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I had every Nintendo home console since SNES and started playing on a 1989 Gameboy, but I'm also a passionate PC player. Wii U + PC are the ideal platforms for me, but I also don't shy away from playing on other consoles (when at a friend's). I may be a huge Nintendo fan, but not a blind fanboy. :)

Mon 5th May 2014

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shani commented on Nintendo of Europe Launches Its Cyber Deals We...:

W101 didn't impress me the first time I played the demo last year, today I gave it another shot because it's from Platinum games and it was better, but still not really convincing (I got stuck in a building with that awful inside camera on the Gamepad. The idea is great but the execution is just terrible).
Mario 3D World is still a disgrace to me, although I get why they did it. But I want a real Mario 3D game, so I won't buy that.
Unfortunately, tomorrow we get Pikmin 3, DKC: Tropical Freeze and I already have both. So I'll wait for the deals on Sunday and Monday.
But I don't get what the fuzz is about, I think 40% off is a great discount. It's more than for most games on Steam sales. If I wanted to have M3DW and W101, I would totally buy them for that price. And comparing the prices to retail is also wrong. You forget that with the retail version you have the disadvantage of not having the game on your console. This means you always have to change the discs. If I had to buy all the games I got on my Wii U in retail, the boxes would take up a lot of space. Also, I would need a huge extra back whenever I take my Wii U with me. Besides, in 10-15 those discs will be use- and worthless, while the games on the USB stick will live on forever.
I would even happily pay more for the digital version than the retail version. As long as the retail version isn't heavily cheaper. The only retail game I own is Smash, because I got it for 39,99€ with the Mario Amiibo. And that disc will stay in the drive forever, I won't buy another disc game for my Wii U.

I don't get what everyone is so worked up about? What makes you feel entitled to a big number of reduced games? Just because other platforms do it? I second @LemonSlice on this. Don't act like everyone "deserves" cyber deals. They're still just a bonus and nothing you should take for granted.

@crazycrazydave I'm sorry, but this is just a BS excuse to get cheaper games. No eshop game discount will create more console sales for Nintendo, that ship has sailed long ago. At this point, if anyone still buys a Wii U, it's because they are convinced by the console, not because of some temporary game sales. Those are only relevant for people who already own a Wii U. So game discounts aren't anything Nintendo "absolutely needs" at the moment. They are doing it just out of courtesy.
Your theory of "More sales = more awareness" is also wrong. That might be the case for Steam, but Steam is very different from the eshop. Not only is the PC market different in general, but the pool of customers is vastly larger. Mimicking Steam sales will achieve nothing for Nintendo. Steam themselves couldn't do that if they hadn't already gained such a powerful position and financial background.
Have you even read the article (or other articles) before ranting off? The sales go for four days and every day there are different games on sale. So Bayonetta 2 and other games getting a temporary discount is totally possible.

@freaksloan: Really? I don't see any proof. MS doesn't even publish its console sales numbers, the last official number is from two years ago: 3 million sold Xbox One units. So obviously the XB1 hasn't performed well and therefore MS doesn't want to publish the numbers. On some site they said approximately 15 million, but that's just an estimate. For all we know it could be half of that.
In comparison, Wii U has sold roughly 11 million units while the PS4 has reached 30 millions. Wii U doesn't even really compete with those two, most people who buy a Wii U do it probably out of conviction or they also have a PS4 (or maaaaybe a XB1) at home.
The XB1 competes with PS4 and it has lost that fight disasterously. The PS4 took sales away from Microsoft to get to 30 million units, not so much from Nintendo. 30 millions units on it self aren't that either much if you compare that with historical console sale numbers, so obviously less people buy a home console than in previous generations.



shani commented on Feature: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of FAST R...:

Lol, one of the ships is called "XIsle GmbH"? That's funny.
In case you didn't know, GmbH is a very common German abbreviation and means "limited liability company" or "private limited company (PLC)".



shani commented on Rumour: The eShop is Opening Up in More Europe...:

@Krisi: Yes you can! Just go to your Wii U's settings -> set your country of residence. You'll have to create a secondary profile for it, but after you have downloaded the games from the eshop, you can play them on your primary account!

