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Mon 5th May, 2014

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shani commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:


Sorry, but this accumulation of random alphabetic characters (who chooses such an unprofitable name?) obviously takes himself way too seriously. The Wii U doesn't need no noname egocentrics.

Maybe he just should've chosen a name that sticks with peoples minds immediately.

EDIT: Now after reading the comments on this article, I at least know which games he made and why people didn't buy them (I think @DiscoGentleman described it best). I myself buy some indie games from time to time (most recently OlliOlli, Teslagrad and the Swapper), but only those who seem to have some higher quality, not that smartphone-browser-mainstream-crap.
So maybe he just should've made better games or seeked help, at least I know there are one man indie studios who can make great games. Best example: Banished (a game on Steam) beat EA's Sim City by far, despite being developed by one person and only taking about 250MB on your harddrive (and still having nice graphics). Or maybe it's the simple fact that some people are more talented/dedicated/passionate in a certain terrain than others.

So after reading all this, it just seems as if RCMADMAXARCADEWHATSTHENAME acts like a prima donna. In German you would call that "beleidigte Leberwurst", that term is sooo fitting and IMHO it should make its way into english (like dozens of other German expressions did before and vice versa). :)



shani commented on Next Level Games Employee Suggests He's Workin...:

@Crimzonlogic: In my opinion it would only make sense for it to be weird if he was actually developing for the Wii U (or he ment it in general, being a former developer for Nintendo consoles)

@MetaSmasher: It won't be F-Zero since we know that it'll come with the next home console which will have a dedicated controller for that. How we KNOW that? Well Miyamoto said it himself and we it's common sense that he wouldn't make such a remark without it containing a hint. Just think about what he (or was it Aounuma?) said about him wearing a Majora's Mask t-shirt to all kind of events before the remake was officially announced and how pissed he was that no one had realized this before the official announcement!
@BLPs: No it ain't (less common). As I just stated above, Nintendo recently did that with MM3D.

@A01: "Guy is clearly an idiot." Haha, I need a like-button! Seriously, I really had to laugh upon reading this. :) And you're right, he added "Still not buying one, though. Sorry Iwata-San." Maybe he wanted to point out that since he's developing for the Wii U, he fails to see why he should buy the console with his own money (and rather would have Nintendo give it to him for free).

@MrGawain: Nope, Miyamoto himself is working on the Starfox game, so clearly it can't be NLG.

I never played Luigi's Mansion until now, but I think I'd prefer a new LM game over Mario Strikers (I'd far more like it if Konami would bring PES to Wii U). But a new IP would be nice as well. :)



shani commented on Short Fan Film is Set to Chronicle the Final B...:

This really looks promising, it's only Navi's depiction that sounds and looks really silly and stupid. I think if they're going to make her visible she must look more cartoonish than like a human girl (like she does in that trailer). And her voice is really awful.

Honestly I'd rather prefer if it were based on Twilight Princess (maybe with Midna?) or Skyward Sword (seeing Fi would be awesome!).



shani commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights the Crisis and Opportu...:

While I'd wish that Nintendo would've adapter earlier/faster, I think Iwata is right to be careful because of the development in the gaming sector. I know some people who mainly play F2P titles and this can change their demands. So since Nintendo haven't fully adapted to recent developments (few eShop titles are given away for free) and are somewhat beginners in this, they have to be caucious before they make any crucial mistake. Because you know it went with Sega and some other examples, too...

I think this part of Iwata's statement describes it best:
"The ways to have fun have expanded. At the same time, [...] focus on the value of the content is increasing, based on their idea that content can also be free. How we deal with this situation [...] will be the key point for us. If we find the right answer, Nintendo will prosper as a company that creates content. If we make a big mistake, on the other hand, our business structure will collapse."



shani commented on Weirdness: Legendary Composer Koji Kondo Drew ...:

Honestly, while it's interesting to hear about Koji Kondo's musical development, I don't see the relevance for the Legend of Zelda?

The linked Deep Purple song (April) sound more like Ryu's Theme from Street Fighter than like the Score of Legend of Zelda.

The bassline from Friendship - Let's not talk about it on ther other hand indeed sounds like the beginning of the smb underground levels, but they added some elements to it in the game which aren't in the song. So yeah, it could be a direct inspiration (likely), but nothing more.
Everyone should be aware that there is so much music out there that it's highly probably for two (or more) songs/loops/jingles to sound alike.



shani commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Playable Star Fox fo...:

Actually I don't think Miyamoto said that about the F-Zero-Controller without at least having an idea already.
I mean, think about it! My first reaction also was something like "what the hell, why would you need a special controller for F-Zero?"
I seriously can't imagine one. But then again, exactly this convinces me that Miyamoto has some particular controller design in mind. Why else would he say that? Why else is it, that no one of us can imagine a controller that would enhance the F-Zero experience, while Miyamoto considers it as a (at least) possible option?

