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It is being reported that Nintendo's next games console - currently known as the Nintendo NX - will launch in July 2016.

The source of the report is Taiwanese site DigiTimes, which is claiming that manufacturer Foxconn has won the contract to produce the console. However, it is thought that rival firm Pegatron could also be taking some of the work. Nintendo has apparently asked supply partners to begin "pilot production" this October. Finalised orders are expected in February or March 2016, with mass production slated for May or June and a suggested July release being mooted.

Such claims should always be taken with a pinch of salt, of course - even more so when you consider that DigiTimes appears to be under the impression that Nintendo has already announced the 2016 release date - which it hasn't, of course.

Another element of the report which sets alarm bells ringing is the claim that Nintendo hopes to ship an astonishing 20 million NX consoles in its first year of sale. The Wii U has only managed half that total in two and a half years, while the PlayStation 4 has shifted 22.3 million units in 17 months.

Bogus? Perhaps, but UK trade site MCV - which has reported on this rumour - believes that NX was shown to certain parties during E3, so the 2016 release might not be too outlandish.

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