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love sports, writing & making music

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Am I a kid or a squid or just a Splatoon nerd? ;) Started gaming 1989 with my Gameboy and had every Big N home console since the SNES. Wii U + PC is the perfect combination for me. Currently extremely interested in comics (mostly but not only DC) while my interest in sports is declining.

Mon 5th May 2014

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shani commented on Miitomo to Include Photo Mode and Pre-Registra...:

I'll definitely sign up for it, at the very least out of curiosity.
But I don't understand how such a large part of the world is left out. They could've at least released it in English worldwide (including Asia) + Portugese & Spanish in South America and French and Portugese in Africa.



shani commented on Wii U Sales Show Promising Growth Courtesy of ...:

@Donutman That's a widespread misconception; Nintendo is not for kids, Nintendo is for everyone (just like many other franchises in the world). Just because it doesn't exclude kids, doesn't mean that it's specifically for kids. It's suited for ages of 3-99, like card games, board games, comics, cartoons (there are even comics and cartoons that are not suited for kids), disney movies etc.
I don't understand how people can constantly mix that up. If it was for kids, adults wouldn't play their games.

It's like saying chocolate is for children, although most adults also love to eat chocolate.

Also, why would it be too late? The only thing that matters is the end result. 10-20 years later no one will ask how many units a console has shipped in its first years, they only care about the absolute lifetime sales numbers.

That said, I'm happy to hear that my favourite game could become the #1 seller of the console. Splatoon has earned it, it's the freshest game on all system in 2015.



shani commented on Eiji Aonuma on the Idea of Giving Link a Voice:

First of all, I never understood this discussion. What's the big deal? There's a really simple solution to this: both!
Why not have an option where you can choose whether you want textboxes or voice acting?
The game could ask you when you create a new save and you could change it in the pause menu any time you want. I had this thought for so many years and I can't believe that people are still discussing this.

Another solution would be to let the player do the talking via the Gamepad's microphone. That way Link would speak but not ruin your fantasy of him. And the implementation would be really simple, because it wouldn't matter what the player is saying. Just let players babble on if they like.

But what I personally find way more important than this would be a way to skip the whole dialogue or at least its parts faster (this goes for both text boxes and voice acting). There is so much backtracking in Zelda, the shopkeepers always tell you the same things and also when you have died, you have to read the same story text boxes all over again. But you never can skip them alltogether. You always have to keep hitting 'A' like a maniac. It's the single most annoying thing in every Zelda game. I'd like to skip the whole dialogue with a single button press.

Also @MitchVogel: "Link has always been a silent protagonist" That's not true. At least in the 3D games and the modern 2D/2.5D games he's not silent. He constantly says thinks like "Ha" "Heyya" "Wuaaaah" and other stuff.

With that out of the way, now to the comments.

@MitchVogel: But Link does already have a personality! He always oversleeps, he's brave and courageous, he's a hero, he helps and rescues people where ever he can. I'd say he has more personality than some people in the real world. Also, having a mute hero in a world full of talking NPCs would be really weird, just like it was in XCX.

@Mr_Action: That's so not true. There are many Nintendo games series with voice acting, for example Mario, Starfox, Metroid, Xenoblade, F-Zero X, Waverace. Almost every Nintendo game had voice acting at some point. Except for LoZ (although that's not true either, Beedle says "thank you" and Fi is speaking scrambled English all the time). And your suggestion to give the NPC's a voice but not Link would be terrible. This would make Link a mute hero in a world of talking people. That would be so strange. Why would you do that?

@kenrulei: What are you talking about? New crowds? Do you seriously think anyone would buy a game just because of voice acting? People buy games because they're fun, not because they have voice acting. Also, you're wrong with this: "it could be a negative sooner than later, look at mmo's people skip the text boxes unless they have voices these days". People also skip voice acting. I do that all the time when I play an RPG on PC. The reason people skip text/voice is because either they already know it from a previous sesson/playthrough or because the dialog is just boring.

@pabloff9: ??? Why does any avatar have to offer both genders? It's an avatar, not an exact copy of you. There are many males playing females in games and females playing males. Your avatar doesn't have to look like you or have the same gender as you. It doesn't even have to be the same species as you. That's what makes it an avatar.

