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Wed 23rd Jan 2008

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Eldin commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (Europe):

This horrible update for Wii U this week confirms Gamecube, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS for Virtual Console.

In my dreams. But. A Nintendo Direct, Onegaishimasu, Iwata-chan and Shibata-chan.



Eldin commented on Get a Load of Two Dillon's Rolling Western Tra...:

@C-Olimar Haha, I see. But I must say it's not really that impressive when it comes to graphics. But yeah, it may be fun anyway. I'm not saying that graphics have that much meaning to how fun a game can be, but I am sure the eShop games are capable to more than this.



Eldin commented on Iwata Hints at Upcoming Swapnote Update:

Colors, instant messaging, animation and infinite ink. It's so annoying when you are trying to draw something really cool, and then the ink is depleted. Fix, Nintendo! D;



Eldin commented on Miyamoto Working On Secret, Original Game:

Last time we got Wii Music.

And writing he's working on Luigi's Mansion 2 can't be the whole truth? It's american made after all. He may be some kind of producer, but I don't really think he's got that much to do with the development.



Eldin commented on 3DS Sets New Japanese Console Sales Record:

I seriously can't believe it sold more than the original DS did durings its first holiday season in Japan. I remember numbers as 500.000 and 600.000 units during a single week. If 3DS sold more, there can't be more then a few 1000 units difference.

I'd like to see those numbers again.



Eldin commented on Japanese 3DS Sales Hit New High in Christmas Week:

I don't think comparing console sales with handheld console sales are especially fair though. They are just too different from eachother. But if it would exceed the Gameboy Advance for instance, that would be marvelous.

Not that the numbers look bad, but anyway. I am looking forward to a quality of great games coming up in 2012.



Eldin commented on Charts: 19th December 2011 (UK):

Pullblox is just the kind of new franchise that is needed on any Nintendo console. I wish for more new, and well made, franchises from both first and second party developers in the future.

The third party developers are more then welcome too.



Eldin commented on Out Now: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA Games (Au...:

I hope us price-cut buyers will get to buy these games soon My guess is that that it will happen in about 3 months. Hopefully less.

I actually never had the chance to play some of these games back in the days. And what reason do Nintendo have to prevent me from playing them in this Dynasty of the 3DS? None.



Eldin commented on Register 2 3DS Games and You Could Win a Mario...:

@Link_Belmont If you compare to GAME or Gamestop, you save about 150kr. If it's webhallen, it is of course less then that.
But Nintendo console games are cheaper in general. The 360 games are several 100kr cheaper in the UK. I buy my games from Amazon UK. But Zavvi are alright too.



Eldin commented on Register 2 3DS Games and You Could Win a Mario...:


Thanks for sharing all you knowledge =) I've registered three products and ended up with 1500 points. And I must say it's really cheap of Nintendo to only give us 300 Wii points for a total of about 100 spent pounds
Well. It might come in handy if we'll be able to get som eShop credits. Since the games are cheaper there as well.

But I will definitely try to get 3D Kid Icarus now.



Eldin commented on Super Mario 3D Land Leaps to a Strong Start in...:

I get the feeling that the trend where price-cut Nintendo machines ends up selling bad anyway is ruined by the 3DS. I really hope that Nintendo and other third party developers will release a steady flow of great games from now on.



Eldin commented on Meet Resident Evil Revelations' Rachel in Exte...:

I do not wish Rachel any luck in the future =) But according to the trailer, she dies, right? But I sure hope her role is not that big.
I can accept big boobs and lips in some games. But showing them like this in Resident Evil just doesn't make any sense. And yeah, then it is the hair, of course.
The one who designed and the one who granted her for the game should a taste of the whip

And yeah. The fact that she seems like a weak person doesn't make her cut for any kind of mission like the one she's in.



Eldin commented on NES and Game Boy Advance Games Coming to 3DS V...:

I am so glad I have not bought a 3DS yet.

Because this makes me wonder what the **** Nintendo are doing. They make it so that the consumers can play these excellent first and second party games. But only for those who bought a 3DS before the price drop.

Can't you all see what they are doing?! It is blasphemy! It is madness! Nintendo crossed the line a little too far here.



Eldin commented on If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen:

I am one of those who think MM are the superior one of the two N64 installments. I actually think it is the most challenging and best Zelda game out there.

I want MM 3D released along with Nintendo 3DS Lite. It would be like a dream come true.



Eldin commented on Iwata Knows 3DS Launch Line-Up was Lacklustre:

Nintendo can not afford to make the same mistake with the U. But I bet that the 3DS sales will boom before and under the American holidays. And also in the rest of the world.
I myself will wait until the 3DS Lite are released. I have big hopes for it. And I hope it will be bundled with Majoras Mask 3D



Eldin commented on Pikmin 3 Plucked from Wii to Find a Home on Wii U:

I'd really like to see this as an launch title. That would just be a great first party game from day one. Something that the 3DS did not have.

I can't possible imagine how the environments will look from Olimars point of view on the U.



Eldin commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:

This is undoubtly the best game in the whole series. I seriously can't believe how people can think that OoT is better than this game. I just love it.



Eldin commented on Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing:

"The battles get annoying after a while."
The first 7-8 battles are not that fun, I admit that, but the rest is just pure love. I grew up with this game and it is just amazing. I just finished this on VC and it was worth every cent <3



Eldin commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

Awesome! I never played SMRPG before. But I only hear good things about it.
But those who think Chrono Trigger will be on VC can stop hoping. It's coming for the DS. So it would be stupid to also release it on VC since it would be just about the same game but for a cheaper price. So no CT on VC



Eldin commented on Metal Slug:

Do you have endless with credits? Or is there a limit?