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I had every Nintendo home console since SNES and started playing on a 1989 Gameboy, but I'm also a passionate PC player. Wii U + PC are the ideal platforms for me, but I also don't shy away from playing on other consoles (when at a friend's). I may be a huge Nintendo fan, but not a blind fanboy. :)

Mon 5th May, 2014

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shani commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

@MarioPhD These are my levels, although to be honest, aside from the "Find the way to Heaven", which I also linked in the post above, the others weren't that much conceptional.
"Go for triple", "Timing is everything" and "Ocean of doom" were my first levels and I just did them on the fly. "Lakitu or lucky two" only had a vague concept (Lakitu + Mario&Yoshi) and was supposed to be easy because my levels had a low completion rate. And "Don't touch your gamepad" was made out of similar reasons.

I'd like to make more levels like "Find the way to heaven", because to me it is much more satisfactory to accomplish building such a level. Me and my friend (both of us aren't religious ^^) had the concept beforehand that there should be two ways, one to heaven and one to hell. Initially, both were supposed to lead to success. We even wanted to include some element of moral, like if you kill an enemy, you go to hell, but we scratched that. Later we made it so that the way to hell leads to death, but you get a hint for your next life so when you are reborn, you can still end up in heaven. And we designed the level in a way that an uninformed player would almost certainly (out of habit of Mario levels) go the way to hell. But then he would find a clue and think "Ah! That's were I', supposed to go!".
And we actually achieved our goal, which really felt great as the level was finally finished. But maybe we put to few hints in it, so I edited and reuploaded it later.
But after it getting so few recognition, I didn't have the motivation to go on. Haven't played MM for weeks now because of this.
I really like making special levels that demand something else from the player, not just a simple platformer challenge. But maybe that's too much for a platform like Mario Maker, because no one would expect to find such a level between all the super-hard-platforming stuff and the way-too-easy-automatic levels.
By now I'm at a point where I'd rather give every player an explanation before playing "Find the way to heaven" rather than having all those elements in it (like the house) going unnoticed because the average player doesn't seem to get what's expected of them.

If you have suggestions or criticism, feel free to express it! There can always be a way to improve the levels.

And be sure to send me your levels if you like!



shani commented on Miyamoto and Tezuka Discuss the Difficulties o...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Well yeah, isn't that what makes this game so beautiful? Using existing moves while still making it more difficult (at least for most players and I consider myself experienced in platformers like Mario) is the best way to got in my opinion. If you have to add new moves to make it difficult, it's not really a big accomplishment development-wise.

I don't completely agree with you regarding your statement "so there's also no higher skill level involved". If you define skill solely as being able to press some buttons with the right timing, you would be right. But for me skill doesn't only depend on your muscle memory, but also on your brains. I think it requires some "skill" to find the green stars because first you have to find them. And they're put in places that you never would expect from what you're used from the regular yellow stars.



shani commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

@Samuel-Flutter Here you go, I hope you like it. It was even harder before, but since no one was able to complete it, I made it a bit easier and also put in a few hints that weren't there before.
Just so you know, one way leads you to hell and you won't be able to finish the level. But you will get a hint for the next try so reaching heaven is possible.
And be sure to send me your levels if you like!

@DESS-M-8: Of course it's the most widespread global language and the British Empire may have something to do with it. But English would never be so widespread and have so many different versions throughout the globe if it wasn't easy to learn. That doesn't mean it can't be complex, but it's still way more simple than most languages. For example you don't have two (like in Spanish) or even three (like in German) different definite articles but only one (the). There are many more simplifications and that's what makes English a global language. Not it's history (because otherwise it would've failed already).



shani commented on Miyamoto and Tezuka Discuss the Difficulties o...:

I think all of this wouldn't be an issue if video games would be taught in school already. I mean, they are part of our (pop) culture. You learn several sports disciplines inschool, you watch and analyze (= how to watch/interpret) movies, read and analyze (= how to read/interpret) books, etc. Why not play video games and learn how to play and interpret (if there is a story) them?
If people would be taught how to play in school, we wouldn't need handholding or easy difficulties.

