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Baker1000 commented on Dragon Quest X Compilation of All Three Versio...:

Meh, I'm not fussed about this coming west now, just give us DQ11 on 3DS with full streetpass functionality. Baffles me that they had DQ9 on DS with the early precursor to streetpass but haven't yet utilised it on a console which promotes the function as one of it's key features.



Baker1000 commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade Gets A Mario Kart 8 Turb...:

I've got around 40-odd badges so far without spending anything, just using free plays. Some of the machines are easy. Last night I had one free play and managed to clear an entire machine of block badges by dislodging them and making them all fall through the gap!



Baker1000 commented on Rumour: A Class in Bravely Second is Supposedl...:

@Yorumi Thing is I know someone who has Native American ancestry and he finds this sort of thing to be offensive to the culture he was raised with, and is even more offended by people dismissing it as something which can't be considered offensive.

Being British I don't know the full history behind Native American and non-native settlers, but I can imagine when your people have been forced out of their territory by new settlers over how ever many years, then for them to start wearing the clothing you consider sacred would be smack in the face.



Baker1000 commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

Yeah, I was shocked by the lack of content. At the very least I expect a couple of tournaments to work through. Disappointing from Nintendo and Camelot. It definitely feels like it was rushed for the holiday release, after only being announced at E3 and presumably in development only a few months beforehand, since Mario Golf was only out last summer.

Camelot need to leave Mario sports titles alone for 5 years and focus on a new Golden Sun or entirely new IP. They're too much of a brilliant company to be handed Golf/Tennis titles to kick out the door in time for a specific release. It should be noted even Mario Golf had a poor number of single player courses in the main campaign (just 3, and a tournament for each) and was geared more towards online.



Baker1000 commented on Rumour: A Class in Bravely Second is Supposedl...:

Anyone thinking Native Americans don't care about something that seems as trivial as this, you're mistaken. They very much do care about people appropriating their attire. The headdress is a particular sticking point, as it can only be worn by people considered worthy within the tribe. It's a religious thing, more than anything. A bit like how the church has gotten irate over people sexualising the Nun's outfit. There have been many cases where catwalk models have worn the headdress and faced a backlash. Recently my favourite band (No Doubt) removed a music video within 24 hours of it going up, all because it had a Native American theme and Gwen Stefani was rocking a feathered headdress. They were instantly branded as racist by SJWs despite their history proving the exact opposite.



Baker1000 commented on Feature: Memories of Court Battles in Mario Te...:

@bitleman I really don't think this latest Tennis is their fault entirely. Nintendo clearly wanted it released before the holiday season, they didn't have time to create something completely new. Mario Golf: World Tour was fine except it only had 3 tournaments, but the online more than made up for the lack of single player. Camelot is a fantastic developer, if you've ever played Golden Sun you'll understand why. They need to develop a new IP or give us a conclusion to the story in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (they may insist it was a stand alone title but there was waaaay too much left open and the ending was a cliffhanger)



Baker1000 commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

Should probably stop buying Nicalis games then, since this guy is too lazy to bring certain games to Wii U. Having never played the game this might be an uneducated statement to make, but it doesn't look like a game which requires a lot of power. I mean the graphics look like they were done in photoshop, which is by no means a bad thing but what's all the power being used on instead?!



Baker1000 commented on Feature: Memories of Court Battles in Mario Te...:

Definitely a lack of content in this new game, absolutely no single player campaign just a bunch of exhibition modes thrown together with online and amiibo training. I thought the 3DS game had little in the way of single player tournaments...damn. Online is still blighted by people taking full advantage of the purple chance shots which are almost always winners. It speaks volumes when the stats at the end show my opponent with 15 smash winners to my 1 or 2. You can use the A shots to achieve the same winner 90% of the time and they aren't nearly as hard to return.

Overall, after just an hour playing it feels like a game rushed out for the holiday season with little time spent on content. It's the 3DS engine with improved visuals. The gameplay itself is as brilliant as it always has been (despite those annoying chance shots) but I was always surprised how quickly this game was announced after Mario Golf: World Tour was only the previous year, and then to learn it was due by Christmas...well it was always going to be a rushed title.

They need to provide an update with more modes. But I really think Camelot should stop with the Mario Sports titles for now (I'd always love a Mario Golf on home console but even the 3DS one felt a bit bare for tournaments) and concentrate on other titles, like maybe a new Golden Sun at long last.



Baker1000 commented on Feature: A History of the Mario Tennis Franchise:

What really ruined Open for me was a) how online focused it was and b) that the online was just full of people exploiting the power smashes that were impossible to stop. I made a point of, and took great pride in, defeating opponents without resorting to smashing it whenever I found myself inside a red zone...there are far more pleasing ways to play that same shot.

I hope they've got less focus on those shots in the Wii U version - but I doubt it.



Baker1000 commented on Pre-ordering Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Will Net...:

These are cool but I doubt I'd bother to assemble them (assuming you need to) so I think I'll stick to my pre-order with Game.

