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Mon 5th May, 2014

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shani commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):


Ah okay, then you have even more experience with Splatoon than me, therefore your evaluation of the maps could be more accurate. :)
But you mentioned something very important in the parenthesis:

"(and if a particular map or test map is terrible, people will just not select it and Nintendo should be able to note that and remove it accordingly)"

That's not the "Nintendo way", if I may call it that. They wouldn't include a map that turns out to be terrible and then remove it. They rather would cautiously develop and implement maps that never can become terrible. Like in MK or Smash they always emphasize on making the stages balanced and equally fun to play. So with that in mind, it would be completely imaginable that they made "only" five stages because they were able to balance those in time, but couldn't make more maps and have them balanced at the same time, before the game is released.
I also guess that they had far less ressources (the Splatoon team was formed by the younger developers of Big N) than for MK or Smash, because those are two pillars of Nintendo's business and need to be be maintained as neat as possible.
You know, Nintendo isn't known for rushing things and maybe that's the reason they - again - went for quality instead of quantity.
Of course in the near future they could add more stages AND have them balanced.

I definitely would love to have more stages, I'm always for variety! But to me that's completely unimportant right now, it's something they should take care of to keep Splatoon interesting. If you would have 20 stages now, it probably would get boring quicker.
But I totally agree, it's a must buy. I hadn't read your previous posts before you mentioned me and assumed you were one of those who complain about the price-performance ratio.



shani commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

I strongly disagree! I really would've hated Nintendo if they would've postponed the release just to add some additional maps.

I assume you haven't played the demo? Because after just 3-4 games I was so hooked up, I would've even paid 60€ (I paid 37€) for ONE map.
The game didn't feel rushed at all, but rather perfect and polished like Mario Kart. I really don't get why you would need more maps at the beginning? I feel five maps are a lot, actually. Getting to know them takes time, so I guess you will be occupied with them for at least 3-4 months or even 6-12 months. By then, there will be additional maps. But I don't see how additional maps could contribute to having more fun.

Releasing the game later just because of some dumb maps would be something a game developer in the 90's would've done. But nowadays they can just add them OTA.

Besides, it's not the maps but the game mechanics that make a game fun to play. Think about the old Counterstrike, there were different maps but everyone was playing on Dust. One of my best friends was a CS addict back then and I never even once saw him or anyone else play on another map.



shani commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

@moomoo @Savino @kobashi100
But you guys know this is an online multiplayer game, right? One could compare it to Unreal Tournament. That game had a "singleplayer" that didn't even deserve that name, because it was the standard multiplayer mode against bots. Still I played that mode a few times and never complained about it. Because it is a BONUS to an all-multiplayer online game. You seriously can't be complaining about 3-5 hours of singleplayer playtime. It's 3-5 hours more than you should expect. Besides, who the F cares about those 3-5 hours when you will have 100+ hours of fun online?

Instead of complaining about the price, you could just go and buy it for about 43$ (40€) from the European eshop (or from an European key seller like I did). You have to go to System settings of your Wii U, change the location to an European country and create a new user profile. Then buy the game on the European eshop. After you've downloaded the game, you can switch back to your regular US Wii U profile and play the game from there. Problem solved.

@Ryno You mean while Nintendo offers you additional maps for free, you prefer paying 35$ for additional maps? That doesn't make sense.



shani commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

@Folkloner That would be really great.

BUT, why is everyone assuming it doesn't work in Europe? Has anyone tried?
I mean, I can easily log into the US eshop from Europe (with a separate account, after you change the Wii U's location in the system menu), buy games and download them and then play them on my European account.
So my guess is, it works everywhere, but they didn't officially announce that.