@aaronsullivan Excuse me, but I doubt that people "who are interested in stories and experiences" will play a platformer. They rather will play an adventure or RPG. So defining difficulty also depends on the genre.

@AceDefective Yeah handholding is really annoying and I don't know a single person (even non-hardcore players) that doesn't rush through or skip a tutorial. But the worst example of handholding came with New Super Mario Bros. and annoys me until today: When you repeatedly fail, you get the possibility to be carried through the level by the AI and simply complete it without doing anything. That really bugs me! Not only shouldn't it be possible to clear a level without earning it, it's totally annoying when this fairy comes along with that annoying bell sound when you died repeatedly. Like, I almost complete a level in the first try, then I die 5 times in a row because I'm too impatient and everytime this annoying bell sounds off! Sometimes that almost made me rage-quit New Mario Bros. (U).

@Caryslan There actually was already an item to escape the blue shell: a good old mushroom. If you activate it in the last possible moment, you evade the blue shell. Adding the Super Horn actually made the game easier and more suited to casual players.
Another way to evade the Blue Shell is to quickly fall back when you are first, so the other guy gets hit. But of course there's not a lot of time to do it.
I generally never liked the Blue Shell, but it kind of adds another layer of difficulty to it. It would be easy to dominate the race like in every other racing game but in MK you also have to look out for blue shells and play more carefully. So just driving ahead of everyone isn't always the best option (although I sometimes managed to get hit by the blue shell and still be first because of the lead).

@Kaze_Memaryu Have you really played Mario Galaxy 2 till the end? Have you got all the green stars? I found the difficulty in this game perfect. It starts easy like every Mario game, but the later stages become more and more difficult. And the last stage was even harder, but not as hard as getting the green star. Because for that you have to complete the level without getting hit. No mushrooms and you only have one life point left. That last level was hard on its own, but the modification for the green star nailed it. I really like the concept with the Yellow and Green stars. Getting the yellow stars is something for not so experienced players and even that should pose a challenge. But for those who want more, finding all the green stars adds a lot of difficulty. Not just difficulty in reaching a specific platform, but also difficulty in terms of thinking hard about where the star could be hidden.
It's a shame they misused the green stars for something completely different in 3D World (I dislike that game anyway).
Although I have to say I didn't play Mario Galaxy 1 through because it was too easy for me.

@mjc0961 Ok now I'm curious, what about Fi did you consider as handholding? I mean sure, she would give inexperienced players hints etc, but if you don't ask her she doesn't do any handholding. I didn't play Hero mode because I don't see the point in playing this huge game again after I already saw everything (the story etc).
But what would annoy me too would be not being able to skip text boxes (regardless if it's Fi or someone else talking). I already hate that you can't just skip them in the first run of any Zelda game because often it's redundant (especially when backtracking) because you already talked to that person before.



shani commented on Super Nindie Maker: Choice Provisions' Paratro...:

I thought coins were only there to give hints? Although I'd sometime wish for text boxes (like in Super Mario World) or at least the should make the grid finer. Otherwise, you're very limited in giving hints/messages because the letters become too big.

I also found the 1ups completely useless, I only use them as bait sometimes.

But I disagree with this part:

"Placing the coins and power ups should be one of the most fun aspects of making a level - I know that it is when making a RUNNER level. But because there's no value in them in Super Mario Maker, I find this aspect to be less enjoyable."

