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Sun 6th Apr 2014

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foodmetaphors commented on Parent Trap: ​Does The Wii U Still Make Sens...:

My original reaction when the Wii U was unveiled was something like "Wow that's a great idea and I bet that'd be a lot of fun, but who's gonna want to keep that giant gamepad in their living room?"
Not to mention that in order to sell it at $300 (really $350), and still make a profit, the gamepad wound up being both underpowered and lacking in battery life which meant keeping it tethered for play sessions longer than an hour. Even with this horrendously weak gamepad, the system could only support one at a time and if yours broke you were mostly SOL.



foodmetaphors commented on Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Will Contain Ov...:

I've bought and enjoyed games in the DQM series, but nobody I know plays it so it kinda loses its appeal, meanwhile a lot of people are playing Pokémon and it's at the point where even if it gets localized I won't be getting it.



foodmetaphors commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

I feel like the games were the worst part of how they presented the appletv but i still want one as every other function looks nice and easy to use and hopefully the gaming functions are better than advertised. im guessing they didnt spend a lot of time on that aspect of it because of time considerations plus its not really the focus of the device and theyre trying to reach a big audience.



foodmetaphors commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:

I love Apple and an Apple/Nintendo partnership would be a dream but I just dont think its very likely, both companies are very similar in a lot of ways (which is what draws me to them). They both like making money on their hardware and they both like to have a lot more control over their 'ecosystem' than is maybe healthy albeit for different reasons.



foodmetaphors commented on Review: Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeri...:

So I played this game back around the time it first came out on iOS (so there was only Ogden's story) and it was pretty good albeit short (hoping the extra chapters are longer). Anyways, I got this for Wii U (which gave me a free code for the 3DS version, score!)... however early impressions are not good. I just tried the Wii U version and it was extremely laggy/sound was messed up. The 3DS version seems way better so far, my one gripe is the controls, I guess they really wanted the Y button to have a use, so they made that the run button while A is for talking/etc... which makes it really awkward and uncomfortable. Fix the Wii U version and give me the option to set up my controls where B does both running and canceling and I'll be happy.



foodmetaphors commented on GameStop Confirms amiibo 3-Pack Pre-Order Even...:

Work til 11 tonight, gonna try waking up at 7:45 then heading to GS immediately... hopefully no ridiculous lines will have formed by then. The Dark Pit line at Best Buy didn't get many ppl until close to the time they opened so I don't think it'll be a problem for me. And there's way more GS near me than BB so I guess that should help.



foodmetaphors commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Wii U Gamepad 2

It should actually be something of a cross between a 2DS and Wii U Gamepad, with user-expandable storage and access to all eShops, making it their ultimate portable. Also of course functions as a Gamepad, which frees Nintendo to sell a controller-free Wii U system.



foodmetaphors commented on Review: Paper Mario (Wii U eShop / Nintendo 64):

i got this on wii vc as a cn reward so it was just $2 to upgrade to the wii u version. not sure how i feel so far tho, theres a lot of lag to the point where i have to play on the Gamepad and the TV might as well be turned off or something. i have the same issue with Mario 64 but it's probably actually worse on Paper Mario since "crits" and blocking are based on timing



foodmetaphors commented on Hardware Review: REVO K101 Plus:

I really dont see the appeal in this since the emulation is crap, youre better off going with an SP or DS Lite for playing physical games or something like the dingoo if you want to emulate. "¯(ツ)/¯"



foodmetaphors commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

"Our question here is simple - if it's Capcom, Ubisoft or EA releasing outfits or entirely cosmetic extras in one of their major releases, is the reaction different to how we perceive Nintendo's offering? We regularly see these aforementioned companies slammed for cheap extras like this, yet Nintendo's jumping right in with the same basic concept."

As a rule I avoid micro transactions, however this is the type I'm most comfortable with, essentially the TF2 way of doing it where the game is the same experience for everyone, but you can optionally purchase something that doesn't actually give any kind of advantage. It's the "wait 1 hour or pay real $$$" stuff and the pay-to-win model that I can't stand.



foodmetaphors commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

The more I think about getting N64 games on VC, the less I care, it just seems that so many of the top games have issues (Rare being bought out by MSoft just eliminates some of the best) and first party games such as Smash and Kart have been done better since and are still easy to find and play, and besides the biggest selling point for many N64 games were the 4 player games and I feel it's not likely the 3DS would have multiplayer.



foodmetaphors commented on Nintendo 64x64: WCW/nWo Revenge:

Revenge and No Mercy were the only two in this series I owned and were both fantastic, NM is my favorite N64 game, period. And I still find Revenge fun to come back to because of the weapon mechanics and it had some of my favorite wrestlers already built in. I don't care as much about No Mercy's roster, but CAW puts it above Revenge overall, not to mention the added depth in mechanics, career mode and play modes.