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StuOhQ commented on Life of Pixel Developer Highlights Sales Figur...:

I've read several articles praising the eShop for indies. We Nintendo fans are always hungry for new content (especially retro/nostalgia) between major Nintendo releases... There are lots of large gaps.

I'll definitely pick this up as soon as it becomes available on the Wii U.

hint: We also eat up console exclusives for whatever reason (fanboys/girls). Any indie title that releases exclusively or first for consoles on Wii U is going to get some added support.

Good luck guys! I really hope you see more success in the future. "Life of Pixel" looks great! Also, I have to agree with A01. I'll wager that you'll move more than 2,000 units on Wii U alone. In fact, you might do considerably better.



StuOhQ commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the November N...:

I want a release date for "Mario Kart 8" DLC (November 13th), "Fatal Frame" localization announcement for first-half 2015 to fill in one of the gaps in the - 4 games, six months - release schedule, and confirmation that Platinum Games will be the partner Nintendo has chosen to help them flesh out "Star Fox Wii U". A campaign trailer for Splatoon would be awesome as well. Thanks, Nintendo ;P



StuOhQ commented on New Study Finds No Connection Between Video Ga...:

Now, if only the media would give these sorts of studies some attention. Unfortunately, sensationalist stories of how a game/movie/artist caused a massacre make a lot more money than presenting sober and rational evidence to the contrary.



StuOhQ commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

Pre-order means an easy buy. The vocal few that're having a hard time finding a copy should have known that retailers wouldn't stock much past their guaranteed sales on a 2nd-party Wii U release. Loving some "Bayonetta 2" right now!! A special thanks is in order to Nintendo for saving this game.



StuOhQ commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

Wow... Nintendo just totally blew it. Please let them fix this in a quick patch pronto. This IS a big deal. If they don't get GC games on VC soon, they might lose me again. I was just starting to fall back in love with the Big N.



StuOhQ commented on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Thrashes the Competi...:

I'm hoping the one-two punch of "Bayonetta 2" and "Fatal Frame" (why hasn't this been announced for NA yet?) will put the Wii U numbers back in the teens for a few weeks. Neither on it's own is going to do that, but together they have a shot at closing out this quarter with an uptick.



StuOhQ commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

@tsukipon I guess I was using the term gamer to apply to those who are into the lifestyle/scene/culture of gaming. "Core" or "true" gamers are also terms for what I was describing, but core comes with it's own subset of stereotypes which don't apply broadly, and "true" makes it seem as if other gamers don't really like to play games.That's the main reason I noted that "casuals," who are also part of the gaming demographic, need not worry about entrenching themselves in the history. When I say "gamers" should know the Commodore 64 or NES, I'm referring to the informed minority - such as a "cinephile" should know their silent films, or a beer aficionado should know their Trappist quadruples. Sorry for the confusion of terminology. You don't have to know the C64 to enjoy games. If you're active in the gaming community, it's not a bad idea to research the classics...



StuOhQ commented on Activision Is Bringing The Dulcet Tones Of The...:


No kidding. It's like 3rd party publishers are the only ones that don't realize the reason Wii U isn't selling in the numbers the Wii did is that most of the casuals switched to other devices. They need to be marketing games towards the N64/GCN audience if they want to move Wii U software - those are the fans who are still on the U.



StuOhQ commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

@tsukipon Not to bash, but knowing nothing about the Commodore 64 is another cardinal offense if you're a gamer. If you're a casual, then even something as outrageous as not recognizing an NES can be forgiven... Seriously, though. I would recognize an Atari 2600 if I saw one, and I am too young to have ever owned one. It's fine that people are unaware of gaming history. If you're a true gamer, though, you've probably already dug back through some of the classic consoles. Many can still be purchased from used game stores.



StuOhQ commented on Interview: Eiji Aonuma and Yosuke Hayashi on H...:

Warriors games are, generally speaking, not my thing. Still "Dynasty Warriors: Gundam" got me, and I'll be picking this up too. Maybe not day one, though... Depends on how "Destiny" holds up after a few weeks.



StuOhQ commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

If it goes a fair way towards proving that, provided a little extra time, a Wii U title can stand up to its PS4/XBO equivalents visually, then it will have been worth the wait.

