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Wed 2nd Feb 2011

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Superducky commented on Iwata Admits E3 Wii U Reveal was Earlier Than ...:

I don't see this coming out in 2012. The console isn't even completed. I'm not Nintendo bashing here, it's just I don't want to see this thing rushed. Take your time and come out with a finished product, Nintendo. You know I'll buy it.



Superducky commented on 3DSWare File Size May Be Bigger Than WiiWare:


I sort of disagree. Odds are I'll shell out the money for at least a 16 gb card, but I really don't see much use in using anything more than that. My 4gb card has plenty of DSiware crammed in there and 2gb of music, with plenty of room to spare for 3D photos. The next step up from 32 gb is 64, and that's just overkill in my eyes.



Superducky commented on 3DS Contains Two Tiny StreetPass Minigames:

If you look at the Mii Plaza picture on the nintendo website (, You'll notice a sword and backpack in the bottom-right corner. StreetPass Quest, perhaps?