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Wed 9th March, 2011

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Der_Eisenkaiser commented on Feature: James's Favourite Nintendo Life Moments:

May your future endeavors with Nintendo of Europe treat with you well sir. You have written many a great article here and it was a pleasure to read such work. Enjoy this for this somewhat ironic transition is one few will ever have the chance to have. It is most certainly special to work for someone who does something that you enjoy and God I personally would love to work for Nintendo.

An avid reader.



Der_Eisenkaiser commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Announce Bigger 3DS Tomorrow:

Well, it does make sense. If they were planning on putting a second circle pad on the device, it would be logical to enlarge the screen along with the device to accommodate the new addition. Unfortunately for me, I will more than likely fork over the cash for the new version.