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nf_2 commented on Review: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Wii U ...:

One of pictures shows Ephraim attacking the final boss and he's 100% going to die... why would someone do that and screenshoot it, and how do you let Ephraim get that bad. He's one of the best characters in the game, and he and Erika are literally invincible with A support.



nf_2 commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

None of the ones mentioned in the article appeal really. And besides that, if we're looking at remakes/ports, why not just go for GC games or sequels to the N64 games? The 3DS can handle GC games without much compromise.



nf_2 commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

For one thing I like this game better than Trozei. It's more strategic instead of fast-twitch reflexes. Second, you can do everything in the game without paying. I don't like the fact that you're very strongly encouraged to buy things without an option to turn off the timer and all that, but keep in mind how gaming started in arcades. You had to spend a quarter for just one round of a game that could last maybe a minute or two if you were new to it. This isn't a new model.



nf_2 commented on New Details Emerge on Puzzle & Dragons: Super ...:

If this was an eshop release I'd be all over this. It's just hard to justify paying pull price for a match 3 game that I basically have (for free) on my phone. They're going to need more than "Underwater levels" for me to get hyped.



nf_2 commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

I generally only read a full review in two cases: I'm super hyped about the game and I need to know more, or I'm absolutely on the fence and I need something to nudge me one way or the other. Otherwise I tend to read the conclusion, check out any sections that I might have concerns about, and look at the score. If I felt like the conclusion and score didn't really match up (which has happened on this site a couple of times) I'll go back and read everything to see what the discrepancy might have been about.

The number gives me an easily digestible rating that lets me know right away someone's impression of the game. Simple phrasing like Eurogamer is changing to could just as easily work, but really it's the same thing. People convert stars into scores, you could easily do the same with phrases. If I see "Essential" at the end of a review, I know it's a 9 or 10. There's really not a difference, it's just whether you want your rating to be put on Metacritic or not.



nf_2 commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

Considering the amount of money Netflix pumped into Marco Polo (which so far isn't all that great...) this at the very least has a lot of potential. The world of Zelda has a lot of lore, and there's enough characters for some very interesting subplots. If nothing else, you should at least get to see pretty scenery. Not to mention this literally could turn into GoT what with Hyrule castle having a throne.

The family friendly thing makes me a little cautious though. That does really eliminate a lot of good plot advancing tools that GoT has been... unafraid to use. A lot.



nf_2 commented on Details For The New Langrisser Title On 3DS Em...:

@Gerbwmu Shadow Dragon was awful (by FE standards) so you aren't missing anything there. I do have to agree that being able to grind (outside of arenas ;D) does make playing FE on harder difficulties kinda simple but FEA's Lunatic mode is still almost impossible to do without characters dying.

As for this game, it does look interesting. If nothing else I'll at least look into it, but with so many other games coming out I doubt I'll have the time to even touch this for a long while.



nf_2 commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

These are pretty awesome rewards. I'm going to get Star Fox 3D just because I've always wanted it but I would never pay full price for it (and it's STILL full price most places). Otherwise I'm looking at the MM Puzzle and I'll see where that leaves me.

At least I would get these if the site worked... I'm hoping I don't miss out on the puzzle because of this. I'm not going to sit and check every 5 minutes just to see if it comes back up.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (North America):

I never wanted to get MPT but for $10 I can't really say no... my only real problem with the first two was the wonky controls they had on the GC and I never wanted Corruption or the Trilogy when it came out at full price. Also STEAM demo is gonna make or break my decision on that game, so I'll give it a go.



nf_2 commented on More Details Emerge on Xenoblade Chronicles X ...:

The 300 hours is definitely referring to side quests, multiple endings, etc. I put in a solid 120 into Xenoblade and I had a lot of exploration and I did a pretty big percentage of the side quests, which ended up being necessary. I still struggled pretty heavily in that final battle even though I was overleveled pretty much through the entire game up until that last section. I am hoping they fix that pacing issue, but otherwise I can't complain about anything Xenoblade had to offer really. Everything I've heard would fix any other things I could possibly complain about.



