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Sun 9th May 2010

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NassaDane commented on Super Mario Maker Patch Speeds Up Tool Delivery:

So they finally do something right and have not everything spoon fed to us and they back peddle and ruin it for everyone? Is there a choice that you can still do the unlocking the old way? This is so dumb.



NassaDane commented on Video: This Mario & Luigi Trailer is the Stuff...:

I'm surprised they didn't remove the RPG elements that made these games so good for so long in favor of a light on story guessing game like they did with Paper Mario. All sarcastic malice aside one of the biggest things I'm excited for. For some reason the 3D(graphics) in this doesn't ruin it like they other new games coming out. Good for it.



NassaDane commented on Nintendo Told Disney How Bowser Should Hold Hi...:

Dang, surprised so many people liked this film. It wasn't horrible but never got very good or rather didn't get past mildly entertaining. I did however love the villain, stinks the villain wasn't used well though. The pun jokes were the best humor but they were few and far between. The light potty jokes weren't the problem.

And wasn't Mario talked about in the film? Felix talked about him being late to the party. That counts as a cameo for me unless he said someone else.



NassaDane commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

This is my favorite 3D mario by far. The platforming was the best around. The only thing that was bad in the game were those awful levels Without FLUDD. Those were horrible. But besides that there was just so much there and so much to explore. Really great game. Galaxy was a monster disappointment after this game.



NassaDane commented on Nicalis Bringing The Fight to eShop With Yatag...:

100% interested and people behind KOF makes it sound perfect. Although I will never get it because it isn't real. I'm not wasting money on a digital game that doesn't really exist. I'll just wait for the real version with box and card. It's kind of sick to know they think they can sell things that aren't real. I would buy this instantly if it was actually sold.

The only thing is the backgrounds look a little like Guilty Gear backgrounds but not all of them and that can be forgiven.



NassaDane commented on Matte Red and Matte Blue DSi Models Hit North ...:

Dang those look nice. Finally a full Red DS in NA.

Also, only flipnote is keeping DSi alive? Ha, more like actual good games are keeping it alive. DS actually has Games on it unlike the 3DS that has no games.

The un-needed hate here is laughable. How in the world, if you don't care about a new DSi, does this effect you?



NassaDane commented on Miyamoto: "F-Zero Could Work on Wii U":

I read "cel-shaded" and "graffiti art style" and thought that would not be so great with FZero. But then you said Redline! And it all makes sense. That would be great and such a fantastic movie that needs more attention. Heck just make a Redline game of its own And a FZero.



NassaDane commented on Resident Evil Revelations Producer Says Series...:

Nope and/or Wrong. We don't play the Classic RE Games for nostalgia we play them because they are more fun to play. It would be impossible for me to play them for Nostalgia since I played RE4 before any Classic RE games and after playing that I went back and enjoyed 0-CV much more than 4. So if anything people only play RE4 for Nostalgia. Plus all the things you think are "horrible" are completely subjective and anyone can claim crap like that on a message board.

I pretty much gave up on RE after "RE"5 came out so I'm not surprised by this news, still hurts however.



NassaDane commented on Feature: The Desire for Physical Media:

I can't stand this Digital Fad going around. Who would ever want to buy something that isn't even Real? I can never stomach paying for something that I never even get. The sooner this fad leaves the better!



NassaDane commented on Get Your Pokémon Sequels Teaser Trailer Here:

The blue and red isn't for Sapphire and Ruby, it is the colors of Electricity and Fire just like the Black and White legendaries. There still is the diminutive chance they are connecting both but that seems a tad farfetched and slightly obscure.



NassaDane commented on Resi Revelation's Online Mode is Locked Until ...:

To the people complaining: Did you just start playing videogames yesterday? I don't see how doing this was a "good choice" or a "bad choice" it is just how videogames have been done forever. It’s not some new "Idea" it is just how it works. They always have the bonus material unlock after you beat the game. I don't see how this is even a big deal at all. No offence NintendoLife (well actually to the people who originally got this information) but this isn't news worthy. We already knew Raid mode was in the game and like every side game in every RE it is unlocked at the end.



NassaDane commented on Resi Revelations Infects North America on 7th ...:

^Why do you need to see what you are shooting? Where is the fun in that (seeing the enemy). You walk into a room and all you hear is breathing, that is scary. Then you have the interesting and some times artistic camera angles to add to the cinematography of the game. The style in CV is still good since it incorporates the "R+Shoot" method. It just has fixed cameras that follow for awhile; I think that is what you are referring to. And what does being old have anything to do with it, it still is more fun than the new style. All you do is shoot in the later games.