I'd try it myself but I already got the games from the bundle that interest me.



shani commented on Weirdness: Luigi Defeats All Level 9 Opponents...:

Lol, he didn't even use his deathstare. ^^

I think @ikki5 got it right, the CPU is supposed to behave that way because usually you would attack them and then their reaction could come to late. So they anticipate your moves just like a human player would.
But they don't anticipate you doing nothing. :D




shani commented on Feature: Go Fast - An Ode To The Glorious Chao...:

I would love to see a new F-Zero at E3, but I don't believe it'll happen this year.
After what Miyamoto said last year about a new controller, I'm sure he meant the next console. Because Miyamoto never says something like that without a specific reason (or even a concept) in mind.

And yeah, I was totally smiling when I heard of the F-Zero tracks for MK8. :) I even would welcome an all-F-Zero DLC!



shani commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

@Onion: Yeah that was my whole point, most people tend to forget (or simply don't know) that optical drives and even cartridges (completely forgot those in my argument ^^) aren't THAT reliable when you think in decades. Of course as a collector you know that. :) And I'm not even a collector.
The thing that in my opinion (or for my preferences, to put it this way) makes digital games better is the convenience, as you said.

@May_Nyan Ah ok, I didn't realize that. I always thought the eshop is the same for 3DS and Wii U (I don't have a 3DS)? Yeah the Wii was lightyears behind regarding this things. I'm really happy that I can one day download all the games I need before Nintendo shuts down the Wii U servers and play those games forever (as long as there's a power supply ^^).

Of course if one day after the server shutdown my Wii U should stop working I would be fucked, but from my experience Nintendo consoles last pretty long, even if you don't handle them like a raw egg. 1,5 years ago, my Xbox 360 instantly damaged my GTA V DVD when I moved the console, while you can move the Wii and Wii U any way and as much you want while a game is played, it never causes a problem (true story)! Also the 360 was really loud, heavy and big. But enough of that. ;)



shani commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

@May_Nyan You can do that already, so what's your point? You just have to log in with your Wii U account and then download the purchased games from the eShop.
Nintendo's way of doing it is actually great. Not only did the Wii and Wii U have full backwards compatibility (to the previous system), but you could also transfer your purchased games and data from the Wii to the Wii U (which I didn't do).

Honestly, I don't get it. Yeah, we don't own the games anymore and that's a bad thing, I'd also prefer downloading and then owning the game like you did with physical copies. But really, is there any difference? A copy on a disc is the same as a copy on a hard drive. And you can always make a backup, at least in Germany that's more or less legal (depends).

But if you don't want to lose download titles - just disconnect your console from the internet! Anyone who wants to preserve P.T. (I wouldn't know why, it was a nice demo, nothing more), just can cut-off their console from the internet. You just have to decide what's more important to you: Being online or not.

You people forget that nowadays physical video games are stored on a optical mediums, which aren't really good for preserving stuff. Many Old CD's and DVD's already are unplayable, just because optical media age pretty fast (in comparison to any other medium). So if you really want to preserve a game, you have to do it on a flash or harddisk drive.

I was always longing to buy games digital, because optical media are a waste of material and space. Besides it's really annoying to change them all the time. I only have ONE Wii U game on an optical medium and that's Smash Bros. (because it only cost 39€ with an Amiibo), all the other games I bought from the eShop and have them running on the internal memory + a 64GB USB stick. I'll never buy a physical Wii U game again because the DVD slot is already full. Changing the game in the disk drive is sooo 90's! I'm really happy that nuisance is gone.

And I don't have a problem with only licensing games digitally instead of buying them physically. Because I only buy on platforms that will exist for my lifespan (Steam, Amazon) and those games I downloaded on my Wii U? Well I have no reason to delete them, so when the Wii U is discontinued in the far future, I'll still have all of my games right on the console. That's so much better than having to store and move all of my 22 Wii U games.
Also, it's better for mobility. The Wii U (and its predecessor) is so compact, I can take it anywhere with me. Now Imagine if I had to take 22 DVD boxes with me, too! That would be unacceptable.

