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Sun 19th April, 2009

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nf_2 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

It's a good thing the New 3ds is coming out soon. ;)
Anyway, you'd have to flicking that thing around pretty darn hard if it's breaking. With how I play Mario Kart, I thought mine would have been busted a long time ago but it's still 100%. If your circle pad breaks, it's all on you. If there is one thing Nintendo can do, it is to make uber durable products.



nf_2 commented on Demo for Super Smash Bros. 3DS Announced for N...:

I'm going to be a little peeved if I don't get a code. I've been Platinum for 5 years (not consecutively but still) and gold once. I think Nintendo has enough of my money from over the years ^__^



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (North America):

I don't get why the figurines can't just the NFC device in the gamepad... save the download for later. I probably can't make platinum this year so I'll just wait until the next cycle



nf_2 commented on Aussie Rating Outs Wii U Virtual Console Relea...:

For those of you who are wondering, this is a pretty good game. Definitely worth it if you're into SRPGs. It's got a lot of competition on the GBA in that category (Fire Emblems, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced) but it's worth a go for sure. It's relatively easy, so this would be a place to start if you're new to the genre.



nf_2 commented on Here's Another Huge Batch of Hyrule Warriors S...:

The screens look great, but it's still basically a Dynasty Warriors game... I want to like this game but I just can't see it being fun when all you'll be doing is hitting one button in every scenario.



nf_2 commented on Ike Joins the Battle in Super Smash Bros. for ...:

I'm obviously excited, but after reading the comments I do agree that adding Chrom doesn't make a whole lot of sense, even though I wanted(expected?) him before the Ike reveal. Robin would be fun with all the magic and weapons, but I think if there's going to be another FE character it'd be Hector before anyone else. Hector is pretty popular among the FE faithful. Although if Chrom is in, it looks like I've got to learn how to use 3 FE characters now.

Also, I don't see how people are thinking Ike should be fast here. In Brawl it didn't make sense that he was slow given they used his Path of Radiance build, but with his Radiant Dawn build he's obviously going to be a brute. People that big won't be fast too.



nf_2 commented on The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Hits Nor...:

I'm thinking about getting this. I enjoyed the first but it was too much of a grindfest for every new dungeon, so I skipped the 2nd thinking it'd be the same. I guess I'll see how the demo goes first.



nf_2 commented on The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Is Sprea...:

I played the first one but I found it to require too much grinding, and I recall hearing that the sequel was harder, which turned me off. It's a fun, quirky game, but not fantastic. This one looks like it could be better suited for more casual, less grindy, play. :P



nf_2 commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

Of all the games that I want on the eShop, the Fire Emblem series (especially this one) is basically my list. I've considered trying to learn Japanese just to play these (and some other Japan exclusives).



nf_2 commented on Conception II Demo Bringing the Love to 3DS on...:

I'll check the demo out for sure, but I'm not sure I'll end up picking this up. However, Atlus always deserves my attention so who knows. Given money issues, probably not but there's always a chance.



nf_2 commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

I honestly don't agree that there are 20 Wii U games worth owning right now, unless it your only gaming system. Including the eShop, you can make an argument for more, but still a lot of these games are old ports from the 360/PS3 or just aren't that good. I've enjoyed my Wii U so far, and it's a very nice system, but it's greatly lacking in software. This year will change that though, barring setbacks to Smash and X.



nf_2 commented on New and Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles Copies Ava...:

Definitely worth it. I've seen a few copies every now and then and I've considered picking them up to sell online, but I don't want to be one of those people who poach games away from people who actually want them.

$63 is fair for this game considering you should get at least 63 hours in the game (if you're rushing), and each hour is just glorious.



nf_2 commented on Review: CastleStorm (Wii U eShop):

"Fortunately, the camera can be zoomed in and out and the entire stage can be viewed at any time, which and eventually you can adapt."

I might just not be reading this correctly, but it seems like there's something wrong with this sentence (3rd paragraph).

This review otherwise has convinced me to pick this up. I'm always cautious with e-shop titles, but this one has been on my radar for a while. I'm glad people are enjoying it, and once I get caught up on my catalog some I will be enjoying it as well. :)



nf_2 commented on Monolith Soft Lists "Urgent" Job Postings, Inc...:

@Tsuzura That's the first thing I thought of. It seems like it's a little late in the game to be adding anything more substantial like online play. However, something similar to Monster Hunter online where you just get to fight some harder/bigger monsters would be pretty easy I would think. Drop in play seems like a long shot, but would certainly be epic (not that I have anyone to play with :( )



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

This should teach Nintendo to at least preload games on systems instead of giving download codes for them. Or they could do like Amazon does and get extra service capacity, rent it out year round and then use it for themselves during the holidays when they expect higher traffic.

I guess I should mention miiverse has been working for me basically all day but nothing else has been. I managed to get on the eshop for a couple seconds before getting booted.



nf_2 commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:

I don't know, anyone who has tried IV breeding and all that stuff knows how much of a pain it is to get the right stuff. I've never hacked (depending on how you view RNG abuse that is) but breeding the Pokemon with the stats you need it to have for competitive battling is almost impossible without hacking, so I understand why people do it. I pretty much just decided to stop playing the actual games at some point after BW and used Pokemon Online just to battle online so I wouldn't have to spend hours (or days) trying to breed one Pokemon.

People who cheat for illegal movesets however should be banned. I don't care if people hack for shiny versions of Pokemon (that's a different story if they're trading it), but that stuff really shouldn't be allowed in tournaments.



nf_2 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th March 2013 (North America):

Pretty good week, especially including the Fire Emblem DLC (it's there guys, I promise). Downloading the Mystery Dungeon demo, even though I still need to try the Monster Hunter, Etrian Odyssey, and Castlevania demo.



nf_2 commented on Swords & Soldiers Battling Its Way To 3DS eSho...:

When they mentioned DLC I became interested. I have put so much time into the Wiiware version, I'd definitely love to show Ronimo some more support for the right price. Considering it's out on iOS, this needs to be comparably cheap for me to consider a second purchase even with DLC.



nf_2 commented on NightSky Lights Up 3DS eShop On 25th October:

I have this on my PC. It's a neat little game, and one that I would have preferred to have had on a handheld. I'm not sure if I'll end up buying it or not for the 3DS (that depends entirely on it's price) but I will say if it's worth getting if you've never played it before.



nf_2 commented on DSiWare RPG 18th Gate Opens For Business Soon:

Could be interesting. I've been itching for a new SRPG and if this one is worth the asking price I think I'll pick it up. I am somewhat concerned about a lack of variety when there are only 3 playable characters though. That doesn't leave a lot of room for customization or different strategies.



nf_2 commented on Feature: Classic Gaming Typos, Errors and Tran...:

"The ending to Mega Man 6 has Wily (as Mr X) declare the followed after being defeated by the Blue Bomber."
The irony in the MM6 section is thick. Make sure you don't have any typos in an article about typos. :P