@SanderEvers: As I mentioned above, a mute link in a world of talking NPC's would be really weird, as it is in XCX. Why should our hero be mute? Either all characters talk or none of them.

@Denngar: Are you serious? Sure, Mario may be one-dimensional, but Link surely is not. As I just wrote above, he always oversleeps, he's brave and courageous, he's a hero, he helps and rescues people where ever he can. That's not one-dimensional.
And the only reason Mario's talking is weird for you is because you're not used to it. It would be totally normal if he had talked so much in all of his games.



shani commented on Gallery: These Fan-Made Splatoon Weapons Are P...:

Well I gotta say, they don't really look good. They are too edgy and look kinda amateurish.
Maybe you don't know it, but there are 3D printing templates for several Splatoon weapons out there. And those templates look a lot better than the actual pieces in the photos here. I know that because I thought about letting a shop print them for me for a Splatoon music video that I want to make.

Still a pretty amazing achievement to actually do it, kudos for that to the makers of the weapons in these photos. But the .52 gal, Inkstrike and Splattershot don't look good, they look like they are made out of paper or something.



shani commented on Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Aims to Bring ...:

@vonseux I haven't actually used it that much yet, just made a synthie sound that I later replicated in Reason on my PC for a track that I'm about to record soon. But I found the functionality pretty awesome. For only 15€, that's really cheap! If you wanted to buy software (or a hardware synthie) that does something similar, you would definitely end up spending more.
I also wanted to buy the M01D to be able to keep hold of my beat ideas when I'm on the way, but instead I bought Rytmik Ultimate.



shani commented on Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Aims to Bring ...:

@vonseux Why do you need sharing options? And you can always record it as a wav via the headphone output.
I think you're getting the wrong idea about the DSN-12. It's a synthesizer, so you have to create your own samples. And they do not sound like shit if you know what you're doing. Then again, as I mentioned before, it's not something for beginners. It takes some experience with synthies and some level of understanding of electronic music production. It's not rocket science, but it's also not for everyone.

So if you say that "the "samples" sounds on the dsn-12 sound bad and it's really hard to get to something that sound barely as music, instead of eletronic noise", you're just not using it right. It's probably not for you. You should instead use the Korg M01D (which has samples and is not a synthie) or Rytmik Ultimate (also not a synthie, it comes with about 800 samples).

Basically, what you're saying is "why can't my car swim on water?" instead of buying a boat. And the things is, "Musicverse: Electronic" isn't even a real boat, it's a miniature paper boat.



shani commented on Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Aims to Bring ...:

When I saw the screenshot, I thought "this could be either really great or totally useless". Now after reading the article, it seems to be the latter.
Only 32 instruments, are you kidding me? And why does it have "Automatic accompaniment with 14 music styles and 4 variations"? Sounds more like something for people who have zero talent and don't know how to make music. Also, why can you only store up to 128 songs?

@vonseux: Lol, if anything, the Korg app makes this look terrible. This Musicverse app is clearly a rip-off, it offers almost nothing for a lot of money. I wouldn't spend anything more than 50 cents on that.
The two Korg apps on the other hand offer an awful lot to make music with. But they're not made for beginners, they don't hold your hand.
So if you need something more accessible yet powerful, maybe try Rytmik Ultimate.



shani commented on Video: Collecting Every Wii Game Is Difficult,...:

Wow, nice collection! I envy him a bit, I could never afford that. But what he says is true, apart from a few very expensive titles, you can get many Wii games for about 4€ right now. I just recently bought Tournament of Legends and Batman: Brave and the Bold for that price.

@RadioShadow That concurs with my observations, there are about 150 really good games for Wii. Although when I watch this video, there might be several hidden gems that we don't know of.

@MadAussieBloke What makes you say that? Anyway, I disagree. I think it's just as viable as being a collector for SNES or N64.



shani commented on Weirdness: Super Mario 64 Expert Collects a St...:

Wow, what an interesting and amazing video! I enjoyed it a lot and didn't find it too hard to follow. I really like how pannenkoek2012 thinks and approaches things.

@3792M Not really. Have you watched the whole video yet? He uses the term "half press" just for simplicity. Actually, it's a third press.

@HawkeyeWii Yep, I watched the whole video and although sometimes it indeed felt like a math/physics lecture, I never lost track of what he's actually been doing. I love how much dedication he puts into this.

@Arcanum I couldn't agree more!

