said:

"Hahaha, talk about people having opinions... Thanks, but I don't love MM and I certainly won't stop talking about Zelda.
BTW: I thought people finally wouldn't do the "more than 10 on a scale of 10" thing anymore."

It's my choice how to rate a game. In my eyes Majora's Mask is by far the best game on the N64. And it's definately one of my personal Top 10 games of all time. It's true innovation: it has gameplay elements that you simply can't find in any other game.
Personally I don't mind if other people don't notice a good game when they play it, but this one is to defend by all means.

"How about people not immediately rushing to a dungeon after rewinding time? Maybe there's still other stuff to do? So am I supposed to mind other stuff, rewind time AGAIN maybe after just a fraction of the 6 hours and then go into the dungeon?"

Hello? That's called balance. Who wants to only rush dungeons? The best part of the game is the "living" world and the mini-quests inside, so I recommend everyone should play on their own pace and likings.

"Yeah, so what? We all know that, but still it's tiresome being required to play the same song on every friggin' cycle. It's like the day and night change in Castlevania II."

Have you really played that game, man? I can't understand your low motivation to play a simple song every 6 hours. The time system and everything is not comparable to Castlevania II.

"Could you please leave us inclined to our opinion? It's not that you are right and we are to be taken back to the path of enlightment. We've got different opinions, geez..."

I love my Zelda as much as I want, oh man.

"The setting's nice. I'll give you that, but what challenge are you talking about? It's not harder than other Zelda games."

You haven't read many opinions about Majora. For most people it's one of the most difficult Zeldas. I'm not saying it's hardcore difficult. It's just a bit more challenging than any other Zelda game except Zelda II.

"OMG, just shut it, man. If you like the game: Fine. Go ahead and tell us what you like about it, but why are you even talking like that? And what does the inability of quickly playing a game have to do with playing Barbie World instead?"

I don't know if there's actually a game called Barbie World but it's just what I imagine you would like So you like the 5-minute-to-get-into-quick-play-games, yeah Zelda's nothing for you.

What I like about Majora's Mask: First of all: The time! I love to see the moon coming down pixel by pixel in realtime just staring into the sky. I love how the world and people are changing as the days pass. I love how it always rains on Day 2 and how the earthquakes begin to shake the world on Day 3. I love the Kafei mini-quest and the many different solutions. I love the amazing dungeons (a dungeon that you can switch up-side down, now that's an idea!!) I love the many items you can collect and the 30 masks all with their own interesting use. I love how this game (Zelda 6) is all about new ideas, new story, and nothing about rescuing a princess/girl (like in Zelda 1-5). I love the Skulltulla houses, I love the Zora mask and the guitar, I love the many little details (bobbing cow-heads when you ram into a wall), I love to help every being in this world just to complete that help chart. I love Tingle, annd I love how every character has it's counterpart from OoT.

It has some flaws I won't hide: The game freezes sometimes. That happened to me twice (in both versions, N64 and Cube). And I went Arrrghhh as I was at the end of temple 3 and temple 4.

The overworld music theme is one of the worst Zelda remixes, but you can get used to it as the rest of the music is atmospheric, beautiful and wonderful.

The fact that every not-important treasure chest resets, when you travel back into time. But that's nothing when you realise it really is not important at all. At least you can collect the big-rupee-chests again and again.

There are no more complaints at all.

"Zelda games are simply not meant to give you that much time pressure. It's like turning Tetris from real-time to turn-based."

But Majora's Mask is based on that!! This Zelda game is meant to have time! Without time, it would be just another adventure in the Zelda series, that would not go into the books of gaming history!!!

PS: Great you like hardcore shooters, I'd definately want to see you beating these or them beating you. BARBIE WORLD!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Now the possibility of DK64 (one of my favourite games ever) has just increased that much more... and the possibility of other N64 games appearing!

Expansion Pak!



slangman said:

Yeah I can understand how people don't like the time theme, although foe me it's one of the main reasons why I love this game.



Drake said:

I actually love the overworld theme, it's the only 3D Zelda game to use the Zelda theme as overworld music!




