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luckybreak commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

This mod is really fun and enjoyable for people who like to play competitively. The game is really satisfying, mainly because the increased ability to spike/meteor mash with most characters, as well as tighter combos and more juggling ability. It is much more fast paced than brawl and generally more exciting. I still like brawl but once you go back to it you realize the floatiness is hindering among other things.



luckybreak commented on Animal Crossing's Katsuya Eguchi Explains How ...:

So true. The game really doesn't actually have that much to do. Its mainly about collecting things because thats all there is to do. Thats why its suited to short play sessions every day, because it allows you to do the same crap over and over again. However, I still enjoy it immensely, but my town never actually feels alive.

All the games seem like a sandbox filled with not enough toys IMO



luckybreak commented on Feature: Looking at the 3DS Revolution on its ...:

Does anyone think there is a possibility of another hardware version of the 3DS coming out? Like the 3DS Slim?

I have my day 1 3DS and haven't upgraded to an XL cuz I'm hoping they release a more portable version. Its just a little bit too fat to carry around all the time!

Or a special edition Smash Bros. XL...I would definitely get that.



luckybreak commented on Cliff Bleszinski Seems Pretty Pleased With Nin...:

a link between worlds could so easily shift to a free to play mobile game. But its not and its 1000% better that way.

Think about it: in game currency (rupees for real $), buy the items with real money, pay to unlock each dungeon, etc. SO GLAD nintendo doesn't do crap like that or do 20 dollar dlc



luckybreak commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 18t...:

the art style for the new yoshi island game is still off in my opinion.

I've played the demo before and the watercolor texture looks incredibly mechanical and not natural like it should. they should make it look more like the ssbb yoshi island stage, that was spot on.



luckybreak commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

The wii u isn't a "bad" idea. Look at the ps4 and xbox one, games like assassins creed try to add a second screen experience, either through your tablet or ps vita, they obviously see at least some potential in the wii u tablet idea.

Maybe they should have had it interact with the 3DS instead of the game pad. I see their next console being a handheld/home console hybrid. Considering most things are going towards mobile.



luckybreak commented on NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest...:

I think the nintendo execs (in NA) should spend less time embarrassing themselves on nintendo directs and spend more time doing their jobs! Seriously they seem so casual on nintendo direct when they are actually in a huge crisis when it comes to wii u. Reggie is hilarious as a meme but only to nintendo fans. Have you seen their instagram? Its terrible. They try to be funny buts its more cringe worthy than anything. The wii u can't become "cool" or "desirable" tech if half the promotional stuff online has middle school level humor. I don't see the Xbox one or PS4 execs embarrassing themselves, except for those occasional twitter slip ups.



luckybreak commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

this is why nintendo will always be around. They are the only company that understands that there is another genre of games, between something like COD or The last of us (a focus/fast paced cinematic game) versus a mindless time waster (candy crush). it requires less effort to have a real engaging fun experience on nintendo.



luckybreak commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against W...:

Honestly, the gamepad tech is pretty awesome and never gets enough praise. Its instantaneous! If they launched with smash bros 4 or had it out this year, EVERYONE I know would buy a wii u just to play it.

I for one got the WWHD bundle, so there are a TON of games I want to play!



luckybreak commented on Aonuma Demonstrates the Challenges of Creating...:

@Kirk It does look dated! Nobody else seems to see that.

What I liked about the first game was that the low amount of pixels served as an artistic strength to the game. Every single pixel and color was so well done and perfect looking. I loved the way everything, from the circular trees to the way the statues looked, to the way the cliffs and water was done. You could tell they had a vision and translated it to the medium (SNES). This has nice colors as well, but its not 8 bit so it can't be retro.

Missed opportunity.



luckybreak commented on Nintendo Unveils New Trailer and Details For T...:

The graphics look so uninspired.... :( I'm kinda disappointed. It looks like the story is really half baked and random. I generally am lukewarm about all handheld zelda games though...never quite the same as the console releases. :(



luckybreak commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants the Wii U Zelda's Hyrule to ...:


I love your vision for the game! It sounds like Aonuma needs to play skyrim or something. I have only seen people play it, but making a zelda game more personal is really what needs to happen. OoT is the best because of the emotional connection with all the characters and environments etc. I have high hopes, if only they hire new people with fresh ideas.



luckybreak commented on Reaction: Nintendo Reminds Us of the Wii's Glo...:

Someone said that in Mario Kart, they should make it so the person using the gamepad can modify parts of the track or change the layout by using the stylus to draw their own level of sorts, because noobs get beat by people who are really familiar with the track design. I thought it was really interested, and wish they would add that.

I am disappointed I have not heard any innovate use of the gamepad for both mario kart or smash bros, the 2 biggest games i can think of for the wii u. Also, the "anti-gravity" aspect of mario kart is nullified by the camera following your direction. The racing mechanic is the same, its just a different looking background, I thought they would actually make you drive upside down.

If nintendo itself can't think of a use for the second screen then what was the point in the first place of having it?