Power to the people

The Nintendo NX rumour machine rolls on, and we're now hearing reports relating to the power of the mysterious console.

The source of this particular rumour is none other than Liam Robertson of Unseen64 - someone who is known as being incredibly reliable when it comes to inside info. He's the same chap who dug up all that fascinating data on Project H.A,M.M.E.R., and was also responsible for letting the world know that Criterion almost made an F-Zero game.

He's tweeted about the relative power of the NX, and claims that Nintendo isn't interested in taking on the current console hardware champ, the PS4 - at least not in terms of pure polygon-pushing power, anyway:

Robertson is famed for being very careful indeed when posting information like this online, and has been repeatedly proven right with his claims in the past - so it's fair to say that he has a pretty solid source in this case.

Does this rumour surprise you? Were you expecting the NX to match the PS4, or do you think that Nintendo is aiming for a low-cost system to attract more buyers? Could the console's mooted hybrid nature - both a domestic system and a portable - mean that it's impossible to cram in the same power as there is in a PS4? Sound off in the comments section to let us know your thoughts.

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