The powerups are very useful, they give you the means to reach unreachable platforms by flying (feather/cape), or getting through sections where you'd otherwise die for sure (star, fire flower) or let you live longer so you can get through some very hard parts (mushroom, fire flower).



shani commented on Sonic Lost World's Wii U Exclusivity Ends With...:

What? But Sonic Lost Worlds isn't even a pure SEGA game, it's more of a Nintendo game! All those Mario Galaxy elements and if I remember correctly, the game was also co-developed by Nintendo's developers. So how can a Nintendo game come to PC?



shani commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

Finally, there are other people who see it the same way! It got bored by the automatic levels few days after release and I was really surprised that they dominate the charts. Before MM was released, the part I was looking forward to the most was playing some really challenging levels. Not playing levels that even a dog could finish.
I still don't get why they're so popular, but I wanted to use that to my advantage to get more stars. Unfortunately, that didn't work at all. How do those other automatic levels get so many stars? And more importantly, WHY?
I've seen great, inspirational levels but they didn't get as much attention as those automatic ones. I also made a level with a friend that you could call a concept level with philosophical meaning. It's less of a platformer challenge but more of a puzzle where you have to use your brain instead of your muscle memory. In that way, it's more like Zelda than Mario. But sadly, no one got it until recently, when finally one player was able to finish it (although I think he didn't go the intended way). It's frustrating when you put 10-12 hours into creating a level together, a level that has a concept that I've never seen anywhere else. And then that level doesn't get recognition, but those easy-to-finish ones do.

@cookypuss Who cares, as long as you can finish them quickly. The only reason to play the 100 Mario Challenge is to unlock the costumes, right?
@MarioPhD Yeah I wonder that myself. After making 5 levels and not having enough stars to create more than 10 levels, I made an automatic level because I realized my levels are too hard. Although I like them that way. If you make a level, what's the point in making it easy? But I thought if I wanted to get more stars, I'm forced to make an automatic level which everyone can clear. But then I uploaded it and only 10% were able to clear it. Ten percent! Then I reuploaded it with a unmisunderstandable name (don't touch your gamepad) and still only 30% were able to finish it. Are people stupid or what? And the best things is, I only got 3-4 stars for that level. I don't get it, I thought automatic levels are popular.
@Hamguar Oh really, that sounds great! Where can I find such levels? I love levels that trick you and fool you.
@earthboundlink @BenAV I bet he was just acting and knew all along. Only someone who already knew it was an automatic level would constantly try it despite of clear clues at the beginning of the stage (the trampolins).
@KingofSaiyans In case you didn't know, that's what the clear percentage is for. It tells you how difficult a level is. You could say 0-5% represents hard, 5-20% represents medium and 20-100% represents easy.
@Tao I think you misunderstood, you don't have to filter through anything to find the good levels. Those with high ratings are usually indeed good levels, there is no doubt about it. It's just that some automatic levels are also highly rated.
@crimsontadpoles Really? From what I know, the title is very important to get people to play your level in the first place. Of course the title should be in English, regardless which country you come from. If someone doesn't speak English, it's their loss and their own fault. That's what I always tell my German friends when they don't dare to speak English. It's the easiest modern language and it's almost spoken everywhere (especially in the internet). So learning it is really mandatory and nothing you should care about.



shani commented on English Version of SplatNet Website for Splato...:

Nice, so my request was fulfilled.

@MitchVogel: Yeah it's really huge! I just found out a few days ago that the brands also do have an effect on the ability probability and been reading about and testing the precise effects of the abilities.
@Rhydas: Actually it's very useful. Not only can you see which maps and modes will be played in the next 12 hours, you also can also compare your weekly stats with those of your friends, see their gear and level and besides also see how much ink you've covered with each of your weapons.



shani commented on Review: Nova-111 (Wii U eShop):

I didn't know about this game, but after reading the review, I think I'll buy it eventually! I know they are quite different, but does it in any way compare to Affordable Space Adventures?



shani commented on Scalebound was Originally Planned to be a Wii ...:

That looks nice! I'd love to play it with a Wiimote+ and Nunchuk, Wii U Gamepad or Mouse and Keyboard.
Although the original idea with the girl commanding a dragon also sounds very interesting.
But why do the graphics look to bad? Kinda like last-gen... (or is it just awful video compression?)