@supermario4ever The same applies to you. But the article also states that Hungary will be served, too (starting at December 10th).



shani commented on Europeans Will Be Able To Download Xenoblade C...:

Wow, this game is really massive. I can feel the hype train finally approaching, wasn't that hyped for it before. But now that the release is imminent I'm really looking forward to it!

I gotta agree with some people who critisize Nintendo's marketing of the game. On other consoles it would be a blockbuster, surely a game for which you couldn't miss the advertisement.
But no, you don't see ANYTHING about it ANYWHERE (aside from Nintendo-centric websites like NL). I think maybe two of my friends know of this game at best.



shani commented on Video: Gaming Historian Pays Tribute To The La...:

Wow, nice documentary. I mean, I already knew all of it because I researched Iwata's life heavily after his passing. But still those 37 minutes went by like nothing. And in the last part I shed some tears again... I really wish he was still alive. :/

@Nico07 Yeah his family is always left out in any piece about him. I guess it's what he always wanted, to save his family the troubles of being famous. But sometimes I wonder if maybe one of his children might've inherited some parts of his character traits and talents or even might one day follow in his footsteps. But well, I guess it's pretty selfish to think that, I'm probably only thinking that because I liked what his work (and his passion). No one should be forced to go the same way as their parents did, as Satoru Iwata himself proved with his father.



shani commented on Feature: Assessing Affordable Space Adventures...:

It's really great to see how passionate they are about games, I still recommend ASA everywhere I can to people who don't know or have it yet.
Haven't played the Origin Story yet because I'm waiting to play it together with my friends who finished the main campaign with me.
But I would love more content!
Maybe one day Nintendo should think about integrating these two studios or starting some kind of deeper partnership. I mean, Nifflas and KnapNok definitely got what the Gamepad is made for and made a very unique and ingenious game.



shani commented on The Slosher Deco is Splashing Into Splatoon on...:

@MasterWario Burst Bombs are actually my favourite sub. You can throw four of them, which isn't possible with any other sub. I usually extend their throw range (one or two main slots) to have a long range weapon.
Then you can kill your enemy with two well-placed throws or just keep them from splatting you if they're main weapon has a higher range than yours.
For shorter ranges, my standard technique is to first throw a burst bomb into their face and then follow up with my main weapon. This way you need less shots for a kill.



shani commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

@Sir420 Indeed, you're right, I just tested it with Mario & Yoshi and Super Mario Land on my Wii U. Hadn't noticed that before and I don't really care that much.
I thought that picture above was from SNES VC and already smoothed. Even if it's not, I still think the darker and smoother picture in the comparison looks best.



shani commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

I don't get it?

From those four pictures shown above, the Wii U VC version clearly looks the best. No hard edges, everything looks smoother and not so pixelated.
Especially on a large screen (projector) this looks way better than without a smoothness filter.
And who cares if it's a bit darker? Honestly, I hadn't noticed that on my Wii U at all, it's this comparison picture that shows me the increased darkness for the first time. But I don't mind it. If you want it brighter, change the brightness of your screen.



shani commented on Video: Splatoon Gets the Did You Know Gaming? ...:

@J-Manix98 Can you send me a video link for those minigame levels? I searched for them but I only found minigames where you have to use FLOOD.
What I personally liked more about Mario64 and the Galaxy games was that you had a huge open world in every level. Sunshine felt more cramped.
But yeah, maybe I'll give it another someday, when I have nothing else to play.
The thing is though, I'm usually not that much into retro as long as I have something more recent to play.



shani commented on Video: Splatoon Gets the Did You Know Gaming? ...:

That video literally had nothing new in it! I already knew everything from Iwata Asks. Ok, not the Japanese weapon names, but everything else. It's the first time a DYKG video felt cheap.

@J-Manix98 Well it's the shooting mechanic that didn't really convince me. Not that it's awful or anything, the mechanic itself was okay (although not inherently fun like Splatoon's mechanic). But it was more annoying than fun to clean up the mess that your enemies made.
When I play Mario, I want to do pure platforming like you mentioned in that level where FLOOD gets taken from you. Not shoot water at places and enemies. It was really exhausting and that's why I quit the game. It just wasn't fun as usual, more like an average game and with those I quickly lose any motivation to play them.

