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Thu 20th Mar 2014

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Marlowe1877 commented on Video: Collecting Every Wii Game Is Difficult,...:

Oh what a waste of time and money. I love the wii but it has a real low strike rate for quality. I'm not sure there are a thousand good games across all the consoles ever.
Big beach sports ranks as the king of shovel ware for me



Marlowe1877 commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed Once Again as Ke...:

Yorumi said:

@Joris "In the year 20XX. MN9 was finally released but by this point fans were so upset they built 8 robots to attack the headquarters of Comcept Inc. "

And the 8 robots travelled to Japan bickering amongst themselves, with 1 claiming that 3 was a shoebox with wheels that could only move thanks to 2 pushing it along with its nose. 4 left the troupe to visit akihabara for a "service" and 7 converted to Islam and took the next flight to Turkey. The remaining robots decided that it would be sensible given their weakened state to delay the attack on comcept until raspberry pi version 4 was released. no. 6 tried to order the upgrade parts but found that his WiFi was not working. Upon hearing this 5 spat the dummy saying to 6 "yorumi, you are full of cruft! I'm heading home to wait with everybody else"
5 was eventually happy, while the rest lay ignored in a cupboard until hard rubbish day



Marlowe1877 commented on Review: AVOIDER (Wii U eShop):


Game is clearly not average. It's a flash game. It's a copy left atrocity.
Edit: no pardon me its a copyright atrocity. Not a single aspect of the game is original or deserving of reviewing so softly. No offence mitch Vogel, you're probably just being kind



Marlowe1877 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

Great for wiiu, poor for 3ds. Even bought a vita, now I know the true meaning of disappointment:)
Loving my PSP metal gear peace walker though.
Kirby, xenoblade x, capt toad, project zero, devils third and great Indies like affordable space, fast racing and curve digital games.
And finally getting stuck into Mario maker this holiday, been great fun.
Wtf is with amiibo festival though?

Oh and yoshi was better than.I expected



Marlowe1877 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (North America):

What a loud minority. I perused the Xbox live and psn today and last week and found nothing interesting. Well I will get hotline Miami again because Steam is a DRM turd in my opinion.
The Sony and Ms games are rehashes or games I played ages ago and unlike Nintendo don't age well. It's ace attorney trilogy for me. Stoked



Marlowe1877 commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

Creative communications? Nice euphemism for bs artist. Why bother porting it then ? Only uses nes control pads and virtual boy goggles. Don't tailor your programming to fit the platform guys, sounds like work, there is cash to be had, all 20 bucks of it



Marlowe1877 commented on FAST Racing NEO Release Date and Pricing Speed...:

Hooray. Thanks peach64 for the minority report, its always fascinating reading;) people are stoked by this because shinen have such a good track record andthis is a sequel so we know damn well it will be polished, challenging gameplay, not to mention gorgeous looking with a thumping soundtrack.
To those who don't like f zero, I've always felt this was more like wipeout but more challenging and a little deeper. No offence Wipeout I do love you



Marlowe1877 commented on Video: A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough ...:

Apart from being a hilarious pun, the idea that wave race lacks depth is wrong. I think what you meant was that it lacks career, XP, decals, hundreds other jet skis from different manufactured and all the rest of the ephemera modern racing games have introduced. Blue Storm undoubtedly had fantastic control and deep gameplay. A tough game to play well. I hate the trend to put hundreds of tracks and vehicles into a game to hide handling, mechanical deficiencies. One nurburgring is worth a hundred street courses.