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Wed 6th Aug 2014

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Screenshot commented on Reggie Talks Yo-Kai Watch And The Importance O...:

This game has no chance of being Pokémon-level successful, the simple fact is that the era of children who would have interest in that style of game/anime is long gone. It will still likely be popular among certain groups of children, but the fact is COD/Halo/Battlefield and mobile games are more popular among children nowadays.



Screenshot commented on Weirdness: Street Fighter's Ryu is Now Being R...:

Roy you say? Never mind salt I'll get my ph1r3 ready so I can be skilled enough to beat any Fox in the world with our boy Roy!... I am so, so sorry for that, on a more serious note Ryu likely won't be included as if I recall correctly Sakurai said that there would only be one character per 3rd party.



Screenshot commented on Interview: Choice Provisions on the Nindie Sce...:

It makes me sad to see people complaining about indie characters appearing at all in Smash.. Not because I want any of THESE characters in (to be honest out of these 3 Shovel Knight is the only one with a minuscule chance, which is negligible considering the lack of a Japanese release.), it's the fact that Shantae is technically indie yet she would be a great fit for the roster. (Takamaru still got my vote instead, the poor guy's been considered for every Smash game other than the original)



Screenshot commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

I just looove the way that people feel we need a female Link yet if we got a male Samus there would be utter outrage, their genders don't play a huge role in their stories, so can somebody PLEASE explain what difference there is between the two?



Screenshot commented on Guide: Everything We Know So Far About Nintend...:

Okay, I think it's great for business that Nintendo are branching out into mobile platforms/ QOL, I don't like it though, part of me wants this to succeed, so, y'know, Nintendo can do well.... But, another part of me realises that, talking realistically, if this ends up really successful, they may slowly begin to move away from dedicated gaming platforms, despite what they say, I could only ever really see another 1 or 2 console generations before it all crumbles to the ground due to mobile gaming, but to me this feels like it will speed up the process.

Now, I will concede that they are handling this remarkably well and they do seem to know what they are doing with this, as they are partnering with a company who seem to know what they're doing rather than just going alone, which would almost guarantee a train wreck, and I imagine this will go down well with the majority of Nintendo fans, but not for me personally.



Screenshot commented on UK Retailer GAME Opens Marketplace to Sell Gam...:

To be honest I very rarely go in Game anymore, they have a terrible amount of space devoted to Nintendo games/Hardware and when I do manage to find something good, well... They use eShop prices. In terms of Nintendo games, and games in general, CeX will usually have a much better selection at (usually) fair prices and have stock from the XBOX/PS2/GCN era of consoles, unlike Game.



Screenshot commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

It pains me to see that SM64 is out-doing F-Zero X in the polls. There is (arguably of course) very little logic in remaking it, first of all, SM64 DS, despite it's faults, can still be found easily and works on the 3DS, so from Nintendo's perspective there would be little reasoning in remaking it again.

F-Zero X on the other hand, as mentioned in the article, could test the waters for a new F-Zero game, and it would provide a unique experience on 3DS. Even if it was download only it would be a new installnent in a series which has lay dormant for about 10 years, in that time, a new audience may well have appeared.



Screenshot commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

@C-Olimar Woops, sorry about that, but I still feel that it is tainting the Pokémon brand, and Nintendo overall. As if this turns out to be a success they might see it as a viable business model (which, to be honest, it really is, although it just feels like... I dunno, exploitative.) They know children will download this, and they know that children will pay a lot of money to keep playing... At this point I really don't like the way the industry is going in general.

@sillygostly Oh, sorry about that, in that case it seems like an unfair move to not give us a paid version.



Screenshot commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

I hope nobody downloads this solely because I and many others don't want to see Nintendo go down the route of "MICROTRANSACTIONS, GET YA MICROTRANSACTIONS HERE! JUST $1 FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY! FUN FUN FUN!"... And especially GameFreak, who, might I add, COULD most likely be putting the effort it took to develop this into the development of a new download-only Pulseman for 3DS.... But what do I know? I'm just some NintendoLife commenter. (...And a massive fan of Pulseman)



Screenshot commented on Apex 2015 Ends With The Conclusion Of A Bitter...:

The thing that hurts most about this is that Chillin has been playing Fox for, I believe about a decade (correct me if I'm wrong). Yet now, he's in a situation where, unless someone else plays to get Chillin vanilla Fox back, he'll never be able to reclaim 'his colour'.



Screenshot commented on Video: Something Overshadows this Sonic Boom 3...:

In terms of reviews if the reviewers don't like the Wii U version then it doesn't matter to most people how good or bad this one is , it will most likely be 'Sonic Team needs to stop making Sonic games for a few years.'
Although the lack of Amy is dissapointing to say the least but it looks fun regardless