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Sun 1st Sep 2013

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Weird commented on Poll: Are You Excited About Minecraft: Wii U E...:

I was excited but then they announced that it will not use the gamepad features. Its a shame how much they waste the potential of the wii u version :/ I guess the minecraft clones are better so far xD



Weird commented on Feature: Our Top Wii U Games - Third Anniversa...:

my personal fav wii u game so far is a little surprisingly and a little different from this list because my number one game yet is Devils Third! I still think this game made absoluty nothing wrong and i had so much fun with it. The game was nearly perfect in my opinion
but the three games i picked from this list were
Bayonetta 2
Yoshis Woolly World
but it wasnt easy to decide^^



Weird commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

im not surprised. Itagaki said that we should not believe everything what we read and that we should trust him so i did and i was right ^o^
but its nintendos own fault... so terrible they advertise the game >,<

but i really cant wait to play this! I finished yoshis woolly world a few days ago so now im waiting for the devils third release next month ^o^



Weird commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Im really sure NX will be released not earlier than christmas 2017. We will get the first informations around the e3 2016. Usually NX should be first announced 2016, like nintendo officially said. (it was only announced now because of the mobile games and nintendo was scared that the people would think that they will quit the console market) And like they said very often... they have no clue what features NX will have yet. So a release in 2016 is very very unrealistic^^
and 2017 the wii u will be 5?! years old i think. So its the common time^^



Weird commented on FreezeME, Coming to Wii U, Looks Rather Simila...:

yup reallylooks more like mario 64^^ But thats not a bad thing and it still adds some own things. It still looks interesting. I just dislike te char design xD But im glad it comes to wii u and i think i will buy it <:



Weird commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

1. Yoshis Woolly World! <3
2. Devils Third
3. Super Mario Maker and X are sharing the place^^

But Rodeo the Sky Soldier is missing! This is a big game too iny my opinion and im really excited about it. (and would it in place 3 as well^^)
Its really nice how much is coming out this year... i have 9 Wii U Retail Titles on my List.. the 5 i mentioned + legend of kay (even its a multi^^), project zero, star fox and art academy <:



Weird commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

I loved the tutorial! Because i didnt come any further xD I alway have connection problem but only with games on wii and wii u.everything else works perfectly... so i never got access to a match with splatoon and only got errors <,<
But the tutorial... this was epic It was really a lot of fun and i cant wait to play the full game O I loved the controls. It worked perfect and the aiming worked like automatic thanks to the moving controls <:



Weird commented on Children of Morta Hits Stretch Goal to Confirm...:

Wow... at first i thought... again a pixel game?... it start to get a little bit too much now i think
then i watched and thought... oh it looks very different from the other pixel games ... oh this looks reallly cool ... oh i want this, this seems to be awesome!
"whole story told"



Weird commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

I bought the limited Zelda New 3DS Edition and the special Edition of Zelda because preinstalled games are crap in my mind xP
And i bought the new 3ds not because of its features. I bought it because of xenoblade 3d <3 ^^
and i dont would say that i "upgraded" my 3ds xl to a new 3ds xl because i will still use my old 3ds as main system ^^



Weird commented on UCraft Developer Promises Extensive Features a...:

btw.. go check out the youtube channel.. there is an interesting thing to read... this dev seem to be founded by 1 man who is legally blind! The other game hes creating "The Dance of the Damned" which will come to wii u too, is created by him alone.
I dont know how it looks by ucraft but there cant be a lot more people who is creating this.. so keep this in mind. I have a lot of respect for what this guy created yet



Weird commented on UCraft Developer Promises Extensive Features a...:

I have to admit... it seems and sounds like they really mean it and ucraft could ineed a better version of minecraft o.o i thought they just put i cheap clone to the wii u but doesnt look like yet
i hope this will get really good. Gamepad using is always a good point and the thing with sdk painting is a really cool thing



Weird commented on New Nintendo 3DS Videos Show Off Compulsory Sc...:

oh god... this design and the white 3ds together... it loooks so horrible i think xD Im still not sure if i buy the xl or the normal but when the designs will al look like this... i think i go with the xl^^
but i will keep my old 3ds as my main system because of the mini sd card the new 3ds needs... i really hate it that they changed this -,- i bought such a big sd card for my 3ds and now i cant use it for the new 3ds... <,<



Weird commented on Video: Début Footage of UCraft Aims to Show M...:

looks nice
not as bad as i thought
maybe this will be a real good version of minecraft where the devs know how to program a game xD
i really really like minecraft and played it long but let us be honest... its awfule from a programming aspect and doesnt work like it should and mojang never changed it xD So i really have hope that one of the clones will change this and when they will use the gamepad features... then i will buy it!