@AVahne: What do you mean by that? It can't be the graphics, they look more like something between Wii and Xbox 360...



shani commented on Splatoon 'Octoling' Modder Could Cause Save Da...:

@sinalefa That's true. Although on rare occasions (mostly when something is distracting me), I forget to look at the enemies at the beginning of the match.

I pity everyone who doesn't play because of this. We're playing for hours and it didn't even occur once. The chance for that to happen is really small.



shani commented on Splatoon 'Octoling' Modder Could Cause Save Da...:

@VeeFlamesNL: Yeah that's what I meant, it's totally possible that you played against an Octoling without even noticing it. After all, it all happens so quickly and who knows, maybe the Octoling player never confronted you directly.

@Mk_II: Where does it say that? That's definitely not true. You can just copy the data and then remove the drive (preferably while the console is powered off). If you go into the data mangement, you can either choose 'move' or 'copy'.

@MrPuzzlez: Not really. If the game would save in the cloud, the Octoling occurance in the plaza would also be saved there. So then you're cloud save would be corrupted and you wouldn't even have the possibility to make a backup.

What I really would wish for though would be the possibility to only backup your save data. Right now you can only copy the whole game data, including the saves.



shani commented on Splatoon 'Octoling' Modder Could Cause Save Da...:

@rjejr I was actually about to use the word 'closet' or even 'cabhinet', but then I looked for other words in an online translator and found 'cupboard'. I think I've never heard or used that word since back in the days in school. ^^



shani commented on Shiny Founder Dave Perry Wasn't Keen On The N6...:

@NintendoFan64 Yeah it was exactly the same for me. I was about to post something like "But they made Earth Worm Jim on N64", but then I went to Wikipedia and found out that someone else did it.
Still, it doesn't change anything. I didn't even know Shiny, I just knew Earthworm Jim. I doubt that anyone else knew that company. So as far as I'm concerned, that guy David Perry was wrong in saying they won't support the N64. Because it's not like people would conceive it as "Oh no, Shiny doesn't support the N64!". Instead, people would've reacted with something like "Oh no, no Earthworm Jim on N64!".

Essentially, the company that made Earthworm Jim DID support the N64. By letting someone else make that game for the N64.

The funny thing though: I didn't even know Earthworm Jim before the N64 installment. So that Perry guy was even more wrong.



shani commented on Splatoon 'Octoling' Modder Could Cause Save Da...:

@VeeFlamesNL: Oh yeah, that could be the cause! I guess you haven't noticed any Octoling in your recent matches, did you? I'll surely watch out for them, but I guess they're easy to overlook in the heat of battle.

@rjejr I made a backup a few days ago and it didn't take really long. And yes, there is also update data, not everything was already on the disc.
@Tom41: Yes you can, that's what a backup is for. But remember: the backup works only on the same Wii U, not on a different one.
@Mk_II: I think you misunderstood something. Making a backup means copying it to a different USB storage (not the one you're using regularly) and then putting that USB storage away. As a backup! I did exactly that, I have my 128GB stick connected to the Wii U, with my games and saves that I'm using from day to day. And I have a 64GB stick in the cupboard where I backuped those games whose save data I don't want to lose (like Splatoon, MM, Wind Waker, Hyrule Warriors, etc.).



shani commented on Shiny Founder Dave Perry Wasn't Keen On The N6...:

The only interesting part of the interview for me is that Shiny/Perry didn't want to support the N64, but Earthworm Jim 3D still found its way to the console (through other publishers/developers).
So basically, it was nothing but hot air.



shani commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming? Explores The Legen...:

Didyouknowgaming is one of my favourite youtube channels or maybe even #1. But this video didn't really reveal that many new and interesting information.

Am I assuming right that they used an emulated version of TP (rendered in HD) for the video? It sure looks that way.

I didn't enjoy TP as much as Skyward Sword, but it was still a good Zelda title. Maybe I'll replay it one day.



shani commented on Video: Learn The Full Story Behind the Power G...:

I still don't get why there isn't a new version (or a clone) of the Power Glove yet. There is so much potential with the hardware that is already available.
Motion control and VR would be the most obvious features, but the Glove could also serve as a commander for all your electronical devices or even to command your smart home. The possibilities are almost endless.

