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Hi, I'm Nicolai! I'm really into Splatoon right now (and probably will be for life). Time Zone: EST (-5:00)

Fri 6th Jun 2014

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Nicolai commented on Sacked Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Chris Prange...:

He was a very personable guy; I see no reason to give him a hard time for it. Everybody has flaws, and he just had a little hard time keeping a filter. The things he said, they're the kind of things that are easy to forget are things you're not supposed to say, such as that the comment that fans don't make up a big enough demographic to justify localizations we want.



Nicolai commented on Take a Look at Nintendo's Game Awards 2015 Nom...:

I was really hoping for Splatoon to be Game of the Year, but I never expected it to not even be nominated! And this game's already clocking in the highest number of hours on my Wii U, 30% more hours than the next one, Mario Kart 8! I'm actually pretty surprised about that, wow.



Nicolai commented on The 3DS Is Getting A New Puzzle & Dragons Game:

@rjejr I've always assumed that most directs were regional, to some point. I mean, they definitely have to do different takes for each language, and even after that, I'm sure they personalise each one. In the past, there was probably continuity between what Iwata said in each region, and then they would always have a brief segue into Bill Trinen or another detailing regional releases. Though I don't think Damien necessarily means that we're getting a completely different direct, if that's what you thought.



Nicolai commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

There's no chance of Miyamoto taking charge of this; he's never spoken more than a few sentences of English to the public. I'm not putting my money on Kimishima either, though he might pop up for a brief statement.

I see three possibilities: either they hire a professional speaker, they find someone who's not a well known executive to be an official speaker, or regional directs become the norm (meaning that Miyamoto or someone else could be a regional speaker for Japan). Iwata had a big job and was pretty good at his English; not too many other people may be willing to do that in addition to their daily work. I guess we'll see who in a few days, though.



Nicolai commented on The Next Nintendo Direct is on 12th November:

I gotta say, when I first saw this article listing, I assumed it was just another Nintendo Direct-related troll article using the logo. This is so exciting!

I don't even care what gets shown. It's just nice to feel that Nintendo is back to normal.



Nicolai commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Pokémon G...:

One of my favorites, too. Isn't it a little weird, though, to call the second generation "the first Pokémon games to introduce new types," and "the first time we saw new Pokémon," when we technically got 151 new Pokémon and 15 new types in the first generation? I wouldn't call Gen 2 a first just because it's the first title that wasn't the first (read that carefully, lol). Still, I loved the color, the intro animations, the phone records, and the synced-up times of day. I remember thinking it was cool that some Pokémon only showed up in the actual evening. Red Gyarados, Ruins of Alph, the appearance of Kanto; they were all really cool when I was a kid.



Nicolai commented on Nintendo Is Unique, Different And Does Its Own...:

Since the developer kits were distributed, does anyone know if any rumor has said anything about whether it's harder or easier to develop for it than the Wii U? Because, to me, that will have a direct influence on what kind of 3rd party support the NX will have.



Nicolai commented on Michael Pachter Thinks Miitomo Will Have Troub...:

Hey guys, do you remember that time Nintendo sold that console where they only developed one game for it? No? /sarcasm

I mean, he's right about this app trying to be what people are just going to use Facebook for, but why does he get the idea that this is Nintendo's only direction they're going with mobile? Obviously, they're going to develop several, or dare I say, many games on mobile. Does he really think every app Nintendo is developing for this platform is a Mii-based social media service?



Nicolai commented on Nintendo Shares Suffer Major Drop as Investors...:

"December is the biggest selling season in our traditional business, and we want to do right by our lineup of software and hardware. We thought it best the smartphone application would follow after that."
Well, that's kinda stupid. Why would they think that a Mii-based mobile game would get in the way of ANY of their console software sales? MiiTomo uses an IP no other holiday title is using, and is on a completely different device, with a ftp model. Who would buy this game instead of anything on their console? In fact, they should really be filling out their holiday season with MORE titles, since it's so bare.



Nicolai commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Launches...:

@bitleman @Gerbwmu I never really thought of this as a spin-off, since it's made by Nintendo, is the same genre of game, has its own place in the timeline, and technically features link. It's as much a main Zelda game as 4 swords is. The only oddities are how its a multiplayer game, and the lack of a freely explorable overworld.