BTW I pre-ordered Mario Tennis with them for the free tennis ball and plush...I've had them delivered already so I could just cancel the order and keep them! They need to be wary of that when sending pre-order bonuses weeks beforehand.



Baker1000 commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

@TheAdrock ha, well unless they're going to start making the handheld or NES/SNES era games again there's only Skyward Sword left, which was only 4 years ago. Though it would be nice in HD. But really why are they only doing Zelda games? Maybe because Mario has that many spin-offs they don't need to keep people satisfied with remakes?



Baker1000 commented on Dragon Quest VII And VIII Both Confirmed For W...:

Nope, didn't think this would happen. Maybe we'll get those FF5 and 6 ports some day too. I mean, with this, the Bravely series and Cloud in SSB, Square Enix and Nintendo seem to be getting on like a pair of chocbos. Might we even see FF7 ported now?!



Baker1000 commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

I have to admit I quite like the blurred/distorted effect of the original in that video, it fits with the world, especially the Twilight Realm. Though I have to say when watching all the games on the big screen at the Zelda Symphony earlier in the year, this is the game which looked worse what with the polished 3DS ports of the N64 games and the HD Wind Waker and cel-shaded more timeless look of Skyward Sword.

It'll be weird playing the button version though, I wonder if they will have a mirror option compatible with Wii remotes? I can't help wish Nintendo would stop the Zelda remakes though and polish some Mario games instead like Mario 64 or Sunshine. Even Galaxy would be a better choice for a HDmake.



Baker1000 commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Gets a Release Date an...:

Why are there some people complaining about the name Linkle now? We heard that name months ago when the concept art was discovered, surely you've had time to digest that and let it grow on you.

I think it's great to see a female Link, and it will be interesting to see how this changes main series entries going forward. Interesting that she has a a certain other trailer we've seen...



Baker1000 commented on Square Enix Confirms Details of Gorgeous Final...:

I wouldn't mind getting this but I don't think I can face online co-op on 3DS after witnessing how annoying it can be in Tri Force Heroes. I know that game's online features leave a lot to be desired and one drop out wouldn't mean the end in FF Explorers, but I get kicked out myself so often due to connection errors I doubt I'll get far.



Baker1000 commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI:

@VanillaLake pretty much the only thing that drew me into the article. Not interested in Minecraft, I'm not big on Sandbox games (Super Mario Maker is the exception for me). Never quite understood the whole point besides being a digital Lego-type game where people make pixelated copies of famous environments. And while it's undeniable how big the game is, it's far from the most influential of all time. Not even in the ball's a pretty big statement considering we're on a Nintendo site, looking at just their own history!



Baker1000 commented on Feature: How Mario Kart Brought Two Soul Mates...:

@Elijah_and_Lisa thanks for the reply! Such a sweet video, and nice touch with the top of the cake (of course it would be Link and Zelda!). Truly you were made for each other and it's clear proof if any were needed that fate will draw two people together! Thanks for sharing the story and I hope you enjoy many years of happiness together



Baker1000 commented on Feature: How Mario Kart Brought Two Soul Mates...:

This was an amazing story, I have to say I'm jealous that it didn't happen to me!! So glad to see the two of you have responded to the comments both good and bad. I wonder if the same criticisms of stalking and inappropriate behaviour would have been typed if it was written from Lisa's perspective and she wrote that first Miiverse message. So sad that good honest men are subject to such criticisms because of the actions of the minority.

Also, I'd be interested in hearing it from Lisa's perspective. What was going through her mind in those early MK Wii days? Did she pick up MK8 with a sense of nostalgia and longing for those late night MK Wii sessions with that dude who waited at the line?



Baker1000 commented on Review: Wild Gunman (Wii U eShop / NES):

I don't know how long you have to play Game A for it to get impossibly fast...I got to about 40 odd and the times didn't sink below around 0.5 sec I think. When it's just one shooter that's an easy kill, especially when you have the cursor to help aiming. I got bored and let myself get shot.

Game B is the more exciting and challenging mode. You neglected to mention that every so often one of the gunmen doesn't draw at all, forcing you to really think rather than just react. You lose a life if you shoot one which hasn't drawn. This is the mode where it can get too quick to react in time as the time between shots narrows.

Game C was fun but ultimately you don't last long before you start making mistakes. Perhaps the mode with most replay value. One thing that struck me about this Wild Gunman is you can't have 3 shooters on screen at once like in BTTF 2. Was that just the arcade units or did they modify it for the screen to make Marty's gun skills more impressive (foreshadowing his display in BTTF 3)?

I also hate the lack of option to remove the cursor (or I couldn't find it) like in Duck Hunt, because it makes it far too easy to aim.



Baker1000 commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

Long may it continue! I only started to come here after my previous go-to gaming blog got shutdown after years and years. It wasn't a Nintendo-focused site, so I'm not sure why I waited so long to find one since I don't play any other consoles. It doesn't look like the basic layout of the site has changed drastically since that 2005 screenshot. I'm looking forward to what's next though.