But no, instead people buy this stupid smart watches. I still don't get why on earth people find them appealing.



shani commented on Video: This Splatoon Glitch Makes Rainmaker Ve...:

Upon reading the headline, I thought to myself "ah so this is why we lost several rainmaker matches very quickly on that map yesterday!", but unfortunately, that wasn't the reason. ^^

In my opinion it's not really changing much. You can always see the rainmaker on the map if he isn't swimming. And he can't swim down there. So when you stand there and see him on the map, it shouldn't be that hard to find out that he's standing under you. And from there, it's not that hard to jump down and just kill him. Besides, going down there with the rainmaker only makes sense when you have a tight lead and when there's little time left. Otherwise going down there could even be disadvantageous for your team because your teammates won't know where you are (at least for a moment) and when you lose the rainmaker there and get killed, the other team has an advantage.

Interesting though that such an obvious trick was overlooked by the testers. I was a game tester (for a game company, not a magazine) once myself and this would've been one of several things that I would've tried for sure.
Maybe I should go back to that line of work, it was really satisfying to try to take a game apart and to force bugs to occur that others would never find during testing.

@AlexOlney: Correct me if I'm wrong, but from my understanding it technically is not out of bounds, because they don't leave the level area, but only access the underground part by jumping down. If it were out of bounds, they wouldn't need to jump to get from one metal carrier to the other. Instead, they would just be floating from one carrier to the other.

@Koniec Yeah I also wouldn't call it a glitch. It's just a part of the map that you can access without any special knowledge or moveset. I'd even go that far to say that the developers obviously wanted this to happen because otherwise they would've declared the underground part as out of bounds and then you wouldn't even be able to stand there, you would just fall out or being pushed out into death by the game automatically.
@Jazzer94: I don't think it wasn't intended, otherwise they wouldn't have declared the underground part as something you can't stand on.



shani commented on Talking Point: Why Does Investor Confidence in...:

Because investors are stupid and usually know nothing about the material they invest in? I'm just guessing but it woulnd't surprise me if this were true.
After all, our word is full of incompetence in places where competence is needed the most.



shani commented on The Deer God Will Bring Gorgeous Pixel-Based N...:

Well the trailer doesn't really show what this game is about. I only see a deer running through the screens. Is there something else to it?
And they really could've used more decent graphics, I don't like that pixely style (it may work for other games though).



shani commented on Video: Catch Up With the Translated Preview Tr...:

So why was everyone complaining when this game was announced again?
Watching that trailer, it sure looks promising, especially if you play it with two friends. If I had a 3DS I would buy it.

But what disconcerts and almost disgusts me is that they use the fireflower sound from Mario Bros. when Link throws fire. I don't like it.



shani commented on FAST Racing NEO's F-Zero-Like Hero Mode is For...:

Ok this new Hero-mode does indeed sound like F-Zero. I'm excited for the whole game, but this mode surely is a nice addition!

@rferrari24: I haven't played Fast Racing League, but at least the developer said in an interview that they started from scratch for Fast Racing Neo. It seemed as if he wanted to distinguish the new title from the old one. I hope this means it turns out to be a better game than its predecessor.



shani commented on FAST Racing NEO Will Have a Hint of F-Zero Cou...:

@Nico07 Not to be rude, but then you know almost nothing about Fast Racing Neo. Because it's totally not true that it "is using the same voice talent as F-Zero, has objects and items that are almost identical to those in the F-Zero franchise as well".
It's just one voice actor out of many, also one that I'm sure no one would recognize by his voice (I played F-Zero, F-Zero X and a bit of F-Zero GX and I don't even know who Black Shadow, Daigoroh and QQQ are supposed to be).
And the objects and items in FRN differ greatly from F-Zero.