nf_2 commented on The New Fire Emblem For 3DS May Be Arriving So...:

Given that this game is using FE:A's graphics engine, the actual development shouldn't take long. The localization, however.... that'll be a doozy. Like others have mentioned, it's possible that localization will be sped up due to Awakening's popularity, but I don't see this game coming out this year unless it hits Japan in April-May.



nf_2 commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

I'm kinda sad just because I always liked the idea of it, but the execution has been pretty awful for a long time. Aside from Platinum rewards (and the ONE year that I miss they offer the coolest reward :() and the game cases, nothing great really came out of it. The Smash soundtrack and Mewtwo DLC are awesome, but I feel like with this announcement they were supposed to be included in this new program they're working on but the timing was off. It doesn't matter, but.... yeah.

I am still thankful for everything that was put into CN though. The free game downloads were pretty good overall if you hadn't already bought them, and in this last year or two getting coins became ridiculously easy with all the extra surveys and intention to buy things.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 15th January (North America):

Wow. $10 for literally one of the greatest games ever made. That's insane. If you don't own it you have to buy it. If you don't you don't have any business playing video games. Seriously.

I'm a little peeved about teslagrad going on sale now when i just bought it... Oh well.



nf_2 commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Cr...:

@Retro_on_theGo Nintendo doesn't want to step on Pokemon Trozei's toes that much probably, but I agree. With all the legendaries and the sheer amount of Pokemon available this would be a mega hit, especially with DLC (and to be honest I'd probably spend a lot on this potential game).

That said, Mario is the next best thing in terms of brand strength for sales. I'm hoping this is a complete (non-IAP) eShop release instead of a full-blown cartridge release (just because this kind of gameplay shouldn't cost $40) but that doesn't seem to be the case. Either way, I'll probably still get this just because I do really enjoy PAD.



nf_2 commented on Review: Fire Emblem (Wii U eShop / Game Boy Ad...:

I think the review should mention something regarding the VC save states making this game MUCH easier (not that it's hard to begin with). I always play without letting any character die, and aside from Hector's hard mode, that isn't difficult. Learn how to use arenas and it makes the game even easier.



nf_2 commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

Honestly the only wrong choices are probably BW and Platinum. BW2 were way better than BW1 with their huge variety of Pokemon available pre-national dex (and the story all Pokemon games are laughable so don't even mention them). BW1 does get credit for adding new mechanics and Pokemon that shifted the competitive landscape (even if most of the Pokemon aren't really classics). Platinum didn't add anything valuable other than new tutor/egg moves (the new forms - Skymin - were a pain).

Every other entry added something that made it worth while at the time. Obviously the BRY started everything and GSC improved on everything (and Crystal added a battle tower). RSE added EVs, IVs and everything else. LGFR gave RBY a better end game. DP gets a huge win for adding online along with moves being categorized by physical/special rather than just by type. HGSS has the most content out of any game in the series and is a significantly improved remake of the best generation. BW2 was the first to have Pokemon from all regions available throughout the game and it changed a ton of mechanics to streamline the games. XY was the first entry in a new generation that felt complete by itself outside of its bare bones end game. ORAS has the best end game by far, but I never cared for the 3rd generation games campaign and ORAS didn't really change my mind there.



nf_2 commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

Melee is probably my most played (although Brawl is going to be very close there) but picking my favorite it kind of impossible. I know my favorite is not the original even though I credit it as the game that got me into gaming in the first place. The only reason to consider the 3DS version is its exclusive modes and the portability, but it just plays differently than the Wii U version to me. Melee and Brawl both have a ton of nostalgia in their favor that makes it hard to count against them...

