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Sun 7th Aug 2011

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Mollytrainer commented on If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen:

I believe that they already started working on this and are just setting us up for "ohhhh!!! Nintendo Listened to us!!! They are so considerate of fans" or they will never work on it and are setting us up with a dissappointment and say we "didn't support it enough" Listen to my logic Nintendo! The 3ds sold HORRIDLY for one reason: You released it too early when it had NO games for it. Yeah the built in games were nice and 3d feature cool but it's not enough! You don't release a console without games, FROM YOUR MOST-SELLING TITLES, sims? really? nintendogs-ok, but that punch time explosion?!? NO! Horrible. I know it would of ticked off so many fans but you should of waited till it had more games to release it. Then it would've sold a whole lot better. Ocarina of time 3ds was the first GOOD no GREAT game on 3ds, because zelda is one of nintendo's top titles!!! Sales will increase and purhaps get you even more out of the toilet if you remake Majoras Mask on 3ds. Trust me. The N64 was too much of a "hurry up" game and you couldn't explore the zelda world. Plus the N64 and GC game was wayyy too buggy. This would allow players to experience a bug-free game without being rushed. Although you must keep the 3 day time limit thing. This would make fans like it more and BELIEVE ME! It would sell almost or just as well as ocarina of time 3ds! Atleast something to distract fans from protesting for new 3ds games while you finish up Paper mario 3ds and other great titles. I support MM3ds very much but only because I believe it would help Nintendo and Satisfy old and new fans.