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Tue 26th Jul 2011

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Was_Loved commented on Sakurai: Dual Analogue Control in Kid Icarus: ...:

I really enjoy this game it's challenging and fun. And I've noticed my left hand cramps up seriusly bad from working the L Button and Circle Pad while holding up the system. Because of this I can only play one level at a time even when I want to play more. I bought the Circle Pad Pro accesory because the game says it is compatible, I thought my problem was fixed but It just does the same as the regular Circle Pad . And maybe the touch screen could be faster than the other controls but I really would choose to be slower so that I wouldnt be in pain while playing the game. Mario Kart got a patch so I know they could give Kid Icarus one because it is newer than Mario Kart. And if it already has alternate options what is the harm in adding more? It can only make people happy because you know everyone is different and diiferent controls are better suited to different people.



Was_Loved commented on Flipnote Memo Coming to 3DS eShop:

i hope they get it out soon cuz i was totally disapointed when i bought the 3ds and there wasntt any flipnote studio. i hope they remove the size limit thing or at least make it more roomy cuz it annoys the heck out of me how i cant make a flip more than a minute long enless i dont use colors or layers or draw a lot, basically most stuff lol