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Mon 5th May, 2014

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shani commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

"The fact is, whilst Nintendo haven't been perfect, third parties can't just expect their games to fly off the shelves on Wii U with little to no effort...on Playstation/Xbox they don't have much if any competition for the most part but on Wii U there's a load of superior first party releases to choose from like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8 etc. and people can and will flock to these games if third parties shaft Nintendo formats with gimped/late releases."
That's the point, the big third party companies like EA and Ubisoft just want to make money with preferably little effort. They already did so in some cases (not all of them) on the Wii. While this may work on other platforms, it sure doesn't on Nintendo consoles since its fans are used to a higher level of quality from the first party games.

I really don't get why the big publishers just do boring ports of existing titles instead of using the Wii U's creative potential and make more games like Zombie U, Rayman (WTF Ubisoft?!) or - to pick an example from the Wii era - Red Steel.

I have WD on PC and while it's not a GTA-killer (actually it's a completely different type of game for me), it's still a good game though the hype was maybe a little too much.
I don't really care about any DLC since I haven't even finished the main story on PC, besides I'm no friend of DLCs in general (with rare exceptions worthy of their price like the Addons for GTA V).
I maybe even would buy WD for a second time on Wii U for a small price, though I'm not happy at all with Ubisofts decisions and the constant whining about their AAA games not selling properly. Well then dedicate yourself more to this console and make better games! Only then you're gonna make more sales. Simpel as that.

But the good thing is: Nintendo already has so many great titles released or coming for Wii U, that the performance of third party developers doesn't really matter. Big N have plenty of financial reserves, so they can easily rely on their own games and continue to offer a great platform for indies, especially for games based on Unity.



shani commented on Nintendo 64x64: Extreme-G:

Oh I loved this game as well, the same goes for F-Zero X and Wipeout (though I didn't play this title that often)! I think I never actually owned them, but my Dad rented me some N64 games every weekend. :)

If I recall correctly, XG2 was even better, maybe because of the graphics. But I absolutely loved the thrill of speed the XG-Games offered /F-Zero X was already fast, but XG beat it).
I'm not sure who posseses the rights for the old Acclaim titles right now, but a VC release would be awesome! The same goes for Turok 2 and Shadowman.
But I highly doubt this, since porting N64 games to VC seems to be a hard task because of the architecture of the console.