@kurtasbestos "Because to me, even typing a comment feels like a waste of precious seconds out of my life" Wow, then you have a really strange and narrow definition of life. How can it be wasting your life when you do something that you like? Life is short, so the way I see it, this guy doesn't waste his life, but lives it to the fullest. Because he's doing what he likes to do.
I guess in your definition we should dedicate every second of our lives to making money? Or what's your point exactly?



shani commented on Talking Point: Online Gaming Can't Recreate th...:

I think it depends a lot on people's situations. It seems to me like the "gathering around with 4 friends to play local multiplayer" is just declining because more and more people live alone and spending more time at home, while staying connected to their friends via mobile phones, social networks, services like Steam etc.
It could very well be just my subjective experience or a part of getting older (surely kids do gather around more often, I assume), but it seems to me like more online gaming is just a reaction to the changes of the societies we live in.
But I do think that both options - local and online multiplayer - should stay alive because both opportunities are still needed. When you have a friend around, it's still an option to play in splitscreen, I even heard some people complain that there are less splitscreen titles today than in the past.

It's still surprising to see myself state that, just a few years ago I wasn't into online multiplayer at all (except for Mario Kart). If it wasn't already the case before, Splatoon definitely turned me into an online player.

On a side note: Why does Rocket League always get mentioned as an non-Nintendo-platform example for all kinds of things? Sometimes it almost seems like Rocket League is the only game on other platforms that the NL staff does play (but I'm sure that's not the case). Rocket League does nothing special, it excels at nothing, it's just a very simple game that is fun. But it does/have nothing extraordinary or new. There have been dozens of other games with similar online/offline modes.



shani commented on Did You Know Gaming Explores Mario & Religion:

@Henmii Looking at the data, I think they definitely earn money with it. 1.864.062 subscribers and that video about religion alone got ~ 600.000 clicks. They make at least one video per week, usually several videos per week. And DYKG gets a decent amount of promotion, too, which suggests that they are successful and make money with it (otherwise Youtube wouldn't promote them so much).
And who has got that much time to do a full job + several videos a week (which means a lot of research) anyway? No, I'm pretty sure this is their main job now.



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@Ogbert Yeah the thing with Child of Light was definitely my fault, as I tried to hint in my post before. I just didn't inform myself enough, from the looks and the story, I assumed it would be a Jump'n Run. It was when I just got my Wii U and almost didn't have any games on it. Maybe I assumed it would be a platformer because it's a Nintendo console, I don't know but it was stupid. So the thing that angers me most about that episode is that I didn't inform myself more.
Paper Mario Wii could've been better, I agree, and that's why I want another entry like it. I liked the perspective-changing mechanic, but it wasn't polished or anything. I'd like to see them make a better game with the same ideas. Also, I adored the story and humor of the game, which probably was the biggest similarity with the classic Paper Mario games.

Aside from my thoughts about turn-based being an outdated mechanic, there is another reason why I demand another game like Paper Mario Wii: The Mario RPG games just recently received two new entries (Sticker Stars and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam) !

Also, what I found amazing about Paper Mario Wii is that it's totally different from the classic Mario Jump'n Runs and I think we really need a different Mario platformer. NSMB(U) kinda got to an end with Mario Maker, there is nothing new they can do with Mario Bros. Mario (real) 3D games are on a hiatus right now, but probably will get their next entry on NX, as Miyamoto hinted at.
So I'd like to see a new branch of Mario platformers with a lot of story, its own humor and platforming mechanics that differ from the classic Mario games. That game should build up on what Paper Mario Wii did. It successfully distanced itself from the other Mario platformers and I really liked it, even though it could've been better. But the basic idea behind it was a good one in my opinion.



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:


"For starters, it misses out on that pause of thought as I mentioned, and the way you issue the command doesn't feel the same. You can get interrupted yourself by the real time nature"

That's exactly what I like about it (and what turn-based is lacking), it's more dynamic and has more unexpected elements and surprises.



