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Sun 8th Dec 2013

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day commented on EA CFO Explains Why the Company Doesn't Make W...:

One thing i love about Nintendo: THEY don't care about the size of the market...

just proves that EA's in it for the money and as such will never see loyalty like what Nintendo sees in spades.



day commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Classification Has Bee...:

a great tactic to disappoint a rival company's fanbase if you ask me. if not intentional, i would expect moves like this to surface more and more.

nintendo has effectively vowed to be a market disrupter, and has proven themselves capable at doing so. business is a bloodthirsty model in the west, and established companies do not suffer market disruptions gladly.

if i was microsoft, sony, ea, ubisoft, etc, i'd be doing crap like this all the time. i'd also have decent size of stock in a rival company so i could try to make people freak out at key times by selling the right amount to make it look worse than it is, then if it didn't work, i'd buy back slowly to try again. not sure if it's illegal, but it certainly could trigger the shareholder flight response if done even half right.

what's more, we have a conspiracy theory phobic culture in the west (we like to pretend collusion doesn't happen as often as it actually does), so it's quite a doable tactic if you ask me.

plain and simple: once more the timing is far too suspicous. the cards are stacking up such that something certainly appears rotten in our gamerland of denmark.



day commented on Nintendo Shares Level Out After $4 Billion Dro...:

i think some of the flat lining from the investors brief is, in addition to all the other valid points, nintendo picked arguably their least appreciated characters for the title. i for one was hoping for something a little more centered on the uncanny valley like Pikmin, but what Mii's represent are the least interesting, least lovable, least character driven IP that nintendo has recently produced. it's not a strong outing and investors know it.

the question, as always with nintendo, is whether they intentionally led with an appearance of weakness, ninja-tendo style, or not.

only time can tell



day commented on Miitomo, Nintendo's First Smartphone Game, Is ...:

@Adamario thank you for this... oddly enough, i'm actally less disappointed than i was a moment ago. stability? check. mis-represented? nope. okay, a couple lessons learned and applied...

unfortunately though, i'm desperately hoping for some form of breakthrough nintendo power. something that can bring an edge to the brand during a time in western culture that depends on some level of edginess to remain socially relevant. wii had tech edge. wii u didn't have enough of it.

and i know nintendo can do it.

all we can do is wait and see... still holding onto my stock.



day commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

five years from now i would read this and not even know it was a meme... just a twisti on "ancient ruins".

but... i can't help thinking that all of the angry people are probably looking at the meme with exactly the same expression that dog has lol



day commented on NES Designer Explains the History of the Conso...:

there was an iwata asks where monolithsoft said what the X stood for in XCX. it's for a cross, as in crossing the world in anyway you choose from one place to another, and crossing paths on the multiplayer aspect. i've suspected for some time now that it had roughly the same meaning in this context, and it seems to work with the rumors.



day commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

where's the counter petition? keep it global, it's helping me reas hiragana/katakana

but yeah, the following opinion applies to a group of "western" players, i only saw them on the decepticon side of the last splatfest, but you see them occassionally (mostly in turf war) and they're obvious: they have vulgar names, do "squid humping" a lot, mostly use the aerospray rg, rack up kills more so than scores, and cannot stand to lose - so much so in fact they don't play ranked (because they can't accept having no control over other players on their team). they tend to be masogonistic and immature. they consider themselves hardcore, when in fact they're glutonous and hedonistic, having no desire to realise the finer points of mastering a style and respecting the art of the game. they also initially tended to complain alot about motion controls, and still won't step out of their comfort zone on thumbsticks. oh, and you know they often rage.

these are the guys that nintendo has avoided for so many generations of IP, save for in smash communities, and they're the price we pay to be a part of a shooter community. they here to stay, and we have to learn to suffer fools gladly, but i for sure as one won't let them get anything changed in this game.

i want that counter petition.



day commented on Splatoon Version 2.1.0 Update to Fix Some Bugs...:

hoping for the lag correction under that last bullet. still, it has been a great game.

honestly with the stage rotations... i'm happy as is. not having too much choice helps me appreciate getting morey towers (sp?). i would like to see three in the lineup, but i'm torn on this... it's more difficult to select a proper weapon that fits three stages rather than two.