Sweet. I cant wait untill this game hits the U.S. It is a must donwload for me. i am a huge zelda fan (in case you couldnt tell by my name. ) and this is one of the only two zelda games i have yet to own or play. (the other is Oracle of Ages in case you were wondering, which you probably weren't)



CanisWolfred said:


It still doesn't fix any of the issues I had with the game. I still couldn't take my time and explore, I still had to go back in time at the end of the 3 days, and I still had to put all my money in the bank instead of hording it, and use it as an ever-present trophy that signified how far I've come in the game.

All it does is help me beat it, and I don't want to beat it. I want to play it. I want to experience everything that it has to offer. I want to be able to stop on a hill and just enjoy the scenery. It would be a waste if I just speed-runned such a wonderfully crafted game.

And yet, that is the only way to play it. The game was meticulously designed so that it would be over in the blink of an eye. And unfortunately, that's not how I roll.

EDIT: Besides, I already mentioned that the major problem was that one's effect on the world isn't permanent. Delaying the inevitable isn't going to solve that.



Danman2327 said:

The graphics look way sharper than my n64 fuzzy graphics...I want it . I personally liked the time limit and the ability to fight bosses over and over again. It also makes it more fun because it makes you TRY to complete something within a fast time limit unlike OoT when you can wait as long as you want to do something. I think the three day limit gives you plenty of time to explore and if you want to go back there later find the owl statue, activate it, and warp there. You can also do mini-story elements as much as you want too, like the kafei storyline.

I wonder if this will have the fierce deity glitch where you can be him anywhere.



Digiki said:

You don't have to go fast at all, you can slow down time, just spend a few days chilling, whatever you want. You have plenty of time to do all sorts of things. If you don't want to rush, the possibility of having to pretty much restart a dungeon exists, but that's a lot like just regularly entering a dungeon, and leaving to come back later in other games.

The ime system is this games biggest draw, so unfortunately if that's not your thing, it'll lose a lot of it's shine.

Ocarina is better though, this one is slightly more fun, but Ocarina is far longer, with better dungeons. (Since this doesn't have many, and the water one sucks) But still this is basically the best game not on the VC yet.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I had the Gamecube version, and I later acquired the N64 version. The save limit is annoying. I like to save after each accomplishment.



ShadoWolF_XF said:

Go Nintendo!
I wasn't sure if they were going to be able to pull off Expansion Pak emulation, as N64 emulation on Wii is pushing it. Hopefully a US release isn't too far behind, I'm pretty sure this is the only Zelda I have yet to play (minus the CD-i Zeldas, but they will never count XD )



cr00mz said:

how is the framerate? i remember the collectors eiditon for the GC had ass framerate everytime you went out to termina field the framerate would drop below like 10 fps or something like that



Mama_Luigi said:

Oh no! I spent my money on WarioWare: Smooth Moves, and now this is released?! I guess i need to get Wii Points in my birthday which is in 30th April.

Edit: When i get my wii points, i could use it for the 3 Zelda games i dont have which is released on VC, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask!



Jashin said:

I mean WOW!!
Not my favourite Zelda but the most freakin' one - I like to call it the Horror-Zelda...
...going to download this immediately after I've finished Resi 4 on Pro...
...glad I have some Points left...
...lucky us...



Outrunner said:

The music still skips between areas in Clocktown a little. Or did it do that on the N64 version? What effects were missing in the GCN port?



Digiki said:

Now we just have to see if April 6 will be the best day of the year in NA



Party_On_Dude said:

I learned not to expect anything MEGATON on least likely days... due to last week's POOR not giving us this LONG OVER DUE Zelda game a few days after STINKING Europe got it!!!

So it's likely STUPID Nintendo of FREAKING America will make us wait it out A LOT LONGER... so I'm not holding my breath for Monday April the 13th!!

Also why hasn't VC-Nintendo-Life covered an article on here that says Japan got it on April 7th... if its so EVER TRUE that Japan got it on that date or not?! Is it just a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING that date is on the game's page on this site?! WHY NO ANSWERS ABOUT IT PEOPLE?!



VenomTheEvil said:

@ Mickeymac

I found that I could take everything in and didnt have to rush it at all. I didnt find the time thing that much of a problem.

@ Party On Dude

Feel europes pain. We have to wait for everything else. So its only far we get SOMETHING GOOD before you guys do.

Also dont call europe "stinking"



WaRyan said:

I hope this game comes out in North America tomorrow. This has been my most wanted VC game for a long time now.