So to get back to the title of the article @MitchVogel wrote: There's nothing fragile about digital games if one knows what one's doing. Of course, if one's an uninformed fool, everything is fragile but then that's your fault for not caring enough about it to be informed enough before it's too late. You only have to blame yourself, especially because no video game company would've done this if nobody would buy their games.



shani commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

The original statement was: "But right now I'm enjoying the sheer power of the PlayStation 4 and it's letting me do some really interesting things, and I've always been about trying to be on the cusp of cutting-edge technology,"
The last part ist the most important. He never said anything about whether he'd prefer to develop for consoles or PC, he just said he always wants to develop for cutting-edge technology. But obviously that's not the reason why he's developing for PS4, because that's not cutting edge at all. If you want cutting edge there is no alternative to PC gaming. Ever!
My guess is that Sony just pays better. The thing about PS4 and cutting edge is more of a pretended argument.
But why would it be unfair to compare PC and PS4? Sony could at any time make his console an open platform like a Steam Machine does. But they don't want to be cutting edge. And why is PC gaming uncomfortable? I don't get what you mean by that.

@Donjwolf: What I meant was: Bascially, everything is an opinion, because humans aren't able to be objective. But still, an subjective opinion can still overlap with objective truth. The only true way to get objectivity is by measurement. And you can actually measure the graphics.
And I don't mean aestethics (which are related to your taste)! Of course you can like the graphical style of the predescessor more, but you can't claim that it has better graphics when it obviously - by measurement - doesn't.
You could also claim that you like the aesthetics of GTA 2 more than those of GTA V. But you can't claim that GTA 2 had better graphics.

And I never said you guys were wrong, but that I couldn't understand your opinion at all.



shani commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

Yeah of course all of this is just opinion, but I don't get how you can't see it. And I'm only talking about the pictures that Kirk posted. Just compare the space ships, the one from SNES is totally edgy and messed-up, while the N64 one looks very clean in comparison.
Or take the surroundings. Where in the SNES version you only have some blocks that don't resemble anything(!), you actually have trees(!) in the N64 version. Even the ground looks better on the N64 screenshot, more differenciated.

So which part of the SNES screenshot is supposed to look better than it's N64 counterpart? Because I don't see any.
And I didn't have both games as a child... so opinion or not, I think my judgement isn't clouded by nostalgia while yours clearly is. Have you tried showing those two pictures to any random person (who doesn't accidentially has played on of them)? I'm pretty sure they will tell you the same. Just put it to a test.



shani commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@ReigningSemtex & @RadicalYoseph Who said anything about consoles? There is only one platform that ALWAYS is cutting edge and that's the PC. To call the PS4 cutting edge is as if you would call a Beetle a Sportscar. The PS4 is far from cutting edge, most recently shown by GTA V. The difference is so big that you already could call the PS4 last gen.

@Kirk Your argumentation doesn't really work because you're comparing a finished game with an unfinished version of a game that was eventuall finished by 95%. But we don't know how progressed the version was that you played, maybe 50%, maybe 70, maybe 20, who knows.
Besides, are you serious? The N64 screenshot looks way better than the other one from the SNES version, just compare the anti-aliasing! The N64 models look so much cleaner!
I think the only reason why you call the SNES models more 'iconic' is simply because they existed before Starfox 64. Seriously dude, nothing in the original Starfox looks as good as in Starfox 64, I think nostalgia clouded your judgement.

I really liked Starfox and Lylatwars, but to be honest, it always bothered me that you couldn't fly around freely but always had to fly forward (like on rails).
I truely hope they keep nothing from the old Starfox titles (except for the characters maybe), but I don't think that will be the case. :/
But I trust Miyamoto to do a good job. I'm sure it will be an awesome game which truly uses the Gamepads features. Anything less would be disappointing.

@RegalSin Why are you writing about Street Fighter II all the time? ^^



shani commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

I for one don't understand the whole discussion.
I probably wouldn't have bought the game if it hadn't motion controls, because playing shooters with two sticks sucks so much!
I never understood how people can play it like that, it's so impractical for the movement of a shooter!