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@TheLastLugia I can totally relate to that, sometimes they screw up things that were totally fine. And sometimes they go too far with innovation or just do it wrong (especially at the beginning, some innovations take time to ripen). But generally, I'm a sucker for innovation and everything that's new and different. I don't know why, I was always like this. ^^

When I posted my initial comment, of course I was aware that there are still players that like turn-based games (one of my friends plays Xcom, for example, and that game does look somewhat interesting despite its turn-based nature), so I knew this could be a bit provocative. But I never would've thought that the old Mario RPG formula is still that popular, in that regard maybe I misjudjed the situation a bit. Although mainly, I just wanted to express my feeling and the wish for another game like Paper Mario Wii, which I hold dear, it's one of my favourite and most memorable Mario games of all time, right behind Mario Galaxy 2, Mario 64 and Mario World.

So as a conclusion, so that everyone from both worlds can enjoy the next entry, I'd like to change my initial wish into: Please Nintendo, give the game two different modes: one real-time mode and one turn-based mode!



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@Souldin Thanks for sharing, it's really interesting for me to learn about other different gaming perspectives precisely because I can't understand them by myself.
I think this is a good example of variety in tastes and why it is a good thing that the market is so big that (in theory, sadly not in practice) every taste can be covered.

The only thing from your post I don't understand is this:

"In game where I travel with a group of loveable characters though, I want to control the actions of each member, rather than having ai control them alongside me. Turn Based gameplay allows me to have control of each of their actions within combat"

You can easily do the same in real time, where's the problem in that? It's just like in a real-time strategy game (although I don't like it if you control more than, say, 3 or 4 characters, it becomes too much) where you click on the character and order them to do something. A click takes a split second, so you can constantly control a handful of characters without any problems. Have you played Commandos back then? I dislike most strategy games, but I loved that one.
Or another example from PC games: A really great indie title named Spec Ops: The Line. This game excelled in the consequences of your subtle decisions that you knew nothing about until the last scene of the game. It really surprises you what you have done when you reach the end (of course, it has different endings). But the decisions aren't why I'm mentioning it, it's the party that you played with: You had your main protagonist + 2 other soldiers that you could give specific commands to. Most of the time they were just controlled by a decent AI, but for their specialities, you could give them commands. That a well-executed mix of human control and AI.



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@TheLastLugia I wouldn't want you to think otherwise (if anything, I want to understand you)! If you enjoy it, it's totally fine with me. My comparison was to highlight that like in all aspects of human life, there is progress in things. And because of progress, some ideas or methods get replaced by more accurate ones (natural sciences) or more comfortable ones (gadgets, electronics) or more just/progressive ones (politics, society) or more healthy ones (food) or more detailed and elaborate ones (TV shows). And this kind of progress occurs in gaming too: from turn-based games like cards, chess, board games and pen&paper RPGs, to turn-based video games, video games with limited graphics and technically limited gameplay elements (and limited savegame elements), to more advanced games (real-time combat, other gameplay elements, storytelling, graphics), more convenient (savegames-> autosave -> better placed autosave spots, different/fluid difficulty, inventory that is easier to reach and manage, etc).
So from where I come from, turn-based elements are just a relic from the time before there were video games. Back then, it was the only way we knew and so the first generations of video games tried to mimick that until technical progress allowed real-time combat. So it astonishes me how this element is still alive, for me it seems like nostalgia.
But that doesn't mean people can't enjoy them, I don't want to dictate anyone what they should enjoy and what not.

But in the case of Paper Mario, it would sadden me if the series would cling to turn-based combat, because that would exclude me from it.
Can't they just make two game modes to please everyone?



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@TheLastLugia: Ah interesting, I didn't know that Square Enix sees it the way I do. But I totally concurr with them. Outdated, because there are no technical restrictions that make turn-based game progress necessary anymore. Would you prefer to save your game progress by writing down a really long code like it was on some SNES games? Instead of just hitting "save"?
@PowerStar But you gotta admit that it takes a lot more methodically planning ahead if something happens in real time, right? Turn based planning is a lot easier since you have infinite time to plan each turn. Making decisions in real time, on the go, that's far more challenging.

Good discussion though so far. I didn't know there are so many players that genuinely like turn-based combat. I still can't get behind the idea, but I respect that.