Drizzt said:

Brilliant game. Fantastic in design, incredible in concept.

The game's nothing short of a masterpiece.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Bass X0: Shouldn't you have said it'll PROBABLY be the 300th VC game in NA? Dealing in absolutes on the Wii Shop Channel is a REALLY bad idea...



Party_On_Dude said:

NINTENDO WOULD BE STUPID, (ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING NINTENDO?!); to not give us Super Smash Bros 64 next week on its 10 year anniversary... & since Japan has had it since January 20th on their anniversary!!! Same goes for Zelda Majora's Mask... if they're holding it for #300; (we just may get it on May 18th with Punch-Out Wii)! That is if they continue with the 1 VC releases they've been torturing us with since who knows God when?!

I mean if Nintendo decided to totally screw with us now, & not give SSB64 to us next week... then there DEFINATELY would be a TON of ANGRY NINTENDO FAN BOYS running amock, & sending a TON of HATE email to Nintendo!!!

Come on... someone's got to agree with me?!



Cloud6_7 said:

Majora's Mask is definitly better than Ocarina of Time. It is significantly more challanging. OoT is like any other Zelda game once you play it, memorize it, and play it again you can beat the entire game in an hour. No matter how many times you play this game it never gets easy. Because in order to beat the game the right way you still have to get all of the masks. That is what makes this game special because no matter how many times you play it, it never gets any easier. Especially if you put it on the shelf for awhile. This guy is right 10 out of 10. Anyone who thinks that is wrong probably played the game for 5 minutes said it was too hard then left.



Digiki said:

This game isn't hard, it's the hardest Zelda, but it's still not hard. I don't see why you're directly linking difficulty with how much time it takes. It can be beaten faster than a lot of the other Zeldas. An alternate ending doesn't make this game special (nor are all the masks required for it), although it is amazing nonetheless.



Digiki said:

This game isn't hard, it's the hardest Zelda, but it's still not hard. I don't see why you're directly linking difficulty with how much time it takes. It can be beaten faster than a lot of the other Zeldas. An alternate ending doesn't make this game special (nor are all the masks required for it), although it is amazing nonetheless.



JTC-Pingas said:

I was hoping for this game on April 20th. But instead NOA gives us Wonderboy III. No one cares about Wonderboy. NOA is taking way too long to release this.



taj said:

I loved this game! I loved it just as much as any other Zelda game. I hate how people say the time system sucks. The scarecrow says that you can play the song of time backwards to slow down time! That makes the game much less frustrating.



The_Great_Mido said:

This game was awsome! It was so visually engrossing and the dark atmosphere it created was very intresting. I wish there was an exact date when this is to be released, does anyone know? I'm dying to get this game.



Party_On_Dude said:

@JTCPingas09... or everybody on VCNintendoLife:
I still feel everyone's pain!!!
I too wish Nintendo would STOP with the crappy 1 VC game weekly releases & just FREAKING GIVE US SSB64 already!!!
The month of May had better DAMN FREAKING DELIVER either N64 game; SSB64 or not or Zelda MM instead!!



koopa85 said:

@ KeeperBvK:
You should consider yourself lucky to be able to play this on VC! I only wish i could play this in the US. I have the buggy version on gamecube and it froze on me after completing the water temple, twice. Can't wait for this non-buggy version. This game is as good, or almost as good, as OoT which is easily the best game i've ever played. Have fun Europe!



JTC-Pingas said:

You Japanese and Europeans should be lucky for having Majora's Mask. While us North Americans have to wait. Jeez NOA how long do we have to wait?



JTC-Pingas said:

@koopa85. I also have the buggy collector's edition of Majora's Mask. I hate the freezing and audio glitches. I would gladly spend $10 on a non buggy version.



Party_On_Dude said:

IDK... maybe just a suggestions; & saying this whithout blaring up the caps & my usual obvious complaining:
Maybe NOA are doing just that... working out the emulation bugs & trying to get it on USA Wii VC servers!
Even if I don't know why God knows how they already got them for freaking Europe & Japan first?! It's beyond me why they got the game & we're almost to a full month on not having the game yet?!



koopa85 said:

Could somebody in Europe please tell me if this game is only in English? My brother has been learning German and was wondering if they had a German language version of this game or any other Zelda.