I'll always prefer a Mouse or a Wiimote (or the motion controls of the Gamepad), because it's a simple fact that those are superior to sticks regarding any movement. You can just freely move into the direction you want, not hold the stick until you're there. And I know that people can get used to sticks so much that they actually play really good with them! Still it's like somebody getting used to run with one foot.

What really was missing in the demo and what I hope they will still implement: You can't deactivate the sticks!
I always aim by moving the Gamepad, but sometimes I accidently moved the right stick and my aim was off. Hope they fix that in the final version.

@crimsontadpoles You know you could also just use the motion controls to turn? You don't need the right stick for that.



shani commented on Splatoon Global Testfire is Confirmed for One ...:

@rjejr: I don't know about you (or your age) but I am definitely not sleeping at midnight. And I don't think that 'all Europeans' will be sleeping at midnight, either. Of course this differs between people (depending on your chronotype), regarding one particular country as well as the whole continent. For example, in Spain's culture everything generally starts a little later than elsewhere. They even have customs that involve going out at 2 am and getting some kind of hot chocolate. It even reflects on their language.
But still I guess there are also Spaniards that go to bed before midnight. ^^

Midnight works really well for me, I'm actually happy the demo doesn't start earlier.

And well, you have to make a choice, do you want to BBQ (which you can do all the time) or do you want to play Splatoon (which you also can do all the time, but only starting in two weeks).
My point is: Pick what's more important to you and stick with it. Don't blame other people for your choice.



shani commented on Splatoon Global Testfire is Confirmed for One ...:

@rjejr Don't think so US-centric, this is a GLOBAL demo.
E.g. It will be midnight in Europe when the demo is accessible.

@97alexk So what? Take your Wii U with you and play it in Germany.
I will play it in Germany, too. ^^

@ikki5 As I had stated under the article for the first demo, in Europe the game will only cost 40 Euros. You can buy a download code on, which costs 37 Euros, which makes about 43 US dollar. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to redeem that code in the US (either directly or with an european account, I can also access the US and UK story from Germany, without any tweaks or something).

@Aurumonado And that way you pass on the 10% that you get if you play the demo? And as I mentioned above, you can get the game for ~43 dollars.

Stop complaining and instead look for solutions, people! It's not that hard if you open your eyes and look beyond your nose.

I really don't get how people can complain about a free gift. Nintendo gives you the game for free, be it for only one hour, and instead of being happy you complain. Why not just being happy? If you want to play the game longer, wait another week and play the full game. I don't see the problem.

I was able to play the first demo (with the three time slots) for only a coulple of minutes and I didn't expect to get another round before the release.
It's you people that always expect to get everything for free who ruin great things.



shani commented on Video: Nintendo Releases a Showcase for Wii U ...:

@01: I already played it 17:09 hours according to my Wii U, with three different crews. And we still haven't beaten the game.
I also read on NL that it would take 5-6 hours but that's totally unrealistic. There are many hard puzzles and coordinating with your crew takes time. Also, playing it with different people lets you have even more fun with it.

But it's not about the quantity of play time, but about quality. What good are 50 hours if the game is poopsies? ^^I'd always prefer 5 hours of unique, challenging and amazing gameplay to 50 hours of useless grinding or something.



shani commented on Video: Nintendo Releases a Showcase for Wii U ...:

@A01 and all those people who haven't bought it yet because they think the price is to high:

How can you say that when this game easily outperforms 90% of all full price games that cost between 50 and 60 [insert your currency here]? Even for 30 it still would be a bargain.
I wouldn't even hesitate to buy it for 60.



shani commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Plans are a Perfect Bl...:

@TheJudge: The way I understand it, it is more of a tool than a game. Maybe there will be a template to explain how it works, but I can't imagine anything more.
Because then it would be a Mario Bros. game again and that would be boring as hell since we already have so many Mario Bros. games.
Being a level editor is what makes Mario Maker so special, if they change this it would be really superflous.
If they would put their own levels into it I probably would delete them instantly.



shani commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Plans are a Perfect Bl...:

That video is so hilarious! Totally made my day. :)

@TheJudge: I highly doubt that. Why would they do that? It doesn't make any sense.