Watch this gameplay video and you'll see it:

It has almost nothing to do with F-Zero. The only two things those games have in common is that a) they are racing games and b) they have a futuristic setting. The same applied to Extreme G and Wipeout and those two games also were vastly different from F-Zero.
But aside from those two things FRN has a lot more gameplay elements to offer than F-Zero. For example, F-Zero didn't have those colour puzzles and you also couldn't fly.

I'd say FRN is a pinch of F-Zero, a pinch of Starfox, a pinch of Runbow and 90% own development.



shani commented on Video: Is This The Hardest Super Mario Maker L...:

Challenge accepted. No that one really looks hard. Reminds me of some MarioHack levels on youtube.
But with that video as a template and enough time(!) to practice, it should be doable.

I'd wish there would be more hard levels like this in MM. To me it seems like the harder levels aren't really appreciated (judging from plays and stars), but if you make an easy level that many people can finish, you get more stars. Or you make an automatic level where people don't even have to press a button and those get the most stars. I mean, I admire the work behind an automatic level, but it's basically trial & error (many said so themselves but I also experienced this when I made my first automatic level).

I'm exactly the opposite: I would only give challenging levels a star, because what's the point in playing an easy level after so many years (no, decades) of Mario experience? Then I could just go back and play Mario Bros. 1-1.
Before MM came out, what made me really want it wasn't the fact that you can create your own levels. No, it was the hard levels in the Nintendo WC finale that made me want to play that game. I want those hard levels.



shani commented on Nintendo Partnering with Green Man Gaming for ...:

Wait a minute, so this wasn't possible before in the UK? I always thought there were several keyshops (with Wii u games) in the UK and US, because AFAIK in Germany there is only one (mmoga) and Germany is always behind in this kind of things.

@MrGawain Because this way you don't have to buy a eshop card and waste the remaining amount of money. I myself bought the last big Nintendo games (Splatoon, Yoshi, Mario Maker), through mmoga. They send you the key a few days prior to the release and it's also a bit cheaper than in the eshop (like 36,99€ instead of 39,99€).



shani commented on FAST Racing NEO Will Have a Hint of F-Zero Cou...:

@Nico07 Maybe they could've cooperated before the game was developed, but since that already happened, it's too late. The game already has taken its own shape and transforming it into a F-Zero title would not only diminish the efforts of Shin'en and insult them, it could also have a negative impact on the game.
Think about it: You develop a great, unique game that is a potential hit and then you let it reskin and take things away from it just so that it looks more like F-Zero. That would be a slap in the face of the developers.
No, this game is Fast Racing Neo and it should stay that way. One has to respect the efforts of the devs.

Besides, Nintendo could've asked Sega to develop another F-Zero, like they asked Criterion, but apparently Big N want to do it on their own because they were disappointed by the previous collaborations.

Fast Racing Neo shouldn't be regarded as an F-Zero substitute, but as a game in its own right. It clearly offers a lot more elements than F-Zero (flying, the thing with the colours, etc), so it could end up being even better than any F-Zero.

@AdanVC Totally! I want to preorder it already!
@shigulicious Minute -1 buy ^^
@PaperMario64 I feel you man, that's so unfair! The first thing I did upon opening this article was looking at the box on the right hand side, but disappointingly, the release date is still "2015".



shani commented on This Is The Last Real Console Cycle, Proclaims...:

Seriously, were do these so-called Analysts come from? I doubt there is even any way of education to become an "industry analyst". To me it seems that all it takes is to hallucinate stuff and talk doodoo.

Some years ago, they said the PC (gaming) market is dead, now PC games sell more than any other platform. Now they want to make us believe consoles one day will no longer be required.
To be honest, it was many many years ago when I thought to myself: Why are there even consoles when a PC can do the same job? I still don't see an incentive to buy a PS4 or Xbox One, for example. If Nintendo games were on PC, I would only own a PC, I guess (unless Big N has a console with something special to offer).

