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Sun 15th Feb 2009

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Winter commented on 3DS Ambassador GBA Games Out Friday in Europe:

Awakened to the amazing thing that I could finally download!!!

Playing Yoshi's Island now. Thank you lovely Nintendo!!!! This was so worth the price, I would have paid full price for the 3DS over and over for this!! And I will pay for more future quality games, GBA, GBC and GB everything! Game Gear... You sell, I pay......



Winter commented on Here's the European Release Line-Up for 2011:

Wow, this is actually quite better than realised before. I still don't agree with just one game a week for 3DS, but still, this is some good game boy games!

This I will buy:

Gargoyle's Quest (!)
Mega Man Dr.W. Revenge
3DClassics Twinbee
Super Mario 3D Land
Mutant Mudds
Super Mario Land 2 (!!)
Metroid Return of Samus (!!)
Cave Story (finally)
Yes, this is good news!!



Winter commented on Talking Point: How Much Fan Influence Should G...:

I think Nintendo at least should be open to listen to fans. After getting the same input for virtual console for wii and the dsi shop, maybe time for listening? Don't get me wrong I love the eshop. But for me it doesn't make sense to just give out one game for it a week, and it seems to be some time between every good game. I think they should by now have released maybe one or two game boy color game and a few more real good games there, because clearly they haven't got enough good games out there yet for people to justify a purshase..



Winter commented on Review: Avenging Spirit (3DS Virtual Console /...:

How do I switch before my current one dies?

And can someone tell me why everyone waits for the prepaid cards to buy games? I don't understand, why don't you use Visa or credit card og something? Works for me



Winter commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

More Virtual Console games, and in general more than just a bunch of uninteresting DSi-Ware! And not just Baseball. If you wanna give out a crap game for one week, please give us another to play while we wait for the next!

Otherwise pleased with the Ambassador Program, thank you !!



Winter commented on Bplus Wants your Input in Developing Three 3DS...:

Are you sure the names for the games is not switched? The one to the right looks more like Niki Rock Ball, but according to the names on the picture I would first want Niki Rock Ball I think, the one to the left:)



Winter commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd June 2011 (Europe):

Are you kidding me?? This is bad Nothing really interesting, thank God I have OoT and to more worlds to beat at Donkey Kong! Well can't get gems every week it seems.

Actually i take that back just a little. Looked at the review for Radar Mission, and I think I will maybe get it. And I guess I will at least look into the review for Double Dragon even if it's name is more interesting than the title itself.

And some very good news is that it seems we will know the day before what games we get, I like that !
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Winter commented on Review: Donkey Kong (Game Boy):

This game is exellent! Truly one of the most thrilling rides for game boy and with Ocarina of Time it is one of the best games on 3DS!

I never played this. Considered buying this once. Tried the first "old" level, didn't like it, bought Wario Land instead. Was disappointed that this was the "only" game we got now, but it was well picked I think! Actually we are really lucky to get one great game instead of lots of trash like dsi ware. So far so good Dreading and longing for next thursday



Winter commented on Nintendo Download: 16th June 2011 (Europe):

Don't they ever listen??

Well at leastl.. We got one more gameboy game. Not the one I wanted, but I guess I will get some hours out of it.

But no Game Boy Color, No 3dsware? Why? Only one little game that is interesting at all. I might even get Alleyway soon if next week isn't better :/ But still there is credit for Links Awakening that doesn't go away for a while



Winter commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

...And one more thing..
Give us Speedy Gonzales (original game boy) , pleeeeeeeeease!!

Might as well while we're at it give you guys on nintendolife some credit too! You do an awesome job! I follow your site and love it! Almost never buys without checking here first..



Winter commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

Why does Nintendo think we don't like the same as US people?

  • Give us more content!!
  • Nintendo have a strategy it seems that the longer we wait for the goods the better. Wrong, you lose half one the way... How hard is it to give more quality content? More content means more money and happier consumers, that is for all exept japan which always get the goods.
  • Cave Story....!!! We want it to, it's made, is it so hard then??!

On the positive side!

  • Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D obviously, almost everyone's dream come true, and well done with respect for older players and new, credit!!
  • VC on 3DS, thank you!
  • Links Awakening, we get good games, we buy, see?

Not upset about the trailers, I'm in for the games.. But it is a shame nonetheless.



Winter commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3...:

I reserved for this at Do you think it will come at launch day?

I have yet to complete it. I waited for this version when I heard the news.
I said to my friends once : if only I could play it on the go (probably not)
And here it is!! Amazing!



Winter commented on Wii U Hopes to Rectify Problems that Wii is Ex...:

I think the controller will do it for me. It looks less family and more hardcore. I want to play my games with buttons. Hopefully we will see more rpg's, more huge titles etc. And of course for us who still love the SNES and other old consoles, give us more love with VC I could be very very happy playing say Earthbound on that controller!
I wish they had some rights to ICO though. I can imagine myself get lost in it again on that controller screen sigh But will probably never happen, so why start dreaming



Winter commented on The 3DS eShop Sizzles in this New Video:

Why don't they just give everyone the same? I mean, why make us angry or sad when we could all share the happiness? Why make us wait? It was my first Zelda.... Needless to say, I love it. There are retro-fans in Europe too, Nintendo!!

Does someone know when we will get it in Europe?



Winter commented on Fact Sheet: Wii U - 1080p HD confirmed, No BluRay:

Thanks moosa!!!

YES!!!!! Somehow my handhelds always get the most love for me, now I AM exited!!! If I can watch tv at the same time, then amazing! The controller will look much better than my old TV anyway It fits SNES.....



Winter commented on Fact Sheet: Wii U - 1080p HD confirmed, No BluRay:

I have to agree with that. I have bought 3 Wii games in all the time I have had it. Being Twilight Princess, Okami and Super Mario Galaxy.

The thing that made Wii a good purchase for me is VC and game cube compability. I have bought maybe 30 games from VC. If I cannot use the controller for wii u as a "consol" (be able to look at the game on the control), I will probably end up buying a lot more games for the 3DS. But then again.. maybe Kingdom Hearts 3...?



Winter commented on Fact Sheet: Wii U - 1080p HD confirmed, No BluRay:

I like the controller!!!

Will i be able to play the games with the controller and watch them ON the controller? Like I put the game in the wii U and play the rest on the controller?
If I can do that, can I watch tv at the same time?



Winter commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Digiki: Me too. I try to get it. I have completed it, but it seem to me that it doesn`t have the soul of for example Link`s Awakening which I believe to be the best 2D Zelda. Mark that I haven`t completed the Oracle games. I play Ages now..



Winter commented on The OFLC Rates Even More Games:

Ogre Battle!!!! Yes!!!! Finally a game I want, together with Star Tropics 2, Kirby`sDreamland 3 and possibly MUSHA. But I want Ogre Battle the most!