Nobody will need a new Super Mario Bros. ever again when you have Mario Maker.
I'd say the Super Mario Bros. series is finished since fans can create their own levels and games now (or in a few months). There's just no incentive for a new game anymore.



shani commented on Acro Storm Fuses F-Zero With Extreme-G, And It...:

Yeah! I loved F-Zero, Extreme G and Wipeout, so I'd love for such an action racer to be released.
But to be honest, the graphics look pretty bad, starting with the bike basically consisting of a few drawn lines, looking more like a sketch than a finished 3D model. I hope they'll change that into a more distinctive look!

@Damo: Why did you put two videos into this article when clearly the first one is worthless (no gameplay, just showing the developers's logo for 14 seconds)?



shani commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:


Now I don't know if this works for sure, but maybe you could buy a download code from Europe and use it on your Wii U?

I bought it here and they also have an US-site:

If it shouldn't work (can't imagine that), you still could let them refund you the money.

You can also compare prices here:



shani commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

@Operative: Who said it would be 60$?
In Europe it's 40€ (I actually paid 36,99€) so in the US it will be 40$.

But I would've also bought it for 60€ without hesitation, after all Mario Kart was worth the 60€, too. And Splatoon is basically just Mario Kart disguised as a shooter (comparing the fun I had and the emotions it causes). ;)



shani commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

I don't think many changes are needed in this section besides from pricing and bundling.
Maybe Nintendo could add a subscription model or a retro-flatrate where you could play every retro game in their catalogue. But this subscription model mustn't (!) include online gaming since playing the online part of every game should always stay for free.
I really hated and boycotted Xbox Gold and while the game offerings of Playstation+ are alright, it's really brazen to demand payment to unlock a part of a game (online mode) that you already paid the full price for.
That's a no-go!


"It's a slight oddity that there's hype around N64 games on Wii U, for example, when there are plenty of them in the Wii Mode"

I wouldn't call it odd at all! Back then the Wii and the native Wii Games were such a new thing, that no one cared for the retro releases. In seven years of owning a Wii, I never even once visited the Wii store. And why would I? There were so many great Wii games to play and new motion controls to learn. VC just wasn't interesting back then.

With the Wii U, this has completely changed, but not because the console would be less interesting. It's the Gamepads small screen which is perfect for retro games with their relatively "ugly" graphics. They just look better on the small screen and because of their simplicity in gameplay, they also work better on a handheld/Wii U Gamepad.
I never would've thought about playing the old NES/Gameboy title Mario & Yoshi on PC or Wii, because it's something made for the small screen. So when I got the Wii U and found this classic in the eshop, I had to buy it!

And I also discovered alot of GBA titles that I didn't know before I got a Wii U. Just take LoZ Minish Cap as an example.
But after fiddling around with the NES, SNES and GBA games, switching over to 3D games from the N64 (and hopefully later Gamecube) era was refreshing for a change.
That's why we are excited about more N64 releases.



shani commented on Nintendo Download: 7th May (North America):

It's funny how everyone thinks he is an Splatoon expert and claims it isn't a demo.
Do you have a crystal ball or work at Nintendo and already have seen the Demo? If not, just STFU and let's wait until the Demo is released.

I already downloaded the Demo and can't wait to try it out.
Also I am thinking about getting Puddle since it's reduced to 1,99€... has anyone played that game, is it good?



shani commented on ​Parent Trap: Why Affordable Multiplayer Adv...:

@RetroBillyT and @japfelix

Trust me, this game is worth every penny! :) It's really not expensive when you realize (after playing it) what an amazing and unique journey this is that you're sharing with two (or sometimes even more) other people.
I've already played ASA with three different groups of friends and everytime it was the same: at first, it's really easy and underchallenging and everyone said something like "that's boring, I don't have anything to do" but soon enough it evolved into a lot of communication, wondering and the mutual feeling that we have to solve the current puzzle and have to get to the next level. Sometimes it can also be frustrating when someone in the crew doesn't do a good job (most of the time, the pilot and science officer complain about the engineer, who has the hardest job ^^), but that only increases the immersion and the feeling of playing in a team or a crew together on a little spaceship.

