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Sun 24th Jul 2011

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kyoya commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013:

list looks decent but what about zelda, mario kart u,star fox,yoshi island u, f-zero u, metroid,mother, earthbound u, metal gear, splinter cell, kingdom hearts, do i really need to continue



kyoya commented on Miiverse Hacked By Mistake, Possible Metal Gea...:

i'm not sure if this was a hack or not but mock-up means a full-scale working model of something built for study or testing and or display so if this was a "mistake" why use the word mock-up? they might be way more to this than meets the eye i don't know why but i think that there is something being left out.
but if those games do sound awesome



kyoya commented on Iwata Unsure if Nintendo Will Sell Wii U At a ...:

it'll sell this is nintendo were talking about if they it want to sell frist they need to keep their pormises frist then should add more to it before they luanch but they need to stay confindent i like ps3 and 360 alittle but when nintendo present the new console those 2 want to rush out with a better one it's ironic that's what happend for the wii to be honest i don't give a fack about the graphics i just want to play games that are good but if their serious about sell they need to keep strategizing more on what they on their consle to catch the eye of the people




kyoya commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

man there's no ponit of having a another anolog stick beside what ever one is saying think of how it would have to make it look they might have to change the dimensions which could boost or decrease the 3d or they could make the desgin way diffrent i hope i dosen't happen



kyoya commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

this is what the hell the french site says We are fortunate to have a lovely pool of correspondents of various nationalities, to key positions in the major highlights of the games industry worldwide. We owe them, among other things, our revelations on the Playstation and Wii Vita U. One of these correspondents, one of the few insiders who dared break the silence, we recently compiled an inventory of the disturbing situation of the company in Kyoto.

More than any other industry, the video game is synonymous with emotional attachment to brands, to builders, businesses. And among all studios, all publishers and all manufacturers, Nintendo is the company that is the object of worship the most faithful and enthusiastic. Its logo, its characters, its major figures such as Shigeru Miyamoto, arouse passionate reactions throughout the world.

01net writing is a fan of Nintendo. One of us, William Audureau, has also signed a fascinating book on the iconic character of the firm.

Our source, she lives for, and finally by Nintendo, since his youth. His revelations sound like a cry of alarm, given the problems that threaten an institution for which he / she feels a respect and an unbounded admiration. In the same spirit that we have decided to make it echo throughout a file into five parts, to be published throughout the week.

For Those Who Would Like to read this article en français, please, click here.
3DS, launched a laptop on the wrong foot (1 / 5) We knew that the launch of the 3DS he was cast to deal with competition in mobile telephony, as well as the prospect of a new generation of PSP. But this output to a hurry, it was assumed that the origin of certain technical limitations or autonomy disappointing for a Nintendo portable, will ultimately far more serious consequences.
An oversight serious consequences
It may seem unlikely, but Nintendo pundits have come to realize, after the mass production and output of the console, they had one important omission: the right analog stick. Initially considered superfluous, it is now essential to offer a superior gaming experience, so much so that Nintendo is working hard to palliative.
According to our source, this major will be released soon forgotten as an additional device, sold separately at around 10 dollars. We do not know yet exactly what form it takes, but the mounting system will firmly secure the new appendix on the right side of the laptop. And will he take it off whenever you wish to close the console? One thing is certain: the engineers at Nintendo do not count their sleepless nights now.

This is obviously not the real future of the right stick 3DS.

