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Sun 18th Sep 2011

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Tredz commented on If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen:

I registered here just to post a comment

I reckon... the people that want a new release, should listen to this... and then desire Majora's Mask 3DS... You know how people LOVE trilogy games? Yeah... well let's make that 'Hero of Time' trilogy work! Ocarina of Time, Link defeated Gannondorf and saved Hyrule from darkness. Majora's Mask, Link destroyed Majora's Mask and rescued the people of Termina from the cataclysmic end they could have faced in three days time...

Introducing the final installment of the 'Hero of Time' trilogy...
"The Legend of Zelda: ???"
What happens to Link? Where does he go? Where does evil lurk? Does Gannondorf make a return? Will Link find love? Will he ever speak?!?! Haha I got a bit carried away...
But seriously... Okay, people who want a new game... would you buy Majora's Mask, IF there was going to be a sequel??