I never experienced something like this in any game before and I'm sure all the friends that played with me hadn't either. Even though some of them were experienced video game players and others weren't, the reactions were almost the same. :)



shani commented on Fire Emblem's Two Versions Will Offer Very Dif...:

I don't have a 3DS (yet), so I won't buy this title.
But isn't it highly blazen to split this into two full-priced games?
The could've just made one game with different levels of difficulty...
Just saying, this would be reason enough for me to boycott such a rip-off.



shani commented on Splatoon Creation Was Inspired by Rare's Perfe...:


I just hate it when papers or websites publish such non-news as news. And I really find it silly to call Perfect Dark an influence for Splatoon without any real foundation for that. You can expect almost every game designer to have played some videogames in the past. That's no news.

Although that's true (luckily, otherwise there wouldn't be a spiritual successor to Banjo & Kazooie in the making), Rare still exists as a studio owned by Microsoft...



shani commented on Splatoon Creation Was Inspired by Rare's Perfe...:

Just because one the devs played Perfect Dark in the past, it doesn't make that game a direct or indirect source of inspiration/influence for Splatoon. Sure, having played Perfect Dark contributed to Yusuke Amanos gaming experience which in turn may have contributed to his developing experience.
But maybe the development of Splatoon also was influenced by the way that Yusuke Amano's parents raised him or when and where he was born. Also Splatoon is influenced by the simple fact that Yusuke Amano is alive. Both make more sense to me than Amano having played Perfect Dark.

But If you wanted to make such a ridiculous analogy like with Perfect Dark, you could also say that the real world we live in influenced/inspired Splatoon because Splatoon also has three dimensions. Or that Splatoon was inspired by FIFA, because both games are in colour. Or that Splatoon was inspired by the movie Platoon because hey, they share the same characters in their name!
It's just absurd.

Shame on you, Nintendo Life, for choosing such a lurid and shady article title. Those are the methods tabloids (and unreliable sports news sites) usually use. I would've expected more from NL.



shani commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Br...:

In the case of MK8, I totally loved the first DLC and can't wait for the second one to be released.
I never was a fan of DLCs (unless they provide a separate new story like the GTA IV Add-ons), but I would buy every MK DLC if they keep up with the first two ones. For example I'd like to have a pure F-Zero DLC and so on.

Regarding SSBU: I haven't got that far into the game and I'm not sure if I would buy DLCs for that, unless there would be new fighters (like Ryu, for example) which I are an must-have for me.



shani commented on Mario Maker Japanese Website Points to Inclusi...:

@moviefan2k4: Damn, that's sad. :(
But 300$? That sounds like a lot. I bought my Wii U (Pro Edition with Wind Waker) for 200 Euros about a year ago (Amazon Warehouse Deals)...

I would always but such things from second hand unless you have the money to buy everything new (which I don't have). That really saves you a lot of money (like my graphics card that would cost 300 new but I got it for 220€, used but working fine & with warranty).



shani commented on Mario Maker Japanese Website Points to Inclusi...:

@Moviefan2k4 You wanna hold-off just for that? After all, Mario Maker is just an editor (which also can be used to play, I know).
There are already lots of other games that outclass Mario Maker! If I were you I couldn't wait another half year, you're missing out on so much already!



shani commented on Weirdness: Super Meat Boy Is Calling For Your ...:

I'd say Team Meat would first have to release Super Meat Boy on Wii U (it shouldn't be so hard, it's only a small and simple game) in order to give the fans a reason to put Super Meat Boy into a Smash vote. Right?