I still think it was a good game, but in no way on par with any other Mario 3D game. It just lacked that feeling of the game being special. When I usually pick up a 3D Mario game, I'm immediately motivated to jump through the course and get the stars. I never felt that way with Sunshine, it was just odd. And I don't mean that just because of FLOOD but also because of the stages, being set in a holiday resort etc and how you are introduced to the overworld (or was it a level? I'm not sure).

Of course this shouldn't diminish your experience with the game or your childhood memories.

Since I don't have a Gamecube anymore, I would have to play it on an emulator, so I don't see the point in that. ^^ I'd rather play Majora's Mask, another game from that period that I never really connected with. And it really bugs me that I couldn't beat that game, so at least there's some motivation to buy and play the remake as soon as I have a 3DS.



shani commented on Video: Splatoon Gets the Did You Know Gaming? ...:

Also, why did it take DYKG so long? And why only put in already-known facts?

The Game Theorists already made two awesome videos in May and September:

This one tells you where the rainmaker figure actually comes from (East-Asian Mythology):

The other one shows you why Inkopolis is Tokyo:

I'd say Game Theorists beat DYKG in this case.



shani commented on Video: Splatoon Gets the Did You Know Gaming? ...:

@Lilith93: Totally agree! Both are my absolute favourites in their respective domain.
@J-Manix98: Totally disagree. It's Galaxy 2 for me. But really, what exactly made Sunshine so great? I found it not even motivating enough to continue playing after the first stage (?) where you hunt that other Mario.



shani commented on 13AM Games Announces Upcoming Update for Runbow:

Although I was very exicted for this game and still find it great, I haven't played it a lot due to no one wanting to play it in local. I tried online a few times and it's nice, but it lacks the personal connection that you have when you beat your friend who sits next to you. And I feel this game is only really special if you play if with a lot of people, not only with two or three players...



shani commented on Check Out This Unused Stage Found in the Splat...:

Where does the picture show a coalmine? I just see elements that look very familiar from other stages. Most likely this isn't a new stage, but just some art design that led to the stages we already know.



shani commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

Those Mario Sports games never really interested me anyway. I'd rather play a real sports sim (in this case: Virtua Tennis) or Wii Sports instead of this arcade nonsense...



shani commented on The Hydra Splatling is the Next Freebie For Sp...:

@rjejr From my experience the modes and maps appear on the same weekdays, although I think the timespan is longer than one week.
You can try all the maps in the private mode, right?
And the Museum map was on heavy rotation for the first two days, in case you missed it (I also would've wished for it to be longer, but only because I like that map so much ).



shani commented on The Hydra Splatling is the Next Freebie For Sp...:

@Grumblevolcano Well I disagree, I paid 37€ €, played it more than any other game (except for FM15) and still feel it's a real bargain, especially with all the free content. Other games would charge you extra for that and then you would end up paying way more than only 60$.



shani commented on The Hydra Splatling is the Next Freebie For Sp...:

@ikki5: No it's not. You just haven't played it (enough) to figure that out. ^^ I only payed 37€ but I would've happily paid double or more. This game is really a bargain regarding the huge amount of content and the even huger amount of fun it generates.
But I don't get your point: Either you want it or you don't want it. Which is it? If you don't want to buy and play the game, why post here? If you want to buy it, why haven't you yet?
@beingvasey: Haha, I totally hear you.
@abbyhitter @rjejr The Museum got released a week ago, the other map not yet.
@Patapon11x: Thanks for that link! The stats were the first thing I wondered about.



shani commented on Review: Typoman (Wii U eShop):

@GeminiSaint No I wouldn't (I would play it in Spanish though). Why should I?
@gurtifus: I don't have the full game yet, so I can't really assess that. But if you say it would be possible, I believe you. Maybe they could add other languages in an update, I don't know.
But for me, I don't see the point why I should play this game in German, for example. I'd much rather like to play it in the original language, to get the unfiltered experience the developer originally intended.

