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Mon 21st April, 2014

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Baker1000 commented on Weirdness: Lorry Thieves Make Off With Splatoo...:

Wow, I almost feel bad for the crims. I bet they expected a truck load of Playstations and Xbox Ones, instead they're stuck with a lorry load of kids toys!! Joking aside, this is horrible news for anyone waiting for their pre-order. I would flip it if was one of mine, and a special edition at that + an amiibo? Bad times.

"Pre-ordering any Nintendo limited edition is a stumble in the dark, as we blindly hope an order isn't cancelled just before it's due to be shipped" <-----I've never had any kind of problem with a Nintendo limited edition. I've always been able to order with no problem, stock has never been an issue so you don't have to rush to place your order and hope. I've never heard of any issues of such kind until the Great amiibo Grab of 2015, so I don't know where you got that idea.



Baker1000 commented on Talking Point: Retro Gamers Beware, PAC-MAN 25...:

I'll put it out there that Crossy Road only went viral after TDM did that video. It's got 4m views because his videos are just that popular. It's nothing special as a game, it's standard F2P stuff with a Frogger rip off. (I wonder if they even had the license for Frogger...)



Baker1000 commented on Weirdness: The Game Boy XXL Makes The New Nint...:

It should be noted that although it looks like the slimmer Pocket version, the dimensions were taken from the original handheld. He took to Kotaku's comments section to explain he just never had time to make the back piece.

The next? Well a GBA SP would be great, basically the same principle but with the buttons on a flat surface.



Baker1000 commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

@JaxonH Well you don't need a Wii to play Wii games if you have a Wii U, do you? I can play DS games without a DS because I have a 3DS. When you consider people sell their old consoles to lighten the expense of the new one, being able to transfer all those downloads across beforehand is important. Or even, being able to sell a couple of those old games they'll never play again, which you can't do with downloads.



Baker1000 commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

I definitely prefer to have a physical product. Nintendo is devoted to backwards compatibility with at least the generation before, but what happens when you can no longer transfer old downloads to a new console? This has been the case with both Sony and Microsoft consoles (who admittedly don't even offer backwards compatibility with discs) and I would be sceptical about going download only for this reason.



Baker1000 commented on Nintendo Announces Best Buy Locations and Deta...:

Wow, in some ways disappointing it's only the NES Remix mode. I guess at least you can practise getting it right beforehand, but then that can also be a negative point.

Also, why the 3DS version? It's the same mode on NES Remix II isn't it?!



Baker1000 commented on Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest VIII For Th...:

This'll be great if it makes it to the west. I loved the DS remakes, never having had the chance to play them originally. DQ9 was one of the very best DS games, and I've been anticipating another handheld instalment since then. I really hope they give this a western release.



Baker1000 commented on Weirdness: This Game Boy Macro Is Crafted From...:

Nintendo should actually just make a smartphone sized GBA and make it download only. That would be amazing. I love the GB Micro for size but the screen was way too small. Nowadays they can make something much slimmer, without the need for a cartridge and a screen the same size as that of an iPhone.



Baker1000 commented on You Don't Need A Yoshi amiibo To Unlock Stuff ...:

@BLPs I know the storage can't be very big, but you can't write more than one piece of game data to it because it's too small? That's pretty short sighted, isn't it? Nintendo knew there would be multiple games compatible with one figure, you'd think they would have implemented something to prevent such storage issues when writing to a single figure.



Baker1000 commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyeballs on These Xenoblad...:

I'd rather some with a focus on the world, like the Xenoblade ones did. Robot porn doesn't do it for me, I'm not massively into mechs or how badass they look. That's not the most exciting aspect of this game for me, I'd be perfectly happy if they weren't in it. Though I imagine they'll be handy for exploring the vast world more quickly, and reaching places you can't on foot.



Baker1000 commented on Video: So, How Fast Is 200cc In Mario Kart 8?:

One of the tricky things with 200cc I've found is the sheer distance you get from jumps, such as the one on that circuit. You've got no time to start your powerslide so you really have no choice but to either brake or take to the grass. On Toad Harbour you fly right over the second jump before the canopies. You really need to rethink your entire approach to the tracks, which is a brilliant way to keep you playing. I haven't got a single star on any 200cc cups yet.