The pressure on developers
Most recently, Nintendo has urged many of its key developers to create games specifically designed for two analog sticks ... even if it means an additional cost of 10 dollars per console and is incompatible (or less a compromise) with the current fleet machines. The discontent within the studios, although it is probably not relayed to the upper echelons of society, is evident to any employee of the Big N for relations with third-party studios.
Developers are lining up
Third studio holding a key to the success of 3DS. They, in fact, that can enrich the catalog, relatively limited new titles, the last Nintendo handheld. Few innovations are often a barrier to the probable success of a console. But in this case, Nintendo's policy vis-à-vis developers is even more difficult to understand.
The validation process by which a publisher submits a title to the approval of Nintendo, is universally described as expensive, excruciatingly long and often arbitrary. Worse, development kits are still readily available. Although they are no longer manufactured by Intelligent Systems, R & D division of Nintendo hardware, but by the companies Kyoto Electric and Marubeni, are still produced in dribs and drabs (300 per month) and sold at exorbitant prices.
Result: more than six months after the release of the console, the waiting list continues to grow, many studios are still waiting to be able to develop on 3DS. An erratic situation described by our source as symptomatic management problems within the Big N, rotting relationships with developers and slow the adoption of the console.

Mario, the mascot and star of the Nintendo universe.

An image problem
Also according to our source, Nintendo has failed to allay the concerns of many parents who are reluctant to buy the console for fear of the consequences for the eyes of their children. The display in 3D, the main selling point of the console, could be also be the main stumbling block.
Not to mention the serious communication problem: despite the widespread deployment of demonstration units on the point of sale, how to communicate about something that we can not show? In addition to the price drop and premature announcement of the "ambassadors 3DS" (20 free games on Virtual Console), Iwata recently stated that Nintendo would agree totally devoid of titles now feature the new 3D laptop. As the scent of surrender in the air ...
This information also corroborates some point, we have suggested various other sources [Update: we have not hitherto been able to verify the reliability]. To know that Nintendo was working on a new model for 3DS 2012. A new console that would abandon the 3D positioning, which would probably involve a new design and probably a new name. Therefore, the lower prices of 3DS current would be to sell stocks 3DS first name ...

The Optimus 3D, LG, plays the card of 3D without glasses, augmented reality and, of course, phone.

A brighter future?
Over time, some of the issues raised by our source and cited above may be absorbed. However, Nintendo is now feared competition from smartphones, more and more powerful. Some manufacturers, like LG with its 3D model Optimus, attacking even the "gimmick" of the console: the display in 3D without glasses.
If the predictions of John Carmack, the motives that go beyond "very soon" to power the current consoles, were to be realized, the future of 3DS seems highly uncertain ... but do not underestimate the power of Pokémon!
Our series on Nintendo continues until the end of the week. Find the second episode tomorrow, dedicated to the Wii and U throes of development Listen



kyoya commented on Current Wii Model to be Discontinued:

dear nintendo if you read this you can still discontinue the wii model but you should just have gamecube games and content downloaded to the wii u controller but seriously someone from nintendo should have this idea by the way no offense because if you guys put nes,n64 and other vrital games like that on the wii or gameboy games or whatever on the nintendo 3ds at least put gamecube games on the wii u then continue the process so even if the wii gets old at least wii will still have all of favorite games on every new console you guys make because it just going to get more people to buy them because if it wasn't for gamecube you likely wouldn't have made the wii i'm not trying to bring you guys down or anything i'm just telling you what your fans and what the world wants also i'm not trying to force you to do this but it's just a idea if you guys don't take the idea i'll still be by your side nintendo after all your guys probadly not what you doing anyway and s.s.b might not be the same but at least you guys do have something close to the gamecube the classic controller right? I hope this works nintendo you can do it but you guys did say companies these day are missing craftmanship but you guys have plenty anyway

from your fan kyoya



kyoya commented on If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen:

yeah he's right you know if you do make right know as we speak you sell a hell of alot more of 3ds if you make it you will recover more than 2x as much before nintendo you've only sold + 700,000 unit that's great to a certain point but if you do remake it just like ocarina of time 3d it would be a amzing thing



kyoya commented on If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen:

wait a minute i shouldn't have to ask for this because i already know there going to make it they're going to make majora's mask 3d because it's basiclly the continued version of ocarina of time if they don't make it there wouldn't have been any point of making ocarina of time 3d just like windwaker and phantom hourglass phantom hourglass takes up after windwaker but just some more new things just a continued version