The thing is though: Why not see this game as an opportunity for your daughter to learn English? In my opinion everyone in the world should speak English and it's also so easy to learn. It's especially easy to start with single words like in this game, I guess (for example: back in elementary school we already sang English songs in class without ever having English class - still I understood the lyrics). It's similar to making your first steps into English by listening to music.



shani commented on Random: Sega And Nintendo Go To War Over Facia...:

Bummer. When I began to read the article, I expected Sega and Nintendo to do some kind of event (Eggman vs. Mario) together (or maybe even a little 3DS game at least).
So this is just meaningless fun on twitter? It's a little bit funny, but not really.



shani commented on Review: Typoman (Wii U eShop):

I really loved the demo and hoped for a higher rating, however I also encountered this problem and thought they would improve the platforming mechanics until the release:
"Every now and then a jump might demand leaping from the very edge of a platform, yet HERO gets hung up on the landing and falls to his doom anyway."
Seeing that they didn't, I guess the rating is deserved. I'll still buy it anyway.

@GeminiSaint People who can't speak English don't visit this site. Period.
@gurtifus Even though you're right with the assumption that "people like me that are not english native trust more Nintendolife than other game related website (written in our native langage or not)", you and me still have to be able to read the English language (which in my opinion, everyone in the world should be able to, especially Germans) to read this review. So I don't get your point.
Besides, this is a game that hinges on English words, so how could you expect it to support different languages? That's as if you would demand that Mario Galaxy also offers guns so that you can play it as an ego shooter instead of a platformer. English words are the main element in Typoman just as platforming is the main element in Mario Galaxy.



shani commented on RCMADIAX Announces Avoider, Due Out on the Wii...:

Upon watching that video I thought "ok, let's give this guy some credit for the wordplay in the title". Because I though the title said "Avoid", which you could break up into "a void", which perfectly describes the background graphic (just a black nothingness) of the game. And then the video was finished and I realized the game is called "Avoider". So I can't even give him props for the name. ^^

@Zach777 I'm not defending him but even if his games would all score a 0, he would and should still be allowed to release games in the eShop. Just because someone makes bad games it doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to. If the games are really so bad, no one will buy or even play them, that's enough punishment.
Not allowing someone to release on the eshop should solely happen if someone breaks the rules, is offensive, racist etc, if you ask me.
But not if he makes a game that you and I don't like. Even if it's crappy art, he should still be allowed to "express" himself as an artist. Who knows, maybe there are one or two people out there who actually like his games. Even if no one likes it, he still should be allowed to make and release them. It doesn't hurt anyone, y'know.



shani commented on Humour: The Pain Of Being A Wii U Owner This C...:

@MoonKnight7: Wow, I didn't know that Iwata statement regarding Wind Waker HD. Then I admit, you were right, and I think it wasn't smart of them to say that at that point.

Yeah, in the end we all can only guess and try to solve riddles (until we know for sure), but what I like is that you actually back up your assumptions and argument with reason and caution instead of just rambling about something without thinking about it thoroughly (like many people do).

It's somewhat funny that eventually Nintendo's first mobile announcement turned out to be an app and not a game, but the other mobile released will probably be games I guess.
"It's difficult to find Nintendo's past references about this, especially since the internet is flooding with DeNA news and whatnot" Totally, I tried to google it before my last post and only found articles about the cooperation. That's why I hoped you would know it off your memory.

And I agree on a bit more transparency. Like in the case of Game Informer. Unless there wasn't some incidence which led Nintendo to act like that, I would say it's not beneficial for them.

And yeah, the fact that Nintendo had Miyamoto ask Aonuma that question in the video and that Aonuma does somehow say yes, without giving a 100% straight answer (otherwise he could've replied with something like "yes, the game will be finished in 2015 for sure") does surprise me a bit. It doesn't feel like they (Miyamoto and Aonuma) didn't want to ask that question in the video. This would actually support your theory.
And it's also a bit odd that they changed their stance on mobile games in such a short amount of time. When the DeNA partnership was announced, my initial thoughts were also that something internally had changed. Though I imagined it more like the financial director pressurizing the leading figures to make smartphone games. But it could've been some investors as well. In that regard, the apoointment of Tatsumi Kimishima as new president could've also come from the shareholders.

