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Rhansley64 commented on Iwata: We Are Challenging Ourselves To Redefin...:

If Nintendo released an "app" on PC, then they're officially competing with Steam, Origin and other digital PC distribution channels which in of itself is not a bad thing, but how would they approach such a crowded market?



Rhansley64 commented on Next Level Games Employee Suggests He's Workin...:

No matter how you read it, it's pretty much confirmed they're making a Wii U title. Now the real question is what exactly are they making? Maybe at E3 2015 will get a definitive answer or perhaps in a future Nintendo Direct.



Rhansley64 commented on Nintendo Dominated Japan During 2014, Despite ...:

From my perspective only the hardware sales on a global level was a disappointment for Nintendo, everything else even the new Amiibo line was a superb successful for them. And when I check PS and XB numbers is the exact opposite. (except for Halo)



Rhansley64 commented on Feature: These Are The Mario Kart 8 DLC Packs ...:

I'm hoping for a Star Fox X Mario Kart 8 (pack 3) and Splatoon X Mario Kart 8 (pack 4). Plus instead of 2 cups each pack comes with 1 Cup and 4 Battle Arena's and coin runners mode added for battle mode, i'm somewhat surprised they left out coin runners in MK8 to begin with.



Rhansley64 commented on Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival Is Drag...:

The only version of Street Fighter II that should be on the Wii U eShop day 1 should have been Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, the other versions are nothing more then pointless cash ins seriously does Capcom really think where that stupid?!



Rhansley64 commented on Talking Point: The Timing of Nintendo's Super ...:

I expect Mr. Sakurai to host it. (In the same manner Mr. Kamiya did with the Wonderfull 101 Direct).

Release Month Nov 2014.

Special limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL and Wii U models to celebrate 15th years of Smash Bros.

Platinum Games Character (doesn't matter if it's Wonder Red or any of the Wonderfull 101 cast or Bayonetta herself either way I expect a Platinum Character in Smash).

And a Super Smash Bros App. (Just Imagine a Mario Kart channel style app for Smash Bros to check your online leader boards, live broadcast matches or even setting up tournaments in like a community style feature (kinda like Mario Kart 7's Community mode)).



Rhansley64 commented on Feature: Our Favourite Super Mario Games:

10. Super Mario Bros
9. Super Mario Sunshine
8. Super Mario World
7. New Super Mario Bros
6. Super Mario 64
5. New Super Mario Bros Wii
4. Super Mario Galaxy
3. Super Mario 3D Land
2. Super Mario Bros 3
1. Super Mario Galaxy 2



Rhansley64 commented on E3 2010: Miyamoto Unexcitedly Scopes Out Xbox ...:

Well it's like said Reggie's on technology Technology is only a Tool and unless you make it fun and entertainment then it's worth it, Kinect games looks fun but Controller free makes feel like a 3rd grader or younger i mean you need a real controller otherwised it feels like i'm pretending, second Kinect and Move at this point are Add-Ons and incase you don't know about the dark history behind Add-ons they rarely sell so i assume Nintendo has noting to worried about.