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luckybreak commented on Video: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Opening Cin...:

i LOVED the character reveals and the awesome animations for those, wish they could have added more of that. i mean seriously you spend your whole cinematic sequence budget on PR and then drop the ball on the opening.... SMH



luckybreak commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

well W101 was pretty awesome as far as the demo goes so I'm hoping this game is similar, but with less silly cartoonish stuff. Just worried about the oversexualization of the main character....considering that Isn't a push for me to buy the game as I don't swing that way.



luckybreak commented on Video: Catch Up With Nintendo's Super Smash Br...:

How did that mario player get to the final match? He sucked at recovering. If he knows his recovery is really bad, he shouldn't try and do ledge guarding/off stage tactics. So many DUMB decisions in the final match on mario's part it was painful to watch.



luckybreak commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:

Compared to the original system, how much larger are the screens? Like I know the XL is 90% larger.

I have the original 3DS and have been dying for that extra screen size, but if its a nice medium then I might get the smaller one for the faceplates. But It seems the xl has the more "premium" feel and i like the gamecube blue color.



luckybreak commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

@JaxonH Very observant remarks. Ultimately commenters on nintendo life are so niche and not representative of more than a few percent of the nintendo games user base. More casual gamers are rarely concerned with things avid fans are: example being smash bros.

I showed it to classmates who didn't know there was a new one, and it was for handheld, and they were blown away! They were most excited about just playing as pac-man and mega man, they couldn't give a damn if the "wifi was semi laggy in 4 player matches" or that they took out the ice climbers.

Nintendo just doesn't understand marketing and tends to make it seem too childish and unappealing.



luckybreak commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

Nintendo is pretty aware that when you buy smash bros, you are gonna be pretty heavily absorbed in it, so its not like they want another triple A title coming out at the same exact time. Keep in mind casual gamers still have to catch up and get Mario Kart 8.

Hoping this holiday season with Smash Bros AND MK8 will turn the tide. (along with all the previous spectacular wii u titles that people haven't bought yet- hyrule warriors etc)



luckybreak commented on Exclusive: Masahiro Sakurai on Planned Acciden...:

Problems with your statements Sakurai:
1.The models for zelda, ganondorf, and several others, plus their attacks and animations look very similar to brawl. Plus about half the stages are repeats. I don't believe it was built from scratch, I believe they remade a lot more than they are letting on. Plus lots of the music is the same as previous games.
2. The "dynamic range" comment is spot on. The joy and hook of super smash is the wide and varied move sets of each character. Each is unique, personal and fun to play with because they are so different in style of play. Clones are the antithesis to this idea. For that reason everybody hates clones.
3. Very little "innovate" gameplay has been derived from the unique opportunity for each player to have their own screen. What about a level where the platforms are placed in different areas on each person's screens and are invisible to other players? What about the camera zooming and focusing on just you instead, since the screen isn't being shared you don't need to always show the far edge of the screen. Touch screen controls? Second screen level?

An amazing game, that I and many will love and play for hundreds of hours, its just always a shame to see masters miss the obvious when they noses are buried in their work. There is always hope for patches, and I for one will be playing the Wii U version more simply due to controls, screen size, and less lag in online mode.



luckybreak commented on Guide: How To Beat Everyone At Super Smash Bro...:

Honestly just watching the videos by CTZeRo on his channel help a lot. He explains all the best strategies for the demo characters. Really helps! Its a lot about knowing when to use a quick or slow move, ground or air move.



luckybreak commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

Its causing mega hype beyond manageable levels. I felt like i was gonna explode.

Now that I got a code from my friend (never got mine even though I should have) I'm just so thirsty for the full game. Playing against CPUs on one stage is really fun, but i really want to play the whole game. I don't really see anyone being able to resist the full game. At least I can't imagine it.



luckybreak commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

Thank GOD for Ness. Waiting for the Lucas reveal. I'm sure he will be added post release. I'm sorry but Ridley is NOT in guys, he was already confirmed as an onstage boss character like the Yellow Devil in the Mega Man stage.



luckybreak commented on Rumour: Concept Work from Former Next Level Ga...:

From personal experience doing concept art for student projects:
A lot of concept artists are of course heavily inspired by the video games they love, so he probably did this as a personal portfolio piece almost liken to that of a fan art piece, just so he could add it to his portfolio. If he is looking to get hired he can't show a portfolio of "unannounced projects" so he probably had to make some "theoretical" concepts just to show his skill, as he probably is not allowed to show most of his work.



luckybreak commented on Nintendo Confirms amiibo Launch Range of 12 Fi...:

You guys this is a FAIR PRICE:
Have you ever seen the prices of anime figurines (aka Nendoroids?) they are crazy expensive, about $40 each.

I saw the Amiibos in person and have to say they are beautifully made, and very high quality. I am comfortable paying $13. Probably will get about 3 to start out with. If you guys are the type to have to buy all of them well sorry but thats how they get you! Its not about spending $200 to buy all of them its about getting your favorite character(s)



luckybreak commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

WTF BOWSER JUNIOR? I thought he would use a paintbrush like in Mario Sunshine....

As for the DLC, I just cannot see Snake returning, nor the Chorus men being included. If the ice climbers (2 characters) is hard enough, how will 3 units work?



luckybreak commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:


Thank you for this detailed explanation of this fiasco. Its causing a major stir (mostly negative IMO) would have loved to see the reveal the Sakurai way. I personally see the DLC list as b.s however. I'm starting to think this leaker has an incomplete version of the game, with certain characters being a day 1 update.