Thinking of the halfhearted way the company is approaching smartphones, it would even make more sense that the shareholders pressured them into going mobile and Nintendo said "Well, ok... here you go, Miitomo". Actually, this makes me fear that Nintendo could one day be purely dominated by shareholder interests (like any company on the stock market) and lose its "soul". Or in other words, I hope Nintendo doesn't go the way of Konami and ends up like Sega.

I hear you regarding the 2017 release, depending on other developments in the market, maybe it could be even wiser to release in 2016, I don't know. But I always wondered if this releasing of the next-gen console before the competitors (like Sega did with the Dreamcast and Nintendo with the Wii) is any good at all. I mean, sure, it releases earlier and therefore has a head start of one year regarding garnering customers, but it also gets old one year earlier than the competition. Besides, the NX would still also have to compete with PS4 and XB1.

Your point about the Zelda release history makes somewhat sense, but wasn't it the same situation with TP and SS? TP was released at the end of the Gamecube's lifespan and SS came at the end of the Wii's lifespan. So if we ignore the Zelda-per-console-rule, it would be fitting if Zelda U also came out at the end of the Wii U's lifespan.

To sum everything up: Your posts actually convinced me a bit that something has happened that changed the decision-making, with the investors or internally, but in the light of your argumentation, external influence from investors actually seems more probable.
I think my projection could be what Nintendo had planned originally and now all of it could change. And if it's true, I don't really know if I like it at all. Sure, I want Nintendo to be successful and I think they "deserve" (from what they have to offer generally and how they try to be unique) more than the underpart the Wii U has played, but at the same time I fear they could be influenced and bend over backwards until they're not recognizable as Nintendo anymore.
But apart from all that, I would be happy to play The Legend of Zelda U sooner than later (as long as the game is polished).



shani commented on Humour: The Pain Of Being A Wii U Owner This C...:


Ok, so youre saying the Investors intervened and are the cause for the postponing of Zelda U? I gotta admit, from the "evidence" presented, it's definitely a possiblity (one out of a few, I think). As you're rightfully saying yourself, it could be a coincidence or maybe not.
Regarding the changed stance on smartphone games, yes I also wondered if that decision was investor-driven, although I always had the impression that Nintendo is a company that runs pretty much indepent from their investors. But then again, this is only an outside impression, I can't tell how it looks from the inside. Although that deicison regarding smartphone games didn't come as surprising to me, I think mainly because I hadn't heard a lot about Nintendo's saying no to it before. Were they actually that strongly against smartphone games or did they just make some vague statements that you could also read differently? After all, Nintendo does this a lot and yes, they're secretive (they're also not the only ones), and although that might be outdated, I somehow like that about them. I like to try to solve their riddles. It gives everything a layer of mystery and while I'm usually an advocat of transparency, I think more transparency would actually take something away from Nintendo being a bit special. If we'd know more or everything before, there would be less ways to surprise us, which Aonuma clearly is aiming for. That's actually what I always liked about Nintendo, they usually manage to surprise you even if you think you know everything about their games.

Ok, this was a bit off-topic, so back to the links you posted and the timeline of events you're suggesting. For the sake of the argument, I'll use the publishing dates of the NL articles.
December 6th 2014: Zelda is set for 2015.
Although there's an important detail: Aonuma doesn't really give a straight answer in that video, he just says "Yes, all the staff members are working together and doing their best". So in a way, although his answer starts with "yes", he also dodges the question. Q´What he said sounds more like an answer to this question: "Are the staff members giving everything to ensure a 2015 release?"
March 17th 2015: Nintendo is cooperating with DeNA to develop smartphone games. On a sidenote, Iwata also states "As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename "NX." It is too early to elaborate on the details of this project, but we hope to share more information with you next year."
March 27th 2015: Legend of Zelda U is delayed into 2016.

So, judging from this, one could definitely pose the theory that there was some change in the decision-making. What I wonder about and don't really understand though is this:

Why should Zelda U be stretched out to become a NX title, "to give the NX a fighting chance", as you put it? I mean, every Nintendo home console so far had it's own original Zelda title (or sometimes even two). This means that the NX will get it's own Zelda title anyway. The Wii U on the other hand didn't have his yet.
This doesn't mean a dual release isn't feasible, but I think this scenario is more likely:

  • Zelda U gets released for Wii U in 2016
  • NX is released in 2017 (assuming you're not right in that the investors will convince Nintendo for a 2016 release, which I still highly doubt) and with it comes an updated version of Zelda U (pretty much like GTA V for PS3 and PS4 respectively)
  • later in 2018 or 2019 the NX gets its own original Zelda game.