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@Grumblevolcano Well I never was that much into RPG's, it's one of my less favourite genres (my least favourite one are strategy games). I mean the way I understand it, the only defining factor of an RPG is leveling up your character and that element is very widespread nowadays in almost every genre outside of RPGs (GTA V, for example). And I like that element in non-RPG games, I even liked how you could level up your gear in Skyward Sword.
The same goes for the other "classic" elements that Souldin mentioned: characters and stories. Those two were never exclusive to RPG's, they are something almost every game has. So I don't even understand what makes an RPG an RPG, it has no exclusive characteristics from my point of view.
So I never understood what makes role-playing games stand out, but occasionally there were a few that I played and enjoyed: Diablo II, Torchlight, Deathspank, Deus Ex: Human Evolution, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and just before XCX came out, I started playing Skyrim and Witcher 2. At one time, I also had started with Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but didn't continue to play them. I haven't finished a single one of those that I mentioned. But at least those games were fun. Turn-based games like Mario RPG and Child of Light are just no fun for me.

Just to be clear, I don't want to ruin anyone's experience, but it's just a mystery to me what people like about turn-based strategy or RPG's. It's as if you preferred playing with an old calculator instead of a dedicated gaming console, I just don't get it.



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@Souldin & @PowerStar Well, everyone has different tastes and preferences and I totally respect that. It's just hard to understand for me what the appeal in turn-based combat is.
I never liked FF (except for Crystal Bearer on Wii, it had no turn-based combat) because of the turn-based combat and before I played Xenoblade, I thought it would be turn-based too and almost didn't try it because of that. And I was never into the whole Pokemon series, it's just not appealing to me.
I also tried both N64 titles, Paper Mario and Mario RPG, a few years ago. I liked the games in general, especially the tone and the style. But the turn-based part slows the entire experience down and takes out the fun of playing those games. I just don't have the patience, but even more, I don't see the point of waiting so long when you could just battle your foes in real-time. What's the benefit of waiting? Why can't I just run at my opponent and beat him? I'm just trying to understand.

Regarding the platformers: I just mentioned those that are really good (in my opinion). I totally dislike Mario 3D World, it's a bastard of a game and a disgrace for a 3D Mario game if you ask me. It doesn't even deserve its title. And I never played Pacman and Shovel Knight, they just didn't look compelling to me.
I haven't even finished DK and Yoshi yet, while I played most parts of Rayman already on Steam, so I haven't really touched it much on Wii U (still had to get it when it was on sale for 9,99 ^^). So regarding classic 2D platformers, I have more than enough on my Wii U. But Paper Mario Wii was just different, a refreshing experience after all the similar 2D platformers in the style of NSMB. And what the Wii U is really lacking are good, real 3D platformers like SM64 and MG. I think Miyamoto said the next one will come out on NX.

Funny that you mention Child of Light; I bought it early when I just had gotten my Wii U, because I thought it was a platformer. Then I started the game and right at the beginning, you get drawn into a turn based combat. That's when I shut the game down. I felt really tricked, although I probably just would've had to inform myself better about that game. So I have myself to blame, but that game was the biggest disappointment ever.
I tried it another time later, because I wanted to give the game a fair shot (and also because I didn't want the money to be wasted). But it was just zero fun, turn based combat feels really like torture to me.
Those were the worst spent 15€ and if I could, I would give the game away for free to someone who is able to enjoy it. I just regret buying it.



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@TheLastLugia Square Enix? What does Paper Mario have to do with Final Fantasy?
@Grumblevolcano Well I don't see that many platformers on Wii U, there's NSMBU, Yoshi, DK and Rayman. What else is there? And Paper Mario Wii was totally different, it wasn't even a conventional platformer. It's really uncomparable to those four, in fact, I've never played anything that's even remotely like Paper Mario Wii.
And there's a good reason why there no turn-based RPG's on Wii U apart from VC: Because they are heavily outdated and no one wants to play them. Games were turn based back then because of technical limitations. Those limitations don't exist anymore, so turn-based mechanics aren't necessary anymore.
If I wanted to play something turn-based, I'd rather play chess than Mario RPG. I can't stand how you have to make your attack and then wait for ages until you can attack again. That's like crippling a game without any reason.
And if I really want to play an RPG, I'd rather play Xenoblade (which I almost hadn't bought because of the almost-turn-based attacks) or something like the Witcher etc.
Not being able to move freely in combat is just ridiculous. It's like someone tells you to play football (soccer) and puts the ball in the center circle, but then they bond your whole body so that you have to move like a worm. That's no fun at all, that's just torture.



shani commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

I hope it's not a turn-based RPG title but rather like Super Paper Mario (Wii) was. That game had an awesome kind of humor (like right at the beginning you could decline to help and then the game was over), the perspective-change mechanic was neat (but lacking graphical beauty), the story was well-written (Bowser isn't the main adversary).

