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Hi, I'm Nicolai! I'm really into Splatoon right now (and probably will be for life). Time Zone: EST (-5:00)

Fri 6th Jun 2014

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Nicolai commented on Quality Of Life Device Not Fit To Be Sold As "...:

Well, Nintendo found success through trial and error in the 70s and 80s. They'll probably keep trying different things. To be honest, I didn't think QOL was the most stable market to be developing for anyway.



Nicolai commented on Eiji Aonuma on the Idea of Giving Link a Voice:

I'm all for Link "having more of an increased involvement in progressing the plot," but Link can certainly do that with his actions rather than his words. It would be nice to give Link's character more purpose if there was someone close to him that disagreed with him on something, or did something personal to him. It doesn't necessarily have to include dialogue from Link.



Nicolai commented on Rumour: Data Miners Find Evidence That Suggest...:

How much has NWPlayer123 been right about, though? I don't see any playable octolings, plus I'm pretty sure she confirmed rumors of Nintendo Directs that didn't happen during the hype drought. Sometimes developers put placeholder data in without ever actually realizing that feature, so I'd be skeptical. I'm hoping, though. I will buy them instantly.



Nicolai commented on Weirdness: Watch an Actual Live Splatoon Squid...:

Wow, some of choreography was really impressive, like in the reprise section at 13:49. I just kinda wish we'd hear a new song. I can't believe they managed to turn what is essentially 3 minutes of constantly looping music from the game into a 24 minute concert. They really need some new material; some of those transitions sounded a little thrown-together at times. Still, a great effort, and I enjoyed myself.

I think it was pretty cool how they talked to the audience, though. Has anyone done any translations? I want to hear the snarky comments Marie made that the audience was reacting to. It's too bad they don't ever speak English; it'd probably sounds really weird.

Also, I've always wondered how they synchronize stuff like this live. Is someone controlling the speed of the animations, or is the band following a timer? It didn't seem like either, like when they would play the final chord out of time, and the drummer would fill in for the last hit, which the band and the sisters both came in on. It's really impressive. I know they've done stuff like this with the vocaloid cast, so there must be professionals you hire to set this kind of thing up.



Nicolai commented on Video: Ocarina Of Time's Legendary Master Swor...:

The deku shield is way too shiny, Link's face looks pretty weird, the stitching on the tunic is too noticable, the gleaming from the shiny surfaces (especially Link's charging sword) is way too distracting for gameplay, many of the animations look amateurish (especially during the time traveling scenes), the triforce designs on the ground are so basic-looking, and so on.

But otherwise, I guess it looks pretty. Though it looks like monks must be dusting and polishing the Temple of Time on a daily basis, lol.



Nicolai commented on Video: Watch The Epic Pokémon Super Bowl Comm...:

I thought for a second that I was so distant from mainstream culture that I completely missed the superbowl! It wouldn't have been that unlikely, honestly (I never watch sports or anything), but I'd probably hear of it from somebody.



Nicolai commented on Talking Point: Online Gaming Can't Recreate th...:

I can't deny that it has been getting harder and harder to find friends that want to play in the same room as you, but there's still nothing like local multiplayer. There's no other way to get around lag and other offset internet issues; plus you tend to form stronger relationships with people you know in real life (no offense NL friends!)

In my opinion, I think there should be a bigger push toward 2-player. Common relationships like boyfriends/girlfriends, married couples, roommates, and parents and children make it way more convenient to ask someone to play a video game with you when they are already around you all of the time. I'd be playing way more Tri-force Heroes if I could play with just my girlfriend, but unfortunately, we have to keep finding a 3rd person to play with us. Most other games are either online-based or single-player these days, and if they have two-player as an option, its usually an afterthought, like Splatoon.



Nicolai commented on Details of Europe's Next Splatfest Are Confirm...:

As far as Splatoon tactics go, I do both. Someone's I hide and wait for opportunity, sometimes I see opportunity from really far away and charge right in. If this was my region's Splatfest, I wouldn't be able to decide.



Nicolai commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

The Virtual Boy wasn't well-known, it couldn't have made a dent in the VR demand. I only heard of it couple of years ago, no one I know in real life knows about it, and Nintendo's only reference to it in the past twenty years was a small bit in a music video by NoA in the quirky Tomodachi Life Direct, which was less than 2 seconds long, and it was just an effort to try to be weird. It wasn't even released in Europe. I doubt it was even advertised well.



Nicolai commented on Weirdness: Conceptual Artist Attempts Tetris W...:

@Marlowe1877: Indeed. Working in an office is no more mindless and repetitive then working on a self-sustaining farm, or working for a business in a communist society. It's more about whether you're in the working class, or whether you're working as an artist, not about capitalism.

If anyone understands the concept of hopelessly working towards an unobtainable perfection, it's me, as I audition to play in professional orchestras. :/



Nicolai commented on Nintendo of Europe Announces the Next Splatfes...:

I'd go with riches, as long as I use it responsibly, and it doesn't go to my head. Though, the same can be said about being fit. It would be nice to be able to defend my loved ones if I was stronger, but the same can be said about finances. I'm personally more worried about going broke than getting mugged right now.
EDIT: Ah, it doesn't matter anyway, because this is a European Splatfest. Good luck Team fit! You'll probably get the popular vote.



Nicolai commented on The Tri-Slosher Nouveau is The Next New Weapon...:

Alright, my main's got options! And just like the Splattershot Jr., the alternative to the bubbler is the Echolocator. Seekers are going to be interesting to use with this!

It makes sense that Nouveau is the custom name for this weapon, since the Tri-slosher is made from the same brand as the Inkbrush.