What I'm saying this: I highly doubt a dual release. This happened only once with Twilight Princess and the thing is: The Gamecube already had its own exclusive Zelda game: Wind Waker. And the Wii got its own Zelda game in Skyward Sword. Twilight Princess was between the two.

And if I'm getting you right, your argument hinges on a 2016 release of the NX. Since new information about the NX is scheduled to be unveiled in 2016 (as Iwata had originally stated, so that timeline is intact), I can't imagine how it's supposed to be released in the same year. I still think 2017 would be more plausible.
But then again, if the investors should really have that much power and are also influenced by the many people online stating that it will be released 2016 (without any proof so far), it's not totally impossible that they do release it in 2016. But I will doubt it until Nintendo says otherwise. ^^

I don't know when your three friends bought the Wii U but when I bought it in 2014, Zelda U wasn't announced yet. What I don't get: Why did they buy the Wii U now when they were only buying it for Zelda U? Why not wait until the release and then buy the console at a cheaper price? The only reason that comes to mind is: There were actually other games on Wii U that they also wanted to play right now (and there are a lot of great games). If that's true, then Zelda wasn't the sole purpose of the console. And buying a console just for one game is somewhat odd anyway. I mean, I did exactly that with the Xbox 360 and GTA V, although I also bought and played through Red Dead Redemption, since it was never released on PC. But I only paid 50€ for the used Xbox360 and sold it immediately after finishing those two games as I had planned from the beginning. So I had the console for maybe two months tops.
What I surely wouldn't have done was buying a Xbox360 one or two years before the release of GTA V, because that makes absolutely no sense.

'Wind Waker HD's main purpose for existing was to be the appetizer before the "main course,"'
And that's just totally wrong. When Wind Waker HD was released, Zelda U wasn't even announced yet. It was just an HD remake, like many people had requested it before (not specific to WW, just in general). If anything, it was meant as a quick-to-develop launch title, but surely not as an appetizer for something that would be released 3 years later. I mean, you don't go to a restaurant and eat a soup, only to wait 3 hours for the main course. You eat the soup and then eat the main course shortly after that. That's what an appetizer is for. If you would have to wait 3 hours for the main course, you would already be way to hungry and go some place else to grab a sandwich or something.



shani commented on Hover: Revolt of Gamers Will Be "Properly" Rec...:

Wow, this game looks really awesome! Thinking about getting the Steam version (although it's early access...), because I don't want to wait.

But I don't get what this title has to do with Project Cars? It's a completely different developer. So not only comparing them but openly stating stuff like "this game is already cancelled" is just wrong. Those two have nothing to do with each other, so give them a fair chance. After all, they seem to be aware of the task ahead of them.
And I agree on everything @Kaze_Memaryu wrote in that matter.

It seems like many people are still hurt from the Project Cars fail, which I don't really get at all. I doubted that game from the start (don't mean the Wii U version but in general) and it turned out to be crappy.



shani commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

@MarioPhD and @Samuel-Flutter: I made another concept level with a friend (the same who cooperated on "Find the way to heaven" and "Dr.Mario/Mario&Yoshi", although the latter one is not really finished), you can find it here

I'll just copy paste the description from NintendoLife's MM platform:
"Fight against the alien invasion and enter the mothership. The inside of the alien mothership is infested with strange green plants and white aliens that took over other sentient beings like a parasite. You will face huge creatures that are the result of scientific experiments. Blow the mothership to pieces and return to earth as it's saviour!"

I'd appreciate your feedback, especially about the difficulty, but also about everything else of course.



shani commented on Humour: The Pain Of Being A Wii U Owner This C...:

@MoonKnight7 First of all, I really don't want to start a flaming discussion here, because I don't think the delay of a game is worth it and I also don't think that we're that far away from each other. Just to be clear.

