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Mon 20th Jun 2011

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thereefernander commented on NES Ambassador Games for North America Availab...:

I think it would be better if we had accounts for Nintendo online instead of just the serial numbers. I like how on my Xbox or your PS3, when I buy arcade games or DLC, they are under my name and forever mine to download again on any other console. But on the DS I spend $20 on a card and say one day sell my DS and buy another one at a later date I can't get those games I bought back.



thereefernander commented on Super Smash Bros. Dices with Fan-Made Board Game:

It's pretty cool. The only problem I see is when he was explaining the battles, he made it seem when you roll it has to be 1+2, 3+4, 5 or 6...Which was making the characters move the same amount. This is only manipulated by the cards which could make a difference, otherwise your constantly doing the same amount of damage to each other? Some one help me with this.