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Wed 13th Oct 2010

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daze0f_theweak commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

This probably is not for me. Imagine these units released in reverse order.
1) They release the 3DS XL first
2) They reveal a smaller 3DS with the same resolution
I think I'd prefer the newer model with it's portable size & sharper screen.

EDIT: I was wrong. After reading many reviews, and then seeing a 3DS XL, I have to say the XL looks like a better fit for me. The screen looks as good as before, only way bigger. It doesn't feel too much bigger in my hands, but it does feel more comfortable. I never realized how uncomfortable my regular 3DS was with its Nyko Power Pak+.

I'm probably gonna pick one a 3DS XL for several reasons:
1) Bigger screens (Same resolution, but it looks fine)
2) Battery lasts longer and is positioned for better balance
3) More comfortably shaped
4) Less glare on the screen
5) Stronger hinges and a new hinge position
6) No more problems with the bottom screen touching the top screen
7) Stylus location is easier to access. (Plus it's not a collapsing stylus)
8) Improved buttons for start, select, & home.
9) No glowing "3D" indicator.
10) The 3D slider clicks into the off position



daze0f_theweak commented on Side Pocket:

I don't know how I forgot about this game. I sunk so many hours into because it was one of the few games I owned.



daze0f_theweak commented on Square Enix's Final Fantasy 3DS Game is a Litt...:

If this game is bad,
or if this game is great,
it will STILL be a disappointment.
What the 3DS really needs is an solid RPG that takes advantage of the 3DS' graphical power.

I was looking forward to what Sqaure Enix was gonna do. Now I'm turning to Atlus. Maybe we'll see a Radiant History 2 or something original but equally as fantastic. That would be a dream come true.



daze0f_theweak commented on Talking Point: Where Nintendo Went Wrong with ...:

Now that I have a 3DS, my DSi practically belongs to my sister. After this update, I'll get back my Card Classics, and March of the Minis.

The eShop improves on the DSi Shop in every way:

  • 3DSware (Including an improved web brower & Netflix)
  • 3D Classics
  • Virtual Console WITH a save anywhere feature
  • 3D Trailers
  • 3D Demos
  • Rate games (Both physical & downloaded, but only after 1 hour of playing)
  • More reasonable hardware limitations
  • Improved speed & organization

My only remaining wish for the eShop is that GBA titles will join the VC at some point.



daze0f_theweak commented on Review: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars ...:

After playing the heck out of SSFIV, I traded in some of my old DS games for this gem. I was not ready for how much I enjoyed it.

When I first read or watched reviews and videos, the game looked a little too complex/difficult. But it is not. If you like thinking strategically and learning from mistakes, (shakes fist at Bit-Trip-Runner) then you'll like this game. If you enjoy real-time strategy battles like Commandos, Age of Empires, and Starcraft OR if you enjoyed turn based strategy battles like D&D, Worms, Devil Survivor, or even Chess, then give this game a try! I am enjoying the challenge so much that I have persistently played each level on its hardest settings. (so far)

Ubisoft posted a tour of the first level. Check it out!



daze0f_theweak commented on 3DS Vision Lens to Change the Way You View 3D:

I was already fooled once today when my g/f woke me up and told me my family was here to visit me. lol

I will not be fooled again, NiLi!

(NiLi: An abbreviation of NintendoLife which I just invented. This abbrev' is open source, so use it as you wish)



daze0f_theweak commented on Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ:


  • 3D
  • 3DS Shop
  • More powerful hardware


  • Does the 3DS stylus feel as cheap as it predecessors?
  • Have significant upgrades been made the web browser?
  • Will the 3DS get GBA titles & 3D movies?


  • Complainers of the "sweet spot"
  • The questionably acceptable battery life
  • The entire list of games available at launch

One thing is for certain. I'll be picking up my pre-ordered 3DS on day one.