Correct me if I'm wrong, you're basically saying Nintendo should've released an unfinished Legend of Zelda U in 2015? Then what would've happened? Fans would've gone "rioting", the press would react with devastating articles that Nintendo doesn't release polished quality titles anymore etc.
Besides, you can't really compare those two games. From (the little) what we know, Legend of Zelda U will be a huge and groundbraking title. Starfox Zero isn't a small title either, but it's definitely not as huge and groundbraking as the new Zelda title. So it's absolutely understandable that they found more great ideas to fill the huge open world of Zelda U and that they faced big, unanticipated problems during the creation of this huge world.
Zelda U is definitely a case of "it's just a delay, so just deal with it, cause the game will be better."

And I think you're also wrong about the claim "Zelda U [was] still on track for Holiday 2015, only to completely reverse that decision in a span of 3 months." Was it? How do you know it was still on track, unless you're part of the developing team? Just because they haven't stated it publicly yet, doesn't mean it's automatically on track.
Besides, before the delay, Zelda U only had a loose release date: 2015. You honestly didn't take that for granted, did you? When someone tells you "the hoverboard will be released in year x", don't you think they made it vague on purpose because they can't yet say whether it will be finished by then?
If a game developer says "it will be released at sometime in the year 2015", you have to take it with a pinch of salt. Because it's totally normal in software development and the previous experience with the release dates of games from Nintendo as well as from other companies has taught us exactly that.

So when Nintendo said it would be released in 2015, everyone (including news sites like NL) assumed it could be at the end of the year, but not earlier. Because there already was so little time between the first announcement and the inital release (2015), it would've been a really close race to finish such an ambitioned game till the end of the year. Back then some people already questioned whether it would even be finished in 2015.

So the assumed (fictional) inital release would've been December 2015. But Nintendo already announced the delay on March 27th, 2015. They informed you about the delay nine months before the fictional release.

Just to mention a famous example, which I highly anticipated back then:
GTA V for PC was initally to release alongside PS4 and XB1 on November 18th 2014. In September, Rockstar Games delayed the PC version until January 27th. Then in January, just before the game was supposed to be released, they delayed it to March 24th. Then, in February 2014, they delayed it until April 14th. That's three delays!
You know what? I was a bit angry back then, not because of the delay, but because the others systems (including Xbox360 and PS3) were privileged (I even had bought a used Xbox360 to play GTA V and then sold it again after I had finished the main story).
But it all turned out for the best. GTA V on PC outperformes the other platforms by a long shot, so the delay of six months (or if you start counting from the first release on Xbox360 and PS3, 18 months) was absolutely worth the wait.



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@Vandy Exactly! It's just human to underestimate the amount work that needs to be done (or to find additional cool features that you want to implement) and to delay a project in the process. There's nothing wrong with that if you ask me.

It would've been worse if Aonuma had promised us that Zelda U will be released on December 18th, 2015 and then would've postponed it just one or two weeks before the planned release. If that happened, I would actually be a bit disappointed. But even then I'd still say: Let the artist do his work and deliver us a great product eventually.



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I totally agree with @Vandy that many Nintendo fans 'ignore the fact that there are so many quality, unique titles offered by the system and are always quick to cry about something being "the final nail in the Wii U's coffin!" and whine about how there are "no good games coming out".'
And upon reading his first post, it weas clear to me that he was referring to all the Nintendo fans (including those two in the video, but also everyone else).

@MoonKnight7: "while rightfully poking fun at Zelda U's current situation."
This is what I'll probably never understand. What on earth is rightful about it? Do the fans own and develop the game? No. I don't get why many fans feel so entitled. They're not involved in development, they don't even know the current status quo. It's not their game, so they don't have a say at all. I really love the Internet but this one of the things that it made worse.

@Tempestryke Lol, sorry (I don't mean to be rude), but anyone who plans to make a not yet finished piece of software a christmas gift (especially if it doesn't have a day-specific release date yet) has only to blame himself. You can't just assume that it will be released on time, especially if no precise release date was given.
But yeah, getting a christmas present in April is still awesome.
And I hope my previous post didn't come off as a christmas-diss. That's a completely different topic that doesn't belong here anyway. I just wanted to point out that game fans shouldn't have special release expectations regarding christmas. Sure, a game developer will maybe make a bit more money when it's released in the "holiday season", but I doubt it really makes a big difference. A good game will always sell (reasonably) well. And a good developer will always put the quality of the game over getting it ready for christmas. So in that perspective, Nintendo just prooved that quality is more important for them than improved sales on christmas.



