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My favorite video game is Greed Island. I also recently became a pro hunter because it looked like fun. I also enjoy skating in my free time.

Mon 22nd Jul 2013

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KilluaZoldyck commented on Weirdness: In Some Parallel Dimension, This Ni...:

One of the biggest flaws for me in the video was the bullet points near the end. Why do the sentences start In lowercase letters? Also the bullet that reads "proper account - and reward system" ; Who is to say what a PROPER account system is? That would imply that Nintendo is sorely disappointed in their current account system. The word PROPER is also region specific. It's not a word that we use often in the US, it would be weird for them to use a style of speaking that seems region specific as opposed to a more neutral word choice.



KilluaZoldyck commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May Be Playing Catch-...:

Maybe if they (edit: third parties) actually spent time making decent games for the wii u they might see better numbers. Even Mh3U was a port but at least capcom made the game worth the money instead of watering the game down. ALSO BETHESDA LOTS OF SKYRIM FANS ARE ZELDA FANS WTF BETHESDA?!



KilluaZoldyck commented on Reaction: Nintendo Surprises Us All With the 2...:

I know that the 2ds will do well. Personally im trying to find a reason that i should buy one. I think the design looks quirky and for some reason Im really feeling it. Sadly my xl outclasses it in every way. I will probably try getting one if it has a decent battery Life of over 10 hours.



KilluaZoldyck commented on Video: This Monster Hunter 4 Trailer May Be Th...:

I love mh3u. I really want 4 though. Playing with my friends is the best part of the experience for me and when this comes out i can actually play online with them because they all have both versions of the game and i only have the 3ds version.



KilluaZoldyck commented on Disney Infinity's First Wave of Power Disc "Bl...:

......No disney. Just no. Maybe if you made your power disks more like power figurines then I could see people trying to collect them but DISKS? Disks just seem lazy and I couldn't care less about your powerups. I bet you expect people to pay for the ability to see their health bar too.



KilluaZoldyck commented on Monster Hunter 4's Insect Staff Weapon Attribu...:

Blunt objects are not weak. You just have been hitting the wrong part of the monster. I main the hh and the hammer and I am offended that you think I can't kill monsters as fast as someone with a slicing weapon.

Edit: also concerning charm tables, I'm on 9 which is really good for the ranged weapons.