Question Block

It's been an interesting couple of weeks in the world of the Nintendo NX. We still know little about it, but rumours of varying reliability made it a hot talking point online and within the community here at Nintendo Life. It's dominated the forums, and all the while we're left to wonder what this platform will actually be - it's gaming hardware, at least we know that.

So what has the chat been around NX? The first set of rumours were a mix of 'possible' and 'not likely', referencing a 2016 summer release and 20 million year one sales targets; we gave our views on those rumours, naturally. Then there was the rumour from Unseen64, in which it was suggested that the NX platform won't match the power of the PS4; we shared our thoughts on the potential implications and why that may be true. There were some official words from Satoru Iwata, too - though refusing to talk about the concept with investors, the Nintendo President spoke of a 'Nintendo-like' solution and avoiding mistakes of past launches. The big N boss also stated that secrecy around the project is to stop rivals stealing the idea.

With all of this chatter your humble writer noticed a bit of an oversight in our content - we're yet to ask what you want the NX to be in a series of polls - these surveys are fairly regular on the weekends here, as it's nice to pass spare time debating and chatting about all things Nintendo. We've stated repeatedly - along with many others - that we think a unified future is inevitable with the NX, but as this is Nintendo it's particularly hard to guess what's coming with full confidence.

Yet still, we want to know your thoughts on the platform in the polls and comments section below. It'll be 2016 before Nintendo reveals what it is, but with recent rumours and statements we can speculate and fantasize to our heart's content. What do you want the Nintendo NX to be?

What do you want the NX concept to entail?
When do you want the NX to be released?
What sort of games library do you hope to see on NX?
Based on rumours and official comments from Nintendo, how are you feeling about NX?