Baker1000 commented on Michael Pachter Thinks Miitomo Will Have Troub...:

It was my first impression that it was less of a game and more of a social app. In my opinion it's more of a companion to the upcoming Nintendo Account, which is perhaps why it's also been delayed to coincide with Miitomo. It's far from a disaster. So their first app doesn't make a splash, so what? Nintendo doesn't need it to be successful to continue in the mobile market, and enough people will still download it to make it a moderate success anyway - because it's Nintendo. The same reason why plenty of people will buy the other 4 apps they have planned. If they gain popularity among the mainstream casual smartphone crowd, even better. These other 4 apps/games may even take advantage of aspects within Miitomo, and so this is just setting up the initial platform.

It's always been quite clear to me they weren't going to import their library of classic games onto smartphones, at least not while they have a separate store on consoles. It may happen eventually, but when it does I suspect it will be cross buy between console and mobile, linked via the Nintendo Account. IMO this is positioning themselves for the NX and providing some sort of link between console and mobile.



Baker1000 commented on Sega: Recent Sonic Games Haven't Been "Accepta...:

I've been saying it for years. Go with the Mega Man 9 route and just give us the Mega Drive engine and sprites and stick to level design with no gimmicks. Just pick up where Sonic 3 & Knuckles left off. They ruined Sonic 4 by a) splitting it into 'episodes' b) basically ripping off the original level themes but not even capturing what made them brilliant c) shoehorning the awful homing attack and messing about with the physics from the original games.

They also need to focus mainly on handheld with side-scrolling Sonic like Sonic Rush and the DS Colours. Sonic Boom 2 is the first dedicated handheld Sonic in like a decade rather than some dual release with a console game. But, I don't hold any hope for that. I really liked Sonic Rush but the second one was ruined when they tried turning it into Phantom Hourglass with the boat sections. Sonic Advance is another example of brilliant classic formula they ruined with sequels that added unnecessary characters and gimmicks.

Just give us the Mega Drive side-scrolling days again Sega. Nintendo have learned some games such as Kirby just don't work in 3D spaces, so can you.



Baker1000 commented on Super Mario Maker Gets Mid-Level Checkpoints a...:

I don't know why they didn't have the status-dependant power ups from the start. Everyone knows if you get a mushroom block as Super Mario you upgrade it to a Fire Flower! Good to see they're listening and tweaking the features. I still expect more course parts in the future and maybe more amiibo outfits when more figures are released.



Baker1000 commented on Rumour: Data Miners Reveal That The Legend of ...:

It's logical when you think about it. There isn't a lot of meat in the game and what is there has been artificially extended by adding challenges to the same levels. The costumes were always going to be targeted for expansion. Let's just hope at the same time they update the single player with better controls and a way to move as a trio not one at a time.



Baker1000 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

Well, I for one did NOT expect the main plot device to be fashion.

It frustrates me that they fail to utilise the D-Pad for anything in some of these games. What's the point in having two control methods when you can use one to assign items/commands to? They could easily have the D-Pad be used to issue commands to the doppels in single player. It's also annoyed me in both OOT and Majora's Mask, where it would have been a dream to assign items to the D-Pad buttons that didn't get used. I seem to remember MM was slightly better with it's D-Pad usage though. I don't get why they'd make you use fiddly touch screen buttons to make up the extra 2 item slots in those games, with no D-Pad shortcut.

Anyway, about Tri Force Heroes. Charming game but so awkward if you don't know two other Nintendo gamers in person. Playing online with two randoms is bemusing but fun, though it begins to irritate you when someone can't see the obvious solution only they can execute because they have the item needed.



Baker1000 commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

If this turns out to be the case, I'll be disappointed if they no longer make games designed specifically for handheld...but home console style games on handheld? Count me in, I've loved the recent ports like Majora's Mask and Xenoblade. That being said, there needs to be a way of playing HD on whatever portable device it is. One of the biggest negatives for me on Wii U is games where the GamePad is the main display (the latest Kirby) meaning you miss out on the benefit of HD on the TV. If I'm to play Zelda on the NX away from my TV, I don't want to feel I'm missing out.



Baker1000 commented on Video: Take a Look Around the Interior of Nint...:

When I saw the recent post on how to find the building, I thought maybe it was empty and all trace of Nintendo besides the sign now gone. I'm quite surprised to find it is still occupied by a staff member and better yet, still contains products that Nintendo once produced. It's a real shame they haven't either opened it for public tours, or at the very least given us a video tour around the place or even just some cool official photos of some of the history that lies within.

I'd love to find it myself one day, and if I could look inside that would be amazing!



Baker1000 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses...:

Shame it's only one date in the UK and only London (no love for the north or Wales/Ireland/Scotland?) but at date is a date! It's also a Saturday which is handy...I saw it this year and I'm tempted to go again as it was fantastic!



Baker1000 commented on Apparent Confirmation Emerges of Shovel Knight...:

Not gonna lie, if it's true then I think it's lazy on Nintendo's part to simply use a character which already has an amiibo, rather than produce an entirely new amiibo for a character.

Didn't know the Yarn Yoshi was compatible, but wasn't it read-only? I swear I read that.