Mama_Luigi said:

@ koopa85
You can select English, French, Spanish and German in the European version, i'm not 100% sure if it is like that in the North-American version.
Edit: I think only A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask has language settings.

Anyways, i hate the part where you have to click A in EXACTLY 10 seconds to get a heart piece, it took me over 30 tries!



koopa85 said:

@ Mama Luigi
Thanks for the quick response! Although, I think it only took me about 10 tries for that particular heart piece, but maybe I just got lucky.



JTC-Pingas said:

That's Mama Luigi to you Mario (wheeze)
Just use the bunny hood so you can see the timer.



Mama_Luigi said:

@ JTCPingas09
I found that out some hours later, but i think it would have been better if the timer was there with or without the bunny hood.



Curt said:

NOA are being real jerks about this. It's probably the most anticipated Virtual Console release and yet they're making us wait for it, even though Europe and Japan have had it for almost a month now.



JTC-Pingas said:

@Curt. They might be saving it for our 300th virtual console game. You never know. But it would be nice if we get it sooner.



Party_On_Dude said:

#83 (@Curt) & #84 (JTCPingas09):
Didn't we just go over this not a long time ago?! Get with the program... waiting for things like Zelda MM to be our #300 game or not takes EXTREME amounts of TIME!!!



koopa85 said:

Well it looks as though NOA is saving Majora's Mask for the 300th VC game in the US. It'll be a long 2 weeks if that's the case. But, I'm tired of getting excited every monday hoping that I can finally play Majora's Mask on VC.



koopa85 said:

Many are saying that MM is the darkest of the Zelda games. But, I recently played through OoT and it has some truly dark moments also. Examples: Bottom of the Well(Child Link), Shadow Temple(Adult Link). Those are possibly more disturbing than anything from MM, but I could be wrong. I've only beaten MM one time and it has been a few years.



The_Great_Mido said:

I feel the same way! Honestly, down here in Maryland, the weather has been pretty crappy, mostly rain, and i come home in the freezing cold hoping I can see Majora's Mask come out for VC. It's tedious, i'm not sure how much longer I can wait! I support Nintendo, but they seriously need to get their priorities strait.



Party_On_Dude said:

@comment #86. JTCPingas09:
Same here... but I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm finished with Nintendo & never trusting them again; but yes my faith with them diminishes every freaking monday when they release 1 VC game crap!!

The month of May just started; & yet who knows if Nintendo will release Zelda MM as our #300 on May 18th or not?! I they don't... its no reason to get upset! We'll just be waiting for another freaking month; like maybe in June... by then who knows which other N64 game will come out, be it SSB64 or not?!



Edwin said:

@ koopa85

You're right, OoT does have some dark moments, but Majora's Mask is pretty much always dark. You can look up and see the moon getting bigger, pixel by pixel. Also a lot of the people you talk to have some kind of problem. Finally, in the final hours before the moon hits, people are desperate and taking shelter in the face of an apocalypse.



koopa85 said:

@ Edwin
I checked out some youtube videos on MM and I have to agree that MM is the darkest Zelda. Ikana Valley is crazy weird! I think the developers that worked on this game are psychotic! That's why I love this game.
By the way I don't think it'll be such a milestone saving it for the 300th game in the US. Considering it's been out in Europe and Japan for over a month now.



Party_On_Dude said:

@comment #93. Koopa85

Oh Believe me... it had freaking be a milestone game; if Nintendo is making us cry out in agony for waiting for the May 18th release of our #300 game!!

Like @JTCPingas09 said; Nintendo wouldn't be that mean!

Only 11 more days until May 18th anyway... wink wink!

But rest assured; May 11th's 1 VC will probably be crap again!



JTC-Pingas said:

@Party On Dude. From what I heard May 4th's VC game Tower Toppler isn't that bad. Wonderboy III Monster Lair was the worst VC update of April and should've been released with another game also. Because Monster Lair has technically already been released on the VC for the Turbo-Grafx CD.



Party_On_Dude said:

@comment#95: JTCPingas09

I know those games aren't all bad; people just freaking have to complain about labeling every VC Monday since this past April bad because of no Zelda MM or SSB64... they have no patience I swear!