This is hard. I honestly can't decide.



nf_2 commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

MK 7 was pretty much perfect aside from being forced into playing cups as opposed to single tracks and MK 8 fixed that and improved on basically everything else. The only downside is MK 8's "battle mode" but that isn't a deal breaker for me. MK 8 is the best game. If I had to pick my most played, it'd be MK DS.



nf_2 commented on Rumour: Dubious Walmart Listing Suggests Suppo...:

They can continue with the sticker thing if: 1) they make them (or some of them) reusable 2) they don't make you have carry the most random, boxspace-wasting stickers around with no indication of when you'll need them or without any logic as to why they work until they just do and 3) BRING BACK PARTNERS

Sticker Star was fine outside of those, but those were some pretty significant flaws. Going into a boss fight only to realize you needed that one sticker from 3 world ago that takes up 8 spaces and is totally useless otherwise is not a good concept. If you're going to call it Paper Mario, it had better actually be Paper Mario.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 4th December (North America):

@Whopper744 Not at all. Sacred Stones lets you grind if you want to, but in the original (as in most FE titles) you progress from chapter to chapter without anything chance in between to level up. On easy and normal difficulties there shouldn't be any major struggles though.



nf_2 commented on Fire Emblem Looks Set to Arrive on the North A...:

It's only a couple years late and on the wrong console, but I guess that's ok. I still have my cartridge so I won't be downloading until it's released on a portable system. Still a must play game if you haven't had the chance though.



nf_2 commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

From reading the review, it seemed to me like the score would have been a 7-8. Unless that frame rate drop is horrendous, I don't feel like anything that was mentioned really justifies the score. That being said, I have watched a few videos of the game, and the driving parts look like they control poorly. I agree that the sequel will probably smooth over any problems the original had (just like with Assassin's Creed) and this will be another solid series. Unfortunately, this version is not going to sell well enough to justify that sequel to come to the Wii U.



nf_2 commented on The November Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Up ...:

Starship Defense is actually pretty good, but it's the 3rd month it's been an award. Everything is else is pretty ehh... I normally don't like to complain (these are free games) but there are better options they could offer without a doubt.



nf_2 commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:

I don't really like Gamestop (because they really do rip people off for used games/consoles in particular) but the hate the company gets really is ridiculous. They are the only dedicated gaming store and outside of their pre-owned business, there is nothing "sinful" about them like everyone seems to suggest.

This is one of the few amiibos I would consider getting. Ike and Link are the others (although I prefer the Path of Radiance Ike much more than the Radiant Dawn Ike...).



nf_2 commented on Two Pokémon Game Boy Color Titles Dated For N...:

FINALLY get the TCG but it's way later than it needs to be. Price is expected (and perhaps a little high) but at least it's here. I don't know where my original cartridge is anymore and I've been itching to play this for some reason.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's ...:

MM does the best job in the series of taking a theme and running with it. No video game has ever made me feel as much as this game, and I've never been so happy to be depressed. Probably my favorite part of the game is how each major area of the game follows the 5 stages of grief, but really it's just about perfect barring that nasty fetch quest for the giant's mask. A remake would be great, but I'd prefer a Wii U one over a 3DS for sure. This is a game that would really benefit from an HD treatment.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon:

My brother and I rented this so many times. I really regret not having just bought it since it's a game I've wanted to go back and play. We did end up buying the 2d side scrolling sequel, but I hated it compared to the free roaming one.



nf_2 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

It's a good thing the New 3ds is coming out soon. ;)
Anyway, you'd have to flicking that thing around pretty darn hard if it's breaking. With how I play Mario Kart, I thought mine would have been busted a long time ago but it's still 100%. If your circle pad breaks, it's all on you. If there is one thing Nintendo can do, it is to make uber durable products.



nf_2 commented on Aussie Rating Outs Wii U Virtual Console Relea...:

For those of you who are wondering, this is a pretty good game. Definitely worth it if you're into SRPGs. It's got a lot of competition on the GBA in that category (Fire Emblems, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced) but it's worth a go for sure. It's relatively easy, so this would be a place to start if you're new to the genre.