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Sun 16th Jun 2013

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OutCold commented on Nintendo Download: 24th September (North America):

Holy crap its been over 4 months since I've even bought a game for my 3ds, for me this is one long ass drought. Will be getting Legend of Legacy in a couple weeks and will be playing the Demo and some FFIX to keep me busy.



OutCold commented on Play: Beat Each Other Up in the Nintendo Life ...:

I might get a Wii U in the next couple months, just wish there was some kind of way to link my 3ds Smash to the Wii U version so I don't have to do a ton of random stuff again. I totally want to participate in these type of tourneys.



OutCold commented on Review: Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven (3DS):

Got this a couple weeks ago and beat the story in about 15 hours. Started a game+ to find out you can carry over two of the character lvl's (and 5 items) the characters will keep what ever skills they have equipped too. After finding that out I just reloaded the game before I beat it so I could max out the two characters so I could equip more skills to transfer over. I ended up farming items to craft some great skills and did max my two characters at 99 and about to start a new game+ now with 33 hours. Never would of thought I was going to put more than 20-25 hours into this game when I first started.



OutCold commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Retail Games of 2015 ...:

Will give Super Mystery Dungeon and Yo-Kai Watch a try, but really looking forward to The Legend of Legacy. There are quite a few websites posting a Oct 13th release for The Legend of Legacy but not sure if its just a place holder for now or what.



OutCold commented on Matters Of Import: A Peek Into The Tragically ...:

I don't know what I wouldn't do to get this game over here! Love DQ and every time I see an article about DQ10 it makes me sad. It looks so amazing yet I know the chance of it ever coming to the states is very very slim.