Baker1000 commented on amiibo Tap Gets A New Title In Europe, Availab...:

TAP = Touch And Play. I like it. This'll be fun, I guess, but there's little here if you already own the VC titles they're trying to push on you, unless they have some kind of score/leaderboard to keep you trying to improve your play of each segment.



Baker1000 commented on UK StreetPass Groups Planning Mario Kart 8 Rac...:

Not that there's any near me, but I'd rather spend the weekend enjoying the new content before going off to an event to play other people. Why always so close? There were events right after the release last year, before many had even had 24 hours to play it.

(I get that everyone is on the same level then but what happened to enjoying a game before getting competitive?)



Baker1000 commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

What they should do is give us an entirely new game for 3DS, in the 3rd person perspective. ALBW was good but I want to see them put a game like Ocarina/Majora's Mask on the console build from scratch, rather than a remake. We know it's possible. They don't even need to worry about making a massive adventure, it would be a fairly short one like ALBW because the big guns are being saved for Wii U.



Baker1000 commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

@Goob Hmm, still no Mii name or plaza image. Anyone with good photoshop skills can mock up that image by taking the Ocarina or MM3D page and replacing the text and image. I'm 99% sure you don't see that page unless 3 of the last 10 Miis have played the game.



Baker1000 commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

Yeah I'd rather see a HD remake. I was at the Zelda Symphony in London the other day and seeing footage from various games on screen, I noticed Twilight Princess looks pretty bad up against Wind Waker's HD footage, Skyward Sword's art style and the N64 games with polished graphics.

One other point about this photo which leads me to conclude it as fake - that screen only shows if you meet 3 people playing the same game in close succession. It wouldn't show if just one person was playing it.



Baker1000 commented on Nintendo Working on Patch for Mewtwo Glitch Th...:

I haven't used my codes yet, so I think I'll hold off bothering until this is fixed. Bit of a mess really, who would think you could get early access to a character and then not be able to use it properly?

Anyway, my brother's 3DS crashed when playing as Mewtwo in classic mode, so this is definitely an issue on both consoles.



Baker1000 commented on Reminder: New StreetPass DLC Games Offer a 'Th...:

Yeah, never do updates until you've cleared your StreetPass. It's annoying when you open your console and an update notification pops up, but you've got SP hits waiting. They can store hits for software until you play them, why can't they store the plaza hits even if you turn the console off?



Baker1000 commented on Nintendo of Japan Confirms the Tracks in the U...:

YAAAAS KOOPA CITY!!!!! Damn you haters, you just couldn't hack those corners on the 3DS version of that track. I was always king on that course.

Pleasantly surprised to see two GBA tracks, especially Ribbon Road (one of the more memorable of that game) and it looks amazing in 3D.

Pleased to see another F-Zero track but it's got me thinking two things. Either they're teasing or testing a possible return for the series in this generation, OR they have no plans at all and are giving us these tracks to try and shut us up. "Look, you've got two HD tracks along with extra fast 200cc, why do you want an entire game?!"



Baker1000 commented on Weirdness: Street Fighter's Ryu is Now Being R...:

I don't know why Roy was never included anyway, he's much better than Ike.

But I'm not for them releasing old fighters as DLC unless they're free. It just smacks of cashing in by withholding characters they could have easily included that we assumed were left out for roster limitations.



Baker1000 commented on Super Smash Bros. Club Nintendo Mewtwo Codes a...:

Sucks that the update wipes all of your replays AGAIN though.

Has anyone encountered any problems after updating? My brother updated and used his Mewtwo code on 3DS and apparently the game crashed in classic mode, causing the entire console to freeze and need resetting. Just wondering if this is an isolated issue.



Baker1000 commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

It looks more like it was a cutscene for the reveal, rather than one they are using for the game. Some elements have been completely changed, such as what the character is wearing and the colour of the doll. These things obviously undergo various changes during development anyway.