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Tue 14th Apr 2009

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Dynetheous commented on Five Glorious Minutes of Fire Emblem: Awakenin...:

so apparently we can customize different skills to your comrades... thats kinda crazy, unless someone here is a Japanese translator im going to continue thinking this, because it showed around 4.30 a list of skills being equipped to a character.



Dynetheous commented on Review: The Last Story (Wii):

im kinda tired of all the good games coming out in europe and japan. the american games are good, but i like the japanese ones monster hunter.

but this games looks awesome, and great review



Dynetheous commented on Fire Emblem to Start Japanese 3DS DLC Service ...:

DLC .... For only 2 payments of 9.99 you can get yourself a bundle of weapons, weapons include

Silver lance
Silver sword
Silver axe
Brave lance
Brave sword
Brave axe....
but wait theres more, Buy it now and get the exclusive magic tomb, Excalibur
yeah ill pass on DLC lol



Dynetheous commented on Wario Land 4:

i loved this game so much, i only played it once and i cant wait to play it many times on my 3ds :3



Dynetheous commented on Monster Hunter 3G Definitely Doesn't Have Onli...:

I might actually get this if the extra downloads are decent. but it sucks because no one in my community plays MH or even in my school. I might find someone and have get together but otherwise the extra content better be freaking awesome for me to buy it.