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Fri 3rd Jun 2011

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Rags commented on New 3DS System Update Warns You About Piracy:

@bezerker99 ... Wow... It's okay to think for yourself... geez... and that smiley at the end of the comment, combined with your suggesting a relationship between you and reggie... that's just awful... sad... awful..
This update is messed up. maybe if there were more than 33 games available 4 months out of the gate(never mind the quality of most), people would be less bored with the machine and not have to look into hacking it for entertainment.



Rags commented on Netflix Arrives on 3DS in North America Tomorrow:

yup! I sure will be downloading it. Though, I hope someone can enlighen me... Do buffering times depend on internet speed, or hardware power?
I'd hate for the experience of watcing netflix on here to be crippled by rediculous loading/buffering times...