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Sun 19th April, 2009

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nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

"A remaster of a fondly remember PS2 title"

Probably should say "remembered" instead. :P

Otherwise I don't care for a lot of the games released, but this is definitely a good week.



nf_2 commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Since Nintendo has no interest in trying to keep up in terms hardware, 3rd party support isn't going to come back until that changes. That said, I'm fine with them not trying to rejoin the power arms-race, but they need to find a way to get some of the major 3rd party multiplatform titles back on their consoles if they want to compete again. They can say what they want, but they are in direct competition with Sony and MS in the home console market. There's no way around it.

Otherwise, I like the concept behind the Wii U, but I feel like only one gamepad limited the experience a lot. I do understand that multiple gamepads would be incredibly expensive though. I can't help but think that there couldn't be some way to integrate smartphones as "controllers" of some sort, if nothing else to help.

If nothing else, my biggest thing would be backwards compatibility, especially with the eShop and controllers. Nintendo has botched their online structures for 10 years now, and it's way past time to fix it. The eShop as it is now is functional, but it's still a bit of a mess as far as finding games - there's no filters or anything. With NIDs, there's finally a unified account system, but that needs to be extended to friend lists and some form of actual useful communication - game invitations and messaging would be nice.



nf_2 commented on How Fire Emblem amiibo Interact with Fates:

I'd like to use my Ike amiibo (and eventually Roy), but I don't have a New 3DS and I'm not buying that silly amiibo port for the older versions... This is a nice touch for the few people who can actually enjoy it though.



nf_2 commented on Fire Emblem If Allows You to Build and Manage ...:

I have an Ike amiibo but I refuse to buy that dock just to use it with this game unless it's dirt cheap.

This looks really cool. I can't get any idea of how deep this feature goes but if there are branches for buildings, etc. this could be a huge addition to the series.



nf_2 commented on Pokémon Shuffle Brings Major Changes in Versi...:

Cool update. The super catch thing would have been useful before I went and caught the current 200+ available Pokemon... but I guess better late than never right? Mega Pokes getting their own levels is a bit of a game changer though. Not sure if it's worth the trouble of trying to grind some of them up or not, but definitely helpful.



nf_2 commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

You get a download code when you purchase them so yeah, you can give people codes if you want. EDIT: You get a download code for each individual game, that is.

Anyone know how often more games are added to these bundles? It says more games coming soon so I'm kinda curious what the precedent is.



nf_2 commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

For just $10 I finally get Guacamelee, Stealth Inc, and Steamworld Dig. I don't care for the other games so much, but I'm sure I can trade the codes for a Don't Starve code ot something.

Awesome deal.



nf_2 commented on Review: Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U eShop):

Having almost finished the game, I agree with the review mostly. One change from the first game that I'm a little disappointed about though is the campaign progression. The original divided the campaign up better by separating the different army types so each campaign had its own distinct personality. The campaign in this one blends the armies together and I never felt like I got a good feel on what each army had to offer.

I'm also a little disappointed that there are only 3 armies again, and only the vikings return (and they're significantly different than what they were in the original). It helps that you can mix and match units in Skirmish mode, but I'd like to see the Chinese ad Aztecs back.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (North America):

I've been waiting for Swords and Soldiers for way to long to not get it. I recall the original being $15 on wiiware and it ended up being one of favorite games in the console. $20 might be a little steep but I know I'll get good value out of it.

And I think I'll pick up Retro City Rampage. It's been on my radar for a long time but I can't beat that price.



nf_2 commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

I like the system the way it is now, it just needs to be modernized a bit. If you buy a game, it should be available on all systems linked to your eShop account. If that's implemented, that justifies the current pricing and basically gets rid of every other problem I'd have (GBA games not on the 3DS???).



nf_2 commented on 3DS RPG Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven Is Headin...:

I'm not sure using circles in an SRPG is innovative or unique. Arc the Lad did it on PS2 and I'm sure other games have. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but it always irks me when things are described that way...



nf_2 commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

This is the entry that got me into Mario Kart. I never cared for the series before this, and I remember going into buying this thinking that I'd probably not enjoy it that much. It ended up being one of my favorite and most played DS games, which says a ton considering I have several DS games that I put in over 400 hours into. I barely touched online play outside of a few forum-run tournaments and I only got the chance to play local multiplayer a few times. I still have my cartridge so there's no need to pick it up, but this stands as the best MK at time of release when you look at all of the single player options available. Lack of multiplayer is a complete non-issue.



nf_2 commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

I'll reserve judgement until I actually see what the gameplay looks like, but I am lost as to where Fire Emblem is supposed to come into this so far. I've never played Persona or SMT (nor could I tell the difference between either one) so I'm hoping I start to see a little more FE influence. Aside from that, I have no idea what's supposed to be happening in the trailer and I can't stand the overtly skimpy clothing the female characters have.