Please Nintendo, don't do another turn-based RPG, they're really outdated and we just recently got one with the VC release of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. That's really enough of those outdated games.



shani commented on Here's a Breakdown of the Extra e-Reader Level...:

Wow, this sounds like a really nice addition! I never played the Mario Advance titles, but if the e-reader levels are really that imaginative and play around with the conventions, this alone would be reason to buy it.



shani commented on FreezeME Has Been Approved for a Wii U Release...:

So the freeze is basically the same mechanic that was used in Mario Galaxy 1 + 2, where a second player could grab (freeze) an opponent with the Wiimote pointer and by shaking the Remote, they could also stun and eventually kill enemies.
I'm not judging, I liked that mechanic and I might end up buying FreezeME if it's not too expensive.



shani commented on Talking Point: Splatoon Began With an Early Ac...:

Although it does have similarities, it wasn't really early access, but rather a wise decision to let the players get used to the maps slowly. Now that all the 16 maps are released, it's easy to spot the pattern behind it.
The first maps were rather easy and straightforward. But with every release, the maps got more challenging, especially the last four:

Port Mackerel: The lanes limit your movement, something that still makes me and others hate this map occasionally. Also, if I remember correctly, this was the first map to have two Splat Zones.
Kelp Dome: The rather divided nature of the map + several ways on the grids up high. When this map came out, it took me a loooong time until I didn't get lost on it.
Bluefin Depot: Grids and more swimming up walls
Moray Towers: Big map, a lot of height and swimming up walls, also rather limited movement in the lane-like structures
Camp Triggerfish: A lot of water, a lot of tight spaces were you can fall off the stage. Also the time-controlled change in the map (the floodgates). It took me ages to learn how to play this map.
Flounder Heights: A lot of height and swimming up the walls, in a way, this map felt more like a conventional shooter map.
Hammerhead Bridge: Unusual structure wherein the middle of stage is rather wide, although the stage itself is a tubular one. Also a lot of running on grids, especially in Rainmaker.
Museum D'Alfonsino: Rotation platforms, which require a good understanding of the controls, plus a lot of height
Mahi Mahi Resort: A lot of water to fall into, even more than on Camp Triggerfish. You can't play on this map if your swimming and jumping isn't good. In other words: You got to have a great understanding of the controls.
Piranha Pit: the moving floors added a method of reaching otherwise unreachable areas that belong to the enemy's turf, also this stage was wide in the middle like Hammerhead Bridge.
Ancho-V Games: The moving platforms that you can activate by shooting at the ventilators that you knew from the singleplayer campaign.

All in all, it was almost ingenious and the right approach. If you look at how the challenge of the maps increased in that list, it's obvious that this was planned from the beginning. The last five additions required a good amount of experience, but one could also say the last eight additions were a bit more advanced than the maps before them.

Can't wait for Splatoon 2. So long, I will continue playing Splatoon. 350 hours and counting, still not done with this beautiful game.



shani commented on Site News: Retiring Our Super Mario Maker Cour...:

Makes sense, I haven't used NL's MM platform for months and the official bookmark site has more essential features. So there would be really no reason to use the platform of NL. But still, you guys did a great job for the time being, until the official platform was launched!



shani commented on Macquarie Report Believes a Competitively-Pric...:

@ThomasBW84 Wow, I didn't expect such a detailed response, thanks for taking the time and explaining the process in detail! That's what I call transparency.

Well for me all the facts that we know of + the reveal-announce-release cycles of the previous consoles (see my reply to Mogster above) all hint to a 2017 release. For me, the most convincing of them is that Iwata mentioned NX during the DeNA announcement, just to assure everyone (especially share holders) that there will be more home consoles. It seemed obvious to me that he'd prefered not to talk about NX yet, but had to mention it to prevent mobile-only rumours from boiling up. Because that's what everyone would be talking about right now if he hadn't mentioned it. So he mentioned NX although it was too early to talk about it usually.

A lot of stock market exchange is based on rumours and expectations, so when a capital investment firm spreads these rumours, they're goal surely is to increase the share value to profit more. In that regard, the successful sharp increase in Nintendo share value helped by that investment firm (I didn''t know about that) actually confirms my suspicions.