day commented on Video: Drench Yourself in Splatoon's New Rainm...:

tip: scout the paths to the enemy base midgame, before you go for the rainmaker.

often times, there's a clear alternate path already inked by your own color (if not, try setting it up - chances are it will stay relatively open while the opposing team is fighting/defending on the other path). then try to get it and swim back through your own ink, often towards your base, to the alternate path. don't pop up until you absolutely have to.

the other team will likely still be fighting in the last location it was at, while you're "making it rain" on the other side of the map. it's like a feint.



day commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

this boils down to respect people. what he said about nintendo customers was disrepectful to nintendo customers. you can't speak for a company that prides itself on it's respect for others and treat customers as "whiney", no matter how much you may feel they are. being fired? harsh, but they trusted in him to understand and internalize a core value when representing them, and he didn't.



day commented on Video: Players React to Splatoon and Star Fox ...:

see now, what's not being talked about is that when NX comes out, all us wii u owners will be a leg up in the converts that waited for a better system... not only will we have adapted to the new superior controls, but we'll also have two gamepads! mwahaha



day commented on Nintendo Explains Reasoning Behind Upcoming Mi...:

nintendo is in the business of socially engineering their communities. i'm interested in seeing how this affects the density, depth, and complexity of the environment they're shaping... it's clear that there's little chance of it mimicking other communities we've seen, and that's interesting. i fear it will feel sterile, but only time can soothe over those fears, and they're not exactly significant misgivings.



day commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

um power can also be regarding consumption... nintendo has prided itself on having the lowest power consuming consoles in the market. the Wii U is vastly more "capable" than the Wii but it consumes less "power" while being so.



day commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:

chum's in the water, so the sharks gonna circle... don't forget that

look, i too was disappointed with the digital event, but e3's not over, and i think nintendo's shown they're not always about playing their cards up front... i think i'm gonna reserve judgement on the outcome of e3 until i see what they've fully got in store for us.

but honestly, with this metroid game and a co-operative multiplayer zelda, it's the first time i can start talking about getting a 2ds and a new nintendo 3ds with the wife for the whole family, and simply put that's all i really want: good arguments to set up great experiences...

in fact, and come to think of it, i wonder if nintendo realizes that what they tend to do is undercut us as a fanbase with their decisions... i'm not sure they realize that we're trying to engage with our friends and family (who own ps4s and xb1s). frankly, it's not unreasonable to imagine that that 31yo guy who raged has probably been talking nintendo up for a long time, just hoping to be proven right so he can look to his friends and experience just a little of the thrill that they get on him constantly.

i believe it's truth that we nintendo fans live in a world where beauty ain't just skin deep, and it gets really tough to defend and justify what you see in ninty's world when it takes a lot longer to explain what that really is to your community (especially through the preconceived notions of "kiddy" and "safety scissors" you constantly have to fend off).

look, the only thing those other guys have to do is point at a screen and say "see?", whereas we nintendofolk have to actually engage in dialog about the FACT that our system is not to be discarded. that's not easy over time, and i'm starting to honestly wonder whether nintendo gets that aspect of this real world "game" we play.

but i still trust they will, so long as we all lebd our voice to a teasonable and rational choir. i absolutely believe they truly respect cooler heads.



day commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

@Ralek85 i respectfully beg to differ: the motion controls are a huge component to what makes Splatoon amazing. a fundamental fact is that thumbsticks only benefit those who are experienced with them, whereas splatoon's motion controls are so intuitive that my wife was matching my abilities with thumbsticks in less than half hour of picking the game up (prediction, tactics, and strategy notwithstanding) and she's strictly been a zelda gamer. if she can improve that quickly (a feat simply not possible for anyone brand new to thumbsticks), then imagine future hardcore gamers just now learning them as their foundational control scheme... they'll be far above the avg 'sticker in no time flat.

now, what truly makes it big though is that it's a control scheme not just limited to splatoon nor the gamepad, and that's what's revolutionary (imo) about the game: it has the potential to set precendent well beyond itself.

see what i mean?