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Fri 6th June, 2014

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Nicolai commented on Reaction: The Concept of eShop 'Early Access' ...:

@Spoony_Tech Not necessarily, because the game was already finished and we were guaranteed all of those modes when we paid for it. At the rate they're releasing it, it's not like they're scrambling to finish them and put them out. All they're doing is pacing it slightly. By no means is there any doubt that we'll get those modes, and the process is much quicker, so no one has to wait, really.

The problem described above is about there being no guarantee of a truly finished game when people pay for it, because the developers simply haven't worked on it yet.



Nicolai commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

That's actually the exact opposite of why I was angry after the direct. I was surprised by how little there was that was new. Federation Force was probably the coolest thing in the direct, but they hardly showed it off. Other than that and Triforce Heroes, a more cooperative take on Four Swords, we got ANOTHER party game, a Mario Tennis that just adds Mega Mushrooms, a Star Fox that seems way too similar to StarFox 64, a bunch of previously seen games, and a Mario & Luigi crossover with Paper Mario, which seems to just blend the two games together without adding anything. Maybe they'll show what's new in future directs, but I was expecting to see it during the biggest presentation of the year.



Nicolai commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

I've always found the Aerospray more of a challenge to use (a good challenge, though). Whenever I switch to a longer-ranged weapon, I tend to do much better, because I don't have to go so far into enemy territory in order to ink around. Plus, I've taken out my fair share of Aerosprayers no problem. I think they're only so overused because short-ranged aggressive weapons are more dangerous and therefore so much more fun to use.



Nicolai commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms That Recent Super Sm...:

@PaperMario64 Yeah, I tried the Inkling costumes, and it's just not the same. They really need to be shooting ink; it just doesn't feel like Splatoon when they're shooting electro-balls and firey explosions.

I understand that technically, SSB.Wii U would probably not be able to let you paint the stage in ink for spacial tactics (maybe for the next installment?), but they should at least be shooting ink and using special moves from the game.

Unfortunately, I don't think Inkling is the most popular choice. It would be lucky to be number 3, cuz I'm sure Banjo Kazooie, King K. Rool, and Ridley will beat them out, and those are just the new characters.



Nicolai commented on Splatoon Has Inked 1 Million In Sales Since It...:

@Yorumi I can't help but disagree about the maps. Each map I've played has different rules for high-ground and low ground, different advantages for different weapons, different impediments (I'm just now starting to memorize the general positions of the fork lifters in Port Mackeral).

It's true that there is a slight weapon imbalance, but there's also a shifting metagame. Throughout my playing experience, people have gone from overusing chargers to overusing Aerosprays, and now it's those mega-splatrollers (which people quickly found ways of countering that throughout my session).

Maybe it's my general lack of fps experience. I've played my fair share of Halo and CoD back in the day, along with a few others, but maybe it's just because you're a pro. Are you finding it too easy now?



Nicolai commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

A necessary sacrifice. Yeah, I've had my post removed for a situational happenstance before (was quoting the carpenter's son from Ocarina of Time, and an admin mistook it for hateful bullying, lol). But I'd rather worry about that then deal with inappropriate content. I haven't been on Miiverse in about a year, ever since that "take-over" of the LoZ Community, and with the higher number of immature users now, it hasn't been the same since. I doubt Miiverse will ever be as pleasant as it was at launch, but maybe this will do it some good.



Nicolai commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:

As much as I love that mentality, DON'T pretend like you guys have always thought this way. It all just sounds like his excuse for a poor E3. Super Mario Maker, Zelda Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles, Star Fox Zero, and Yoshi's Wooly World were all shown last year with the assumption that they were about a year and a half off.



Nicolai commented on Ryu, Roy, New Stages and More Now Available in...:

It's just so expensive! I paid only $12 for the Mario Kart 8 bundle; this bundle is filled mostly with stuff I don't care about for $22 on Wii U. Picking what I want and getting the 3 characters and the new stage is only 6 bucks cheaper. I don't think I'll buy anything. There's plenty of characters already.



Nicolai commented on Cool It, Conspiracy Theorists - Sakurai Didn't...:

@maukenboost, you could handle it differently. It would be more professional to either ignore the comments and not let it get to you (keeping in mind that many of his more hostile fans are younger than half his age), or find a way to respond without sounding overly defensive.

As the head of one of the world's most popular franchises, he strikes me as a little immature, and should be a bit more careful with his column.



Nicolai commented on Nintendo Announces Its Plans for E3 2015, Head...:

Maybe I'll watch it, if I have time. Last year, I waited until it was made available on YouTube, then skipped through all of the boring parts. Of course, there were a lot of games I wasn't interested in; I mostly just wanted to see Splatoon in action. It was the least exciting thing for me compared to the Digital Event, the Smash tournament, and the hour-and-a-half trip to Best Buy to play smash early.



Nicolai commented on Nintendo Announces Its Plans for E3 2015, Head...:

Mario Maker? What an odd game to be made playable at Best Buy. Why try to create something for only 2 minutes, and not get to save that level for later?

I guess I won't be doing anything this E3 except watching the Digital Event. I'm not interested in the tournament.



Nicolai commented on Talking Point: What We Expect from Nintendo Di...:

@Bearface it's a sequel. There's enough new in it: new mechanics, a whole different cast of characters, new story, new items. Perhaps the only thing that's the same is the overworld, in addition to those things that are in every Zelda game.

Heads up, @Thomas Whitehead, you misspelled Paintbrush.