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Thu 13th Mar 2014

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macmilk commented on Nintendo Download: 19th November (North America):

Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon... yet another game Nintendo didn't seem to want reviews out before the release... probably another dud to go along with AC:AF and Ultra Smash... such a shame, but at least Xenoblade should be decent... sad that'll be the only true holiday game for me this year. Come on nintendo, you're much better than this-- now excuse me while I go back to playing Fallout 4



macmilk commented on Talking Point: Why Does Investor Confidence in...:

All I have to say is that I'm loosing faith in Nintendo and the "NX"will be the LAST Nintendo console I will ever buy if I get as burned as I got with the Wii U... which was the the sad result of god awful planning, marketing, and support. It sucks when you buy into something early, pay full price for it... only to see the promised "launch window" games get continuously pushed back. Yoshi's Wolly World was announced back in 2013, over two years later, we are still waiting for it. Same can be said for Xenoblade. Or how about Zelda Wii U? A game that was PROMISED repeatedly for a 2015 release, got pushed back to a vague 2016 launch. Hell, according to rumors, Wii U owners might not even get the game on their console... we also lost the one big first party holiday game for the year, Starfox Zero, which also got pushed back to some vague "early" 2016 launch... then there was the mishandling of third party support, eventually leaving the console barren to anything outside of first party and a handful of indies... to the screwed up handling of backwards Wii compatibility... which is mixed with Nintendo's dated approach to digital sales. It's laughable how, in 2015, Nintendo still lacks cross buy and still have our digital purchases to the hardware, not the user... I'm getting mighty tired of buying Super Mario Bros. over and over again so that I may enjoy the game on my current console or handheld. Speaking of which, I'm still waiting on the promised GameCube virtual console library support on the Wii U. You would think that Nintendo, having arguably the largest back-catalogue of blockbuster, classic games would leverage that advantage... instead they seems to almost ignore it. Trickle releasing random games, while flat out ignoring clearly better choices. They destroyed Club Nintendo, promising hardcore fans a better, more modern reward/appreciation program... we are still waiting on that one. They still don't understand online gaming and can't seem to build a true, dynamic online Nintendo community... Nintendo network and miiverse are sad, anemic and outrageously out of date when compared to MS and Sony's current offerings. Nintendo also still doesn't understand that in today's current market, if you're going to sell a $300 machine for the living room, you can't get away with it not being good for anything but games... the goal should be to try and make your box the one that get's used the most for entertainment, so it doesn't become an after thought and forgotten device that just collects dust... Seriously, for the love of god, add the ability to play movies already!!! There's a Bluray drive in there, there's no excuse anymore... let alone adding support for a variety of other, modern, app-driven media options. They could also get some proper marketing... start by firing whoever had the lame idea of calling it the Wii U... Nintendo needs to grow up and realize that it's not the 90's anymore. It's time to change the message... wacky, random commercials that often ignore the gameplay in favor of some gimmicky slapstick just doesn't cut it anymore... they need to pick a message, an identity, and stick with it.... they are in massive need of some cohesion. They also need to realize that by catering to just children is in effect cutting them off from a massive audience. They have become closed off and restrictive. Games aren't just toys anymore... they need to stop living in the past! Lastly, although I could go on and on... it is utterly mind boggling that a company that owns the dedicated mobile gaming market with the 3DS, doesn't exploit some sort of communication between their handheld and home consoles... it makes no sense. The 3DS and Wii U might as well come from two completely different companies considering how in this age of tight ecosystems and wireless communications, the two devices barely can speak to one another - a sorely missed opportunity and yet another example of how out of date Nintendo is.

Yes, to buy into something early solely based on my love, support and trust for Nintendo... only to see them handle everything so massively disappointing... it's hard. I still can't believe that, if rumors are true, that 2016 will see the release of the "NX".... but that will mean that the Wii U got a shelf life of less than four years. That would have been acceptable if it was a $100-200ish console... but to spend $350 on the thing with such MASSIVE promises that were made, only to see it never truly live up to that promised potential... it's hard. I also am running out of patience and excuses for Nintendo and their inability to leverage and innovate with the plethora of technologies in this modern age... yes, they look dated and out of touch... and I'm losing faith, trust and interest. /endrant



macmilk commented on Mario Memories: The Incredible Impact of Super...:

Still the most magical in the series for me... had such a huge impact not only on myself, but the industry as a while. Yes, magical is the right word. In this day and age were remakes and HD remasters are all the rage, I would be more than happy if nintendo gave this one the treatment. That would be amazing!



macmilk commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Challenge With Super...:

Here's the deal... I have been waiting for mario to have some sort of true flight capabilities since I was a boy playing Super Mario World.... I don't get why nintendo has skimped on this feature for over 20 yrs now... I'd also argue that the "new" series seems scant on anything really new from the classics. Beyond wall jumping and sharper visuals, there's nothing very new or fresh... whereas each and every mario game from the original to super mario world, had a fresh feel to it and pushed the franchise further... it's not that I don;t like the "new" series, it just seems stale and unmemorable.



macmilk commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

I'd like to know that if I bought into NX early, as I did with the Wii U, that my investment won't get replaced by another console less than four years later (assuming this actually does come out Holiday 2016 as the rumors have all predicted). Watching Sony and Microsoft really hit their stride with their current gen consoles at e3... It was hard not to feel burned by Nintendo with regards to the lack of new Wii U content. It was even harder watching Reggie with his BS answers about how we only show real content that'll come out this year... Then why did we see Zelda last year... Or yoshi almost two years ago? Hell, even xenoblade was announced when the console launched and we're still waiting on that one in the states. Yes, nintendo is losing my trust with their brand.



macmilk commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

This whole Wii U debacle has seriously damaged the level of trust I have for the Nintendo brand... Between being an early adopter that saw the console drop $50 in less than a year, to having to patiently wait for games that were promised long ago (we in the states are still waiting for Xenoblade and Yoshi)... to then getting snubbed at E3 this year (less than three years since the console launched). It's going to take a lot for me to ever consider being an early adopter of any nintendo initiative in the near future.



macmilk commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

My issue is how clear they are making it that they no longer care about the wii u... it's hard then to not feel burned. The console isn't even three years old yet! Metroid is probably a next gen console game now.... reggie going on about how they'll talk about NX next year... the lack luster wii u lineup for the holiday, let alone afterwards... Beyond that they didn't even elaborate on their path forward with regard to the new loyalty program. I also find it sad how they lag so far behind Microsoft and Sony with their eShop system... cross-buy and multiple machine downloads under one login would be nice, it is 2015 ya know...