Nicolai commented on Weirdness: Miyamoto Wanted A Murder-Free Golde...:

Yay, Miyamoto doesn't like excessive violence either! You, me, against the rest of the world, Shiggy

Then again, I don't think this non-violent philosophy makes very much sense in an adult-oriented shooting game



Nicolai commented on The Legend of Zelda on Wii U and 30th Annivers...:

@Gerbwmu It doesn't even officially have a 2016 release date right now, in my opinion. The only thing that says that is some post-E3 infographic, and how trustworthy can that be? In my opinion, a 2016 release will be "officially announced" in the interview.

@NintyMan, And I wouldn't underestimate the power of "just a few comments and teases." We haven't heard any news in a year! Any sliver of information is going to be heralded in these dark times, the infamous Hype Famine of '15.



Nicolai commented on Parent Trap: ​Does The Wii U Still Make Sens...:

@gatorboi352 I don't think us Nintendo die-hard's make up 10,000,000. I may be one, but the 6 or 7 people I know or have met personally who own a Wii U aren't total fanatics, and usually own other systems. 2 of them are small children. Now, that may be just my experience, but why exactly would a little kid "freak-out" over a controller that looks just like their dad's iPad?

Nintendo isn't lacking in the family-friendly factor; the problem lies more in the fact that, well, it's looks just like their dad's iPad. Why get a Wii U, when dad can just download you Minecraft on his identical-looking device that isn't tethered to the living room? It's not that it isn't interesting, but unless their parents have played Mario when they were kids, they'll probably just say "enjoy what you have."



Nicolai commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

I was really not expecting Nintendo to go the route EVERYBODY thinks they're going. I'm still skeptical, or maybe this isn't the NX's only feature. Nintendo's gotta know that this is the #1 idea on people's minds, and they love doing the unexpected.



Nicolai commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight P...:

Go ahead and release it, but I have no reason to get it, or any more Zelda remakes from now on. I got Wind Waker HD because I never owned or played it, and I got Majora's Mask becuase it was my favorite one. But now that I own every Zelda game, with Majora's Mask out of the way, I have no need for anything that's not brand new.



Nicolai commented on Video: Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddes...:

@Kobeskillz @WhiteTrashGuy, it sounds bland when I listen. I guess it's because it doesn't express as many moods and emotions as symphonies from composers that I like. It's all epic and heroic, but that's all it expresses. This is what I hear in this performance, as well as the tracks that were on the CD that came with Skyward Sword, and other previews I've heard them play. Is there anything more meaningful that they play in live performances?



Nicolai commented on Rumour: Dataminers Dig Up eShop Listings For S...:

Oddly, I'm just feeling happy that some big news is finally being talked about, but it baffles me too. Roughly between the time-span of the release of Skyward Sword and Zelda U, Nintendo will have remade EVERY 3D Zelda game that came before them. It's just so excessive, and it's going to take a lot from Nintendo to convince me to buy it (meaning I probably won't).



Nicolai commented on Video: Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddes...:

...Still don't like it. I feel really bad, I love the symphony, and people keep telling me to go see it, and keep telling me how incredible it is, and I really want to like it with them, but I just don't think it's any good. I can't be the only one who thinks so, can I? Maybe that wasn't one of their better pieces, or something?



Nicolai commented on Midora Developer Admits He Knew Kickstarter Fu...:

So they asked for a budget that wouldn't yeild the game, hoping for the miracle that some private investor would fund the rest? That's similar to betting your loss at a casino and hoping you'll break even, except someone else is paying the bet and eating the loss instead if you lose. If that's not irresponsible, I don't know what is.



Nicolai commented on Super Meat Boy May Be Coming to the Wii U:

I never got this game, so this will be new to me. I don't quite understand it, though. It got really popular, but why was it great? What did it do, other than show you all of your attempts at once?



Nicolai commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

If he's having trouble paying off $400 dollars, then how's he paying his lawyer? I'd understand if it's about principal, but he was saying before how he needed a payment plan, because he couldn't pay it off right away.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, he coukd be family or something. No need to jump to conclusions.



Nicolai commented on The Next Splatfest in North America is About H...:

@MitchVogel, Ah, I see. I'm a very patient person, so I guess I've always overlooked the security process. Even as a musician, where they're guaranteed to think my French Horn is a weird metal death machine, and I get stopped and searched at every terminal I take it into, it's still worth it to see what it looks like above the clouds.