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Wed 24th Feb 2010

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Despair1087 commented on Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 R...:

@Spoony_Tech You are totally right, but I'm a huge sucker for free stuff. Even if it isn't that great, I MUST HAVE IT!!!

I completely understand where you're coming from, and I respect your patience. I've always been an early adopter, I buy every system at launch. Other people wait for the inevitable price drop, and when it finally comes I don't feel like a sucker for paying more money because I got to play it, while other people only wished they could.

But still, I hope they stop over changing us early adopters.



Despair1087 commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

This was a nice story. Even though it would probably ruin the good vibe, I kind of wish you guys would put a poll at the end of the story. You could vote for what you would do in this situation. I wonder which side would win...

It would be anonymous right? laughs maniacally



Despair1087 commented on Luigi Nendoroid Figure Up for Preorder:

Alot of these commenters are obviously not figure collectors. It's a pretty expensive hobbie.

Thats what nendoroids cost, unfortunately... Considering the amount of accessories, I thought it would be even more expensive.

I have several nendos and figmas so I can vouch for goodsmile, their products are superb. I recently dropped $70 on a nendoroid Attack on Titan playset and I regret NOTHING!

cause it's awesome.



Despair1087 commented on Pokémon Black & White Version 2 Announced:

it's been said before, but i'm gonna say it again. this this should have been on 3DS. it has been a whole year since the 3DS launched. by the time this comes out in the US it will be closer to two years. i never care about graphics, but black and white's were HORRIBLE. your pokemon were shown "zoomed in" and you saw a pixel-ated mess when they moved. (pixel-ated AND blurry if you played on a 3DS) PLEASE comment if you disagree. we need a new game that takes advantage of the awesome power hidden inside a 3DS

people keep saying this is a "sequel," but i highly doubt that this new game is going to have my character named "Flame" with all my pokemon continue the story from my pokemon white cartridge... or maybe it does...

this is just a guess, but i think that in this game you are going to have to choose a starter and maybe collect some badges and catch pokemon. HOWEVER the story will be slightly different... sound familiar?

cough pokemon yellow cough crystal, emerald cough platinum cough

sorry, i have a cold.




Despair1087 commented on Feature: Memorable Zelda Moments:

umm how about the ending to Majora's Mask? you remember the little boy wearing the mask sitting next to a tree?

that game was seriously demented. that's why i like it



Despair1087 commented on Extend 3DS Battery Life with CTA's Deluxe Powe...:

seems really stupid i cant even believe some one would invent or even buy that. that oversized grip takes away all the portability.

if it's not a portable system anymore where are you going to use it?

at your house. where there is electricity. .



Despair1087 commented on 3DS Sales Jump 260 Percent in US After Price Drop:

man i wish pokemon black and white was for 3DS instead of DS... im my opinion we didnt need yet another DS pokemon game. i bought a 3DS at launch and had to play a lame pixelated blurry mess unless i held down start and select.

can you imagine 3DS sales if they had pokemon as a launch title?!?



Despair1087 commented on Talking Point: What Was the Best Super NES Gam...:

Dude. Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World!!!!

All the old NES games AND unreleased Super Mario Bros 2 aka "The Lost Levels" all with 16-bit graphics AND Super Mario World included in one single cart!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

no contest.



Despair1087 commented on More Official Details of 3DS Ambassador Scheme...:

i like the sound of a "3DS Transfer Tool" but will it be only for games or can i transfer my whole system to another 3DS? (a super awesome red one for example) i want to transfer everything. miis, club nintendo account, playcoins, and all the cool stuff on my activity log.

i like to look at the activity log with all the icons of all the games i have, and the amount of time ive played them. i'm pretty proud of how long it took me to complete Oot, and how long it took me to play through all the endings of 999.



Despair1087 commented on Feature: 3DS Games Worth Buying Before Mario:

i'm pretty interested in Devil Survivor Overclocked, because i never played the DS one. however, i heard that Devil Survivor 2 is coming out on DS next year. after playing this new one on 3DS going back to the DS to play the sequel is going to feel like a huge step backward. with no voice acting (i think) and having to play in all tiny on my 3DS to avoid it looking all fuzzy i dont think i'll like it. i hope they plan on porting it to 3DS...



Despair1087 commented on Koizumi Talks Super Mario 3D Hub, Caps and Rep...:

i hope the game is more like 64 and sunshine. i hate floaty levels. do you know what i mean? my favorite mario stage ever is bob-bomb battlefield. i hate when levels are floating out in the middle of nowhere... i hope most of this game is set on the ground. but looking at these screenshots i think i'm going to be disappointed...