If the perception that the Wii U is too dramatically under-powered for AAA titles begins to fade, third parties will have fewer reasons to forgo the system... we all know that the install base argument is just just a load of bull.



StuOhQ commented on Yokai Watch 2 Finally Stripped of its Top Posi...:

@NodesforNoids The game is named "Zelda Musou" in Japan. Apparently Zelda games aren't popular enough for Hyrule to be a household phrase for the Japanese, either. I just like that it isn't confusing people here in the States into thinking it's an actual Zelda game and not just a spin-off. No need to soil the brand. Quality first-party IPs are Nintendo's major selling point.



StuOhQ commented on Yokai Watch 2 Finally Stripped of its Top Posi...:

@Action51 Hard to say. I expected "Hyrule Warriors" to pull a bigger first week of around 100,000 copies and then slowly settle into a steady 20k a week for at least six weeks or so. 0.25m was my rock bottom expectation for lifetime sales in japan.

Right now, it's looking like 150,000 might be a better lifetime estimate for the game there. Tecmo wanted 1m units sold worldwide, but - unless they can move a cool half-mil in the US - that's not going to happen.



StuOhQ commented on New Wii U and 2DS Bundles Announced, Rolling O...:

@VolcanoFlames I think something similar (a Super Wii U) might be a sharp move to play in 2016. It will still be well ahead of the next-generation and could put the U platform closer to equal footing with Sony and Microsoft in terms of raw power, without Nintendo having to take a loss in profit on hardware sales again. Technology will be cheaper and the "new" system will already have an excellent backwards library.



StuOhQ commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

@gage_wolf I couldn't have said it better myself. MK8 was "complete" and well worth the money when it launched. And yet, like every other game in history, there are a few things I would have liked to see in the game that can now be added via DLC!

Once I golded all the Mirror Mode tracks, and took out some time trials, I was hungry for new courses... They are on their way. I felt like the "complete" roster was great, but could still use some more diversity - it's on its way!

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for some legit Arena courses in the DLC to follow these, but I'm happy with what's been announced. These additions will really keep the game alive for me, and should ensure that the player base for the title keeps growing well into 2015.

Way to go, Nintendo! Coming through in a big way!



StuOhQ commented on Ubisoft Executive Talks Up Super Smash Bros. a...:

@Kirk I see SSB4 as more of a tipping point than as a solo-seller. Sure, I have friends who buy Nintendo consoles just for Smash, and wait for Smash before buying them. At the same time, the general public seems to operate more on game-climate than on single events.

MK8 moved some units, and console sales have growing globally since it's release (the U has outsold XBO for a few consecutive weeks now). Did it miraculously turn the Wii U into the number one contender? No. What it did do is shift public perspective on the U - there's a lot of marketing data to confirm this. People noticed MK8 and - in doing so - their attention was brought to the fact that Nintendo is finally building a decent offering on the U.

DK County: Tropical, Mario 3DW, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, are all large profile first-party releases (none of which were really going to sell systems on their own). Once Mario Kart hit, those titles became extra incentive to buy a U, and no longer had to be the main driving force. Add to that a few existing 2nd and 3rd party offerings like Wonderful 101 - and Nintendo's upcoming slate of games including Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, and Captain Toad - and the lay of the land starts to shift.

Enter Smash Bros. 4.

Enter Amiibo.

Ubisoft is playing damage control because a lot of retailers, like Gamestop, are expecting a bit of a comeback for the U this holiday season. When you combine a growing consumer interest in a console due to back catalog with a few high-profile releases, one can easily predict that a little bit of financial "magic" may occur.

Everyone is expecting Smash to be a success. Many are predicting the same of the Amiibo line. These products don't have to sweep the world away in order to turn things around for the Wii U: the tide is already turning.

If Smash sells anything like MK8 (I'll reason it does, given that the current climate looks a lot like that of the old GCN days - where Smash actually topped Kart in sales), it will be just one more factor moving the Wii U's weekly totals up, up, and up.

Right now, the aroma of the "coffee" seems to indicate that the Wii U won't ever be the staggering success that the Wii was, but that it might just shape up to be a formidable third of the home console market if Nintendo keeps releasing quality software titles that catch the attention of everyday gamers... and maybe even convince some of the massive crowd of casuals from last-gen to make an upgrade.