In my opinion the internet is full of these unfounded rumors and many people online are believing them. I read a lot of comments that take these rumours as facts and even a friend of mine (a Wii U owner) - although he doesn't read so much articles about Nintendo stuff - was suddenly convinced that the new console will come this year, that the new Zelda won't be released on Wii U but instead on NX and so he was really angered that Nintendo will do all that. Although there is no fact, no official statement that backs this.

I'm just getting tired and annoyed by this rumour culture because once it starts, it perpetuates until the share holders believe those rumours and eventually they put pressure on Nintendo to release the NX earlier, to release the next Zelda on NX etc.

One could even see the delay of Zelda U and the addition of Twilight Princess HD as a hint that the nervous share holders finally got to Nintendo, now that Iwata isn't there anymore to stand against them. So far, everything that Tatsumi Kimishima has stated publicly - like wanting to quadruple Nintendo's profits instead of passionately talking about the consoles and games - plus his background as a banker suggests that he is more in the vein of the share holders than someone with the passion and understanding that Iwata had.
So at this point, it wouldn't even surprise me if the constant rumouring finally got to Kimishima and that he gave in to the shareholders to release the console earlier than planned. If that happens, the rumours become a self-fullfilling prophecy.

What I would wish from one of the biggest Nintendo-related news sites like NL is not to participate in this rumour spreading and instead either ignore it or even actively go against it, to stop this self-fullfilling prophecy from happening. But I'm also aware that NL has to keep readers coming and NX-related rumours always generate a lot of clicks. I'm not even holding that against NL, I can understand that and I know that what I'm demanding is a lot to ask.
But I seriously see the danger of these rumours and their consequences eventually ruining Nintendo. Because if they start to give in to outsiders (=the internet and shareholders) instead of following their own path, Nintendo's identity will eventually wash away and then Big N will be completely meaningless in the process.



shani commented on Video: Official Nintendo Video Showcases amiib...:

Seems like the video is working again, at least I was able to watch it right now.

Good ideas for the amiibos, they're not too overpowered so that getting the amiibos would be really mandatory, but they add functionalities that are nice to have when you got the amiibos.



shani commented on Macquarie Report Believes a Competitively-Pric...:

@Mogster I'm ignoring the facts?
The facts are: Nothing's announced yet, there isn't even a name for the console yet. It's totally nonsensical to announce and release the console in the same year (you do realise that they have to produce the console units first, right?) and Nintendo has never done that before:

N64: Console design publicly revealed in late Q2 1994, fully revealed on November 24, 1995, released in June/September 1996/ March 1997
Gamecube: Unveiled as Project Dolphin in May 1999, officially announced on August 24, 2000, released on September 14/November 18/May 3/17 2002
Wii: First official statement during E3 2004, unveiled during E3 2005, released in November 2006
Wii U: First official statement on April 25 2011, revealed at E3 2011, released in November 2012
Codename NX: Revealed on March 17 2015, surely earlier than originally planned, while announcing mobile games with DeNA and assuring everone that Nintendo continues producing home consoles. That was the sole reason for the early mentioning of codename NX.
Official announcement probably some time in 2016, release some time in 2017. Maybe Japan gets it in December 2016, I don't know, I'm not a clairvoyant, I'm just interpreting the facts at hand and they all indicate something very different than what you're proposing.

it's all taken from Wikipedia. There weren't comparable dates for the 2D consoles, though.

Get your facts straight and stop the unfounded rumoring.



shani commented on Macquarie Report Believes a Competitively-Pric...:

@ThomasBW84: Why is NL participating so heavily in that baseless rumour stuff right now? Everyone with a clear mind should be able to see that it won't be released this year and that all the speculation is just unfounded or even fantasised. Compatible to the PS4? Why are you even writing about this nonsense and taking part in the rumour spreading? I don't get it.



shani commented on Video: Five Things We Want From The Nintendo NX:

@Peterjr1 It definitely won't be released in 2016, but I second you, I also don't get why everyone is talking about it prematurely instead of just wait until there's official news.
Sometimes I wish Iwata hadn't said anything but then the posts and news articles would like this: Nintendo is abandoning dedicated consoles!