Despair1087 commented on Talking Point: The Resident Evil: Mercenaries ...:

i usually buy all my games new (unless there's a buy 2get1free sale) and i don't like to sell them because gamestop doesn't really give you that much on trade-ins and then you go back the next day and see your game on the shelf for three times what they gave you for it. i'd rather hoard all my games and put them on my shelves.

anyways... i pre-ordered and got this game at launch and the save file thing isn't as bad as you think. it's a score attack game. there is no progression or save points. you beat a stage another one is available. you can chose what ever stage you want it doesn't force you to play the new one. so in the end if you want to start over and play the levels in order (like if it was a linear game) obviously you can. no big deal. why would you want to erase the high scores? isn't that the whole point of the game, trying to surpass your previous score? erasing them seems pretty dumb to me. you tried so hard to get that score i hope it stays in the game forever.

the only downside about this is the unlockables... kinda. you unlock most of the weapons with playcoins, and most of the characters simply by playing the game. (haven't unlocked everything so i don't know about the other stuff) that stuff probably should have come unlocked from the beginning since you get them for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. (i had a buttload of playcoins so i unlocked everything i could right away)

also IF i was a person who bought it used i would actually like it. i would try to beat all the previous owners scores LIKE A BOSS. beating my own high scores is good, but beating someone else's is better.



Despair1087 commented on Wii U Won't Support Blu-ray or DVD Playback:

what the H even my dreamcast plays CDs >:[ lol

i really dont care at all because i already have a DVD and CD players and i dont need another one, but i think had they included it, it probably would have sold the wii u better. just adding that simple feature would probably make nintendo waaaay more money than it cost them.



Despair1087 commented on Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Trailer now Rec...:

i never played the first one but this sounds interesting... the tag mode would be easy for me since i have both dragon quest 6 and 9. all i have to do is buy this game and rub my 3DS with my DSi with one of the other two games in it lol



Despair1087 commented on Looks Like That Red 3DS is Releasing in Japan:

>.< red is my favorite color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i already bought a black one at launch cries

if i buy the red one when it comes out i'll have two. then i'll probably be the coolest dude in the world. do want.



Despair1087 commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:

not a big deal about loosing gamecube compatibility. the system came out in 2001, TEN YEARS AGO. just because a new system comes out doesnt mean you have to throw away the old one. i have all nintendo systems and (almost) all hand held nintendo systems. gamecubes cost 30 dollars at gamestop, which is less than a new wii game.

also if space is an issue, just duct tape the wii to the wiiU. it would still be smaller than an xbox lol



Despair1087 commented on Nikkei Corroborates Previous Wii 2 Controller ...:

i still dont know what to think about the whole touch screen thing. i need to see it to really understand how it is going to be. i like the way the wii controller is now... will the new controller still use pointer controls?!?!? i like those...



Despair1087 commented on Japanese Gamers Put Off by High Price of 3DS:

its not that expensive...

i was suuuuper poor. like wearing the same 3 shirts everyday poor. but now i have a job. the main reason i was motivated to get that job was so i could get a 3DS at launch (i will get the super wii at launch too, no matter how much it costs) i dont regret it at all. i kept the job and now i wear a different shirt every day like a rich person.

also i bought a whole mess of ds games since ive had my 3DS to keep me entertained. i bought all three layton games at once, and dragon quest 4,5,6 and 9.

i am perfectly fine waiting for the eshop, zelda and re:mercenaries to come out. layton 2 and 3 are still wrapped in plastic lol.



Despair1087 commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

i hope the new system doesnt make me use dual analog controls all the time. i like the way the wii controls are now.

the whole hardcore casual thing doesnt matter to me. if the new system (Super Wii) has hardcore games i dont like i'm not going to buy them anyways. i only buy games that i like. so third parties can release all the first person shooters they want it doesnt effect me. i'll stick to what i like.

i'm so glad i'm not in high school anymore and dont have to put up with those "hardcore" gamers. i hated those guys telling me i was lame because i had a ds and not a psp. saying the wii wasnt a real system and there HD system was. screw those guys. hardcore, casual or whatever i play games so i'm a gamer.



Despair1087 commented on Review: Dream Trigger 3D (3DS):

aww man... glad i waited for the review, i was kind of interested and i was going to get it at launch now i'm glad i didnt. now i have an extra foutry bucks in my pocket lol