And hopefully I bet these 10 days will pass on by a lot more quickly so I don't have to keep posting on here regularly & whine about everything!



Bill said:

I know weve got to be patient but i have been waiting to play this again for years its just annoying when Europe gets it first



JTC-Pingas said:

I was so impatient that I put the Collector's Edition disc in my Wii just to play it. I had just left Clock Town to head for Woodfall after starting a new file. Right when I swung my sword at the Green ChuChu the game crashed. All because of the poor emulation. I will gladly pay $10 JUST to play a version of Majora's Mask that WON'T crash.



Zen-Zen said:

Omigosh! I can't wait for MM to come out!!! Although I have OoT for N64, I downloaded it for Wii VC. While I was playing I wondered to myself "Hmmm, they should really put Majora's Mask on Wii VC too....." then I decided to go on the internet and I found out that they ARE putting it on!!! I can't wait!!! I love this game!!! The whole masks concept is fun!! Can't wait to collect them all again like I did on the GC disk version!!! (I borrowed it from a friend but now I'll actually have it for myself! XD )



The_Great_Mido said:

I hope you have predicted wrong, JTCPingas09. I have waited a gruelingly long time for this creative masterpiece to come out onto VC. I will not be able to stand another disappointment, it will change my overall disposition for NOA.



The_Great_Mido said:

Does anyone know the price of MM in NA? I know up there it says 1000 points, but i cant be too sure because it was a expansion pack game. Anyone know for sure because i wanna buy the wii points now. Thanks. And also, what is everyones thoughts about this "To Be Announced" stuff? Will it be our 300th game for VC, or will we have to wait longer? Opinions?



CodyRBurns said:

I think its stupid that they have an English version already out in the UK and haven't released it in NA yet. Must be some prob with formatting for the NA Wii VC? Who knows. I just hope it comes soon!



Megumi said:

How do you know if it's coming out next week or not? (even though I do hope it does, lol)



Nintendo64Dude said:

I wish Nintendo of America would focus on Nintendo 64 games rather than anything else.
Anyways, I'll try out that game someday.



Megumi said:

I'm wanting them to focus more on the popular SNES games instead. Only N64 game I'm really wanting is this game.



The_Great_Mido said:

You don't want SSB?? GoldenEye?????? Although I agree they should focus a little more on SNES games. Oh sweet sweet Hyrulian gods, Din, Nayrou, and Foroare, bless us with the release of MM on Monday PLEASE!!!



Megumi said:

I doubt I would spend much time Smash Bros. when I have Brawl, lol. And I'm not a huge fan of FPS, only ones I really have are the Half-Life 2 games on the PC, Team Fortress 2, and I guess the Metroid Primes if you wanna count them, lol. I am looking forward to The Conduit though.



jillyoldsnilly said:

ha i come from uk ive finished the game i need 8 more hearts all fairy unlockables mask of truth all nights mask keaton mask postmans mask couples mask fd link mask (hardest mask to get int the game) giant wallet 40 and 50 arrows upgrade to finish the game 100%



The_Great_Mido said:

Donkey Kong 64 would be cool too. God i wish i had MM most of all though, why cant they announce release dates ahead of time so we dont get so frantically anxious like this



Megumi said:

Yeah...maybe they enjoy seeing us get all hyped up only to find out that it didn't come out on that day. >_>
And I wish Nintendo themselves would say something on EarthBound already!!



The_Great_Mido said:

I tottally agree!! I was thinking the same thing, VC releases are so vauge, their not like wii games, you almost never know when a VC game is going to come out. In a way, i guess that helps for nintendo, to encourage wii point purchases whenever a good game is released even if its just 500 points. I hate it!



Megumi said:

Hate to say it but we'll probably get crap again...sniff
Still crossing my fingers though.



CodyRBurns said:

Hope it comes out tomorrow! Well, today! well, whatever, just come on Nintendo, release the game already!



Lwaad said:

Cool. I just recently played through this game on the N64. The game design is a bit frustrating. You often get halfway through a sidequest and then realize you don't have to tools to complete it. But the storytelling is by far the best in the series.



