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Sat 12th July, 2014

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abbyhitter commented on Reggie Explains Why Donkey Kong And Bowser Wer...:

Link is also my favorite amiibo. I initially bought him for Hyrule Warriors because of the Spinner weapon (which is my favorite in the game). I've got him to level 50 on Smash Bros, and I am excited to use him in Yoshi's Wolly World and Super Mario Maker. Hopefully, he will have some functionality with Tri Force Heroes as well.



abbyhitter commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

It sounds like people set their expectations too high. I don't know why they did. Nintendo gave no indication of a new 3D Mario game, Metroid Prime 4, Paper Mario on Wii U, a usual Animal Crossing game on Wii U, or any other surprise announcements. So why did people assume this would happen? I went into to this E3 with zero expectation and no hype for anything. I came away pleased with new trailers for games that I will be getting. Nintendo already said that Zelda U would not be shown at this year's E3.



abbyhitter commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Splatoon, Project CARS, ...:

I wonder why these weekly videos don't get more comments on here. Every other article gets over 100 comments. This one only gets like, 10, at the most. That sucks. People need to watch these videos and leave comments on here.



abbyhitter commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

Got my preorder at GameStop ready to go. Can't wait to use those Inkling costumes on my Mii Fighter in Smash Bros. Definitely looking forward to the single player campaign in this too.



abbyhitter commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Fails to Chart in Week of...:

I'm glad Code Name STEAM is failing. It looks really boring, the characters look dumb, the artstyle is crap, and the gameplay isn't fun. The demo definitely put me to sleep. Hopefully this is a wake-up call for Intelligent Systems and Nintendo to not make crappy new IPs like this.



abbyhitter commented on SEGA Records Financial Losses and Aims to Stic...:

Isn't there a third Nintendo exclusive Sonic game coming out? I remember something a while back saying that there were 3 exclusive Sonic games for Nintendo. Sonic Lost World was the first, Sonic Boom was the second, and now we are waiting on the third.