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@Tempestryke Yeah and they probably believe Santa Clause exists. That's just ridiculous. Christmas is only there to boost retail sales, so it's essentially meaningless.
I don't get what the release date of a game has to do with Christmas. It's not like the game code says "Oh, it's Christmas, then I'm officially finished now!". Delays in software development are business as usual and you shouldn't rush the development if you don't want to get a crappy game/piece of software. So for christ's sake, let the developers do their job and just wait until it's finished. It's really not that hard.



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It neither made me laugh nor did it make me angry. I just disagree with the video, I personally don't see a lack of content right now. I still got tons of games on Wii U that need to be finished (but I'm playing Splatoon all the time and a bit of Mario Maker) and Typoman and XCX will just add to those.
And I don't get why everyone is so obsessed with the so-called "holiday season". It's just a month like every other month, people.

And I also still disagree with everyone claiming the NX will come out 2016. It was definitely planned for 2017. Nintendo only mentioned it during the DENA press conference to ensure people that they won't abandon home consoles.
The only possibility that the NX comes out 2016 is that people online will talk so much bullshit ("NX comes 2016, Wii U is dead") that Nintendo will be forced to give in, change it plans and release the NX too early. This way we would get an unfinished console which won't unlock it's true potential (whatever that is). Do you people really want that?



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@SH007ME AH! Now I get it. Thanks for claring that up. Upon reading the article, I didn't understand how these data packs are supposed to work/ what they're supposed to accomplish.
But why on earth would anyone get the disc version and then download these packs? Why not just buy the game digitally? That's the only way to go if you ask me. Loading 25GB from a super-slow disc(!) is totally crazy! The video is a good proof of that. The difference with/without the packs is really huge.



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@DarkCoolEdge: Interesting. I got the Batman games but still have to really play them. I played some chapters of Darksiders back then on Steam and started it on Wii U. Didn't like LA Noire so much (although the basic detective idea was good), but I liked Gauntlet back in the days on N64.



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"The 12th November broadcasts generally did this, especially in the case of Nintendo of America's effort - Nintendo of Europe was far more straight-laced, while NoA had a quirky sketch in which Bill Trinen stuffed his face with donuts. Flexibility is a key strength of the Direct brand."

Oh cool! I was wondering how the NA Direct went, hadn't have time to watch it yet. The EU Direct lacked the humor of the previous directs (but was great otherwise).



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WTF? How is Mario Maker nominated for GOTY? It's a nice "game" (Yes, it is more a game than a tool), no question about that, but not that good or revolutionary to nominate as GOTY.
The only game that really comes into consideration is Splatoon, which is my personal GOTY (without an award).

@Santa I wonder what your understanding of "functional" is? Every one of those games was functional upon release. From what I heard about Witcher 3, it came the closest to being not functional (regarding all the bugs). But I wouldn't even call that non-functional.
@Dr_Lugae Exactly! Splatoon was probably the most innovative game on all systems this year.
@Nicolai: Yeah I also don't get how Splatoon isn't even nominated for GOTY. @Grumblevolcano: How is Splatoon's lack of voice chat and the 2 stage rotation a bad thing? It's actually something the game should be praised for. They actually managed an online shooter where voice-chat is unnecessary and the only reason for the rotation is so that you don't always have to use an allround weapon, but instead can choose your loadout according to the maps that are active.
Both things are strong points and not weaknesses. I guess you haven't played Splatoon, otherwise you would know.



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"Fixed the issue in which the blasts from Blaster weapons don't quite reach the opponent even though the direct hit marker (x) is displayed while taking aim."

Wait what?! Blasters already have a big advantage in being one-shot-killers, why do they also have a direct hit marker? Makes me hate blasters even more (and also explains why they can splat you so easily).



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@Lord What makes you say that? As far as I know, there is co-op and online multiplayer isn't ruled out yet. And what are you talking about? The Two-screen-setup is what makes this title so great, otherwise it would just be a Starfox 64 rehash.