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Fri 20th May 2011

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GreenInferno commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (...:

Empty, colorless world, twitchy controls, lack of secrets, terrible game map, camera issues, strict progression, fiddly side-quests... I think this game is pretty well superseded and borderline unplayable. No, I'm not 'trolling', I'm being sincere.



GreenInferno commented on Review: Driver: Renegade 3D (3DS):

I've never liked Ubisoft. You can never tell just WHAT quality of game they're going to put out. They have a terrible, inconsistency that makes me avoid them, even at the cost of their best games.



GreenInferno commented on Feature: What Happened to Metroid 64?:

Most people who play the newest and most modern games now would have stuck their nose up at a 2D Metroid in the era where 3D was on the rise. It's only because 2D is acceptable once more that you all THINK you would have liked it at the time.



GreenInferno commented on Iwata Writes Open Letter to 3DS Owners to Say ...:

Iwata did not have to do this, so I think it is a nice gesture to those who purchased the 3DS so early. Acknowledgment of a mistake is something large companies hate to do, but here is an open letter! BP never did as much during the worst ecological disaster in US history!



GreenInferno commented on From April to June, Nintendo Only Sold 700,000...:

Those who disagree with the idea that the 3DS is a failure have a lot to explain. How will the 3DS reverse the trend that the N64 and GameCube failed to reverse? Iwata is convinced, why shouldn't you be?

I can't see how it can do any better. Besides, there aren't enough people willing to pay $400+ to play Clinton-era software on a smaller screen.



GreenInferno commented on Uh Oh, Now Namco Goes for Single 3DS Save File:

Single save file? Then the game should be half of its usual price. How do I figure? Well most games give you at least TWO profiles with which to use. What if your brother or sister wants their own file? Buy another cart? OK, then halve the RRP.



GreenInferno commented on Talking Point: What's in a Console Colour?:

I thought the GameCube was an exciting console because of the eccentric colours and design. The XBOX original, while pretty mean looking, aged horribly and reminds me of some of the relics from the 90s.



GreenInferno commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

"Apple's devices have created a generation of gamers that no longer believe that they should pay high prices for their software."

The subtext in this excerpt (intentional or otherwise) is that iPhone users rarely pay for their software. Jailbreakers are the majority in my experience.



GreenInferno commented on Talking Point: How 3DS Can Thrive at E3:

They've been trying to install new IPs, but the constant requests for old remakes and resurrections inevitably delays these. I only hope that the people asking for OoT and Pit etc. aren't the ones asking for new IPs as well.