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United Kingdom

Wed 22nd July, 2009

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3DS commented on Rumour: Rockstar Won't Be Bringing WWE Or Gran...:

100% False, if it was official they wouldn't post the info to 4chan. They wouldn't even post it to Reddit, if anything it would be said through the press. More reliable source is press, 4chan is full of do...'amazing people that always speak the truth, and know everthing!......'



3DS commented on Feature: The Full E3 2012 Schedule:

Dam! I have to return to school on the 4th :( I shall be watching the conference on the 5th though! Out of them all I can only see two of them :P



3DS commented on Pokémon Black & White Version 2 Announced:

Last to comment about it but one of the first to hear about it :P Nah I love it! It's something no one would have expected and that is what makes it great because that means Grey can come some other time!



3DS commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd February 2012 (Europe):

I still need Nintendo to get back to me about Tetris 3D not registering at all! It was a brand new game and the code is "Invalid" :( So Nintendo need to email me my code. I bought that game only for the offer! If this offer didn't exist I probably wouldn't have bought Tetris!



3DS commented on Talking Point: Using Glitches - Cheating or Cl...:

Now lets take The Conduit which is FULL of Glitches :P Rocket Launcher Glitch That is cheating but others like That isn't cheating it's just playing with the game and getting it too do something that it shouldn't do. This is part skill as you have to jump onto a lamp post or jump and melee at a wall to get out the map but from the second you get out off the map it is Cheating!