NassaDane commented on Resi Revelations Infects North America on 7th ...:

@TheDarkness: Bad camera angles like RE4. The over the shoulder style is bad compared to the superior and creative fixed camera angles of the classic REs. The new camera angles forces you to aim and shoot instead of the early style of just pressing R and the shoot button. That was one of the greatest appeals of the Classic RE was not aiming, aside from Up and Down. It made the true focus on Exploring instead of getting bogged down on meaningless aiming.



NassaDane commented on Resi Revelations Infects North America on 7th ...:

Nice cover but I found out this game has a Chapter system so that is a Deal Breaker. Before that I was ignoring the fact this game has the bad camera angle and Walking and Shooting but the chapters were the last straw. I picked a bad time to become a huge RE fan.



NassaDane commented on Take a Look at Square Enix's Upcoming 3DS JRPG:

Sigh. If a name isn’t streamline and made for the mindless consumer it is automatically torn apart by the public. You don’t argue with an artist’s choice for a title of their work and you shouldn’t berate game makers on their choices. It is their work and their idea; they can do what they want. Have some class and view the name as unique or different. View it as challenging the norm of titled merchandise which is strongly rooted in an artistic expression.



NassaDane commented on Talking Point: The Future of No-Frills Emulati...:

@Wheels2050: I completely see what you are saying however I would like to pop in a little counter argument to that by saying Emulators and Emulation is not always a practical option for everyone either. Some may not have a computer or just not a very good computer. Possibly painfully slow internet or just lack of any Computer skills. Both Emulations and Real Games have their draw backs and benefits. It just felt wrong to leave out the real games because of the problems with them when Emulating is not full proof either.



NassaDane commented on Talking Point: The Future of No-Frills Emulati...:

"Before the Virtual Console, emulators provided the only way that people could relive their favorite gaming experiences of years past."

Don't know if anyone has said this already but that isn't the only way of playing games from the past. They could also just play them on the actual console they were made for. That is pretty much the only way I would play them since digital games don't mean anything to me.



NassaDane commented on Kirby Makes His Return to Dreamland on 24th Oc...:

Come now 57. MechaPhoenix, It's not like Epic Yarn was /really/ a Kirby game and plus we have waited for a real Kirby game since Kirby 64. We got an Amazing F-Zero for the Gamecube which lacked in Kirby platforming goodness (But had a wonderfully fun Air Ride instead). Although I still really want to see a new F-Zero Game I am still very glad we are getting this superlative Kirby.



NassaDane commented on Kirby Wii Officially Renamed Kirby's Adventure...:

Oh no! I was confused. I thought the real title was "Kirby's Return to Dream Land" not the other one! "KRtDL" is an amazing title. Why didn't that stick with that? I told a Kirby fan that was the new title and he loved it. Dang.



NassaDane commented on Flame Red 3DS Reaches North America on 9th Sep...:

If for most of the time I will be looking at the Top Screen and for the most part I'll be seeing Black I have to ask Why did I want a RED 3DS in the first place? It’s a horrible idea to put that Black screen on the top. I highly doubt the effect it has on the 3D effect is that substantial to take away from it. Should I wait for a Real! Red 3DS or just get this? I doubt they'll ever fix this. But besides that big complaint this is what I've been waiting for to make me get a 3DS (and the huge price cut is icing on the cake).



NassaDane commented on Review: Metroid Prime (GameCube):

When I first played this game it was so amazing. It felt almost perfect. Then Echos came out and was even better! How they made a perfect game into something even better, I'll never know, but I am sure happy it happened. Too bad they had to really mess it up with MP3. One of the biggest disappointments.



NassaDane commented on Iwata: We Will Do Paid Download Content for Wi...:

Well I like that they are respectful with the DLC but even if it’s new content I can't justify paying for some kind of data only thing to add on to my games. I can't get behind this and hope Nintendo stays away from things like this.



NassaDane commented on There's Nothing Suggestive About This Video At...:

Even without the Fan Service this lookes to be a pretty cool beat'em up. It looks like each character is very different from the other. I really hope it does get localized because I want a diverse good brawler on the go. That would be great. It just looks fun to play.



NassaDane commented on What Would You Want in a Potential El Shaddai ...:

I can't wait to play El Shaddai on Xbox and would love to play it on a nintendo system someday as well. I'm still not sold on the WiiU but I would like to see what they'll do with this game. 3DS sounds like it would work better.