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Wed 27th April, 2011

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SuperSpank commented on Feature: Remembering the GameCube:

I was more of a PC/Playstation 2 kid back then.
But i enjoyed every New Play Control game i bought.
Maybe ill get a Gamecube Controller for my wii so i can play Wind Waker and Mk double dash.(We want those as NPC games, nintendo!)



SuperSpank commented on Reggie: "Mobile Games Would Go Against Our Bel...:

Wow, am i the only one here who actually likes (or even have) IOS games?
There are some pretty good ones, with graphics on par wth PSP.
But, i really dont want Mario or Zelda to get games there, because then they have to reduce the price to something like €5,-.
And the V-Stick isn't precsice enough for Zelda.



SuperSpank commented on Review: Mario Pinball Land (Game Boy Advance):

A 7? I found the gameplay too much luck based. While thats normal for pinball, the pokemon and metroid pinball games are really less luck based. And the music is (as you stated) really repetive. But i found it so annoying that i turned the sound off a lot. Oh, and the Boo Boss is way, waaay too easy. I will give this a 5. But, oh well tastes differ.



SuperSpank commented on Feature: The State of WiiWare:

With a better interface, Add-ons for games,offers/sales, More demos(or at least, always downloadable!) and a new main mario/zelda/metroid/kirby/pikmin-game, The Wiishop could just have been better than XBLA/PSN. Wiiware itself suffered by bad 1st party support only 3 nintendo games, and Pokémon Ranch is just boring, so only 2 good 1st party titles.



SuperSpank commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

What's the next dissapointment? Well, Layton Vs. Wright Will either be canceled, or not localized. Good job Capcom. GOOD JOB.