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Sat 12th Dec 2009

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vdallos commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

I'm (still) having great time with Mario Kart 8, Smash, Bayo2, DKC:TF and Mario 3d World...Give me Xenoblade X and Zelda and They can shut down the WiiU factory...I'll be fine.
PD: Add Virtual Console games and a few great indies like Affordable Space Advenrure anShovel Knight...please



vdallos commented on Review: Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (Wii U):

I'm in the same position. Enjoying samurai warriors 3 in spite of its flaws. And th 3ds samurai chronicles js a good game for the waiting time in airports or banks. fiance



vdallos commented on Industry Analysts: 3DS is Bouncing Back:

Everything is back to the main If the rate os launching is good the performance of sales should be good too. But the system can be perfected as well. And maybe reduce prices in eshop let it took off. Good hopes to Nintedo for the good of my black 3DS full of GBA joy!!



vdallos commented on Feature: Staff Memories of the Game Boy Advance:

I bought the gba at launch , the lack of back light was not impediment for playing castlevania and fzero for hours. The gba sp was the best and allow 1 friend of mine buy the mine on cheap almost gift. Then the multiplayer Mario k art Pokemon was the non stopping fun. The favorite game until now is astroboy and close adv.wars



vdallos commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) (Wii):

Addictive, time consuming, rewarding...i did say addictive. I`m in the 3 level missions and the online with friends is really fun i did enjoy the online since Mario kart (also with friends).

@Matillion. Is heavy in the beginning but if you feel trap join online and ask for help, a lot of people is nice and offer help.



vdallos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

Well, and about the program itself, I think is a good move. For the launch price I have enjoy a lot of play time between OoT and SSFIV and lose some with the free excite bike and pokedex, and waiting for 4swords.



vdallos commented on Review: Chrono Trigger (Virtual Console / Supe...:

The best game ever (close to Ocarina of Time) and is a steal for $8. The music is memorable, the story can by linear but is interesting, the characters have their own story (but crono) and the combat system is refreshing compared with the random battle system (that annoy...). I play throug it in 1997 and have 3 hours in VC so far. Best game ever



vdallos commented on Nintendo Download: 16th May 2011 (North America):

I could not afford the SNES cartridge, now is my chance to play the original staff (even in DL). This game was my first JRPG and is the best gaming experience along with Zelda, Fzero, Mario 3, Metroid Prime in another genres. Great Music, good story even for today standarts, Good character development, multiple endings, ... and epic feeling in every corner.