So my bet is that there will be an F-Zero (about time, anyway) as one of the launch titles of the next console! :)



shani commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

I'll definitely buy all of them except for Xenoblade (since it's not my kind of game) and Kirby (I liked the old Kirby more, besides Yoshi's WW will be enough for me).

Can't wait to play Zelda and Starfox, but Splatoon, Devil's Third and Affordable Space Adventures also look very exciting.
Needless to say that Mario Maker (@minotaurgamer: What's your problem? You know that you will be able to play those levels, right? So there you have it, a new 2D-Mario Jump'n Run!) and Mario Party will be lots of fun, too. :)

The only thing I'm really missing on that list, is a new, REAL Mario 3D Jump'n Run. I mean a successor to Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy, not that 3D World crap where they took a 2D-game and made it look like 3D and, worst of all, messed with the mechanics of Mario's movement! That really was the most disappointing Nintendo game ever for me! I'm just happy I didn't buy it, because usually you can trust Nintendo blindly regarding their core Mario and Zelda titles.
I'd love to play a Mario Galaxy 3 or something similar, but as Miyamoto stated, it may be that the next real 3D Mario Jump'n Run will be released for the Wii U's successor. If so, It would be nice if they at least could make a HD remake of Galaxy 2.



shani commented on Reminder: Redeem Your Nintendo Network Deluxe ...:

I got 8 codes with a total of 4143 points. Although we knew this from the start, it's a pity that the promo system will be discontinued. :/

It was really great, especially if you bought the games or game codes for a much cheaper price than the price the promo system took as a basis (like buying the code for NSMB for 20€, although it's worth 50€ in the promo system).

@Commie: Only the good stuff! ;) Seriously, how could you end up with just two codes? Just take all the mayor Nintendo games + several indie games + some VC games and maybe a few other third party games and you'd end up with more than just 1000 points (I mean, just one mayor Nintendo game already earned you one code).



shani commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

Oh no, no Mario title on the Wii U? :(
I was hoping for a real successor to Mario 64, Mario Sunshine (though it wasn't as great as the others, it featured the same basic controls and movements) and Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. Even if it just would've been Mario Galaxy 3, which would be fine by me... :/



shani commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

"The fact is, whilst Nintendo haven't been perfect, third parties can't just expect their games to fly off the shelves on Wii U with little to no effort...on Playstation/Xbox they don't have much if any competition for the most part but on Wii U there's a load of superior first party releases to choose from like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8 etc. and people can and will flock to these games if third parties shaft Nintendo formats with gimped/late releases."
That's the point, the big third party companies like EA and Ubisoft just want to make money with preferably little effort. They already did so in some cases (not all of them) on the Wii. While this may work on other platforms, it sure doesn't on Nintendo consoles since its fans are used to a higher level of quality from the first party games.

I really don't get why the big publishers just do boring ports of existing titles instead of using the Wii U's creative potential and make more games like Zombie U, Rayman (WTF Ubisoft?!) or - to pick an example from the Wii era - Red Steel.

I have WD on PC and while it's not a GTA-killer (actually it's a completely different type of game for me), it's still a good game though the hype was maybe a little too much.
I don't really care about any DLC since I haven't even finished the main story on PC, besides I'm no friend of DLCs in general (with rare exceptions worthy of their price like the Addons for GTA V).
I maybe even would buy WD for a second time on Wii U for a small price, though I'm not happy at all with Ubisofts decisions and the constant whining about their AAA games not selling properly. Well then dedicate yourself more to this console and make better games! Only then you're gonna make more sales. Simpel as that.

But the good thing is: Nintendo already has so many great titles released or coming for Wii U, that the performance of third party developers doesn't really matter. Big N have plenty of financial reserves, so they can easily rely on their own games and continue to offer a great platform for indies, especially for games based on Unity.



shani commented on Nintendo 64x64: Extreme-G:

Oh I loved this game as well, the same goes for F-Zero X and Wipeout (though I didn't play this title that often)! I think I never actually owned them, but my Dad rented me some N64 games every weekend. :)

If I recall correctly, XG2 was even better, maybe because of the graphics. But I absolutely loved the thrill of speed the XG-Games offered /F-Zero X was already fast, but XG beat it).
I'm not sure who posseses the rights for the old Acclaim titles right now, but a VC release would be awesome! The same goes for Turok 2 and Shadowman.
But I highly doubt this, since porting N64 games to VC seems to be a hard task because of the architecture of the console.