Zen-Zen said:

Yes!!! Majora's Mask is finally out!!! The 300th Virtual Console game is here!!! XD



Zen-Zen said:

@130: You're so lucky Mido! >.< I need to get some Wii points! I cant wait to play it again! Oh btw, how's the music? I heard the GC disk version had lag or some sort of glitch or something...



koopa85 said:

I started playing this yesterday and it seems this version is unbuggy, like the N64 version. Although, this game is optimized for progressive scan unlike the original cartridge game.



JTC-Pingas said:

I am so happy to own the VC version. Doesn't freeze up like the GC version. Kudos to Nintendo. Well done!



The_Great_Mido said:

@Zen Zen
Its awsome!! No freeze up! Although slight slight SLIGHT music transition fuzz, but who cares? Great game! Anyone know if the Great Diety glitch still works?



thecarnage said:

i have played this game on my pc... i didn't like it so much... but i might get it anyways since want to beat it (i got bored on my pc, so i leaved it around the half) anyways, i might get it.



jhuhn said:

Has anyone noticed that the VC version of Majora's Mask is difficult to control? I have problems jumping young Link from one platform to another in the Woodfall Temple.



Oni-Ryuk-The-Apple-L said:

i remember getting it packed with donkey kong and the Expansion pack, at chrismas when i was six, that is my best chrismas ever !!! Im buying VC for sure ! I was supose to buy it yesterday but my credit card is not working ... i have to wait until tomorow to get a point card



KeroKero_Cola said:

I can't say this is my favorite in the series, but I love it nonetheless.

What's great about the Zelda series is that each installment gives you some fresh and new to tackle (Zelda 64 was the first 3D title, Majora's Mask dealt with time, Wind Waker was cel-shaded.)

Each title has it's own charm about it. If you can't appreciate them all for what they are, then I feel sorry for you.



Edwin said:

Wow, just finished playing this, it's as good as I remember. OoT may have more dungeons, but the dungeons in MM are simply BRILLIANT!



AomiArmster said:

ah I love Majora's Mask.
i just found my n64, i'm gonna whip out the cart and play MM again! i remember having a lot of fun with this game. feels like forever since i've had the n64's controller in my hand. sooo awkward.



Vazel said:

Nice to have this game on VC since the GCN version is a buggy port. This game is an amazing accomplishment in innovation. Too bad every Zelda game after this have been rehashes of Ocarina of Time.



Noire said:

I can see why people like this game, I've just never been able to get into it. The opening sequence was always too long and tedious for me, and it really didn't get better until the Goron Mask was acquired. I know others have bashed the time system, so I'll just say it killed the sense of adventure for me. The mask system was cool, but some of the masks just felt underdeveloped. And the emphasis on sidequests made the game feel like a chore. I still say, though, that everyone should try it at least once.



MoogleMuffins said:

Hmm I'm not sure whether to get this, I mean it was a good game but no way near as good as Ocarina of Time in my opinion...although maybe it has aged better,



Pupil_of_Life said:

I love playing this game; I have the original for the Nintendo 64 and the Collector's Edition disc for the GameCube. Unfortunately though, I can only play the GameCube version (which has crashed on me before) since I do not have the Expansion Pak needed for Majora's Mask's cartridge. But then again, I like the GameCube's controller better for comfort, control, and a definitely much better analog stick than the N64's loosey goosey stick.



Mama_Luigi said:

@ redflicky

There is no way that i can help you because there is not any "Last Heart Piece", the last heart piece could be any heart piece!
Just use a guide!



bram070 said:

I love majora's mask but i don't think it's better than ocarina of time.
to me majora's mask is a lot harder than ocarina.



pikmin95 said:

I don't know about this one. I've played OoT and loved it all the way through, but after I beat it, it was left on the Wii Menu collecting dust. All I'm saying is that the 3-D Zelda games are fun, but don't sport any replay value. It'd be a shame to waste 1000 on this.



Ivan said:

pikmin, just srs, LoZ is the best series ever all the game made for them r ausum, the most epic storylines, and the gameplay is ausum, ur just not a hardcore fan like the rest of us, we respect the clasics, u just look for good graphics games that r action paked, nothing will be wasted, im going to get this as well



Sushie said:

I never finished this back in the day..I remember being frustrated with the time limit. Perhaps I'll give it another shot.



leonardopds said:

The time limit is what makes this game so special, as it makes the game look more "real". With it, it seems the other characters have lives, with their schedules and their movement. Moreover, time flows everywhere, unlike in Ocarina.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I'm really wanting to do this amazing game again! I think I finished this in May or June. Such a long time ago!

