The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. launches in Japan later this week, but as you might expect some lucky players already have their copies of the game and have been putting the hours in to unlock all of the lovely secrets contained within.

Predictably, the full roster of characters is one of the first secrets to fall, and judging from the "leaks" coming from Japan, Masahiro Sakurai was clearly holding back a lot of new faces for the official launch.

Needless to say, if you want to find out for yourself which fighters have been hidden away within the game then you'll want to navigate away from this page right now to avoid potential spoilers. It might also be prudent to live in a cave until the western launch, as this news is going to be everywhere.

OK, if you're still reading this then we can assume you want to find out who these new combatants are, so here we go.

The new characters unlocked so far are EarthBound's Ness, Falco from Star Fox, Dark Pit and the dog from Duck Hunt. Dr. Mario and Mr. Game & Watch have also been added to the roster.

Japanese players are streaming the game already, and many of these reveals have occurred on video sharing portals like Twitch.



Dark Pit / Ness

Duck Hunt Dog

Ganon / Ganondorf

Dr. Mario

Mr. Game & Watch



Bowser Jr. including Koopalings as alternate costumes




Should any more characters come to light, we'll add them to this news story.