@Morph: I highly doubt that computing power will attract more third party developers. That already didn't work with the Gamecube. They avoided the Wii U because of the small userbase (which was a self-fullfilling prophecy), Ubisoft said so themselves.

@SteamedOddish Region-free is actually something that seems likely since Nintendo mentioned it themselves.



shani commented on Nintendo Share Value Continues to Improve as I...:

That's why stock market is so ridiculous - it's based on people's emotions. One day the investors might hear some rumour that makes them fear their investment was for nothing, so they sell it. The other day they hear something that sound's positive so their mind goes BING BING BING, I gotta buy those shares quickly!



shani commented on Miitomo Could Make This Year's Mii March The B...:

@Jamotello Your method might end up producing a cleaner image, but there's a method that's much simpler: Just open your Miiverse profile in any browser, right-click on your Mii and save the picture to your harddrive. Then you can upload it anywhere you want. Although for FB I had to double the size, but that's done in 2 seconds with freeware like Irfanview (Paint should work, too).
This should work for 3DS users, too, since they also have a Miiverse page.



shani commented on Miitomo Could Make This Year's Mii March The B...:

I never heard of Mii march before, but upon reading this, it hit me: Why haven't I used my Mii for FB before? It's perfect as a profile picture!

@Socar: Well investors are generally not known for a good knowledge/understanding of things. If you ask me, the stock market is just some kids playing around, but with real money instead of play money. Anyway, I highly doubt that investors have a clue about how things work in the tech-world or what's good and promising and what the future might bring.
Not that I find Miitomo groundbreaking or anything, it's just solid, as you said.



shani commented on ​Eiji Aonuma and Malo Begin Talking About Th...:

@readyletsgo I would answer all questions with 'no'. Not that I know anything, but it would really surprise me if they changed that much (also, none of those things really interest me). It's only a remake! They didn't change much in Wind Waker either, like the fetch quest etc. It would be too much effort for a remake. They have to develop other games, too, you know.
And for the amiibo dungeon, I couldn't care less about it.

I also only played only the Wii version, but I have to say, I liked Skyward Sword a lot more than Twilight Princess. Not only were the motion controls in SS fully functional and enriched the gaming experience (the fights against Ghirahim! All those gadgets!). I also liked how you could improve your items when you collected the necessary items in the world, like in other "real" RPG's on PC (although I'm not an RPG player at all). I also liked the design of the world better and last, but not least, the story was way more epic than that of TP. There were so many memorable situations/scenes in SS while I almost remember nothing from TP except the ending (but that may be due to watching youtube videos).
So for me, SS was a much better Zelda game than TP. But I know there are people out there who see it differently. ^^

@datamonkey: Exactly! Those subtle tweaks don't really make a difference anyway. (I think) It's more like the original version was the 1.0 and the HD remake is the 1.2 or something. Not really worth mentioning.

@Peach64: Who cares? Does it make a difference whether it's left or right-sided? And I can tell you right now that it will support the Wii U gamepad. That's all anyone needs to know.
It wouldn't surprise me if the Wiimotes were supported, too, but since TP (Wii) didn't make any real use of it, it doesn't matter. Maybe TP HD also supports racing wheels? This would make equally sense (none).
The only news that I would consider significant would be if they would actually implement real motion controls like in SS. But I doubt it, since that would mean they would have to rewrite everything in the game's code.

Disclaimer: These are all assumptions (although based on facts), so I could be wrong. But I doubt it in this case.



shani commented on Did You Know Gaming Explores Mario & Religion:

@Einherjar I disagree, there were several videos about Mario or Zelda with interesting background infos.
But the one video that stuck with me was the one about the Rainmaker (the fish) in Splatoon, which is directly originating from ancient east-asian culture.EDIT: Scratch that, that video was from Game Theorists...



shani commented on ​Eiji Aonuma and Malo Begin Talking About Th...:

@MitchVogel: I don't mean this as criticism, but rather as a curious question: What "details surrounding the remaster are still unknown"? We're talking about a remake here, all the details to the game are already known. And the few subtle changes... well, they are few and I think (assume) we know most of them now. The amiibo dungeon, a few other minor changes etc.

I don't think there are any more details to know, it will still be the same game and if there are some other tiny changes, we will notice them (or maybe not, since they're so tiny and the game is 10 years old) while playing the remake.