I'm only just saying that I want to do this whole thing again. I'm kinda bored at the moment because I already finished this masterpiece 100% long ago. I really want to do it again. But I'm currently doing Ocarina of Time again. Started that game I think in November. I'm already at Ganon's Castle. But I need to get 100% done in Ocarina. Then I can move on to this masterpiece and do it all over again!



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

And yes, I suggest getting this game on the Virtual Console if you don't have it yet. But get Ocarina of Time first because Majora's Mask is the sequel.

I also got 3 games in December 2009. Twilight Princess (Wii), Super Mario Sunshine, and Wii Sports Resort, packaged with a WiiMotion Plus.



NintendoRules1000 said:

@159: I agree Nintendogames1000, this game is really that amazing. Who cares if Twario thinks this game is pretty bad for him? I think he just thinks that way, that's all.

But either way, great game!



SelenaX said:

dude i keep losing this game its like all the time i got to do the song of time and go back to the first day Three CREEPIEST THINGS ON THE GAME..SO FAR the moon, the masks when it shakes, the great fairy



BRSTRD said:

i got this game as well as the ocarina of time, and i got offerd 150 bucks for both of them! (of course, i turned him down!)



Saber said:

This game has like 50 hearts to collect! i swear it, theres more sidequests in this game paired to ocrina of time



wiiplayer26 said:


You need a wii (obviously), 1000 nintendo points which you can buy from a store (like best buy) or buy some with a credit card from your wii. Search for Majoras Mask click download and say "Yes" to the following screens. Then Voila! you've just download Majora's Mask



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I must do this again! But I need to finish Ocarina 100%!

This is my story here, so I'll tell anyway. Back in April '09, I wanted to get Ocarina of Time first before Majora's Mask came out in Europe (where I live). I decide I want to get a Wii points card from a shop and get both Majora's Mask and Streets of Rage 2 (but I got Streets of Rage 3 all thanks to my stupid sister) after I got OoT. I played Majora's Mask, and when I got to Clock Town, I looked up and WOW! That moon up in the sky about to crush Termina in about 3 days. I was scared by the freakiest moon because Majora's Mask is the darkest and scariest Zelda game in any history! Another thing? Is the 4 locations which is a swamp, an ice mountain, the great bay, and a canyon. When I was heading all my way to Southern Swamp, I had no idea where to go. But suddenly, I used the Ocarina tune (forgot the name again) to go back in time. But everything resetted! So now I had to start all over again! But when I was looking up on a guide, I finally figured out how to beat Majora's Mask and 100% done!

Oh yeah, about the ending, it's great the ending. Absolutely brilliant in any Zelda game.

Majora's Mask is one of the greatest (but weirdest) Zelda games. It's a pretty long and hard game. Please don't listen to all of those people out there who says it's too short and easy, it's not.

Anyways, if you have Ocarina and if you haven't got this game yet, go get it now. You won't be disappointed. I give this a perfect 10/10 score, along with Ocarina of Time.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

There is only one thing I hate in Majora's Mask...

...Is the timer. It probably ruined everything. Reset, you get the idea, right? Resets everything else except for rupees at the bank shop in Clock Town, and the items you achieved but loses the amount of them once you go back in time.

Other than that, great game.



Mario-Xaveir said:

Ocarina was the best. I also liked how they made majoras mask alot more different than ocarina like when you ever you can change to a different creature and have keep the time right as 3 days go. Ocarina and Majora both are really good games.



Zman360 said:

wow i reamember when i first got majoras mask its been 12 years it was so freakin scary make this game 4 3ds



mario300 said:

IN ocarina of time 3d the game had the graphics of some majoras mask characters in there.So there has to be a remake for the 3ds.Please Nintendo



Auxiusvorg said:

Yeah this game has just disappointed me so much. I tried to give it another chance but how can you deal with restarting like that? Like It will drive you mad or stupid to repeat things over that often. I'm not down for that. And that's really sad because I love every other Zelda game.



kUROBix said:

link is dead in this game... maybe, its just a theory... A GAME THEORY!
But seriously, this game is way more than it is.

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