EarthBound (SNES)


Super Nintendo
HAL Laboratory, Ape


Game Rating

User Ratings: 579

Our Review: 10/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Release Date

Super Nintendo

  • US 2nd Jun 1995
  • JP 27th Aug 1994

Wii U (Wii U eShop)

  • JP 20th Mar 2013, ¥900

Wii U eShop

  • US 18th Jul 2013, $9.99
  • EU 18th Jul 2013, £6.99

New Nintendo 3DS (3DS eShop)

  • EU 3rd Mar 2016, £8.99
  • US 24th Mar 2016, $9.99
Nintendo Switch Online
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EarthBound Screenshot
EarthBound Screenshot
EarthBound Screenshot
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About The Game


Intergalactic terror strikes the small town of Onett as a blazing extraterrestrial object crashes in the night! The earth now faces imminent destruction by the universal evil threat known as Giygas!

Armed with a cracked baseball bat, a cookie, and an ATM card, a courageous boy named Ness vows to save the planet from hideous destruction. He must first find his heroic companions, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, along the way to eight mysterious places called "Your Sanctuary" in order to gain power and put an end to the interstellar threat. The citizens of Onett lend their support by providing high-tech gadgets, robotic time machines, and wacky stories about how strange life has become.

Lurking aliens and inexplicable phenomenon are being reported throughout the countryside. Our four wonderkids band together with innovation, psychic powers and resourceful weapons. Will Ness succeed in his attempts to ambush countless frightening monsters as he travels? The ultimate test lies in the impending encounter with the all-powerful Giygas!!

Game Features:

  • A fantastic modern world setting with sci-fi twists where psychic powers rule!
  • Battle hundreds of off-the-wall monsters, roaming dinosaurs and alien enemies!
  • Journey to exotic locations like Stonehenge, Deep Darkness, and Saturn Valley!
  • Battery-backed memory saves the extraordinary progress of our young heroes!
  • Find your friends along the way. They are vital to the survival of the universe!

Can you help Ness and his friends save the world from ultimate destruction and at hands of the evil Giygas?