But it's really easy to realize that this industry analyst doesn't know what he's talking about. He obviously isn't a gamer. Because for a gamer, smartphones and tablets just aren't an alternative. Those platforms are for non-gamers or what some people may call casual-gamers. Even if you ask those people if they play videogames, they surely will respond with "no". Because in their mind they're just playing some stupid app like Flappybirds. Sure, it may pass as a game, but calling it a full videogame is like calling a smart a sports car. Sure, both can bring you from A to B, but what they offer aside from that is very different.
If this Pachter guy knew what he was talking about, he'd also know that gamers will always need a dedicated gaming platform (whether it's a PC or a console, technically both are the same anyway).



shani commented on Review: Extreme Exorcism (Wii U eShop):

Omg, I look at the screenshots and all I see is Mario Maker. Have really been playing that game for too long... ^^

@MetaSmasher You can play Runbow with other people online anytime. Works like a charm, really seamless.
But it's also fun in singleplayer.



shani commented on Feature: Have You Played... ZombiU?:

@Volcanox Well to build up on that: I'm not a fan of horror games (and movies) either, because I find most of them boring or ridiculous.
But I liked ZombiU almost immediately, because of how the second screen is used, but also because of its logics (like permadeath and getting back your backpack) and the London setting. And when I played alone and it in the middle of the night, it really accomplished the task of scaring me. That's something rare for me (back in the days, Half Life scared me a bit, but I was way younger then and not really used to action titles).
ZombiU (I got it from the eshop on a discount) is one of the titles that I haven't played through yet and will return to eventually.



shani commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

@Damo: I don't get why you're article is so pessimistic/negative and basically says the Wii U is dead, just because Star Fox is delayed for two months? That's nothing! Many games were and are delayed for much longer timespans (take GTA V, for example), so I don't see why a few month would change anything. The Wii U is very much alive with releases coming steadily. You shouldn't just focus on Nintendo games, the indies have some pretty great games to offer, too. I can't wait for Fast Racing neo, for example.
Also, what's the point in having dozens of games to choose from, when either most of them aren't good/new or they are so much that you can't choose between them (because money isn't an infinite resource)? Then I'd prefer to have less games, but everyone of them is a hit.

I don't know about you guys, but I have plenty games to play on my Wii U. Splatoon still motivates me like on day one, Mario Maker is absolutely addictive. I haven't even nearly finished Yoshi's Wooly World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Runbow, Rayman, Ducktales, Zombie U or Darksiders II. I'm also not quite finished with Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Trine 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, and many other games. And I also haven't really tackled the task of playing my favourite VC games through again.
No, really, I have enough to play on my Wii U for several years to come. I don't see why we would ne the NX in 2016.

It's a minor bummer because I was extremely looking forward to play Starfox. But well, let them polish the game, I'd rather play that than an unfinished game.



shani commented on Splatoon's Hammerhead Bridge Map Opens For Bus...:

WHAT?! That's awesome! I was sure after the 12th map, there would be no additional maps. Well guess again. The supply chain never ends!

@Plateface What exactly are "connection errors you have no control over"? In my opinion, every connection error is caused on the player's side. So you have limited control over it (meaning: the internet provider you choose), but of course you can't control the fluctuation of your internet connection (that's where you should blame your internet provider).
In all these months I had exactly two disconnects in Splatoon. And I already got over 100 hours of playtime. Just to compare: A friend of mine has a really bad internet connection (o2) and he get disconnected all the time.
So I don't think the game is to blame. But what one can really complain about: The game shouldn't punish you by -8 (ranked) points when you get disconnected. That's what really bugged me those two times it happened, not the disconnect itself (just jump into the next battle).
Anyway, I didn't experience less disconnects with any other game.

@abbyhitter @Blastcorp64 Hehe yeah, Splatoon is so good that even Mario Maker can't push it out of the competition. This sentiment seems to be shared by many people. Funny anecdote: On Friday night I when I was in Splatoon I posted this:
I got an astonishing number of 136 Yeahs for this, usually I only get 3-5 Yeahs. So many people seem to feel that way. ^^