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Sat 12th Jul 2014

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abbyhitter commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

Even though I don't play Mario sports games, I can definitely see this getting DLC in the future to help spice up the content count. I can foresee more online modes and playable characters as DLC.



abbyhitter commented on Review: Yo-Kai Watch (3DS):

This game looks pretty good, but I am done with new game purchases until XCX comes out. I don't want to start something new and not have time to finish it before December 4th. All I have to say is that Xenoblade Chronicles X better be getting a 10/10 from this site. In my eyes, this site will lose all credibility if XCX gets less than a 10/10. And don't do the whole "score pending" crap because of testing the online features.



abbyhitter commented on Super Smash Bros. Fan Provides a Suprisingly D...:

@Dr_Corndog @NintyMan Sure. I'd be fine with Smash Tour in the Wii U version. I just want something to flesh out the single player experience. Adventure Mode in Melee was just Nintendo game themed platforming levels with enemies to kill. SSE in Brawl tried something new with a storyline told through silent cutscenes while battling through platformer levels. To top that, Smash Bros 4 could have added a 3D open world adventure mode where you fight through Nintendo themed dungeons and beat bosses at the end of each dungeon. You could have a hub world similar to Splatoon's plaza where you could chat with the rest of the Smash Bros roster.



abbyhitter commented on A Teaser Site for Xenoblade Chronicles X Has J...:

The music in the trailer on the teaser site at 1:08 gives me to the biggest chills and ear orgasms ever. I am so ready to get lost in this huge world of Mira in an attempt to forget the problems of my own world. December 4th can't come fast enough!



abbyhitter commented on Editorial: It's Far Too Soon to Go Download-On...:

I actually disagree with the last sentence of the article. I don't think discs are the future of physical media storage. I do see them getting phased out for SD card based storage or something similar. Disc drives can be frail and add extra expense.



abbyhitter commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

The Fall price cut of 2013 got me to buy a Wii U. I got the limited edition Wind Waker bundle. I think another price cut will push people to buy a Wii U this Christmas. Starting a "Nintendo Selects" lineup with Wii U games would help software sales too. Putting games like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, NSMBU, Lego City Undercover, and SM3DW at the $19.99 price point would help these games fly off shelves.