Weird commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

Trine will come to Wii U? O.O The first time i read about this and i think this is great! Now i can say that is has a higher reason why i still havent played trine 2 while i bought it many months ago xD

And i really cant wait for Bayonetta 2 <:
Maybe with bad luck Smash Bros and Watch Dogs have to wait because of not enough money... too many awesome games are coming in November ._. very very expensive month xD Sonic Boom have to wait too <.<

and wasnt art academys release time changed to 2015? I thought i read this some time ago together where i read that devils third was pushed back to 2015 too :/



Weird commented on AeternoBlade Update Brings Two DLC Options, In...:

" In some respects we're fortunate it made it out of Japan at all"
You kow that it came in europe before it came in japan with a different name? I follow them on facebook so i read a lot later than i finished the game that they finally release it in japan
now im confused xD

and these dlcs arent new o.o i mean there was a giveaway for eu and us version where you could get the bikini dlc... this "news" is really confusing xD

but so much i love the game.. the only thing i hate about it is that the arena mode is an extra dlc! awful all of this dlc crap <,<



Weird commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

This is really really hard... but i say "a link between worlds"
The gameplay was so clean and perfect... it felt amazing like no other Zelda before and it gave you the voice what you wanted to do. And the awesome feature with the wall was great! And of course.. it has a bonus nostalgic point because it plays 100?! years later in the world of "a link to the past" (what was my fav zelda game before!)
2. would be "a link to the past" now and 3. would be "twilight princess" i think <:



Weird commented on Poll: A Tale of Two Blockbusters as Mario Kart...:

im buying mario kart 8 but only because of the limited edition.... otherwise i would have canceled this game, now where i know what they did to my favourite and most important mario kart mode -,- (but i really want this damn shell xO )
and about watch dogs... i was very hyped until they canceled the wii u dedsec edition... now they need to give me a REALLY good reason to buy this game. (if i buy it i only buy the wii u version because playing on wii u gives me the most fun)



Weird commented on Exclusive: Lost Wii Game, Sadness, To Be Reviv...:

2D? Does this mean the " control the character's hands" thing will disappear? I mean.. i cant imagine how they could do this in 2d... and when this disappears... the core element of the game would be lost... so this would be a huge mistake i think...
but we will see what happens



Weird commented on AeternoBlade:

i finished this game and this game is really awesome! My personal top surprising game of 2014 yet! The areas looks great... it offers a lot of variety... the puzzles are creative and a few are really hard, the fightsystem is fun after getting the first new skills^^ and the boss fights are masterpieces! I usually hate bossfights.. they are a little bit annyoing to me... but in aeternoblade i love the bossfights! So much creativity and love in this game... even the story is surprising and really interesting... i think the cutscene are great, even though they arent perfect.. i mean.. low budget?! what do you expect^^ but for a low budget game its really fascinating what they created and its better than some AAA games^^ give these people a lot of money and im sure they will create a real AAA game! <:



Weird commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

lol wii u isn sexy enough said someone who developed for a clumsy big ugly console like the xbox xD THIS is really funny xD (this first xbox including the gamepad was the most uglyest console ive ever seen^^)



Weird commented on Review: One Piece Romance Dawn (3DS):

i finished the game and i have to say the 3 is a little bit too hard... it deserves something like a 5 because the gameplay is really good and a lot of fun
but the game is terrible confusing for people which dont know one piece because the dialogues are so contextless
and people who love one piece will be disappointed because they skipped a lot of important things
but ithink its a good first step into the rpg genre and i hope they will keep on and try a good one piece rpg again ^-^



Weird commented on One Piece Unlimited World Red Is Sailing To Wi...:

its announced for america too but there the vita and wii u version will only come digital
i was really hyped when i read this yesterday... especially as i read that in europe we get a physical wii u version - i have preordered it ^o^/