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Sat 18th Sep 2010

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2-D commented on Talking Point: The Future Role of High Street ...:

One of the big problems is that these stores undercut themselves. I'll rarely buy anything from HMV or GAME simply because I know, even without amazon or any of the other onlines, that their own websites will be priced lower. If they can't even compete with themselves, what chance do they have against amazon?



2-D commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 to Kick Off Retail Dow...:

I can see this working as long as the digital downloads come down in price as physical ones do. Steam works because stuff gets cheaper after a while, and they don't expect you to pay full price for a 4 year old game.

Nintendo didn't do this with any previous online attempt (save that single Sonic sale, I think?) and my friend regularly complains that XBOX Live Arcade still expects £45 for Modern Warfare 3 when you can pick up a disc for £15.



2-D commented on Real Life Skyward Sword Controls Don't Work:

Haha, saw this yesterday. Very funny stuff. The kuribo's shoe video is brilliant, too

I thought the swordplay was pretty much perfect, although I have to say I had trouble getting the skyward strike to charge on occasion.



2-D commented on Talking Point: Why Wii U's Image Must Grab Att...:

I think it goes hand in hand with the naming debate - if it sounds like a Wii and looks like a Wii, parents will say 'you've already got a perfectly good one at home'. It needs to be marketed as something different or it'll just seem like a new controller.



2-D commented on Review: Rayman Origins (Wii):

So gutted this came out near Skyward Sword! I've bought it and it's just sitting there for the moment

Looks incredible though, can't wait to give it a proper go over the holidays. Great review as ever



2-D commented on 3DS Second Circle Pad Formally Announced:

I can't see it being particularly comfortable reaching the face buttons over the damn thing, either.

They should just call it a day, recall the 3DS and have another crack at it, lol. There's been so many little updates it's going to only be available in patchwork soon



2-D commented on Rumour: Punch-Out!! and Three Marios Join Nint...:

I've been looking for Super Paper Mario for ages, I'll be getting this!
I think I've read somewhere that the cases aren't reversible like the New Play Control ones, though, which is a shame

Still, £15-20 isn't bad at all!



2-D commented on If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen:

I didn't play either when they were first released - unfortunately, I played them first on Wii VC. I've finished Majora's Mask completely (with all the masks, etc.), and I ran out of steam on Ocarina around the shadow temple. 'Nuff said.



2-D commented on RE Mercenaries 3D Save Data Will Not Die:

Seems like a bit of a random thing to decide. They should put an option on that lets you delete your save

In all seriousness, that's like saying you can only boot it up so many times. Just plain unnecessary.



2-D commented on Surprise, SEGA Bringing High Definition Sonic ...:

They said 'We're doing high definition Sonics, we're doing obviously Aliens: Colonial Marines, so you can bring them across'. What else are they going to bring across? It's not going to be the 2006 one, the werehog hit Wii too. We already know Sonic 4 will be on it, that much is obvious. I don't see what else they could be talking about, to be honest!



2-D commented on Hands On: Nintendo 3DS:

It's becoming harder and harder not to buy one, haha
I can't afford it atm and I'm not crazy about the launch titles, so I'm gonna wait for the inevitable hardware reconfiguration. Honest.



2-D commented on Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ:

@ Raylax
Yes, although only on the top screen. No, this functionality has been discontinued. Only the Australian model can do that. This may be added at a later date. You're thinking of psychic paper. Not for the under 6's. Yes, 'Zinger Brown'. Neither. Hypercube.



2-D commented on There'll be Plenty of 3DS Consoles at Launch, UK:

I got burned buying my DS when I did (I bought it a while after launch, so a few months prior to the lite). As I'm cash strapped and not massively craving any of the launch titles, I'll give it a bit, methinks



2-D commented on Nintendo Defends European Retailers' Pricing o...:

As easily as they think they can defend it by saying it's a good product, we're still being shafted as usual. I don't get how they can charge us a £70 or whatever it is premium for living in Europe.



2-D commented on Rayman 3D Details Revealed:

Someone should tell Ubisoft that some developers occasionally do this thing called 'making new games'. They should totally look into it.