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Wed 8th April, 2009

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CJ_Vick commented on Star Fox Zero Is Being Co-Developed By Platinum:

IT'S NOT DONE YET. They're still developing this game. The graphics aren't final. Stop fussing over it and learn a thing or two about what goes into making a game. (Besides, you're playing on two screens running at 60 FPS, so the detail can't be grandiose like Skyrim. Whatever polish that'll be applied to the game will be there when the rest of the game is finished later this year.)



CJ_Vick commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

I've played a lot of Mario games, including both Galaxies and 3D Land, but this is honestly my favorite Mario game. I don't know why, but there's something so... diverse about it that I love. It has its flaws, sure, but I think it's a worthy Mario title.



CJ_Vick commented on Star Fox 64 3D:

Does it kind of add insult to injury that this will be released on 9/11?