Overall, I'm confused and I feel like I know less about the game now than I did before.



nf_2 commented on Feature: Ten Upcoming Nindie eShop Games to Wa...:

Swords & Soldiers II and Steamworld Heist are must have. The Swindle is definitely really cool looking but that's one I'll wait on a review for. Don't Starve looks really interesting and had that 2D Boy feel to it. Never Alone is also on my radar now but we'll see.



nf_2 commented on Review: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Wii U ...:

One of pictures shows Ephraim attacking the final boss and he's 100% going to die... why would someone do that and screenshoot it, and how do you let Ephraim get that bad. He's one of the best characters in the game, and he and Erika are literally invincible with A support.



nf_2 commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

None of the ones mentioned in the article appeal really. And besides that, if we're looking at remakes/ports, why not just go for GC games or sequels to the N64 games? The 3DS can handle GC games without much compromise.



nf_2 commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

For one thing I like this game better than Trozei. It's more strategic instead of fast-twitch reflexes. Second, you can do everything in the game without paying. I don't like the fact that you're very strongly encouraged to buy things without an option to turn off the timer and all that, but keep in mind how gaming started in arcades. You had to spend a quarter for just one round of a game that could last maybe a minute or two if you were new to it. This isn't a new model.



nf_2 commented on New Details Emerge on Puzzle & Dragons: Super ...:

If this was an eshop release I'd be all over this. It's just hard to justify paying pull price for a match 3 game that I basically have (for free) on my phone. They're going to need more than "Underwater levels" for me to get hyped.



nf_2 commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

I generally only read a full review in two cases: I'm super hyped about the game and I need to know more, or I'm absolutely on the fence and I need something to nudge me one way or the other. Otherwise I tend to read the conclusion, check out any sections that I might have concerns about, and look at the score. If I felt like the conclusion and score didn't really match up (which has happened on this site a couple of times) I'll go back and read everything to see what the discrepancy might have been about.

The number gives me an easily digestible rating that lets me know right away someone's impression of the game. Simple phrasing like Eurogamer is changing to could just as easily work, but really it's the same thing. People convert stars into scores, you could easily do the same with phrases. If I see "Essential" at the end of a review, I know it's a 9 or 10. There's really not a difference, it's just whether you want your rating to be put on Metacritic or not.



nf_2 commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

Considering the amount of money Netflix pumped into Marco Polo (which so far isn't all that great...) this at the very least has a lot of potential. The world of Zelda has a lot of lore, and there's enough characters for some very interesting subplots. If nothing else, you should at least get to see pretty scenery. Not to mention this literally could turn into GoT what with Hyrule castle having a throne.

The family friendly thing makes me a little cautious though. That does really eliminate a lot of good plot advancing tools that GoT has been... unafraid to use. A lot.



nf_2 commented on Details For The New Langrisser Title On 3DS Em...:

@Gerbwmu Shadow Dragon was awful (by FE standards) so you aren't missing anything there. I do have to agree that being able to grind (outside of arenas ;D) does make playing FE on harder difficulties kinda simple but FEA's Lunatic mode is still almost impossible to do without characters dying.

As for this game, it does look interesting. If nothing else I'll at least look into it, but with so many other games coming out I doubt I'll have the time to even touch this for a long while.



nf_2 commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

These are pretty awesome rewards. I'm going to get Star Fox 3D just because I've always wanted it but I would never pay full price for it (and it's STILL full price most places). Otherwise I'm looking at the MM Puzzle and I'll see where that leaves me.

At least I would get these if the site worked... I'm hoping I don't miss out on the puzzle because of this. I'm not going to sit and check every 5 minutes just to see if it comes back up.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (North America):

I never wanted to get MPT but for $10 I can't really say no... my only real problem with the first two was the wonky controls they had on the GC and I never wanted Corruption or the Trilogy when it came out at full price. Also STEAM demo is gonna make or break my decision on that game, so I'll give it a go.



nf_2 commented on More Details Emerge on Xenoblade Chronicles X ...:

The 300 hours is definitely referring to side quests, multiple endings, etc. I put in a solid 120 into Xenoblade and I had a lot of exploration and I did a pretty big percentage of the side quests, which ended up being necessary. I still struggled pretty heavily in that final battle even though I was overleveled pretty much through the entire game up until that last section. I am hoping they fix that pacing issue, but otherwise I can't complain about anything Xenoblade had to offer really. Everything I've heard would fix any other things I could possibly complain about.



nf_2 commented on The New Fire Emblem For 3DS May Be Arriving So...:

Given that this game is using FE:A's graphics engine, the actual development shouldn't take long. The localization, however.... that'll be a doozy. Like others have mentioned, it's possible that localization will be sped up due to Awakening's popularity, but I don't see this game coming out this year unless it hits Japan in April-May.



nf_2 commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

I'm kinda sad just because I always liked the idea of it, but the execution has been pretty awful for a long time. Aside from Platinum rewards (and the ONE year that I miss they offer the coolest reward :() and the game cases, nothing great really came out of it. The Smash soundtrack and Mewtwo DLC are awesome, but I feel like with this announcement they were supposed to be included in this new program they're working on but the timing was off. It doesn't matter, but.... yeah.

I am still thankful for everything that was put into CN though. The free game downloads were pretty good overall if you hadn't already bought them, and in this last year or two getting coins became ridiculously easy with all the extra surveys and intention to buy things.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 15th January (North America):

Wow. $10 for literally one of the greatest games ever made. That's insane. If you don't own it you have to buy it. If you don't you don't have any business playing video games. Seriously.

I'm a little peeved about teslagrad going on sale now when i just bought it... Oh well.



nf_2 commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Cr...:

@Retro_on_theGo Nintendo doesn't want to step on Pokemon Trozei's toes that much probably, but I agree. With all the legendaries and the sheer amount of Pokemon available this would be a mega hit, especially with DLC (and to be honest I'd probably spend a lot on this potential game).

That said, Mario is the next best thing in terms of brand strength for sales. I'm hoping this is a complete (non-IAP) eShop release instead of a full-blown cartridge release (just because this kind of gameplay shouldn't cost $40) but that doesn't seem to be the case. Either way, I'll probably still get this just because I do really enjoy PAD.