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Fri 21st May 2010

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marsgreekgod commented on AeternoBlade:

I played the demo and wow

It... crashed. The frist time anything 3ds had crashed on me. I figured out what "I did wrong" (don't change the settings before the game tells you you can!)

it's just not very good one way or the other. the gimmic is werid, hard to use, and annoying to play with and the fighitng is just... off



marsgreekgod commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

"The counter-argument is that early adopters are being bought off with old games and no choice in what those gifted titles are,:"

That sounds nice doesn't it? like a really good point. But heres the thing. Nintendo is going to have to port the games, and they are only going to port some games. Lets be honest here, a choice means you don't get 20 games.

They made all the games they could and gave us a choice, we download the ones we want, if we want them all, thens sweet, if we only one some, that works two.



marsgreekgod commented on Review: Zenonia (DSiWare):

" you have the option of being one of three classes: assassin, paladin, or warrior. "
So warriors hit things, and paladins magic things... but um.. what do assassins do? other then kill people that is.



marsgreekgod commented on Review: Divergent Shift (DSiWare):

Dude guys... crono triwns isn't that good of game. It's not that bad, but it's not great. it's poorly thought out and isn't that fun, the lives system is stupid (starting with only 1 life every time you die?). I know this is 3 bucks more, but this might you know.. be fun.