@ThomasBW84, a mistake in the article: it should be "we've suffered plenty of SPLATS at the hands of slosher-bearers." Splatoon jargon, am I right?



Nicolai commented on Nintendo Remains Bullish Around the 3DS and It...:

Hopefully this will put to rest those that think that the NX could still be a handheld. In fact, this calls into question a larger issue: If Nintendo isn't ready to talk about the 3DS's replacement when the NX's announcement is around the corner, that tells me that the NX is probably going to be sold while the 3DS still in full support. If that is the case, to what degree of a "hybrid" can the NX really be? How can you sell the 3DS if the NX essentially has a replacement for it right in the box?



Nicolai commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

I think people are confusing this controller with smartphones too much. Smartphones are small and rectangular, and your thumbs do indeed cover up a lot of screen, especially with most HUDs having large buttons to make it easier to press them. But in this elongated design, there is a lot of screen that your thumbs aren't covering. I honestly don't think it would be that obstructive, especially since most games put the action in the center. Even if they do a little bit, then if this isn't a hybrid console, or when you're just playing on your TV, most of the action is going to be on the TV screen anyway. There probably will be small buttons in the final design, but if there's not, they wouldn't have to be as large as they are in a smartphone, since your fingers will be able to use the joystick as a physical frame-of-reference for where the button is.

@ledreppe, I'm not sure which one of my comments you're replying to, but I agree.



Nicolai commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

@Marshi Well, they could at least make this an optional controller. Unfortunately, that means that not all games will use it, but that may be a good thing, actually. A mandatory Gamepad didn't stop most games on the Wii U to ignore its features.

But even the "Feet controller" idea is way more interesting than a PS4/XB1 clone. I just want a console experience that I can't already get on my PC.



Nicolai commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

@Octane: You may be right, but mentioning Stereoscopic 3D seems downright irrelevant to me.

@SKTTR: The way I see it, developers can just make sure the action is focused on the middle part of the screen, where you can see everything, and the rest is just extra, like peripheral vision.



Nicolai commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

I'm pretty sure we're looking at their idea of a new controller. I'm putting all my chips in for this one. If it was just a patent they weren't going to use, they wouldn't specify all of the additional features it would have, like 3D and tilt-motion. It probably won't be shaped exactly like this, though. It's got a rather ugly "Classic Controller Pro" look to it, I'm sure they'll improve on it.



Nicolai commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

Called it! This is the new NX controller, I can smell it! I knew they would use the free-form screen technology!

I even had this idea years ago, but it was for a new DS. I hope this turns out to be a real product.



Nicolai commented on Poll: Are You Excited About Minecraft: Wii U E...:

I'm definitely interested in trying it, since it was so popular, but is it as popular as it used to be? I'm worried that I'll download it, then find that it's so late in the game that no one I know would want to play it with me anymore.

I'm also kinda disappointed that the price is more expensive than other versions for including features I won't even use, but I suppose it's cheaper than most games anyway.



Nicolai commented on Nintendo Confirms Details for Super Smash Bros...:

Come on, Inkling for Ballot winner!

Though I'm getting this sinking feeling that Cloud is all we're getting. They never said whether he was the ballot winner or not, or whether or not they're even going to officially announce the ballot winner as the ballot winner. For all we know, they could have just used the ballot as statistical data, and there was never intended to be a democratic winner.



Nicolai commented on Art: Here's Another Western Take On The Legend...:

Some people say they can't understand the "make everything 8-bit" trend , but I can't understand the "make everything hardcore that isn't hardcore" trend. Artists like this have ruined my perception of Pokémon already. No franchise is safe. Not even Kirby.
At any rate, this looks loads better then the last one showcased on this site.



Nicolai commented on NX Won't Be The Next Version Of Wii Or Wii U, ...:

Did anyone read the full interview? I know the following is probably reading way too much into it, and there is so much opportunity for mistranslation, but there's a slight, very slight possibility Kimishima slipped out that Nintendo is working on a Mario Galaxy game when he was explaining the Fellowship positions:

"You have people like Mr. Konno responsible for the Mario Kart series, or Mr. Koizumi who is in our Tokyo office with Mario Galaxy and so forth."



Nicolai commented on NX Won't Be The Next Version Of Wii Or Wii U, ...:

That's probably the best news I could have learned about the NX. I'm sold.

And that bit about more Wii U support? Fantastic. I don't want to buy a new console just yet. I want to play Zelda U on Wii U, and I would be happy with just one more must-have original game.

Plus, since I have Wii games and no Wii console, backwards compatibility has no use to me, since I can't sell my Wii U without being unable to play Wii games (unless the NX is backwards compatible with both the Wii and Wii U, which is really unlikely).



Nicolai commented on We Could See New Nintendo Stuff At The Game Aw...:

@zool I agree, I'm starting to get bored and fed up with amiibo. Any feature they could possibly use for it doesn't require the amiibo, and seems unnecessary. It was cool at first, but hearing what I'm missing out on by not getting the ones I don't want is starting to get disappointing.



Nicolai commented on Sacked Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Chris Prange...:

He was a very personable guy; I see no reason to give him a hard time for it. Everybody has flaws, and he just had a little hard time keeping a filter. The things he said, they're the kind of things that are easy to forget are things you're not supposed to say, such as that the comment that fans don't make up a big enough demographic to justify localizations we want.



Nicolai commented on Take a Look at Nintendo's Game Awards 2015 Nom...:

I was really hoping for Splatoon to be Game of the Year, but I never expected it to not even be nominated! And this game's already clocking in the highest number of hours on my Wii U, 30% more hours than the next one, Mario Kart 8! I'm actually pretty surprised about that, wow.