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Sat 21st September, 2013

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Squashy commented on The Father Of Video Games Ralph H. Baer Passes...:

That's very sad news, I saw him on TV about 2 years ago, I can't think for the life of me what it was, maybe it was that best ever toys programme Johnathan Ross presented. At least he made it into his 90's, it's always nice to know a great person has lived a full life and he will be remembered forever. Thank you Ralph Baer! :)



Squashy commented on Anniversary: 20 Years Ago Today, Rare Resurrec...:

Happy Birthday Donkey Kong Country! 20 years since the beginning of the beautiful partnership between Nintendo and Rare! :) What a golden era that was, I'll never stop hoping that Rare along with all the old teams come back one day.



Squashy commented on Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure i...:

As a NOM and then ONM reader since 2004 (my first issue was given to me by Nintendo UK after I had written to them!) I'm absolutely gutted about this. I hope the brilliant Matthew Castle will do his best to try and get a new Nintendo magazine started!

I also can't help but point out Future's massive mistake in their official announcement, this magazine's history goes back to 1992 not 2002. Shows how much the bosses care.

Edit: Oh I just read that Matthew's gone to Official Xbox Magazine like the other ONM writers. Yuck!



Squashy commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

@chacahut I'm afraid I found somebody else who needed a code before I saw your message, I'm very sorry about that. There's a thread in the forums at the top of the 3DS eShop section where you can hopefully find somebody with a spare code code though, good luck!



Squashy commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

Wow that will be a fun feature to try out! Me and my friends probably won't ever need it but it will be impressive to see it in action. :)

@Bulbousaur Unarguably ha I like that, but yeah the Gamecube controller is so perfect for Smash Bros I wonder if Sakurai had involvement in its design seeing as Melee was one of the first games to be developed for the Gamecube.



Squashy commented on Video: This is a Video Game:

@RainbowGazelle @ULTRA-64 I say computer games too and I'm English also. Maybe the name video games comes from America because I don't think I've ever heard an American say computer games. It would be an interesting piece of trivia to know! I loooooove trivia, there's nothing like a bit of useless information to make life more interesting I say.



Squashy commented on Legendary Actor and Comedian Robin Williams Ha...:

I'm also terribly sad to hear this. He was and is one of my favourite actors, I only watched Mrs. Doubtfire recently, such a classic! I'll have a look at Zelda's fundraiser that you mentioned, I would be more than happy to donate to both support a great cause and to honour her fantastic father :)



Squashy commented on Events: If You're Attending Hyper Japan 2014, ...:

@antdickens @ThomasBW84 Hope you had fun and got a good amount of time on the games!

If one of you happen to see this, could you tell me whether they have air conditioning there? I'm hoping to go to the event either tomorrow or Sunday but I'm in the odd predicament where my parents will only take me if there's air con! (Yeah it's really that critical to them haha)

Thanks very much!



Squashy commented on Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper Is Back In The Gam...:

@b_willers It's 02 under the logo so that picture must have been taken when Rare were bought by Microsoft in 2002.

@ecco6t9 Wouldn't it be great if all the old Rare talent now joins this company and they team up with Nintendo to buy back Rare, therefore kicking all the Microsoft riff raff out of the Rare headquarters and moving back in to make brilliant games again and live happily ever after! Ahh, a wonderful thing that would be, just like a gaming fairytale hehe.



Squashy commented on Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper Is Back In The Gam...:

@midnafanboy Don't worry, be pleased cos you've just learned about the importance of one of the most legendary development studios ever, I seriously recommend you read about their story and general brilliantness! You can stop when you get to the Microsoft part though, that's when it gets sad, basically Microsoft forcibly bought Rare and destroyed them, but while they were with Nintendo they were wonderful so check them out. :)

@ThomasBW84 Are there any pictures of the Stamper Bros during the Nintendo era you could use in the article instead? Seeing them next to the Xbox logo brings back bad memories and makes me cry inside :P



Squashy commented on Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper Is Back In The Gam...:

Wow exciting news, great to see that his son (presumably) is taking after his Dad, it's just a shame that they're making games for pooey mobile phones instead of real consoles. Although hopefully it's just a temporary thing to get going and then they'll make games for consoles.



Squashy commented on Play: It's The Second Nintendo Life Community ...:

@randomous No need to apologise, your skills were a lot of fun to try and compete with! Thanks for the info, I could see my pipe frame and normal wheels were a lot slower than your setup (racing drivers excuses haha) but I love the original style karts so I always choose them! :)



Squashy commented on Weirdness: The Peculiar Questions of a Typical...:

Wow that last guy was a misery! In case you haven't noticed, you're a shareholder of a games company, of course everybody's gonna talk about games!! As for what he said about Iwata, if only he had been there to bust out his Super Smash Bros moves from E3 on him!



Squashy commented on GAME's One Day Mario Kart 8 Deal, for £29.99,...:

@ULTRA-64 Gosh that's a shocking story, so the GAME staff actually told a potential customer that the Wii U had been discontinued!? GAME's treatment of Nintendo is despicable, it's like they're trying to sabotage the Wii U, what did Nintendo ever do to them?